The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 22, 1921, Image 1

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Demoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
THE YEAR $1.50
VOL 7, NO 28
Legion Men Call
Adjutant Edward J. Eivers,
Frank Eivers, Briece and Woods
of Headquarters Post No. 1 of
Portland gave the American
Legion boys a short visit yester
day morning explaining a few
things on Government Insurance
also presented victory medalR to
the few who were present.
Those wishing to pe reinstated
on their government insurance
please notify W. 0. Miller before
July 1st an that is your last
The Times $1:50 per
Social Evening
Mr and Mrs. Andrew Cunning
ham and. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil
Mayhew, accepting the hospi
tality of B. F. Cook for the use
of his hall which the ladies at
tractively decorated for the oc
casion, entertained with cards
and dancing Wednesday night
A delicious lunch was served.
Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. James
jWoodeek, Mr. and Mrs. John
Williams. Mr. and Mrs, Lavrne
j Fischer, Mr. and Mrs. Firry
Anderson, Mr. and Mis. V, . 0.
MiUer. Miss Feni Mayhew, Mr
ClilT-rl Morrow, Mr. and f r-.
Cv.air Kami', P.. F. Cook.
A fine rain fell here Sunday
afternoon, wetting the ground
up fine. Some places 'were too
wet to plow. Roads were quite
bad. Road drags are being
used to good advantage.
Several car loads from here
attended the picnic at Tygh Val
ley Saturday. Lincoln Hartman
took a truck load of the school
children. A splendid time whs
enjoyed by all. The afternoon
program was so full that (he
!all game between Wapinitia and
Tynh teams was omitted, much
to the disappointment of the
I boys.
Look to Your Paint
: Is It Giving You Protection?
IF CHECKED or cracked,
new paint is needed, and it
will be cheaper to paint now
lor deterioration costs mpre than
good paint.
A well painted house brings
f veral hundred dollars more on
le and more in rent. Keep it
fainted and it stays ncv for
The best paint spreads more
Msily saves labor co;t. It
Covers more square yards you
buy more gallons of cheap paint.
The best paint then protfts
the house, if properly applied,
from five to ten years longer.
There is no question as to
vhich cost! less. Don't allow
lurfaces to rot. It costs less to
paint them.
The best paints aresdentific
in formula and preparation.
W rill t."
We've made them for 72 ywt
to meet weather conditions in
the AVest.
The best materials PIO
linseed oil, zinc and color are
combined in Fuller Paints in
scientifically exact proportiur.s
with long-time skill.
Our process super purifies and
"whitens'' the lead base. It must
be fine enough to pass through
a silk screen with 40,000 mesh
holes to the square inch. Fine
led means easier spreading and
a more elastic, tougher protect
ive coat. The "Whiter" lead
lass means more beauty in the
Such paint will, if properly
applied last from five to ten
years longer than cheap paint,
and look better through the
0 $2
Hey Points
Phwcola Purs Fa(n
Per Prepared Pefnf
Free Advice
on Tainting
IF YOU cannot get a mastr
pgintft ni wish to paint your
hom? yens?', but no
not know him :h about
painting, a4 Fullet'l
SperifitatKin l"part
m?nt for sdHr .-low
to trf it the old pint,
irhat color sHif""! to
me. How many 0'"t.
The proper brur!
The best time to
paint, etc
Take kdvantg -f Fuller Serv
ice as well as Fulier faints. Write
m now. Take ftps to paint now,
Don't let weather depieciate your
Dept. 4, Sen Francisco
fiifflttr M?-".ufacturer of Psi!",
Vtrr.'thes, E9i!!s, 8tiiiu, lri
for 11 Ytri
Established 1849.
Branches In t6 CMm In the West
Dealers everywhtrt.
Alio mafcere cf Rubber Cement Flair
Fslot, All Furpose Virniehu, Bilken
tvhite Enamel, Fifteen-for-floort. Wsih
b!e Well Fraisb, Auto Entmel, Bern
md Roof Paint, Porch and Etep Paint
n'x" are Ft'lr's Specifications
frr house painting G?t either
ann you nave rns ct
that anyone can maVa
ion - service pam'.s.
THFM. lef p?nH If In,,
portant to yru, o it'a trnDirtgnt
o go to the right aora to ft
them. Deal! a' naroef and ad
dre?se9 ere printed In the rc-rr.o,
cruccn to the right. Cut it out
WHERE TO BUY and' put it in j-cur pocket ncm
(Cut th's out an paste it In ycuf
nets book as a memo.)
My houe f.perl pitin(f. Fij!!r'
Specification Ho in Mints ar icld bf
the following ir.srchams:
AGLNT PurePiepaie:! FAINT
Maupin Drug Co.
Maupin, Oregon
Pupils of Mrs. II. F. Bothwell
Base Ball
Maupin Schoolhouse, April 30, 1921
8:30 P.M.
Admission 40c and 20c
Proceeds to go to Maupin School
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval
A large congregation of base!
ball fana were in Maupin last
Sunday to witness the game be
tween Dufur and Maupin. It
wag an exciting game throughout
and With the exception of a little
dissatisfaction with the Dufur
umpire everything went off
smoothly. Had the Dufur boys
not gone to pieces in the sixth
inning and let in four runs they
would have given tin homo Imys
a lively cliH!(; for tlio money.
Tlio final m:nre whu 5 to 2 in
favor of Maupin. The home. I.yw
go to Antelope next Sunday,
Anil 24, and Sunday, May IM
there will be name at Maupin
between Moro and Maupin. Ev
erybody be onjiand for this
N V. Flint) has been appoint
ed one of the oflieial s'-piine!
poisoners in' this section, and
those desiring sqirrel poison can
secure it of him.
Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Flinn and
Leslie and Jesse spent three I
days in Wamic this week visit
ing relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilaro'd Stanton
were over from Simnasho Gun
day, guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Flinn.
The heavy rain Sunday spoiled
the ball game between the local
boys and the Indian team of
Siinnasho The game had just
commenced when the thunder
shower struck.
N G. Hedin went to Portland,
Geo. Heitand wife aceornpa
nied him to The Dalles. -
A little' son arrived Monday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
M?rk Arnett, accompanied by
John and Bessie made a trip to
The Dallas last week. While re
turning home late -in the oven-
ng something went wrong wilt1
heir car, and being unable to
ik it in the dark, they passed
t'te night by a bonfiie.
Bill Foreman and Jamie Ab
bott attended the ball game at
Maupin Sunday.
Grandpa Evic-t was quite sick
last week, but is somewhat im
proved now.
A thunder shower here Sun-
lav and a stork shower Thuis
lay at the parsonage. About
twenty ladies enjoyed a pleasant
Alfred Weberg's sale Satin da.
,vas not a profitable one for hi
account, most of the stock sell
ing far below value.
April 18.
A shower of rain fell here
Tuesday and several showers of
hail fell Wednesday. Cold nights
tha former and middle part of
last week, heavy frosts and ice.
County Librarian Miss Flora
Carr and her assistant, Miss
Geraldine Kelly were here from
The Dalles Wednesday.
A new set of dooks arrived
from The Dalles last week for
the library here. Wasco is one
of nine counties, of the state
that have the library system.
Amos Johnson sold his place
at the tipper part of town to Mrs
Laura Kennedy for $210.
Freitus Swift spent several
days here last week from Ante
lope. He left rodav for Astoria.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. MagiH
were Manpin visitors Thursday,
Percy Driver, Dave Campbell
and Herman Gesh were working
the roads in the vicinity of
Smock the latter part of labt
Benefit Program
A befit program will be given
at Maupin, Saturday evening,
April 2d. TroceeJs of enter
tainment will go to make up final
payment on piano for high school
The following numbers have
been arranged for entertainment
Song Star Spangled Banner
Music High School Orchestra
Japanese Song Primary Grades
Lorraine Stovall
Mrs, J. II. Woodcock
Wiiul'i el Kiui'or
Mis. 11. F F.-linvell
W, (', liolton
Huh School tjmirlet
I, S. S'ovall
Wilson tjuiutet
Prof. Winn
In addition the ladies are ar
ranging booth:! to t-rll tls The
evening will be concluded with a
social dance for all who wish to
School Notes
Ben Mungpr took his last, load
of household goods from here
last geek to his, homestead above
Willie Magill went to Smock
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kennedy
were Dalles visitors IntSt week.
Miss Lucile came home with
T. A. Gaus of Portland arrived
Saturday and is a guest at the
r. A. Seufert home.
Mrs. T. J. Seufert of Portland
arrived Sunday to visit her son
T. J., Jr. and family. A num
ber of the shareholders of the
Gate and Rock creek ditches met
here yesterday afternoon.
A mass meeting will beheld
here Friday in behalf of the
grain growers of this section.
Many went from here Satur
day to the picnic at, the Tygh
fair grounds, which was a very
interesting affair..
Mr- and Mrs. Frank Driver
went to Maupin Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Norval,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wing, and Mr.
anb Mis. Al Bunihagen attended
the ball game Sunday at Maupin
Lcnore Woodcock, iva and
Myrtle Mul-any were down
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The picnic and field meet at
Tygh Valley was a great success.
Many schools took part in the
various events; but many of the
dontests had to be omitfed for
lack of time.
Maupin school took the lead
ing part in the literary program.
The orchestra gave several num
bers that were greatly apprecia
ted by all that were fortunate
enough to hear them. Miss Wra
Tuni: on and Minn Lorraine Stov
all o;ti'h gave readings that were
greatly enjoyed. The girls quin
tet was received with great, ap
plause. Maupin community has
reason to congratulate itself on
the promising future of its young
In the contests Wamic school
was highest in points scored,
Maupin school second with L74
points; Lester Crofoot brought
us 1(H of these, Frnia Morris,
Vera Tunison, Winifred Kaiser
and Ilda Miller, 5 in a relay race,
Winifred Kaiser 5 in a dash,
Estel Stovalt, Earl Greene, Ira
Kidder and Marion Lister 3, in a
relay race, Arthur Diilmlee 3, in
a dash, Helen Phihnlee L in a
Put the pupils of (be school
felt greatly the hearty support
of the community as fdiown hy
the lara attendance .and lusty
applause. Special thanks arc
due those that furnished trans
portation to so many of the
pupils so freely and unreservedly
jand also to all those that in any
I way contributed to the success
of the tlay.
I ine nigh senoiii exams are
over for this month and those
'averaging '0 per cent or over
are Ida Duncan, Mabel Gyr,
Lorraine Stovall, Hazel Williams
Lewis Derthick, Lester Crofoot,
Calvin Potts,' Jesse Walters and
Orland Walleis.
The class leaders are:
Freshmen Hazel Williams
Sophmores Mabel Cyr
Juniors Lester Crofoot
Seniors Ida Duncan
The grade rooms expect their
exams net week.
Remember. April 23rd.
Eastman Kodaks and Kodak
Supplies. Maupin Drug Store.
,)VmM Tr r rhm ore
Wapinitia, April 29 Wamic, April 30
Admission 20 and 40c
Will Not Show
Wamic or Tygh April ?3 and 24
Some of the Many Tilings
at Andy's Place
liazelwooil Ice Cream, Vogan Candies
Fresh and Cured Meats
Home Rendered Lard
Meals at all Hours
l utter-Krust Bread
Confccli'jnery, Cigars, Tobacco
Pool and Billiard Room in Connection
Actls' Place, Maupin, Ore.