The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 18, 1921, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 7, NO 19
THE YEAR $1.50
Hosellh KiKpp Breed, Boston's not
ed immorlit, is oue of lycenm's roost
impular, eoter!ah:w. She presents a
carefully irranged program of mono-
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lojoM;'.'tharcter jketchet and abort
tor!i. She la a clever Interpreter
and poaeeeeee a flolebtd art which de
Ujht$ at all tlmee. She la more than
a reader; rattier la the as Interpreter
et real paeple In real life. Her "types"
ar.d)t'nctlT8, and you marrel at hr
lifted cfcsraeter ltpperionatlon. Her
work la atf art toade o through rem
f earusst atudy and successful plat
form eiperlesoa.
Shattuck's Hall
March 2nd
Tickets on Sale by Committee
School Notes
The Maupin School is coming
to the front! The High School
ranks second in the county foi
percentage of attendance, up to
January 28, the attendance being
98.8 percent. The lower grades
rank 24th in the county for per
centage of attendance being 95.4
percent. We are sorry to find,
however, that werank very low
in visits from the School R ard.
The High School pupiln are
spending all spare moments
thia week 'preparing for exam
inations, which will be hld
Thursday and Friday.
The School Literary Society
will hold the regular nieetinv
Friday afternoon, Feb. "5th,
The program will be based on
the birthdays of great men born
this month.
A very enjoyable evening was
spent by the High School pupi's
and Mr. Winn at a Valentine
Party given by Haze! Williams
at her home Monday evening.
The evening was spent in play
ing games and having a general
good time, after which delieiors
refreshments were served.
The members of the Maup'n
Athletic Club met at the I. 0. 0
F. hall Tuesday evening, Feb.
13 where some wrestling matches
W5re held. There wa3 no boxing
because of torn boxing gloves.
$ 1 ' Some of the members at e behind
Garden Seeds, before the war: in their dues, and the Club will
Pioneer Passes
H. F. Davidson a former resi
lent of this and the Wamic sec
tion died February 9th. at the
'iome of his daughter Mrs. R. 0
Stevenson at Forest Grove. The
remains were brought here and
funeral services held Saturday
t the Wapinitia parsonage, and
interment made in the' Kelly
cemetery. Mr. Davidson was a
veteran of the Federal army in
the civil war and a native of
Missouri; having come to Oregon
about thirty six years ago. Had
he lived until June Mr. David
s m would have been 76 years
uld. He is survived by four sons
and three daughters, all of whom
vere present at the funeral,
i liey are: J W. and R, I. David-sjn-uf
the Flat, C. A. of Kenne
n-iek Wn., J. M. of Hood River,
M'. R.O.Stevenson of Forest
Grove, Mrs. Ella Lousignont,
PurlWi'd, and Mrs: Dora Thomp
son of Criterion.
prices. laupin Drug Store.
I.O. O F.
Lodge N. 209, Maupin, Oregon,
uieuti evory Saturday night in
Doualduoy's hall. Visiting mem
berl alwaVn welcome.
Geo. McDonald, N. G.
B 1'. Turkkb, Secretary.
appreciated itef they will kindly
gay up.
There will be two local insti
tute held in Wasco County this
rear imp at Tim Hallpa utnrr!av ear Tuesday of Olive
March 19. and one at Maupin. ! which are being placed i
Siturdav. April 2. A 'definite, machinery room
now to attend either at The
Dalles oi Maupin.
' Mall II. Cyr. C. E.
Land For Sale ,
320 aerefi tlubj hi Castle Oregon
0. W. station n" boat landing.
Government -lit oh surveyed
nearly to it. l'n"" $10.00 p"i
acre.small payment and terms
E. 0. Hamihon d'J'U' in Real
Estate, Stevenson Washington.
Send fur list.
Some cold winds the past few
days which reminds us that its
winter yet despite the sprirg
weather last week, roads are
drying up fast, some cars are
0. P. Weberg came up from
Maupin Wednesday in his car.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barnard of
Symnasho spent the week end
visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Clyde Flinn.
Mrs. Madron gave "Grandpa"
Kvick a birthday dinner last
Wednesday evening it being his
84th birthbay. Uev. and Mrs.
J. 1. Parker tul family were
his guests.
Grandma Morris is visiting td
the home of her daughter. Mrs.
Callie Bigbee this week.
Mrs. Jobnie Sinclair returned
Friday from a three weeks' stn
Smock Items
in Eugene and Rosehurg.
Some plowing was done here lei-after some weeks of i
last wek. ' I Mrsi. Etta Large arrived
Mild Winter weather here.
J. M. Farlow went to The
Dalles Monday.
.Mr. and Mrs. Callie Duncan
went to Jake Davidsons Wednes
day for a three months stay,
Virgil Mayfield and family1 are
visiting with Jesse Cox and fam
ily on the Flat for a few days.
The Farlow Brothers are build
ing a new barn.
F. T Fellch made h business
trip to The Dalles' last week.
'('. If. Fads returned from
Silver I,i k Tue. day Hcconii'imied
by Eld. WaterbouFO who will
u?sit-t in holding a meeting at
l.he Sinock Church, which will
continue two or three wepks. It
is to be hoped there will be a good
attendance despite bad roads.
J. W Farlow is pi ending a
week in Portland and The Dulles
Mr. John Gordon is much hi t
r e is,
The river has been very muddy
for some time.
-R, E. Wilson Co. lw'vetl a
i heir
formerly c 'U
A riataiia iviil ho emit nip.d hv Jon s. opposite the i a n
to each teacher. Be planning store.
New Price $735.00, The Dalles
A Reduction of $165.00
Effective Jan. 26, 1921
Your Plowing Must be Done in a Hurry
This Spring'. You Can do it with a Fordson
Order Your Tractor and Plow Now
Opposite P. O. Min 1W1 The Dalles, Ore.
We Have A Complete StocK of Tractor Parts
Mrs. Mary Walker and Maude ( The Dalles Wednesday for a short
moved to the Wood farm which stay with her daughter. Mrs.
they have rented where Mr j iiidifh HiU.
Walker has been keeping barbe
taiV hall this winter.
Delbert McCoy was over fiou
Eagle Creek Tuesday, returning
Mrs. Albeit Hammer was very
tick last week but is improving
A Chritttian Endeavor fuim'&I
was given by Mrs. J. L Parker
and Mrs. Bigbee at the pan on
ago last Saturday evening. About
!() were present. The eveuhu
was speiH very pleasantly n
playing gampg. Lloyd Richmond
carried oil first prtee in a guess
ing content and Hen Flinn and
Oscar Hammer were awarded
the booby prize. Kefreshuieii's
were served.
The C. Fi. will elect dfieers foi
this year at the meeting next
Sunday evening.
Mrs. Bigbee gave a farewell
u'-lie'or3 dinner for Lyle at
their home here last Thursday
Viiring. These present were
Lloyd Woodside, Hen and Orval
Flinn, Lincoln Hartman, Roy
Rice, Everett Ricbnomd, Lawsdn
Maldron, Mr. and Mrs. E. A.
Hartman and Crystal. A bour
ieons chicken dinner wa nerved.
Lyle went to The Dalits Friday
morning and Sunday Mr-'. R'g-
bee received a phone from lorn
in Portland, saying that he am
Mrs, Anete Page of The Dallet
were married Saturday evening
n Portland. He left Pmtlanr
Monday night for Louisiana.
Power for Maupin
J. H. Woodcock returned the
first of the week from a business
trip to Portland and Salem.
While in Salem Mr.. Woodcock
filed on 225 second feetof water
to be conveyed from a point at
the upper end of the Island abort
the steel bridge at Maupin to a
wheel 400 feet up the river from
the bridge Mr. Woodcock con
emplates opening work on the
erection of a light and power
plant nl this, location on the
O.vgon Trunk right of way this
coming spring unless oilier local
inlnreias prevent the completion
of the project.
For Sale
One pure bred Poland China
Boar, weight 125 lbe. Cockerels,
Golden Buff. Rhode Idland Red.
- Claud Wilson.
A Good Spring Tonic, Rexall
Sarsaparilla, Maupin Drug Stow-
Atty. and Mrs. K. B. Dufur
went to Portland laat Friday, the
former returning home Wednesday.
ait amid.
Do you know you can get?
Fresh and Cured Meats Home Rendered Lard
Butter Krust Bread and a Square Meal
at Andy's Place
Breakfast - - 7 to 9 a. m.
Dinner - - 11:30 to 2 p. m.
Supper - - 5:30 to 7:30 p. nu
?ool, Billiards, Cigars, Tobacco, Confectionery
Andy's Place, Maupin, Ore.
). ft-'-.!.-
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval
Local Interest
Portland Painless Deuti.t. .'50!i.
iecoiid .St. The Dalles O-sam
;yine Building a9 the U. S. rec
alling office. Ml work guurant
ed, W. T. Slattcu L", 11 S. Pro)
The Rebeckmhs held initiation
Wednesday night. .Mrs. R. W.
'dcCorkle making her first visit
into the mysteries of the organ
isation, A big feed of good things
i also reported.
R. Fj. Wilson WS3 a Portland
isitor the first of the week
Mrs. Virgil Maynew ami son,
Gale, are Dalles visitors Ibit
Mrs. Laura Durham of Yakima
visited friends here yesterday
taking the night train for The
Mr and Mrs. b. Wing arc
moving the Tygb switchboard
from tbo hotel to the Sugar
Bowl building.
Mrs. Hazel Doeriug is quite ill
at tin home of her molhu
Mrs. OtaiiK" Biittain in Tvsh
Maupin Athletic Club
ivill hold (lie following' contests at
Shuilud's Hall, February 19, 1921
Lavcrnv Fisclu r
lialcs Shaltuck
Billie McClure
Aii uir Morris
Dolphus fllayhcw
UUt Miller
Alhvrl Uutscll
l rcd Miller
IjCvi Dyer
1 tonai d Clnstain
Koy Morrow
Clifford Morrow
Darrel Turner
George Miller
Howard Nye
Clifford Miller
liillie McClure
Lester Crofoot
Fred Miller
George Morris
Everyone Invited ,
Come, one and all '
Admission 50 cents
Further Information, see G. 1 . Morris or O. J. Willittns