The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 04, 1921, Image 4

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    The Maupin Times
Published every Friday at Maupin,
Jeesiline K. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: One year, JU.y: m
months, 75 ccntii; three iiiPnliis, 5"
l'.ulered as second class mat!
mutter September v, iyi4, at the
pu.stuffice nt Maupin, Oregon, un
der tlie Act of March 3, 1879.
Announcement of a neutral
reduction in pri on all imple
ments' mail by the Oliver Chilled
Plow Works.South f'-tnd, Indiana
is of vital important to farmers
in this community. This is the
first effort on the part of any
large implement -manufacturer
to help the farmer in a rent way,
and brings prices to about the
UH8 basis-
The general price reduction of
the Oliver Chilled Plow Works h
a stop in the right direction,
The farmer does not need advise
It is fully realized that if farm
erg in this community are to make
a profit this year, they must pro
duce a large crop and still reduce
the production cost.
Improved plows and implements
play an important part in moderr
agriculture. It ia worth the con
sideration of every farmer that
house like Oliver, making a higr,
grade, quality line of implement?
have cut prices ae their contribu
tion to a return to normal
Heretofore, high prices ha
made the-farmer hesitate m pur
chasing improved implements.
In consequence he has sufferer"
a two-fold loss. Yields were re
duced because they could not b
given the proper seed bed pre
paration and cultivation. Time
and labor expenses resulted thai
could have been easily taken car
by up to date tools.
Nov, however,' that Olives
plows and implements are offeret
at lower prices, in the matter oi
tillage implements, at least, thr
fanner is given relief in the waj
producing his. crops at a lowei
Chinook wind the past tw
d .vs; snow has been gone fut
t-vodays evrf pt where it was
drifted. .'
If the old saying about th
ground hog is true we may ex
pnet six weeks of winter yet a?
the sun showed uwt all da.v
here February 2.
A little son arrived at th
horn? of Mr, and Mrs. .lohnii
l)lco last rnaay morning.
Gen. Endeisby who has ben
visiting relatives here the pas
winter left forWn. Tuesday.
N. G. Hedin is looking sfte
business affairs in The Dalle:
and Portland this week.
The first case of measles mad
ite pppeaeanee in this vicinit,
Monday. The littte son of Mr
and Mrs. Sniney Wilson bavin;
broken out with them.
Ltbt Sunday v,as -a iwi
breaker in attendance at th
Pine Grove Sunday School, then
bing; 11 present.
Harold Stanton was over Iron
Siranasho Tuesday. He report
the roads very bad between hen
a 'id that place.
A crowd Of the young folk-
gave Herbert Hammer a surpris-
party at his heme last Honda.
evening, the occasion being- hi:
0. L; Paquet is looking: affi.
business affairs in The I'alk-
thiB week.
The C. E. Society here celt
bvated the 40th anniversary o
Christian tr.dravcr last Sunda;
evening: with an appropriat;
program led by Rev. J. I. Pnrkf :
Harold Kethtrfcid and Mis.
Ruby Wilson were married it
The Dalles Wednesday, comin-.
home today, ThuviJay.
John DeJletilio has been brin
ii):!t he mail from JIaupin wit!
a team the past couple days, tht
Maupin grade brin? too rmiddj
for Mr. Kobei ts to n.ike ti-e ti i
with his machine.
Farm Implement Prices
The break has come. For some
time prices paid for your farm
products have been low. It is
but natural for you to want
lower prices on the farm imple
ments used in producing your
Announcement is labor or material
made by Hie Oliver as their contribution
Chilled Plow Works in hastening a return
of a general price to normal conditions
reduction in their This is your oppor
lines that brings pri- tunity to seenre new
ees to the basis of up-to-date Oliver
1918. They are the quality implements
first to make this that will help you
reduction and are produce a full crop,
taking the loss that and get. them at a
the move brings price in line with the
for there lias been reduced prices on
little reduction in your farm products.
Bi will t inMed on pslr! to- '.
MUtiv Cu: lr. .cc-.-.1;.:;r r:th t!'.'
Wwchtat ar4 Marin? At ; th. rffit nt
L'ruft.1 Sti'.H Srti)ir.t ?sri. 1 N. y.. 'ak.:rjtt?nrD. C.
Tie .Sin for ('. mem. stu!
TO6fc!9 wocdan it:r.:.
Tho' ff. iiniit"! nrf. bth oil nr.".
cral burn.r. Tti Poard rji esubllshel
k minimum j,;ic c ihttt vmm!.
T.rm cn Steal
10 p--r cr.t ot thn r'Jrchu priri 1?
-.isti upon avlltry vt u. vt, i p.
ftur.t ;;i S .-....r.;'.-,i t..ifT.r. I ft? cent
ta!'- r.-..-.nth. thrri:ter I pr o.r.t !s
t wonrj! ttt:V.w. pr nt 15 -
-nonl.; th6:-.i.rtr. i.i:xr..-. si ?J o.r t.r.t
la f.iuol t:v.i-i;-.S'i.: :-.ti'.'.T-.-..-.ts ovr j
r.ruvi cf tB yir Arrd tj
.-i.-rr !i-.tst at the r- f S p.r f-t
n.r j
Th -, hu.-j.-vi ST.d :rht,'-.'- --Ni-n
ra;v.-s f.v ill. .- pf ta d:Srr.t
typos is Nine Oi.ihfrtv; vr..
tf n S-i'l'.i t- Ter.'i.-.iu i. tx Vaif?
iMrlns F..-e, or.a T '
KcCiriland; on. liundrort M .'jth'-.-.s-t
ll-.i'tK-r A.o r. 't a uarobcr c: v.
T.ri n W5d.i 4t,n.t.
in rr i-.-t Mfh cn 4V:vw 'Bi'.ir.i
n ,-r.: ,i.iui'. Ir..".-nnt 4
p- iv.jv b 'ih-.-.-:t.1 os cr ta.v
! or fr ..y'oa of ib?.
ok: .1, -J irntt i.-r.fji:id V- et'.
a 'l''l i?a.U to th Cn'.'M
'' h.pnlr.t o?d for 3 it per etnt
of ..-.ojnt cf i.
Fu-thf In'trmit'tw rt- p. ebtS'-ud
riiii-t tnt te th8 Mp 1l DM.
' -! F Mi'.tl N. W., Uatninjtan,
D. C.
Tin 2i.i tl fsrve tht rijlit ts r'st
any a-id ;t biift.
f fX-tj'it t aJd-.!H tj th UV"-'.
'V3TCV. 0. C, and iida-tM' "BID PCB
ITSAMSMll (Ni:nt a? Ihlai."
Shir and unitr Atnerlcah E!if.
Ro Eo WSlim o
Aie you using The Times linet
coin 11111 when 50U h.i)e auy thing
to '.el! or tvnut tu buy some article
tliat onr neighbor m have ot
whites lo dispose of? If not tv
i want ad iu that column,
Local Interest
lr0K Biile Vv'eber piano in good
condition. Inquire at Times.
For that cold use StovaH's
Ct.'u$h Syrup and Cold tablets.
Very package guartntaed.
f fan pin Drug Store.
Tho?e old members of The
American Legion whose dues
are rot paid will b dropped
after February 20, 1921.
Come to my place about bvo
months ago, one 2-year-old heif
er branded quarter cjrele 11 on
left hip and ar marked right ear
two splits and crop. frank Dyer
Mrs. L. 33. KellJ returned
hone Saturday from Tort'and
m'tch impro'f d in health.
42 piece Plue Bird China
Dinner Sts $12.00. Maupin
Dt uz Store.
Those j'wuirin'r for Dr. Pake.
find his, ad on the last page.
For sale-Jubilee 200 egg In
cubator, sood as jie-v.-F. L.
Kelly, Ifaupin.
Lost Between Wapinitia an1'
Maupin, Oldsrnobile. crank. iW
turn t" TiuiPsoffice or Hartman '
stote.-Ray Kaylor.
- Mrs. Beck with is making pic
parations'to issue a new tele
j phone ditec-tory.
Let us figure with you on you
painting and wa'l paper. Maupn
Drug Store.
A cre-r of several men air
teams are working on the Man
pin grads this week, leveling
and laying gi-a'-el.
We hare several second ham
cars flu good mechanical condi
tion, good tires and good looking,
for sale at reduced prices or
easy terms to suit you - Dresden'
Garage, Tygh Valley, Ore.
For Sale-about 1000 bushelf
of beardless seed barley. Claiu
Wilson, Maupin, Ore.
At the Church
Suuday echuul 10 a. in.
Pleaching 11a. rti.
Freaching 7.30 p. in.
Apropos Brevity
In stock at this office:
Carbon paper- large sheets
Typewriter ribbons variotu-
Butter paper and cartous
Blank Notes
Real estate contracts
School report cards
Paper, card board and envelope?
We do th printing
Maupin Times.
For Sale
A purebred Poland-China boar
18 months old. R. L. Harris,
Shaniko Oregon
A. F. Martin
Blacksmithing', chilled shares
ground, and horseshoeing, terms
EgZZgj for cash
Department of the interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalle3, Ore
on, January 18. 1921.
Notice is hereby given that
Albert E. Troutman
f Maupin, OrRgon, who on February
'8th, 11116, made HomesteadEntry No.
for Nisl-4 PEl-4. s1-2se1-4, Sec.
' wl-4swl-4. Nl-2sl-2, Section 8,
township (! Bout li, Hango 14 cast,
VilliuiK-llB Moiidiiin, has filed notice
'f ii 1 1 ill ion lo iiiuko liniil three ycai
ro"f, to eiiliibliah claim to th land
ibove deBdibed, befuro F. U. Sliiprt,
J. S, Coinmiasiotier, at Maupin, Ore
;im, on the 2Sth dv of February W21
tiflirriRiit nsuies a? witnenses: E J
"iseher, O. J. WilHy ui3, W. H. Wit
iams, B. F. Turner, all of Maupin,
H. Frank Wuodcock, Register.
L'spartment of the Interior
U, S. Lir;d Office at The Dalle?, Otf
on, January 21, 1921.
Notiee is hereby awen that
George E. Moss
jf Maupin, Oregon, who on Novembe'
.'9, lifl. marie Homestead Entry No
)16i'85, for Lot 2, sl-2i-2, E1-2SE1-4
Section 4, Krl-4N'El-4, Settion 9. tov n
ship 6 south, Range 14 fast, WillamelU
Meridian, has filed notice of intentioi
uo make three year proof, to estabhs!
laiin to ths land above described,
lefore F. D. Stuart, U. S. Commis?ic!
-v, at Maupin, Oregon, on the 8th d?
if March, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses: W. V
Richardson, John Foley, Frank Dyer
William Moss all of Maupin, Oregon,
H. Frank Woodcock, Register.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Ufflee at The Dalles, Oif
ion, January 31, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that,
William Moss
f Maupin, Oregon, who on January
i11, 1919', made Homestead entry, No.
J195T2 for HW1-4ke1 4, S1-2NE1-4, Stl
t, Section 34, S"T-4swl-4, Section 35,
"ovM'hip 8 South, Range 14 East,
Yil!--unette Meridian, has filed notice
jf intention to make final three yeai
woof, to eitalish claim to the lam'
kbove described, before F. D. Stuait
United States Commissioner at Maupii
Veijon, on the 16th dsy of Marcli,
Claimant names as witnesses: C. G
jkr.gsherg, G. C. Aljen, John Foley
frank Dyer, all of Maupin, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock, Register.
DeoavHnent of the Intenoiior
fi. S. Land Olhceat The Dalles, Pit
'in, January 31, 1921.
liotice is heieby given that
Jerome B, Kidder
if Maupin, Oiegon, pho on Septembe1
HIS, mside Hoineslep.d Entry Ni
115444. fur I'lYl 4 linT-4, El-2 !"T-4
3vv ) -4 neI 4, Section 21, Townahip
O'0h, Range 15 Est, Willamettt
Meridian, has filed notice of intentioi
o make tht ee year proof, to 3(ablis'
.-laiiii to the land above describes,
beioie F. D. Stuait, United Stale
Commissioner, at Maunin, Oregon, oi
he l-'th day oUVIarch, 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses: R II
DtCamp of Maupin, Oregon, H. M.
!-;en, of Mnupin, Uifgon, Arth.u
.i'uderson, of Criterion, Oregon, L. b.
DeCamp, of Ciiteiion, Oiegon.
H. Fiai;k Woodcock, Register.
D'nsrirneut of the Interior
V. S. land Office at The Dalles. On
on, January 13. 1921.
Notice is hereby given that
1'roy A. Wallace, one of the heirs am
for the heirs of Luther Wallace, de
ceased of Shaniko, Oregon, who or
Febrnnry 23. 191B, mude Homesteai
Enti-v vo. 015779, and on October 9
1920. mjde Additional Homestead Entr
Mo. O17002 for e1-2se1-1, See. 21, svi
mv-1-4, sl-2, Section 22' n1-2n1-2, Sec
tit-n 27. neI 4e1-4, Section 23, Town
ship 6 south, Range 15 East, Willam
ette Meridian, has filed notice ot
mention to make year three proof,
to establifh claim to the land abuve
Itscri'Hd, before Rcgis'er arid F.eclv
-r, Unit-Hi States Land Office, at Tht
D.'.lies, Oregon, on the 7th day of
Match, 1921.
Claimant natnej aa tvitnesfts: Hchn
uth. W. Lang, Arthur C. Wallace.
Lfitcr Wilkins, Tom Junes, all of
Sh.iniko, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock, Rfgister.
Dsnartmer.t of the Interior
V. S Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
cm, January lth, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that
Anthony Con.roy,
-if Sh'iniko. Oregon, who on January
2i. I9!1), made Homestead entry No
"14M3. tor nl-2 SEl-4, sl 4, vi2?(vl-
4, Section 2. Townshio 6 south, Range
lo eat, wmamette Meridian, nas tiled
roticc of intention to make bna! three
vcar proof to establish claim to the land
bove described, before H. C. F.ooner.
V. S. Commissioner, at Antclooe. Ore-
con, cn the 9th dav of March. 1921.
Claimant names as witnesses: James
Doran.of Sljupin. Oregon, Judd 2icro!f
A'frcd Eemttt. Edin Wakerhg. all o(
shanil.o. Orepon.
U. Frank Woodcock, Register.
I.O. O F.
20'.). Mauirin, Oregon.
meets every Saturday night in
Donaldson's hall. Visiting mem
hern ft 1 ways welcome.
Gko. McDonald, N. G.
15. V. Turn EB. Secretary.
Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
Leaves Wapinitia, 1 p m.
Dr. T. DeLarhue
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Rooms 17-18 Vogt Block, oyer
Crosby's Drug store,
The Dalles, Ore
l'hoiie Black 1111
Attorney at Law
Dr. Henry C. Dake
41)3 McKay Bklg.
3rd and Stark St.
Department of the Interiur
U . S. Land Office at The Dalles, Or
;gon, January 10, 1U21.
To JeromeS. Gvvynn of t Wapinitia,
Oregon, Contsstee:
i ou aie hereby notified that
Stillman H. Goodenouffh
'ho ifives Wapinitia, Oregon, 83 his
Dostofhce address, did on December 27,
1320, file in this office hia duly corrobo
rated abplication to contest and secure
the cancellation of vour homealead
Serial No. 020517, made March 28, 1019,
fo'r Si 2-N'Wl 4, Section 4, Township 6
south, Range 12 east, Willamette Me
ridian, and as grounds for bis content
he alleges tlat said Jerome S. Gwynn
ha? not been on the land for fourteen
non! Ii9 and he is not in the military or
naval service of the United States.
You are therefore further notified
that the said alligations will be taken
as confessed, and your said entry will
be cancelled without further right to
be heard, either before this office or on
apceal, if you fail to file in this office
within 20 days from the FOURTH pub
lication of this notice- as shown below,
your answer, under oath, specifically
responding to these allegations of con
eet, together with due proof that you
have served-a copy of your answer on
be said contestant either in person or
.y registered mail.
Yim should state, in your answer the
iame of the poatoffice :o which you de--ire
future notices to be sent lo you.
H. Frank Woodcock, Register.
Date of first publication Jan. 14, 1921.
" "second " " "21,1921.
" " thiid " " 28, 1921.
' ' fern I h " Feb. 4, 19M.
Notice is here Riven that the under
ogned, FiitncisV, Galloway, has been
July appointed as Administrator of tho
'?tat of William Preen, deceased, and
e has qualified as such Administrator,
All persons having claims against said
tate are hereby notified and requited
.0 present the same, duly verified, to
he said Administrator at his office in
Ihe Dalles, Oregon, within six months
from the first publication of this notice
;aid date of fiist publication being Jan
uary 21st, 1921,
Francis V. Galloway,
Depaitment of the Interior
U. S. Land Oflice at The Dalles, Ore
?o!i, January 2. 1321.
Notice is hereby given that
Oliver Barton
of Maupin, Oregon, "ho on Jane 22,
1910, made Homestead Entry No. 016225
for SLl 4swl 4, swl-4stl-4, Section 11,
wl-4'El-4, El 2E1-2, SW1-4SE1 4, Sec
tion 11, Township 3 south, Range 13
F.ast, Willamette Meridian, has filed!
notice of intention to make final three)
year proof, to establiDh claim to the
land above described, before F D,
Stuart, United States States Commis
sinner at Maupin, Oregon, on the 13th
day of March, 1921.
C'lainiant names as witnesses: Lau?-
hlin !!orrion, Shaniko, Oregon, Donald
ftornson, shaniko, Oregon, Malcolm
McDonald, Shaniko, Oregon, H. Skin
ner, Maupin, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock, Register.
For Sale
I am too old to run a dairy
hence I will trade a few young
registered and grade Jersey
heifers for other stock
I dozen Everbearing strawberry
plants by mail for 25 cents in
stamps $1.00 per hundred post
age extra.
A- A. Bonney,