The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 12, 1920, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 7, NO 5
THE YEAR $1.50
Thursday November 18
the well Known Western Star
ng DBiii
i n
The Preacher and the Bandit
Rainbow Comedy
Under New Management
' Your Money Goes Farther At Hill's"
Why stay in the same old rut year after year? Do you
know when you have a bill charged you pay for having
it charged? Do you know you also pay the other fellows
bill; that doesn't pay at all. The credit system could not
exilt if it wasn't run that way, Why pay the other
fellows bill? Will also carry a small supply of fresh meat.
We have a full line of groceries includ
ing Great American Coffee, Karo
Syrup ,Fresh Apples, Oranges, Banan
as, Nuts, Candies, Cigars, Tobacco,
Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.
Meat Market in Connection With Store
S. N.
Wapinitia Oregon
Get your Thanksgiving Turkey
at Cyrs.
I"or Sale
Chopped barley,
George Claymire.
Get your Fresh Bread daily at
Andy's Place
We now handle the
Butter-Krust Bread
Try our Hazelwood Ice Cream
It's Refreshing
Home Cooked Meals
Breakfast 7 to 9 A. M. Dinner 12 to 2 p. m.
Supper 5:30 to 8 P. M. Short Orders all Day
Fresh Meat at all Times
Local Interest
Mrs. Marie Criger of Portland
formerly of this place visited
friends here last Friday.
Mike Creager was a Dalles
visitor the last of the week.
Jack Staatsand Mr. and Mrs.
John Confer were passengers to
Madras Friday night.
Attv. Dufur was a Dalles busi
ness caller Monday.
Mrs. W. H. Staats visited at
Dufur Hood RiverandThe Dalles
last week. Mr. and Mrs. Staats
are p'a ning to move to Port
land for the winter.
Goo. Woodruff was a Manpin
caller Wednesday. He recovered
his ear which was stolen at The
Dalles some time ago. A lone
seventeen year old hoy had
driven it from there to Walla
Willis and Vernie Norval and
li. and Mrs. Al Uillii were
Maupin callers Wednesday from
A nice assortment of Ivory
Pyi liu, on display at the
Maui'Hi Drug Store
Mrs Mary M Disbrow of De
0refc6n, ncconipanied y; serin
horn i uesday and will be a guest
;ii this d't'ice forsolne time.
J. P. Abbott, H, N. Dodge Mi
ami M ri .1 S. Brown were ii
Manpin li.nn Wayiliitla Friday
Matipin e perienced the first
enow of tin: season following y
unusual cold spell.
Frank Gilliam of Dalles visited
B. L. Turnei h few days thii
week. The men are eonsius.
Don A Slog ( (ill was in towi
yesterday and reports excellent
Btieccys in preserving cgs h
water glass. He si ales that thej
had during the low ui iocs of eggi
in May and June put down 3t
dozen eggs, which when openet
recently are lound tolmve kept
perfectly and could not be dis
tinguished from fresh eggs.
Get your Xnias cslem ai'8 al
the Maupin Times.
Mr. and Mrs. W, C. Wriahl oi
Outlook Washington in xakima
Valley stopped in Maupin lsl
night on their return trip from
visit in Indianapolis and dift' i
ent points in Virginia and North
Carolina. Mrs. Wright stated thai
this is her .seventh trip across
the continent being the second
by auto. They own a large hay
ranch al Outlook and formerly
a twenty six acre fruit orchard
at Natchez Washington.
Come in and sec our very com
plete line of handsome Xmas
gift calendars sold at cost al
The Times,
Dr. L. H. De Janvier accompa
nied her sister Mrs. W. 0. Miller
home from Portland, making a
short stay in Maupin and then
going on lo Redmond to investi
gate opportunities for a chiro
practic practice there.
Decorated 42 piece Chini
Dinner Sets $12.00. Maupin
Drug Store
II. A. Muller mads a trip to
Maupin Wednesday.
Mrs Sarah Camber stopped
over night with her niece Mr?.
W. O. Miller on her way to
Tacoma to visit her daughter
Mrs. Grace Castor.
Charles 'raw ford and wife
of Wamic wre in Maupin Wed
H. B, Lindlv came in from
Bakeoven Thursday.
School Notes
A Basket Social al Slmttuck's
Hall November 20th Saturday
night. The proceeds to be applied
on paying foe a piano for the
The Ladies are ALL earnestly
solicited to bring baskets, the
not quite so young and the not
yet quite so young as well as the
young ladies married or not
married. The baskets of the
little misses from about the 7th.
grade down will be auctioned off
in a separate lot for the especial
pleasure of the little masters ol
the community,
I must assuredly beg pardon
for using language that led some
to believe that I hey were not in
cluded In the invitation to bring
baskets ll was a much regretted
blunder on my part, By order ol
the committee all arc not onl)
invited but solicited In bring
baskets and be pre; nl for h
pleasant social evening,
The cIsbs leaden for the Lud.
month are
5th. Ira Kidder,
dlb.- Helen Wcberg,
th.- Winifred Kaiser'
8th. Ari bur Philmlec.
Freshman Hazel Williams.
Sophomore Mabel C.yr.
Junior Lester Grofoot.
Senior Lewis Deri luck.
Those deserving special men
lion from the I rammer Roomari
Winifred Kaiser, Jean Wilsoi
iiid Helen Weberg. From tb
Hi Hazel Williams, Jess
Walter, Lorrain Stovall. Mabi I
A. M. Winn, Prin.
Many attractive
coat at The Times.
calendars at
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval
Smock Items
1). M. Stancliff went to Mosier
J. C. Brad way was a business
visitor in Maupin Monday.
Alonso Parrisb is a visitor at
i he J. M. Farlow home, the
gentlemen being cousins.
Election passed off qoietly. A
number ol ladies voted theii
preference tor their husbands)
for the candidate named.
Special election next Saturday
at the school house, lo vote on b
school tax.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mgyfielo
and daughters Mary and Ver;
were Saturday and Sunday visit
ors in Wamic at the items o
Mrs. WihiH Mayfteld Itoberti
A ho has been quite ill.
A little baby uirl came in 1 1 1,
home of Mr. and Mrs. Mijrmi
Duncan to gladden their hem
Monday November htn. All hi
doing well,
luteresl In the Sunday Sehoo
is reviving with the approach ol
winter, Mr. Eadsle preachini
jplendid sermons, The greai
pity is more people do not conn
out to hear him,
the markel will j utify it. and wt do not expect to wait until our
present stock is sold before tie reduce prices on goods in stock.
Reductions have already been made on mtny staples. All shoe
prices have been re lu ;ed 10 percent, Ginghams Outing Flannels
and Percales, regular 45 and 60 cent values reduced to 35 cents,
Overalls and Khakis reduced 60 centl per pair, and other items
will he reduced I as fast as the market shows a decline that will
juatifi it. We desire to protsct you at all times. However we
ask that yo i do not expect too radical a reduction at once, as it
takes, in t'i li P sotton g)lj, for exam K four or six months
for cheaper cotton to reach the consumer through the regular
ihannela in tta manufacture I article. We verify thii statement
by culling our iti lention lo the flour market w hich still holds high
iscompared to I he present price of wheal.
The House of Better Service
Ford Prices Before the War
In 1904-05 and ( Ford Touring Cars
sold for $2,000.00 F. O. B. Detroit.
The new price is $440.00 F. O. B.
Detroit and the present Ford Cars are
the best cars the Ford Motor Com
pany ever made.
Regardless of 146,065 orders on file
for immediate delivery and millions of
Jollars worth of high priced raw ma
terial on hand, the new Ford prices
were fixed on a pre-war basis in an
-jflbrt to bring the business of the
country and the cost of living to nor
mal again.
The war started in 1914. Compare
the new Ford prices, now in effect,
with the 1914-15 prices.
Dr. L. B. De Janvier.
Graduate f
Pacific Chiropractic College
General Drugtesa Method
Chronic Diseases A
I will maintain an office it
Manpin if possible to regittei
six patients by Tuesday evening;
register or phone the Time:..
Mesdames Elsie Beckwith,
Lottie Donaldson, Susan Kellj
and Vena Kaiser are conducting
e Red Cross drive and judging
by the profusion of buttons and
placard:" it has Urn w'dy
The broken flanks on the
I tec I hrtdiie is neiiitf replareri
with new under the supervision
of P. .1. Olsen.
Sell. Miller and family moved
in from Criterion yesterday for
the winter.
E. H. Ashley bob Arthur and
Myrtle Britton were- over from
ffffh VVnJiif .dny.
New 1120 1911.1913
l'nrd I'riirs I'nul Prices
, '!,.; - i -; - - $360.00 $410.00
Runatottt - 395.00 440.00
touring - 140.00 190.00
Sedan, wi h darter, 795.00 755.00 without starter
Coupe, with itarter, 743.00 750.00 without starter
All Hi above prices are F. O. B. Detroit
The new Ford prices are a cut to
the limit. The new Oregon allotment
of II7( l ord e;irs per month assures
you of reasonably prompt delivery.
You want one yon need one place
your order now and get one.
Fischer's Garage
Sole Hi i HCHlativen
GANNETT MOTOR CO., Authorized Dealer
"Every Oregon Driver Needs a Ford Enclosed Car"