The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 05, 1920, Image 4

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The Maupin Times Ip----- .
Depart tni'iiL uf lln' Inferior
U. S. I.iiikI OI1ic Ml. The Ditlk-H, Ore
gon, Oi'tlior 1, JOT).
Notic In liwrhy Kivmi that
AIM V, I'iBloy,
of Dufur, Oi''U"M, wlm mi Ocliplipr 11,
11)15, imi'lo A'lilitiorml llnnieHlcHil tflitry
No. UI6WJ, for wl 2 Mtt l 4, Ken, IB,
mid wl-Z nw 4, Sw'liim aa, Tuwimhip
H south, Hhh(? 13 l"l, WillHiiiPltP
Meridian. Iihb lileil nolicfl uf intention
to mile lliri'c ypi' piuuf, to eHlnbliuli
claim ( the linifl above ikucilbed,
before ileKwlur and Kereivpr. Utiitod
States Land Office, ft The Dulles, Ore
KOii. on tin' 3rd day of Dw?nilr, HWl
Cliiimuiit nmn"H Hit wilneHHca: Willis
Owliitmn, of Krlnd, OrKon, .1. 8.
F rainy, of TIm' PhIW-b. Oregon, M. M.
Glavoy, of Dufur. Uri'K"". F, A.
French, of The Didk'H, Oregon.
11, Friuik Woodcot-lt, Jleglhtcr.
Published every l'iiUy at Mnuijiti,
.lensiliiie ft. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: One year, fi.V'f ix
nicjiillit, 75 cents; three months, 50
Kntcicd as seiiind cliiss mail
mullet September J, lyM, l the
post office nl Maupin , Olefin, un
der the Act of March 3, i7V.
Wamic News
)i!iiiirl.iiii'iit of I lie inferior.
U. S. f. 11 nd Ollii-u til The Duller Ore
jfon, October M, V.)W.
Notice m hereby (jivon Unit,
Hen F. It i-lmrdnon .
whoso ;oat-o(n addrotw is Wnpinitiu,
Oregon did on Urn J:ttli day ot January
1920, tile in I bin offii'i' Sworn State
ment mid Application No. H2I238, to
purchase the NBl-4 sul 4, Section 35
Township 5 Koiilh, lianae 11 East,
Willamnlle Meridian, and llio limber
thereon, under the provifdons of the
act of dune 3, ItjVH, "d actR ?menda
tory, known us the "Timber and Stone
I.hw," at audi value as might be fixo
by appraiaement, and "'at, pnisnant to
siieli application, the land and timbei
tliereoi) have been appraised, One Hun
dred Twenty-flv Dollars the timber
estimated 5ti M board feet at fl.SO pei
M. and the land $30.(10; that snid ap
plicant will offer final proof in aujport
of his application and sworn statement
on the 10th day of January, 1921, be
fore Register and Receiver U. S. Land
Office, at The Dalles, Oregon.
Anv csrsun is at liberty to protest
this purchase before entry, or initiate
a nnntit ot. aril' tirnfe btfors Ditent
issues, bv filing corroborated affidavit
in this 'office, alleging: facts vhich
would defeat the entry.
H. Frank Woodcock, Register.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, October 19. 1920.
Notice is hereby given that
Grover Franklin Douglas,
of Kaskels. Oregon, who on October,
5, 1920, made Additional Homestead
Entry No. v2!2ii, tor S"rl-4'Ei-4, bee,
28. Swl-4NEl-4. Sl-l.NWl-4.rwl-4K'l 4
KW1-4SE1-4, Nl 2s'.v Section 33,
Township 7 south, Ranee 11 East,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make three year proof,
to establish claim to the land above
described, before F. D. Stuart, United
States Coimii!9'.oner, at Maupin, Ore
gon, on the 9th day of December, 1920.
Claimant names a witnesses: B. A.
Marx, of KaUla, Oregon, Owen I.
Brown, The Dalles, Oregon, W. O.
Ward, of Kaskela. Oregon, John Farre,
of Kaskela, Oregon.
11. Fiank Woodcock, Register.
Department of the Interior
V. S. Land Office at Ibe Dalles, Ore
goo, October )9tb, 1920.
Notice ia hereby given that
James L. Maddron,
of Wapiidtia, Oregon, who on Novem
ber 18, 1915, made Homestead entrv
Nn 015591, for f-F.l Ihf.I 4. l-2r-Et-4.
NEl 48B1-4. Section 4, vT 2ul 4, r;yl-4sKl-4
and l-l 4?vl-4, Section 9.
'J'ovnship 6 south, liange IS east, Wil
lamette ivtei'idisn, has filed botice of
intention to make final three year
proof tu establish claim to the land
above described, before- F. D. Stuart,
If. S. Commissioner, at Maupin, Ore
gon, oivthe9lh day of December, 1920.
Ciainiaiil names as witnfiseu; W.
D. Mi-flair., Ed Davis, A. W. Dunning,
Jesse Le"'i, all of Wpimi, Oregon.
H. Frank WotdcJck, Register.
Mr. and Mrs. Orange Britton
wnt to The Dalles Thursday,
l'pmaininjt over nij,rVit.
. P. Butler was here from
The Dalles Wednesday.
Judge M. C. George of Port
land, Paul Childers, W. L. Cj ich-
ton, C. N. Hurgel, and M. L.
Peterson of The Dalles were
here Thursday.
Mrs. ,1. P, Illinu'sworth of. The
Dalles is a guest at the John
Ingswortli home.
Raymond Doering hauled lum
ber from here last week to lower
Mrs, Doralhy Ferguson aeeom
liartied hev btutber Carl Dahl
from Portland and is spending
the week at the Dahl home in
Misses Lucile .Kennedy and
Lou Jone3 accompanied Mr.
Kennedy from The Dalles to
Portland last week, returning
Many weie in attendance at
the dance Friday night.
Mrs. Mabel Hull was called
heie from Grass Valley to attend
her mother, Mrs. Jessie Luca.
Sam Douglas, Cliff Palmateet
and Ruf Abbott returned Sun
day to Hood River after attend
ing the dance here Friday night.
Willis and Vernie Nerval bare
purchased their father's place.
Will Non-al rented the G. L.
Wood house and moved here
A. F. Flegel of Portland and
John Gavin of The Dalles ga' e
policical addresses here Satur
day afternoon. Frank Wood
cock accompanied them here
from The Dalles.
Miss Hilda Lake gave a card
patty Saturday night to about
eighteen of her friends.
The temperature dropped to
13 above last night.
Guy Britton is home from his
Summer's work in Sherman
Percy Driver and Belvie Pali
son went to The Dalles today.
For Sale
A pure bred white faced bull,
raised bv J. E Kennedy. 5 years
old last upiing, weight between
1G0O and 1700 pounds, in good
condition. Will take $125 00 for
htm if taken in ner.t three weeks
U. S. Kndersby, Maupin.
I'or Sale
All kinds of li'ogh lumber ami
some dressed lumber. Plenty oi
Shiplap. Rough lumber $25 pel
M; other grades in proportion.
Mill van v Bros. Mill.
A. D. Gibbs of Dufur was in
to-rn Saturday. The family were
formerly residents of Wamic
aid Tygh Valley.
1 1 w
uoouyear 1 n e Last
IN Goodyears you will find tires
that positively go farther and
last longer,
And in the smaller sizes of Good
years you will (mil embodied as
hih a relative value as in the
famous Goodyear Cords.
Our large stock of Gwu ears en
ables you to obtain immediate
(toodvear llvv Tourist -the
feak of Tube Perfection
You will pay the Right Price here,, our policy is
conscientious, and we promptly pass on to our customers every advan
taee through declining prices or our buys. The present disturbed
market conditions emphasize the importance of this policy to our
We Will Sell You a
for a small payment down and a small payment each month
Try them You will be satisfied
A Case Tractor
We have here for demonstration
a 15-27 Case Tractor and would
like to have you come in and look
it over and observe the many fea
tures it has that are not found in
any other tractor on the market.
You can do more days work with
a Case at less cost. Before you
decide what tractor you want in
vestigate the Case then you will
be able to make comparisons.
We Are Proud-0f
our lines.
Oliver Gang and Walking
Oliver Tractor Plows
Winona Wagons
Oliver Farm Implements
Wc also have exclusive agencies on
many other staple articles and invite
your patronage.
Real Estate,
Loans, and Insurance
Under New Management
Mrs. W. O. Miller was a pas
snger to Portland Tuesday for
1 few day's business visit.
Let U9 take your measure for
ujr new winter suit-while the
asBoitment is complete. R.' E
Wilson Co.
The O. T. paint crew p;ere
through here recently and im
proved the appearance of the
section house and the interior of j
the depot.
Decorated 42 piece China
Dinner Sets $12.00. Maupin
t'luj Store.
Help our school by bringing a
basket to ths big entertainment
ind basket sociil Saf urday even
Nor. 20. Proceeds go to
!iy for a piano.
C. H. Qrofoot h;b built a porch
1 his cottige "here and the
f'.mily are rtyoviiVR in for the
" inter months.
J. W. Ian-yer of the tractor
'l"parttr,ent of the Gannett Mo
l 'rC, The Dalle?, was a busi
r' visitor in this section this
For Sale One team of waves
ears old; 11 bi'fak goi'd
,cadets. weight about 1300 lbs
Miqnire xt Times!.
L. D.1 Kelly is putting -up a
'lie cellar at his gjtrden on Bake
oven. - - v--
Jack Staata has a collection of
yery interesting pictures of
scenes near Mt. Jefferson where
he wag in the Government em
ploy this summer. Mr. Staats
leaves today for siniilar duties
in central Oregon.
Everybody is interested in
advancement of Maupin and.
Southern Wasco county. Come
and hear Dr. J. W. Brewer, irri
gation specialist at Shattuck's
ball, Saturday evening, Nov. 20.
For Sale -25 head of Ewe?
tud Lambs. -G. C. Allen.
Mrs. Jory was a Dalles visitor
last peek.
The 4 tli annual Red Cross roll
call November 11 to 20, 1920.
He prepared for the committee
vhen they call.
About 7 tons of hay, wheat
and rye mhed -G. E. Cunning
ham, Maupin Oregon.
The moving picture, The Great
j Air Robbery shown here last
I night was very much appreci
I ated.
W. D. Aldiidge went to Dufur
i yesterday after a load of apples.
Does Poultry Pay?
Only when you keep the best.
My hens are bred to lay, not for
fine feathers. All my hens have
ten, some fifteen 200 egg ancest
ors; are mated with cockerels
whose dams have a record of
two hundred and eighty eggs.
Cockerels for sale at $3.50; a
few May hatched pullets at $1.50
each if taken at once. -
Pure bred Barred Rocks.
Don A. Stogsdill,
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Young
were in town today and added
their name to our growing list of
Times .eaeers.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Batty
were here from Wapinitia Monday.
School Play, Basket Supper and Dance
Tygh Valley
Friday, Nov. 12th
tup full HC THE. r:nT.f)l!S A n;liinlio nlav in twn arts. Tn ilio firf rw-t a
red cross gauze room is shown, where tense interest is lightened by comedy. In the
second act, the scene k transported to a French Chateau near the firing line. A
plucky girl unmasks a spy, saves a supply of ammunition from bomdardment and
it, D stai-a ntitl Si ri nps m fltiatiiisf bv. Military enthusiasm, mvsterious intrigue ami
lilt UlUItJ M (j- CJf v w - - es"
a war-time love itory.
Mrs. Hilary
Madge Kistncr
Doris Bonney
Regina Muller
Leta Blanchard
Vesta Hardin
Ailceu Nickerson
Miss Smith
A Visitor
Sergeant Hilton
Harrison Ray
Zelda Watkins
Altie Weber
Madge Kistner
Aileen Nickerson
Dudley Weisbeck
Claude Hart
Paul Muller
it A
i 1