The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 05, 1920, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 7, NO 4
THE YEAR $1.50
"It Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's
F. M. Jory
all Staple Groceries
Fresh Meat
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Butter-Nut Bread
Doughnuts and Buns
House Dresses
Woolen Goods
"It Pays to Pay Cash at JoryV
Your Money Goes Farther At Hill's"
Why stay in the same old rut year after year? Do you
know when you have a bill charged you pay for having
it charged? Do you know you also pay the other fellows
bill; that doesn't pay at all. The credit system could not
exist if it wasn't run that way, Why pay the other
fellows bill? Will alsocarry a small supply of fresh meat.
We have a full line of groceries includ-
ing Great American Coffee, Karo
Syrup ,Fresh Apples, Oranges, Banan
as, Nuts, Candies, Cigars, Tobacco,
Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.
Meat Market in Connection With Store
' S. N. Hi
Wapinitia Oregon
Get your Thanksgiving Turkey 1'or Sale Chopped barley,
at Cyrs. George Claytnire.
Get your Fresh Bread daily at
Andy's Place
We now handle the
Butter-Krust Bread
Try our Hazelwood Ice Cream
It's Refreshing
Home Cooked Meals
Breakfast 7 to 9 A. M. Dinner 12 to 2 p. m.
Supper 5:30 to 81'. M. Short Orders) all Day
Fresh Meat at all Times
Big Turnout
Great enthusiasm was shown
for the election here Tuesday.
The highest number of votes
were cast of any election since
Criterion was made a separate
preefnet. Loyalty to the demo
cratic administration was dem
onstrated by a vote of 87 for
Cox and 66 for Harding.
About a dozen wrote Jheir
names ? in for constable and
fifteen wrote in the name of W.
H. Williams. 0. B. Derthick
was named eleven times for
Justice of the Peace. However,
he may not have to qualify as E.
J. Fischer has four years of i is
term remaining.
The county return? show
Senator Nickels'en. District Atty
Galloway, Coun I y Clerk Ct'ich
to", Coroner Ikuget, F. L. Pe-t'-r
hi for treasurer and L. B.
Kelly for commissioner, elected
over their opponents. j
Tygh Valley
Q. C. Morrow left for his new J
home at Bois4 last Saturday.
Mr. MoiT"w rented his garage to
Jones who will run it during the
Z. A. Wmkinfl left for Kent
last Monday.
A number of our youiiK people
attended the dance ttt Wainic
last Friday.
Tygh Vall'-y h hool lias been
growing so fast, ihat the school
board at a pppcial meeting held
Oct. 19 decided to hire it new
teacher. At present e have
three teachers, Mias Blanehard,
primary; Mr. JJlanehard, inter
mediate, and H. S. Nediy. high
' school.
Supt. A. E. Gronewald vitited
our school Oct. ilO, and sctined
pleased with the grade of v, rk
done by the pupilu.
A prtriotic play, The Call ol
the Colors will be given by the
school pupils Friday, Noyeinber
12th. An invitation is extended
to the people of the neighboring
towns to be present.
Two grades, the ninth and
tentu, are represented in our
high school thus far. A cordial
invitation is extended to the
young people of Tygh Valley to
take advantage of the new stand
ard high school. Iiitereuting.
courses are to be offered; basket
ball and volley ball teams ar6 to
organize in the near future and
contests of all kinds are to be
arranged vith the neighboring
schools. , Lets get together and
make Tygh Valley high school
the winning school of Southern
Wasco county.
Be sure to attend the school
play, basket social and dance at
Tygh Friday No?. 12th- Ladies
please baskets.
A nice assortment of Ivory
Pyralin, on display at the
Maupin Drug Store.
Miss Florence Muller of Tygh
Valley very quietly surprised her
many friends Wednesday when
she became the bride of Lester
Cook, a weathy farmer of the
Grass Valley section,- The cere
mony was read by Rev. Father
O'Rourte at his residence in
The Dalles, and witnessed by
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Reddington,
brother-in-law and sister of the
bride. After a visit in Portland,
Salem and other valley points
Mr. and Mrs. Cook will be at
home in their handsome modern
cottage near Grays Valley.
School Notes
The pregiuni given by the
School Literary Society last Fri
day was a succes". Several par
ents and friends were in attend
ance. We wish we might nif'et
more of the patrons at these;
meetings. The next program
will be given November 26tk
By accident Winifred Kaiser's
name was omitted from, those
deserving special mention.
For your Savings Campaign
we have enrolled 25. Just half
For your health crussde we
have enrolled 24. About 5(V pnr
cent. -These figures are-a little
Exams Thursday and Friday
of this week.
Do not forget the box soi'ial
for the piano fund November 20,
A. M. Winn. Prin.
At the Church
Services Nov. 7. ,
Suuduy school 10 a. m.
Preaebiog 11 a. ua
Preaching 7:30 p. iu.
Thy second quarterly meeting
will commence Friday Nov. 12th
4ud will continue over Sunday,
ivith a tukiionary service Sun
day at 2:30. All. are cordially
invited to attend all of the
4cv icea,
H. A. Waller.
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval
Local Items
the market will justify it. and we do not expect to wait until our
nresent stock is sold b?fore we reduce prices on goods in stock.
Reductions have already bean made on many staples. All shoe
prices have been reduced 10 per cent, Ginghams Outing Flannels
and Percales, regular 45 and 30 cent values reduced to 35 cents,
Overalls and Khakis reduced 50 cents per pair, and other item9
will lie reduced just as fast as the market shows a decline that will
justify it. We d-'siro' to protect you at all times. However we
ask that you do not expect too radical a reduction at once, as it
lake. i, in the jn. of cotton irnk for example, four or six months
for cheaper cotton to reach the consumer tli rough the regular
channels in the m tu'.'e I ai'lide. We verify thU "statement
by calling jour aiteution to the Hour market which still holds high
as compared to the present price of whent.
The House of Better Service
' "A Sal IPJms to Trad" "
Ford Prices Before the War
In 100 105 and 6 Ford Touring Cars
sold for $2,000.00 F. O. B Detroit,
The new price is $440.00 F. O. B
Detroit and the present Ford Cars are
the best cars the Ford Motor Com
pany ever made.
Regardless of 140,065 orders on file
for immediate delivery and millions of
dollars worth of high priced raw ma
terial on hand, the new Ford prices
were fixed on a pre-war basis in an
American Legion dance ut
Maupin, November 13.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Mallatt of
Bakeoven and Mr. aud Mrs. K.
L Ilauaer of Tygh went to The
Dalles Tuesday for a couple daye
Any one having hogs to bhij
notify Job Crabtrce or Dolphus
Ma.yb.ew as we have half a cai
load and want to ship No' ember
15th. to 20th'.
A. C. Martin is erecting a
building on the rear of his lot
for a garage and woodhouse.
How about a flash-light foi
winter's use. Two cell f-rual)
ii29$1.00, complete with battery
Two cell large complete $1.8r
Three cell complete with batter
$1.75. This is pre-war prices.
Maupin Drug Store.
The freeze of Sunday night.
worked a hardship on most of
the flower gardens of Maupin
Mrs. W. H. Williams lost her
chrysanthemums and a water
stand pipe in their yard burs ted
Let us f'gute with you on j oin
painting and wa'l paper. Maupm
Drug Store.
Oregon Trunk freijjht train.
have been reduced to one trait
a week, the night train handling
the txta freight.
Several of the young people
from here attended the dance at
Shaniko Tuesday night-
Jory's have a lot of fine, home
grown tomatoes on gale. How
- i that for November?
effort to bring the business of the
country and the cost of living to nor
mal again.
The war started in 1914. Compare
he new Ford prices, now in effect,
with the 1914-15 prices.
,.iHv.S!S -
Sedan, vi'li starter,
o'.ip'.', ytilk. ;1hi ((t,
Newin;o WIM'JIS
Fotd Piirei Ford Trim
$300.00 $110.00
395.00 410.00
440.00 490.00
795.00 755.00 without starter
745.00 750.00 without starter
AH Ihs a!;-n v )mrv ore V. O. B. Detroit
The new Fmu prices are a cut to
(he limit. The new Oregon allotment
of 1176 Ford cars per mouth assures
you of reasonably prompt delivery.
You wantoncyou need one place
your order now and &et one.
Sole livpnscnlativvs
GANNETT MOTOR CO., Authorized Dealer
''Every Oregon Driver Needs a lord Enclosed Cat"