The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 15, 1920, Image 6

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    Local Interest
Wamic town property for sale.
Morris Bros.
Miss. Ida Duncan commenced
school here Monday in the Senior
Mrs, Chas. Duncan and young
er daughters of Smock have gone
to Prineville for the winter. Mr.
Duncan will join them soon.
Let us take your measure for
your new winter suit while the
assortment is complete. R. E.
Wilson Co.
Formaldehyde and Blue Stone
for sale at the Maupin Drug Store
There was no bread in town
Monday until the afternoon train
came. Compare the many loaves
sold daily by R. E. Wilson. E.
A. Cyr's, Jory's and Andy's
Place with five years ago when
those of us who bought bread
were supplied by Mrs. Job Crab-
treeandMrs. E. A. Mayhew who
made a few loaves a week more
than their family ueed.
The Commercial Club meeting
Saturday October 16 will have a
school program In connection
with each meeting. Everybody
For Sale-15 Head of good
work horses well broke.Claud
Wilson, Maupin.
Mrs. Laco DeCamp brought
her sick baby in from the home
stead Friday for medical treat
Mrs. Arnett and sons from
upper Wapihitia brought a load
of wood to Maupin Monday.
For Sale- One team of mares
S years old; will break good
leaders, weight about 1300 lbs
Inquire at Times.
G. W. Mallatte was a Maupin
visitor the fore part of the week
W, S. Endersdy and 0. L.
Faquet from Wapinitia were in
Maupin Friday.
The Misses Fage of the Maup
in public school have moved to
their apartments at the River-
view hotel.
R. W. Richmond the Wapinitia
garage man was a Maupin visitor
For Sale -25 head of Ewes
and Lambs. -G. C. Allen.
About 7 tons of hay, wheat
and rye mixed G- E. Cunning
ham, Maupin Oregon.
Mr. and Mir. Wm. Beckwith's
new cottage has a nice nev coat
of paint which makes it a very
attractive addition to Maupin.
C. M. Flyler came without his
key last Friday and by reason of
and for general convenience and
improvement reversed his houce
arrangement and screen to oppo
site ends of the house.
For Sale
A pure bred white faced bull,
raised by J. E. Kennedy, 5 years
old last spring, weight between
16U0 and 1700 pounds, in good
condition. Will take $125 00 for
him if taken in next three weeks
--U. S Endersby, Maupin.
,11 Onaly
if eliaiffidi
"Quality First, Always"
The past week has developed declines in several staple articles
and we have reduced our prices on those partiular items accordingly.
The Ultona Reproducer Plays Any Disc Records
The Tone Amplifier Shorn! used is oval in shape and moulded of rare holly wood.
Like the sounding board of a fine piano it is built entirely of wood. By this method
of protecting sound, tone waves are unrestricted and allowed to unfold into full
rounded tones that are rich, mellow, and above all, natural.
We can arrange terms if you so desire.
Henderson Corsets
You would not knowingly
buy a shoddy corset. Fancy
trimming and cheap showy
fabrics may cover still cheaper
boning. When you buy a
corset you want to have the
confidence that such corset
represents in every detail the
best values that can possibly
be obtained consistent with
price. Henderson Cor.
sets are known every where as
quality corsets. We t xtend a
most cordial invitation to you
to come in and inspect them.
Are you in need of any of
these articles:
Woolen Underwear
Woolen Sox
Wool Shirts
Outing Fannel
Our stock is very good and
our prices ' you will find
Hardware is
still very hard
to get but we
have many sta
ple articles on
hand. Let us fig
ure with you on
barb wire, etc.
If you want a
new overcoat,
come in and let
us take your
measure. You
will get a good
fit and have a
large variety of
patterns to se
lect from.
Are you interested in any of the following: J. I. Case Tractors,
Oliver Tractor Plows, Jumbo Auto Trucks, Superior Drills, Winona
Wagons, Brunswick Phonographs.
Check the article; write your name and address on this coupon, send
it to us and we will send you literature.
Name , Address
Trad &t Wilumt
ReSctMe MtircLaini'dss
The new warehouse addition
Do You Want More
Mileage from Your Tires?
IF you u?e St'x or 30x3 1-2 Clincher
tires, we believe we can show yuu
how you can net better tire mileage.
We've seen a lot of tires for light'cars,
but never any that could equal
They're, made to render long, trouble
free, economical Service they get
you there and they pet you back.
And they're not high priced - Good
year's immense production keeps down
their cost.
to the Woobcock Bros, flooring
mill add considerable room and
will more than double storing
noticb: roR publication
Department of the Interior
U. S. Latitf Office ft The Dalles, Or
egon, August 21, 1920.
Notice is hereby jtiven that
Freiuunt Hayden,
of Friend, Orgon, who on April, 2?,
1913 made Homestead Entry No. 014806
for sl-2 swl-4, Sc.l3, SEl-4 EEl-4, Sec
tion 14, and NEl-4 MVl-4, Section 24,
Township 8 Btmrfi, Range 12 east,
Willamette Meridi an, has filed notice
of in ten tion to make final three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before Register and
Receiver, U. S. Land Office, The Dalles
Oregon, on the 12th day of October,
lm- T U
Claimant names s witnesses: Joseph
Grav, Amv Gray, Michoel Kelley,
William M. Brown,. ll of Friend, Ore-
H. Frank WiJod&ocK. register.
Gmulycar Homy Todiiit
Tuhea Make Your Tire.
Last Longer
Horses at a Bargain
4 4 yr. olds in spring.
2 3 yr. olds in spring
3 2 yr. olds in spring
2 1 yr. olds in spring
4 work mares
1100 to 1350 lb stock
See Morris Bros, at once.
Department of the Interiurior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, September 2, 192'J.
Notice is hereby Riven that
John VV. Heilmeyer
of Wamio, Oregon, who on September,
17th, 1917, made Homestead entry. No.
U192T5, for swl-4 SEl-4, Section 12,
township 4 South, Range 11 East,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final three year
proof, to estalish claim to the land
above described, before F. D. Stuart,
United States Commissioner at Maupin
Oregon, on the 5th day of November,
Claimant names as witnesses:
R. L. Gerity, George VV. Lucas,
George Wing, George S. Heilmeyer,
all of Wamic, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock, Register.
Attorney at Law
Blacksmith Shop
I have supplies and am prepar
ed to do all kinds of new work
and general repairing. Horse
shoeing a specialty, Reasoneble
1 rates. A. F. Martin.
children went to Portland Thurs- Ld medica, trealment
day, where little Harry will I
- Maupin Theatre -
October ISth
Constance Talmage
October 22
A Big' Special
When Bot Cat Went Diry
For Sale-Chopped barley,
George Claymire.
For Sale-25 sacks of fall rye
if taken right away. J. W.
Mrs H. Anderson and two
Charles Ray
Tfra CI Aqppsir,