The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 15, 1920, Image 4

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Giving You the Markets Lowest Prices
The J. C. Penney Co. Merchandising Methods
Triumph .Under Test
The merchandising metlieds of this store and every one of the two hundred and ninety
seven J. C, Penney Company Stores, dates back to the starting of the mother store at
Kemmerer, Wyo., by Mr. J. C, Penney.
He began with a few simple principals rigidly executed - those of giving the customers the
best possible merchandise at the lowest possible price Holding down the overhead expenses
by selling for cash with no deliveries so that we could be content with only a small margin
of profit and giving the customer the benefit of every lower cost.
Since then these simple principles have grown to a splendid and scientific system with oiir
enermous purchasing power of two hundred ninety seven stores, giving more and. more
value, and marshalling all the resources of modern merchandising to give our merchandise
into the hands of the people at an honorable and honest cost.
These policies and principals have never changed and never will be changed by so much as a
hair's breadth and they have come to be recognized as the J. C. Penney Company principals
from' coast to coast where ever this institution, is known.
All this has happened as Mr. J. C. Penney planned it.
Today people who are careful buyers know that the J. C. Penney Company give better
values and better service for less money than any retail institution in America.
When the market was rising continually this institution was content with its regular small
margin of profit and never changed it all during the time of inflation of prices.
We bought merchandise on the lowest possible, market added our usual small margin of
profit and fought to keep down the priees to our customers.
Today with the markets reversed we are the first to take advantage of the lowered costs as
with our enormous buying power tve deal directly with the manufactueer and do not have to
wait for the reductions to be handed down through a jobber.
Today's lower market prices are our prices and we offer you the savings as they come to us.
COME TO OUR STORE- Inspect our merchandise and prices see the savings we offer. '
Here we list some of the values.
19c, 25c to 39c per Yard
27 Inch Apron Check Gingham 19c
27 Inch Dress Ginghams All Colored plaids 25c to 89c
27 Inch Dress Ginghams Best Qualities Stripe and Plaid 33c
32 Inch Dress Ginghams Plaid and Stripe 39c
25c to 39c per Yard
Yard Wide Percales Light and Dark patterns, All Best
Standard Qualities Priced at 25c, 33c, and 39c per yard.
36 Inch Storm Serge Navy. Copen and Burgundy 98c per yard
42 Inch Wool Shepherd Check Suiting 98c per yard.
36 Inch Cotton Plaid Suiting Bright Colors for School Dress
es 89c per yard.
42 45 Inch Wool Storm Serges Navy, Copen, Burgundy and
Cardinal Prices $1.98, $2.25, $2.49, and $3.25 per 'yard.
54 Inch Wool Plaids and Coatings All Wool for making
Winter Coats and Skirts. Prices $4.98 to $6! 90 per yard.
86 Inch Black Taffetaand Mescalines, $1.98 and $2.43 per yd
36 Inch Colored Taffeta and Messalines, Pink, Rose, Naw,
. Brown and Taupe $2.49.
40 Inch Georgette and Crepe De Chine White, Ivory, Flesh,
Navy, Black and Brown $1.98 per jard.
Good Weight Cotton Blankets 64x76 Color, White, Tan and
Grey pec pair $2.98.
Extra Large Cotton Blankets 72x80 Color Grey price per
''', ; , pair $3.98.
' Heavy Cotton Blankets 72x84 Color Grey. Tan, White, price
per pair $4.98.
Wool Nap Blankets Extra Heavy 66x80 Color While ?xd
Giey price per pair $6.90.
Exceptionly Good Wool Blankets.
Plaids, Plain Colors and Fancy Borders sizes 66x20 to 7281
price per pair $7.50, $8.90, $9.90, $10.90, $11.90 and $13.90.
A.splendid assortment of Com f oris await your seleetior,
Floral, Silkoline, Grends with Light Blue, Pink and Flam
Borders sizes 72x80 Priced at $3.98, $4.50, and $4.98 each.
Piquot Sheets Torn and Hemmed sizes' 81x90 Priced at
$2.49 each.
Pillows priced at 98c, $1.25, $1.49, and $1.93 each.
Piquot Fillow Cases 38x42 Price each 59c.
Bed Spreads Plain and Scalloped Corners Priced each $3 i3
Standard 36 Inch Muslins Hope, Guardian Hill Priced pt-r
' yard 27c, 30c and 37c.
Sheeting 9-4 Bleached per yard 79c
Sheeting 9-4 Brown per yard 73c
Pillow Tubing a men per yam aac
Pillow Tubing 45 InV'h per yard 53c
Berklev Cambric per yard 43c
Best Quality Outing Flannels in Plain White Dark and
Light Franeies 27 Inch Price 23c, 39c, 45c and 49c per vara1.
36 Inch all colors S5e and 49c per yard.
Good Heavy Canton Flannel White price per yd 49c and 53c.
Good Quality Turkish Towels priced 2 for 49c, 2 for 59e.
2 for 69c, 2 for 89c and 2 foil 98c.
Huck Tovel3 Good size 29c.
Stevens Crash All Linen towling pi ice per yard 33c, 39c, 43".
Turkish Towling per yard 53".
36 Inch Scrim Fancy Colors Borders White and Ecru Ground
Priced at- 35c, S9c, to 53c per yard.
Curtain Nets 36 to 4' Inches wide priced at 49c. to 79c. per vd
Colored Table Damask 56 Inches Wide Blue, Tan and Red
per yard $1.39.
White ' DamaSK rlorai raimis ?o u ob incnes wine p r
yard 98c to $1.69.
Comfort Challcrs and Silkolines
36 Inch Onfoit Glial lets 39c per yard.
86 Inch Floral Silkolines 83c per yard.
Children Play Suit
This section of our Store is filled with all the good things in
Women's and Girls WearCoats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, sweat
ters and Furs. A visit to this section will convince you of the
Superiority of the Styles and values we offer.
Ladies Suit
Beautiful new fall models of Tricotine, Serges, Broad Cloths and
Velours. In the Best of shades of Navy Blue, Brown, Copen.
Priced from $24.75 to $74.75.
Ladies Pall Coats
Whether its a Silvertone, Velour, Pole Cloth, Broad Cloth, Silk
or Cotton Plush that you have in mind1. You'll find it here we
are showing in afl that's good in style and color. Newest
Colars Plain and Fur Trimmed.
Prices Range from $9.90, $14.75. $19.50, $27.50, to $54.75,
Ladies Wool Dresses
Dress of Tricotine, Serges and Jersey with Accordian Pleated
Skirts or Plain Beautifully Trimmed and Well Made All the Best
Colors-Navo, Brown and Tan. Priced at $14.75, $19.00 to $39.00
Ladies Silk Dresses
Dresses of Taffeta, Messaline, Georgette and Charmeuse in
Navy, Plum, Burgundy, Black and Brown Beautifully Trimmed
according to Fashions Latest Dictates.
Prices $12.50, $14.75) $19.75 to $49.50.
Misses and Girls Fall and Winter Coats
These are coats that will delight every Miss to own. Many are
Fur trimmed, others Plain, All Kinds and Colors. Ages
16 years. Priced at $7.50 to $19.75.
Ladies Silk Waists
Never before hsve we shown so many beautiful
Crepe De Chine Waists. Beautiful Styles and
Flesh, Ivor', Navy, Copen. Oriole
Priced at $2 98, $3 49, $3.98 to $10.90.
2 to
Georgette and
Trimmings in
Mail Orders
For the benefit of those who can not come to the store to shop
we invite you to order by n;,ail. Select the item you wish from
this list and send check or money order to cover the amount
plus postage. Any article not satisfactory may be returned
and money will be refunded. Orders filled the day they are
$1.25 and $1.49 Each
An ideal every day garment tor the Kiddies
piece with drop seat. Come in Khaki, Steifel
Blue Denim Sizes 2 to 8 years $1.25 and $1.49.
made in oi e
Stripe ard
Ladies cotton fleeced lined union suits All styles neck and
sleeves. Per Suit $1.49, $l..49, $1.98 to $2.49.
Ladies silk and wool mixed; union suits All styles neck and
sleeves. Per suit $3.49 to .'3.98.
Ladies Wool Union Suits hijjh neck and Long sleeves ankle length
Per suit $6.90 to $7.50.
Laeies 2 piece garments fleeced lined Vests and Pants each $1.49
Misses and Girls Fleeced lined union suits High .neck long sleeves
Sizes 2 to 16 years $1.39 to $1.49.
Misses Wool Mixed Union Suits Neck Long Sleeves age
2 to 16 years. Per suit $1.98, $2.49, $2.69
InfantsButtonlessShirtJsDoubleBreasted Sizes 1 to 679c, 98c.$1.19
Children's "Sanman" Sleepers excellent Sleeping Garments foi
smaller Children Knit in one piece Sizes 2 to 8 years $1.49, $1.69
and $1.89.
Made of good Heavy Outing in White or Colors Neatly trimmed
with Lingerie Tape Hemstitching or Edging Sizes 14 to 20, $1.98
$2.49 and $2.98 each.
Three of the best known standard makes are carrie'd by this store
Crown The Batk Lace Corset for Render and Medium Figures.
Mme Pfeil A superior Front Lace Corset for Slender, Medium
and Stout Figures.
Fcengo BeltThis Corset needs no introduction for Stout figures
it has no enua!.
Priced at $2.49, $2.98 to $5.9(7'.
Excellent Qualites of Silk and Silk Boot hose in Black Cordevan
and White. Priced at 98e, $1.45, $1.98 to $2.49 per pair. .
Black. White, Cordevan Good Serviceable Qualities' 59c, 69c, 79c
Black, White only 19c and 25c ner rmir.
Coats Crochet Cotton.
White and Ecru 15c per ball Sizes 3 to 100.
Our Clothing Prices
So many good points dominate our men's clothing and make it stand out
from the average. That every man owes it to himself to investigate
our showing.
Mens Suits Singh; and Double BreaHtud Models in all lha popular shades
Priced at $22.00, $24.75, $27.50, to 49.50.
Youne Men's Models
Good Snappy Pattern and colors in all the bestBlyles and workmanship
rriced at $zy.&u to 49.50.
Mens Felt Hats
All the newest shapes and colors. Priced at $3.98, 4.98, and 5.90
Mens and Young Mens Overcoats
In various whight3 and in all the best styles and models.
Priced at $22.50, 24.75 to 49,50. "
Mens Mackinaws
Good Heayy Mackinaws made of sturdy wool materials and in plain and
plaid colois all sizes $11.90, 12.50, 14.75.
Mens Odd Trousers
You'll find good serviceable onhs here, lUne Serge, Worsted and .Cassi
merre in all colors and stripes. Priced at $4.98 to 9. 90 per pair.
E 'ery mother will welcome the excellent valtfes we offer on Boys
Clothing. Outfit the boy here and take advantage of the savings, we offer
Boys Knickerbocker suits in good serviceable material Good Colors and
patterns Ages 6 to 16 years priced at $10.90, 12.60, and 14.75. '
Bovs Overcoats. Good Warm serviceable overcoats ages s to 16 years
Priced at $9.90 to 19.50.
Govs Caps
With or without ear tabs all colors Priced at 98c, 1.25 and 1.49.
Mens Dress Shirts.
Mens Fancy Stripe Percale Brand Shirts French Cuffs each $1.19,
Mens Fancy Stripe Percale Shirts Soft Colars attached Priced 98c
to 2 49
Mens Silk Shirts Crepe De Chine, Silk Jersey, Broad Cloth and
Silk priced at $6.90, 7.50 and 9.90.
Highest Standard Work Clothing to be found at our store at loweut prices
Mens Good Quality Chambray Shirts Each $1.19 to 1.25
Men3 Good Cotton Sox 2 pair 45c and 2 pair 49c
Mns Combination Work Suits Heavy Khaki Drill and Blue Denim
price per suit $3.79 and 4.98
Mens heavy cotton odd pants per pair $2 98 to 8 98
Slack Satin work Shirts eack 1.49
Mens Flannel Shirts Milita.y and Flat CVlar Blue, Grey, Khaki. Trice
each 2.98, S.49.
VI ens all wool Flannel Shirts Khaki and G by each 4.98.
Mens Extra Heavy Flannel Shirts each 4.60.
lens Canton Flannel Gloves Wrist and Gauntlet 2 pair 35c, 2 pair 46c
nd 2 pair 49c.
Leather faced Canvas Gloves Wrist and Guantlet Best quality priced
peipair 39c.
All wool stag Shirts Douvle back each 9.90.
Mens Leather vests of corduroy and Moleskin with sheep lining, Leather
lining and Moleskin lining priced each 6 50 to 14,75.
Sliepp lined Vest no sleeves price each 5 90.
Mens Khaki Pants per pair 1.49 to 3.49.
Mens Heavy Khaki whip Cord Pants per pair 3.79,
Mens Heavy Khaki Riding Breeches per Pair 3.69 and 4.25.
Mens Moleskin P.iding Breeches per pair ti.60.
Mens Corduroy Riding Breeches per pair 8.90.
i.Iens Leather work Gloves priced per pair 1.25 to 2.63.
Mens Best quality Blue Denim Bib
)reralls all sizes per pair 2.19
Mens qudlity Blue Denim
Junipers ail sizes Each 2.19
Soys Blue Denim Overalls Ages 4 to 8 years priced 1.49, 8 to 12 years
1.29, 13 to 17 years 1.69.
' lens Winter Underwear.
.dens Fleeced Lined Union suits Medium weight per suit 2.19.
Mens Extia Heavy Fleeced Lined Union suite 2 89
)lens Medium weight Ribbed Union suits Excellent Quality 2.98, 3.25.
..lens Wool Mixed Union Suits Heavy Weight 3,25 and 3.98.
Mens Fine Wool Union suits a good Warm Light weight suit 4.98.
Mens Heavy Weight Wool Union suits all Wool Priced 6.90 and 7 50 '
Mens Two Piece Underwear Fleeced Lined shirts and Drawers.' Good
Weight per Garment 1.49
Mens Wool Mixed shirts and Draweis Grev and Ecru Gnrul WiiMu
Drawers Excellent Qualities Good Heavy
J. C. Permey Co.
A Nation Wide Institution
297 Busy Stores
per garment 1.79 and 2.69.
Mens all Wool Shirts and
Garments each 3.98.
Ladies Shoes
All new models
Purchased at swing prices
All Mahogany Kid Louis Heel Welt sole per pair 11.90
Mahogany Kid Cloth Top Louis Heel Light weight sole per pair 7 90
Black Kid Turn sole Louis Covered Heel per pair 12.50
Black Kid Plain Toe Louis Heel Light weight sole per pair 7 50
Black Kid Plain Toe Cloth Top per pair 5', 90 "
Military Hfels
Mahogany Kid Welt and Turn soles Military Heels per pair 12 50 12 90
Mahogany Calf Military Heel Welt sole per pair 10.60 ' '
Brown tin tioin top v eit sole per pair 7 59
Ladies Black Kid and Gun Metal shoes Military Heels Li'uht and Welt
soles priced at 3.98, 5.90, 7.9U, 8.50 nd 9.90. '
Splendid assortment of Ladies Pumps and Oxfords Louis Heels Welt
and Turn Soles Black Kid and Patent Leather priced at 4.98 to 8 90
Womer.s Comfort Shoes
Black Kid Light Weight soles sensible Rubber Heels with plain toe
soft lip and tips priced trom 3.50 to 7.50.
Shoes for Men, Women and Children
Best qualities possible to b had for the least possible price alwavs at
The J. C. Penney Company r 3
liens uress bhoes
Brown Calf Skin English Models per pair 5 90 U, n.tio
Black Calf skin EngBsh Models per pair 4 93 to 9.90 '
Brown Calf High toe Blucher and Button per pair 8 50 and 8 90
Black Calf high toe Blucher per pair 4.98 to 6 0
Black Vict Kid broad Toe Blucher per pair 7.90
Black Glazed Horse plain Toe Comforts per pair 6 0
Work Shoes '
Mens Elk skin Nailed soles per pair 2.98
Mens Brown Kronogan Blucher Nailed soles per pair 3 49
Mens Brown Retan Blucher 1-2 double sole per pair 4.50 .
Extra Good oualites in mens work shoes.
Single and double soles Goodyear Welts all Leather priced 6 50 to 8 90
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