The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 15, 1920, Image 3

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    The Maupin Times
Published Every Friday at Maupin, Oregon,
Jessiune E. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: One Year $1.50, Six Months 5cts, Three Months 50c
Entered as Bccond class mail matter September 2, 1914, at the
post office at Maupin, Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879.
II nktimfmyigf,,
' V-1 V"
n-n-r .fu a...Hjl
Vote for .
Republican Candidate
Present Incumbent
Why Change
Courtesy, Efficiency
Get your Fresh Bread daily at
Andy's Place
We now handle the
Butter-Krust Bread
Try our Hazelwood Ice Cream
It's Refreshing
Home Cooked Meals
Breakfast 7 to 9 A. M. Dinner 12 to 2 p. m.
Supper 5:30 to 8 P. M. Short Orders all Day
Fresh Meat at all Times
Give us a trial
Real Estate, General Broker
age, Notary Work and
Sound Insurance
I have purchased J. R. Lewis stock of goods and will
keep a full line of groceries. Give me a trial, I am here
to please the public. Let me figure with you on your
winters supplies. It pays to buy in large quantities and
I can save you money. .
Why stay in the same old rut year after year? Do you
know when you have a bill charged you pay for having
it charged? Do you know you also pay the other fellows
bill; that doesn't pay at all. The credit system could not
exist if it wasn't run that way, Why pay "the other
fellows bill? Will also carry a small supply of fresh meat.
S. N.
Wapinitia Oregon
Wage war on the flies Fly
poison 2c. Buhach Powder 10
and 25c Maupin Drug Store.
Apples for Sale
Good Cookers
$1.25 per box
75 per box
25c discount allowed if
own boxes provided
Mail orders filled if
accompanied by check
Dufur Oregon
School supplies are now ready
Maupin Drug Store.
Teacher of Piano
Mrs. H. F. Bothwell
Maupin, Oregon
I.O. O F.
Lodge No. 200, Maiipio, Oregon.
meets every Saturday night ir
Donaldson's hail. Visiting Diem
bers aIh'ryb welcomf.
R. B. ISfcLL, N. G.
B. F. Turned, Secietary.
Wapinitia Items
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hickey and
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hickey
came out from Cedar Swamp
Tuesday evening and left for
Portland Wednesday morning.
W. J. Hickey has had charge . of
putting the Frog creek feeder
through. '
A meeting of the water users
)n the plains was called at the
Pine Grove of f ice Saturday after
noon. E. E. Miller and N. G.
rtedin each gave a splendid talk
m irrigation in this and cither
sections of the Northwest. They
also spoke of the plans of the
Company, among which is the
construction of a dam at Clear
Lake next season, and the build
ing of the south ditch. Several
thousand dollars worth of water
has been signed for the last few
days owing to the completion of
the Frog creek feeder which has
more than doubled the amount
of water in the ditch.
Ernest Dodge made a trip to
the Post camp this week.
Mack Hollman and family and
Ben Flinn came out from the
post camp Tuesday as the ground
vas covered with snow and was
ttill falling.
EllaShepflin i at The Dalles
hospital with typhoid fever, her
mother is staying there with her
she is reported as getting along
as well as can be expected.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Delco came
out from the Graham road camp
where thpy have been employed
the past summer.
Mr. and Mrs. George Burnside
were trading in Maupin Tuesday
Mable Lewis visited several
days at Simnasho last week with
Mrs. Ed. Barnard.
' Bill Mc Gain who baa had
charge of a section of the Mt.
Hood loop near Government
Camp the past, summer, came
out from the Mountains Tuesday
He with an other man are taking
a bunch of work horses to Port
V. W. and U. S. Emlersby
made a trip to Dufur this week
to get their winter apples.
Lula Powell of the Powell
district and Earl Bronner of the
Pine Grove started to High
School here Monday.
J. M Powell has been cutting
wood on the Reserve in tin
mountains the past week.
Smock Items
Seeding nearly done, some
fields sowed early are up fine.
Mrs. Jimmie Purcell of Port
land is visiting the . Will Purcell
home on Gate Creek.
Miss. Ethel Ledford returnig
from White Salmon, Washington
Wednesday where she visited
her brother Walter and wife.
J. F. Blanchard has accepted a
position as teacher in the Tygh
school beginning October 10th.
Virgil Mayfield and family
returned to their home on Smock
after spending Jthe spring and
summer on Wapinitia plains.
S. G. Ledford topk a carload
of hog3 to Portland Monday.
Nathan Hill purchased the
Lewis store at Wapinitia, and
had his household goods removed
to that place Saturday.
County Commissoner Claussen
attended church Suuday at
Albert Hill and family were
entertained at dinner Sunday by
the lom Farlow family.
Mrs. Mary Mayfield is having
her household good3 shipped to
F. T. Feltch and sister with
the boys Elmore and Walter
went to Dufur Friday.
The revival meetings to be
held at Smock church begin Snn-
day 17th at eleven o.clock. Elder
Waterhouseof Silver Lake will
conduct the meeting. Come
out to hear him.
at extremely low prices
Since discontinuing the sale of the Ford line we are
closing out such stock as we have on hand,
Note the following prices, and Quantity:
Cheap watches the kind you
pay $3-75 for at other places.
12 25 at Maupin Drng Store.
First frost of the season, Wed
day night.
E. A. Cyr has recovered from
his recent illness and is again
attending to business duties. He
is planning some material im
provements for the peol hall.
"Fordson" Tractors $797.00 each
"Forson" tractor plows No. 7 Oliver " 141.00 each
"Fordson" orchard plows No.283 Oliver
3 Bottom 10 inch Chilled 210.00
"Fordson" 2 Disc Plow No. 42 Oliver ,215.00
"Fordson" 16 Disc Ames Co. Tractor
Drill 200.00
"Fordson" 32-16 Disc Roderick Lean '
Tendam Tractor Disc Harrow 7 ft. 145.00
"Fordson" 23-18 Disc 10 ft. Orchard
Disc Harrow Roderick Lean 152.00
1 3 Section Spring Tooth Tractor Har- .
v row Roderick Lean 58.00
3 Sets Fenders for Fordson Tractor 28.00 set
All the above are reco-mizsd Fordson Tractor Imnlemnnts and am nvcAmmon
- i - m. vvvviuillvilWVU
for use with Fordson. If you are in the market for anv of the ahove. nlare vmir
order at once as they won't last long.
RflS CO.
pin iiiSTii ":i' UiM"Ma1!i"M'""iiiiarwsfj3
I if JkBw
I I f4l$Vvl
Candidate for
Wasco County
Oregon Must Have A Port Equal
to Any Port on the Pacific Coast.
Inititive measure No. 310 on the ballot givei to the
Port of Portland means to oreate suoh a port.
The primary object of this bill is to furnish the means
to insure the opening and maintaining of a 30 foot ohannel from
Portland to the sea and of building and establishing port
facilities at the City of Fortland sufficient to handle the
foreign and coastwise shipping of that port.
The cost of this improvement wil be met by the people
living within the boundaries of the Port of Portland.
When you go to the loll s November second vote 310 YES and
give to the Fort of Portland Ue power to maintain its 30 foot
channel to the sea and-to build adequate port facilities to
handle all of the great produots of the interior of the state.
The passage of this bill means lo,v3r freight rates for
the produot of Oregon in reaching the markets of the world and
a consequent greater prof it to the produoers .
This is themost important and the most valuable measure
that has ever been put up to the voters of the interior portions
of the state.
- VOTE 310 YES
Oregon Port Developement League
G. S. O'Neal, Seoretary.
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Leaves Maupin, 3 p. m.
Leaves Wapinitia. 7 a. m.
R. & Wilson purchased a
Mitchell car the first of the week
Clark Richardson returned
Tuesday from the mountains
where he 1 1 as been with sheep
during the summer. Mr. llich
ardsun states that much rain and
fog was experienced during the
last month and they were unable
for many days to see the sun.
He also reports many sheep of
different bands have been lost
this year.
Dr. T. DeLarhue
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Rooms 1748 Vogt Block, oyer
Crosby's Drug store,
The Dalles, Ore
Phone Black 1111