The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 15, 1920, Image 1

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Demoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
THE YEAR $1.50
"It Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's"
F. M. Jory
all tStaple Groceries
Fresh Meat
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Butter-Nut Bread
Doughnuts and Buns
House Dresses
Woolen Goods
"It Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's"
Mozart Ladies' Quartet to Appear Here
Dllhtful Vocal aid Instrumental Company Will Praiant Program of
Raal Satisfaction Four Charming ArtiiU.
1 "
ill ffp j
97th Birthday
Grandma Cook celebrnted her
ninety seventh birthday at the
home of her son-in-law Mr.
Richard Johnson, October 11
1920. The home was beautifully
decorated with American Beauty
roses. Dinner was served at one
o'clock to eleven people. Five
children were present, They
are namely Mrs. S. E. Rice
Spokane Washington. Mrs. Andy
Mc Cabe. Tygh Valley, Mr. Ben
Cook Maupin. Mr. James Cook
Tygh Valley and Mrs. Richard
Johnson of Maupin, Other guests
were. Mrs. James Cook Tygh
Valley. Mr. Andy Mc Cabe Tygh
Valley. Mr. Eli Smith. Maupin
and Mrs. G. A. .Hill grandaughter
of Spokane Washington.
to The
' These four charming artists present a delightful program of vocdI quni
tottei together with costume numbers, reRtlirigs. trios, solos and duets. Th
Mozart are a satisfactory company both In their vocal and In their Dwtin
mental efforts. Ton will like their program every minute of It.
At Maupin - Shatttick's Hall - October 19lh
,1 Opening number of Maupin Lyceum Course
Five Big Numbers in All
Season Tickets now on Sale by all Members of the
Adult Season Ticket and Tax $2.75
Children one-half price
IcSe Cream at Cyr's Confect'n'y
Maupin. Ore.
Under New Management
Marion Duncan was hauling
wood to Kent last week
Several persona went
Dalles fair last week.
Miss. Lncile'.Kennedy returned
to The Dalles Wednesday. She
is stopping with Mrs. Nancy
Mr. "and Mrs. Percy Driver
went to The Dalles remaining a
couple of days. They were ac
companied py Dudly Weisbeck
who stopped in Tygh on the return.
A, A. Bonney of Tygh went to
Salem last week. Mrs. Bonney
accompanied him as far as. Port
Mrs. Sarah May, of Smock,
was a guest of Mrs Lou Jones in
The Dalles while she was attend
ing the Institute there.
Miss. Bernice Lloyd, of Moro
remained over night with Miss.
Lou Jones while attending insti
tute in The Dalles.
Charles Wing took a bunch of
of beef cattle to The Dalles Thurs
Miss. Hilda Lake was in The
Dalles Monday from the Tom
Fargher home near Dufur wtere
she is visiting.
Pserce Mays who spent a week
at his Tygh Valley ranch return
ed Wednesday to Portland.
Mr. and Mrs Richard O'Brien
of Moro were Tygh Valley fair
Win Hull went to The Dalles
Saturday. ,
Frank Driver end Prof. J. R.
Ward went to The Dalles Mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. Press Swift re
turned to Antelope Monday.
Fllis Doughton, Mrs. Ida Mc
Cay and Mrs. Effie Gericy were
Dalles visitors Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Johnson
and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morrow
went to The Dalles Monday.
A girl baby wag born to Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Driver Sunday.
Mrs. Bert Driver went to Port
land, Mr. Driver accompanied
her to Sherars Bridge.
Mrs. Fred Bicksel and dau-
School Notes
Last week the teachers attend
ed institute at The Dalles three
days. Institute work was good
There was a good attendance of
the teachers of the'County. Supt.
A. E. Gronewald had a good.
efficent corps of instructors.
The cross country trip was a
pleasure to us. Thanks to Mr.
School is progressing fine and
interest is above normal. Our
first month's teport shows an
average number of pupils, belong
ing to school of 48.9 an average
attendance of 48.1; a percentage
of attendance of 98.3 out of a
total enrollment of 53. A total
of 39 pupils neither absent nor
late. 23 from the Primary room;
7 from the Grammer Grade room
and 9 from the High School.
We solicit the parents aid in
elimiting ebsence and tardiness.
We invite every citizen of
Dist. 84 to unite with us in a
rally to place Maupin grade
school on the standard list for
Children from thi various
rooms will give numbers at the
Commercial Club meeting Sat
night October 16th. The merits
of the State project work will
also be presented to the parents
so we solicit your attendance.
A. M. Winn. Prin.
Gkg D
the market will justify it and we do not expect to wait until our
present stock is sold before we reduce prices on goods in stock.
Reductions have already bsen made on many staples. All shoe
prices have been reduced 10 per cent, Ginghams Outing Flannels
and Percales, regular 45 and 50 cent values reduced to 35 cents,
Overalls and Khakis reduced 50 cents per pair, and other items
will be reduced just as fast as the market shows a decline that will
justify it. We desire to protect you at all times. However we
ask that you do not expect too radical a reduction at once, as it
takes, in the line of cotton goods, for example, four or six months
for cheaper cotton to reach the consumer through the regular
channels in the m inufasturel article. We verify this statement
by calling your attention to the flour market which still holds high
as compared to the present price of wheat.
The House of Better Service
44A Safe Fkc to Tr&As"
ghter Thelma are living in The
Dalles this winter and have
rooms with Mrs. Lela Painter.
Mrs. L. J. Milstead from Port-
and is visiting friends at the
White River power plant.
Mrs. Mary Morrison from
ower Tygh visited in The Dalles
vast week.
Does Poultry Pay?
Only when you keep the best,
My hens are bred to lay, not for
fine feathers. All my hens have
ten, some fifteen egg ancestors;
are mated with cockerels whose
dams have a record of two hun
dred and eighty eggs.
Cockerels for sale at $3.59; a
few May hatched pullets at $1.50
each if taken at once.
Pure bred Barred Rocks.
Don A. Sl"gsdill,
Beginning at L o clock p. m.
next Monday. October 18Hi Mr
Brewster of O. A. C. will give s
demonstration of culling chick
ens at the Frank Batty ranch
Everybody invited.
Ford Prices Before the War
In 1904-05 and 6 Ford Touring Cars
sold for $2,000.00 F. O. B. Detroit.
The new price is $440.00 F. O. B.
Detroit and the present Ford Cars are
the best cars the Ford Motor Com
pany ever made.
Regardless of 146,065 orders on file
for immediate delivery and millions of
dollars worth of high priced raw ma
terial on hand, the new Ford prices
were fixed on a t e-war basis ir v
effort to bring the business of the
country and the cost of living to nor
mal again.
The war started in 1914. Compare
the new Ford prices, now in effect,
with the 1911-15 prices.
For Sale
For Sale About 65 head of
stock cattle. A bargain for some
one if these cattle are taksn
bunch at private sale If n't sold
by November 10 1920 will make
public sale of cattle, 14 hogs one
goob Mc Cormick binder and one
3 1-4 Rushford wagon.
Inquire .of C. H. Walker
Wapinitia. Oregon' or G, E.
Wood North Bend, Oregon
Touring Car -Sedan,
wl'h starter,
Coupe, with starter,
New 1920
Ford Prices
Ford Prices
without starter
without starter
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hammer
went to The Dalles Wednesday.
Mrs. Hammer presented the
Times with an attractive boquet
of dahlias from her home flower
garden. The flowers are of good
size and worthy representatives
of what Sounthern Wasco Coun
ty soil will produae.
For Sale
All kinds of rough lumber and
some dressed lumber. Plenty of
Shiplap. Rough lumber $25 per
M; other grades in proportion.
Mulvany Bros. Mill-
All the aIove prices are F. 0. B. Detroit -
The new Ford prices are a cut to
the limit. The new Oregon allotment
of 1176 Ford cars per month assures
you of reasonably prompt delivery.
You want one you need one place
your order now and get one.
Fischer's Garage
Hole Representatives
GANNETT MOTOR CO., Authorized Dealer
"Every Oregon Driver Needs a Ford Enclosed Car"