The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 08, 1920, Image 5

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    The Maupin Times
Published Every Friday at Maupin, Oregon,
Jkssii.ine E. Mokrison, Publisher
Subscription: One Year $1.50, Six Months 5cts, Three Months 50c
Entered as second class mail matter September 2, 1914, at the
post office at Maupin, Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879.
pain right away with
HE life, the value, the beauty of your home,
depend on the care you give it.
Weather-boa ten and warped siding, cracks
and open joints are forerunners of decay.
Many property owners neglect to look for such
signs, judging their houses and buildings by general
appearances only.
It is good business to make regular inspection of your
property, and to use paint of good quality, which is the
surest preventive of decay.
Through the varying conditions of weather in all their
extremes, FULLER Paint has proved both its preserv
ing and beautifying qualities a Pacific Coast Product
for Pacific Coast requirements.
71 years of paint manuf -' -' ing experience are back of
every brushful of FULL Paint.
Some of the FULLER Products
For interior woodwoik.
DECORET combined stain
and varnish in all shades
,for refinishing furniture,
DEKORATO the Sanitary
W. P. Fuller & Co.
nut rar -r
Nor (Invest Branch Houiea
at Portland, Seattle, Ta
coma, Spokane, Boise
Look Up a
in Your Town
r-F f:- m
colors and standard.
Eugene Pratt has moved into
the Sanford house and Emmit
Zumwalt moved to the Post
Office yesterday having taken
charge Saturday,
tj ; u,.,UJ I
Wage war on the flies Fly
poison 2c. Buhach Powder 10
and 25c Maupin Drug Store.
Apples for Sale
Good Cookers $1.25 per box
Calls 75 per box
25c discount allowed if -own
boxes provided
Mail orders filled if
accompanied by check
Dufur Oregon
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Leaves Maupin, 3 p. m.
Leaves Wapinitia, 7 a- m.
Teacher of Piano
Mrs- H. F. Bothwell
Maupin, Oregon
I.O. O. F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon.
tueetg every Saturday night IP
Donaldaon's hall. Visiting mem
bers always welcome.
R. B. Bell, N. G.
B. F. Turner, Secretary.
Cheap watches the kind you
pay 3.Yo lor at otner places.
12 25 at Maupin Drng Store.
I. N. Crabtree and R. R. Crab-
tree and family were Maupin
callers yesterday.
For Sale-25 sacks of fall rye
if taken right away. J. W.
left here Monday for Hickville
where they are employed on the
work there.
E. E. Miller and wife came up
from Portland the last of the
week and are looking after busi
ness interests here work on the
Frog Creek feeder is about fin
ished, the last of the blasting
was -completed to day and the
water will be turned into the feed
er Thursday.
Rev, G. E. Mc Donald spent
Saturday evening and Sunday
here. Quarterly Conference was
held Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Black
erby and sons were over from
Wamie Sunday and visited rela-'
tives here.
John Sinclair returned to the
Graham Road camp Tuesday.
The new road from Bear Creek
ssrings is now opened to Clear
Lake, but is rather soft in places
owing to the recent rains.
Several bands of sheep have
passed through here the last few
days, and the men report that
the worst storms at this season
for years have occured in the
mountains, some herders report
21 days ef continuous rain and
snow, In some places the snow
was 6 inches deep that they
brought their sheep through,
others report 17 days of storm
in their locality.
Mack Hollman and Ben Fhnn
went into the Post camp again
this week having come out for
the Tygh Fair.
Tommy Kinsel left here today
for the moutains taking in his
winter supplies.
Carl Powell who is working at
Hickville set a trap for a Bear a
few days ago and to bis surprise
caught a sheep.
Rev. and Mrs. Matthews were
over from Simtiasho Thursday.
A. L Fluerky and family came
out from the Hedin cap Thurs
Mr. and Mrs. Doak ;nd family
have moved to GrasB Valley
where they have leased a farm.
Joe Graham made a trip to The
Dalles the first ef the wek and
purchased a new auto.
Rev. J. I. Parker has been
hauling wood trom tne nuis me
pa3t few days.
Several fine rains have fallen
here the last week and the
wheat is coming up even tho Bgh
the price is going down.
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Webt irg
was up from Maupin Sund ay
and attended services here and
visited at the parsonage.
Josie O'brien, Ralph Woodiidte
Floyd Richmond, Roy Woodsid e
and Jennie Bruaer returned
Saturday from the State Fair all
report a splendid time.
Mrs. Lela Driver took Mrs.
D. Woodside and Mrs. L. M.
Woodside to The Dalles Thursday
The W, M. A. held their
monthly meetiagThursday after
noon. It was decided to observe
Wonvans Day Oct. 31 with a
special program announcement
. A very severe electric storm
('swept over this lection, and the
old timers called it a regular
eastern electrical storm.
J 'i "" . I II MS Ml II i III -
from theWhole Field
There is no idle soil when a Surwrlor Grain Drill in nsrvl in r.ha
seeding. It doesn't skip, clog or leave empty furrows. Distributes all
the grain evenly at the bottom of the drill furrow insuring uniform covering.
A full, even stand results, and the full stand brings the full crop, That's why
train Drills
have won their way into the favor of the farmers who prepare' and plant
their fields for the extra bushels the all profit bushels. Made of the choicest
materials. Special features: Doublsrun positive force grain feede two
feeds in one. Parallel diec bearings guaranteed for life of drill. Superior
telescoping eteel conductor tubes non-breakable; no tr mMm .11
buckling, kinking, bending or collapsing. Superior pat- I jWn"M,Til
ented oscillating drag-bars insure 80 more clearance. I r& iZi't&"
Constructed for Use
With Any Tractor
It will pay you to uss this
Drill because its effective and
economical sowing will bring
you greater profits in in
crease crops. Superior Drills
are noted for lightness of
draft, ease of operation and
unusual strength.
R.E. Wilson Co.
I Mi LiS.
Maupin Lyceum Numbers
Season of 1920
1st Number-MOZART LADIES QUARTET Oct. 19th
2nd Number-THE McALLISTER TRIO Oct. 30th
3rd Number-DAVIS & CO. MAGICIANS Nov. 8th
4th Number-THE WATTEAU GIRLS Dec. 1st
5th Number- -ROSALETII KNAPP BREED Mar. 2nd
The above, in keeping with all Ellison White shows, are good,
clean, lively numbers, deserving of the support and patronage
of all members of the community and we ask that you give us
your support to make the Lyceum course a success so that we
may look forward to a continuation of it from year to year and
eventually to bring to our midst some of the best known and
talented entertainers on the circuit. Season tickets for the entire
list only cost you, including war-tax $2.75 and this is only 56 cents
per number and insures you an evening of real enjoyment. The
numbers have all been carefully selected and the dates set with a
view to road and weather conditions so that you will be able to
attend without inconvenience most, if not all the numbers.
Again we ask you, by attending, to make our Lyceum course
a Buccess. Buy a season ticket and become a "booster" for the
movement is well worthy of your attention.
J. L- Elwood
Lawrence S. Stoyall
Bates Shattuck
F. D. Stuart
J. H. Woodcock
E. A. Cyr
F. M. Jory
W. H. Staats
R. U. Fraley
J. M. Conklin
J. E. Morrison
W. C. Bolton
Wapinitia Items
The first Aeroplane ever seen
in this section passed over here
Tuesday going in The Dalles hav
ing come from the south.
J. R. Lewis has sold his prop
erty and store here to Nathan
Hill, who will take charge in the
near future.
Clyde Flinn and Walter Sharpe
Buy a Home in Maupin.
3 lots House Barn, close in.
See Morris Bros, for price terms
For Sale
A pure bred white faced bull,
raised by J. E. Kennedy, 5 years
old last spring, weight between
1600 and H'OO pounds, in good
condition. "Will ttk $125 00 for
him if taken in next three weeks
U. S. End'iby, Mupiri.
Blacksmith Shop
I have supplies and am prepar
ed to do all kinds of new work
and general repairing. Horse
shoeing a specialty. Reasoneble
rates. A. F. M-.urtin.
Are vott usine The Times liner
column when you any thing
to sell or want to buy' some article
that your neighbor ,Tiay have or
wishes to dispose of? If not try
a waut ad in that columtJ,, We are
sure that it will brit'g results.
School supplies are now ready
Maupin Drug Store.
Apropos Brevity
i d i
In stock at thin office:
Carbon paper- large sheets
Typewriter ribbons - various
Butter paper and cartous
Blank Notes
Heal estate contracts
School report cards
Paper, card board and envelopes
-We do the printing
-Maupin Times.
m r.
Mrs. O. F. Renick and chil
dren left Tuesday for Boise.
Idaho for a visit with her parents