The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 08, 1920, Image 4

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    Smock l.
H ftutiful day .
No school thia week. Mifs
May is attending institute in
The Dalles.
Blaine DisbrdW returned fn m
lien Sunday whaffl li" lias blCJl
at work the past three month?.
vV. L Scott of Shaian Spring?,
Kansas, who lias beetl visiting
hia sister, Mr. Bradway for the
past month returned to Hoed
River to visit hia ion Rl that place
Lait Sunday wrt John FijrloWi
44th birthday wid his ife p-rp"
(rated quite a surprise on him
by inviting Hip Sunday school to
their house for dinner. Needless,
to aay it was a tine spread and
about people enjoyed it and wish
ed the host many more birthdays
like t his one.
Reviv al at Smock church com
mences October 17. with George
Water house of Silver Lake in
charge, to last two weeks.
For Sale
All kinds of rough lumber and
so Qie dressed lumber. Plenty of
Shiplap Hough lumber f5 per
M other gradftS in proportion.
Mulvany Broa Mill.
Mr. and Mrs A. C Ma'-tin
moved the fust of the week into
their cottage purchased recently
of Atty Baumgartner.
T7 T7
a at
ill Finnd Yont DOLLAR
r fwr aft WILSON
We want to make ourselves worthy of your confidence and respect and are endeavor
ing to distribute only approved lines of merchandise. We are trying to make our store
clean and sanitary and we seek to serve you on the basis of adequate service reasonably
compensated for.
We have a very
nice assortment of
their material and workman- staple dry goods and j gye satisfaction.
Several styles in
front and back lace.
When any of the family
aro in need of shoes come in
and see what we have note
We sell the"Hender
son Corset" and
guarantee them to
ship See what you are buy jjett y0U patronage
intf, it II always more satis- I .. ..
i in mis line.
Oliver Chilled Plows
Superior Grain Drills
Winona Wagons
J. I. Case Tractors
Jumbo Auto Trucks
Ogden Fhvood was here a fen
days last week visiting his father
Vote for
Republican Candidate
'resent Incumbent
Why Change
Courtesy, Efficiency
Give us a trial
Real Estate, General Broker
age, NotaryWork and
Sound Insurance
Get your Fresh Bread daily at
Andy's Place
We now handle the
Butter-Krust Bread
Try our Hazel wood Ice Cream
It's Refreshing
Home Cooked Meals
Breakfast 7 to 1) A. M. Dinner 12 to 2 p. m.
Supper 5:30 to 8 P. M. Short Orders all Day
Fresh Meat at all Times
Do You Want More
Mileage from Your Tires?
IF you Q80x8 or 30x3 1-2 Clincher
tires, we !elip we can show you
how you can tet better the mieage.
We've seen a lot of Hies for light car,
but never an thxt could equal
riiej 're made to render long:, trouble
free, economical Service - they get
you there anil they get you back.
Ami the'ie not high priced Good
year's immense production keeps down
their cost.
G "Iviar tlrtvy Touiijt
. I MM Moke Ynur Tires
e-jt bust I iMMW
DttNu'tment of the tnterlor
U. S. band Office at The Dalle. Or
egon, August 21, 1920.
Nuti.'e 18 hereby given that
Fremont Hayden,
of Friend, (Jregon, who on April, 29,
1915 made Homestead Entry No. 0T4&U6
for 81-2 swl-4, Sec. 13, SEl-4 SEl-4, Sec
tion 14, and NEl-4 NWl-4, Section 24,
Township '.i south, Hauge 12 east,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final three year
pmof, to establish claim ti the land
ttbove described, before Register and
Receiver, U. S. Land Office, The Dalles
Oregon, on the 12th day of October,
t lainiant nameB as witnesses: Joseph
Grey, Amy Oray, Michoel Kelley,
William M." Brown, all of Frieml, die
H. Frank Woodcock) Register.
Department of the Inleriorior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalle.-, Hie
gon, Septemher 2, 1920.
Notice is hereby given Uiat
John W. Heilmeyer
of Wamic, Oregon, who on September,
17th, 1917, made Homestead entry, No.
019275, for svl-4 SEl-4, 'Section 12,
township 4 South, Ranga 11 East.
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final three year
proof, to estnlish claim to the land
above described, before F. D. Stuart,
United States Commissioner .at Maupin
Oregon, on the 5th dav of November,
Claimant names as witnesses:
H. L, Gerity, George AV. Lucas,
George Wing, George S. Heilmeyer,
all of Wamic, Oregon.
H Frank Woodcock, Register.
Attorney at Law
Dr. T. DeLahue
Glasses Frcpetly Fitted
Exclusively Optic
Room? 17-lo Vogt Block, o)et
Crosby's Drug store.
The Dalles, Ore .
Phone Black 1111
Good Advice
good stuff because it takes effort
to it to the fair
If we will do this the fair will
continue. If not The Dalles car
nival, will swallow the who'e
fund and the Southern Wasco
Fair w ill soon he a memory of
what might have been.
When 2000 to 3000 acres of
land on Wapinitia Plains are ir
rigated and 7000 at Smock and
Wamic are also watered and 2000
at T.vgh and the Sands: when
towns and cities, with allied in
dustries spring from the ground,
what will we have as a fair.
Can't our people see that during
the next two years if we main
tain a fair that the sledding will
be easier arid that no county
hoard will drre to cut short our
just f units.
When the highways north and
syuth and the Mt. Hood Loop
spurs are facts and market road"
are completed we may expect to
draw large throngs from outlay
ing town and then our fair will
he like Yakima, the one best
thing in the county.
Every live citizen should at
tend the Tygh Valley meeting
Sunday to boost the fair. Every
one able should purchase an in
terest in the Fair Association so
the property debt could be can
celed, Let's all get behind the
Fair Board- S R
Horses at a Bargain
4 4 yr. olds in soring
2 3 yr. olds in spring
3 2 yr. olds in spring
2 1 yr. olds in spi ing
4 work mares
1100 to 1350 lb stock
See Morris Bros, at once.
apples. Clifford Palmateer
him to Sherars Bridge.
Jack Swift and Mrs. L. Allen
were up from Astoria Thursday
remaining over night at the Jake
Davidson home.
Mr. and Mrs. Hode Swift were
here from Antelope Thursday
guests of Mr- and Mrs. Willis
Miss Ida Duncan came up
from Astoria Thurs after spend
ing the summer there.
A party of three men who
went hunting on White River in
Hip mountains suceeded in kill
ing seven deer, beorge ueruy
had the good luck to kill two
large bucks.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Justi
son, of Moro Were guests over
night of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chas
tain Wednesday night
Frank Gesh, Charley and
George Duncan each killed a
bear recently.
Jimrnie Johnson commenced
driving stage Friday.
Miss. Luejle Kennedy came out
from The Dalles Saturday.
Glen Lucas and Miss. Pearl
Baker want to The Dalles Suu
dav. Miss. Baker was a guest
over night Saturday of Miss.
Crystal Pratt.
Mr. and Mrs. Magill, Ralph
Severn and family went to Port
land Sunday, going over the
V. B. Keene has completed
the flume and blasting on the
Frog creek ditch and expects to
Wamic News
Willis Driver went to Maupin
Mrs. Car! Dahl of T.vgh spent
three weeks in Portland and
Independence returning several
days ago.
Mrs. Pansy Shannon is visiting
in Tygh as the guest of Mrs.
Dahl Mrs. Shannon's little
daughter Kathleen is with an
aunt Mrs. Burnett in Goldendale.
Many persons here hare been
victims of the epidemic, a light
form of the flu that has Bwept
over the neighborhood
Sammie Douglas left Wed. for
Hood River where he will pick
have water flowing into the
main ditch within a week or ten
F. M. Driver, Prof. J. R. Ward
Miss M.K. Compton and Miss.
Sarah May went to The Dalles.
Guy Rritton returned from
One of the most charming fea
tures of the fair was the pre
sentation of the Stars and Stripes
and the banner to the Badger
Post of the American Legion by
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Mays of
Portland. Judge F. W. Wilson
of The Dalles, gave an eloquent
and patriotic address on behalf
of the doners, followed by no
less eloquence and patriotism by
J. T. Blanchard, of Smock, in an
speech of acceptance. Mr.
Wilson, Mr. Blanchard, Mr. R.
Doering, Mr. Mays and Mrs. W.
Sloan occupied the speakers
stand, the two later holding
aloft the banner and flag. Mrs.
Sloan occupied the place of Mrs.
Mays, who was detained in Port
land by illness. The soldiers and
Marines formed in two lines in
front of the grand stand where
an immence audience stood spell
bound after singing America as
Private Chester Britton, of Tygh
manovered the members of the
Post a patriotic movement at the
close of which Belvie Patison, of
the Navy and Percy Thompson
of the quartermasters corp
marched between the lines to the
speakers stand and received the
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