The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 08, 1920, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 6, NO 5!
THE YEAR $1.50
Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's"
F. M Jory
all Staple Groceries
Fresh Meat
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Butter-Nut Bread
Doughnuts and Buns
House Dresses
Woolen Goods
"It Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's"
Good Advise
Mozart Ladies' Quartet to Appear Here
Delightful Vocal ad Imtrumental Company Will Present Program of
Real Satiifaction Four Charming Artist..
Local Interest
These four chnrming artists present a ileliglitful program of vocnl guar
titles together with costume numbers, readings, trios, solos and duets. Thi
Mosarts are a satisfactory company both In their vocal and In their Utstru
mental effortg. You will like their program every minute of it.
At Maupin - Shattuck's Hall - October 19th
Opening number of Maupin Lyceum Course
Five Big Numbers in All
Season Tickets now on Sale by all Members of the
Adult Season Ticket and Tax $2.75
Children one-half price
Ice Cream at Cyr's Confect'n'y
Maupin, Ore.
Under New Management
The Tyffh Valley Fair of South
ern Wasco county has again been
realized -eiKht consecutive years
-with an agricultural fair, Btock
and other exhibits as required to
fulfill the true spirit and pur
pose and meet the demands of a
county agricultural fair.
Lt us look back over the year
that has gone. From an agri
cultural standpoint we were
never entitled to a good fair
more than in 1920. A cloud was
thrown over the southern part of
the county by the severe cut in
the fair fnnrs for the eighth an
nual fair at Tyfh Valley. It
staggered us to think of financ
Ing a fair on $000, but public
won out. The enthusiam of
Southern Wasco county spread
northward toward The Dalles
until the county superintendent
and county court and fair board
swelled the fund to 925.00. The
balanci had to be made up from
gate receipt!) and personal pledg
es. The fair has been held and
no debts incurred. This speaks
well for ihe people and the fair
What abfit the exhibits? They
were below standard, not De
cause we lacked the products
no - but du to the damper
thrown over the district by the
announcement that the fair had
been killed by the action of the
. We did the best we could but
what about next year ;' it is not
too early nor is it too late now
to think of our fair for 1921.
Sunday the fair board and
others who are public spirited
will meet at Tygh Valley to con
sider the next fair.
The departments of the fair
are many and must each he
handled by a committee hem.
who is responsible for the work
of the department.
The committee on concessions
will know 30 to 60 days before
the next fair dale all about the
Committee on races and sports
will know just what program-
races, games and contests are to
go on and a separate race pro
gram will be published and scat
tered broadly in advance. Thus
through the several departments
the good work must be done to
insure success for 1921.
Exhibits must be thought of at
seed time and from then to har
vest must be carefully studied
and selected and kept against
that day of the fair. Any less
loyalty or service will spell fail
ure for the exhibits.
The stock, fowls, swine and
rabbits, etc, must be found.
Many good horses, stock and
hogs this year did not appeal
that should have been featured.
A man cannot say he is 100 per
cent loyal who with holds bit
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Wamic town property for sale.
Morris Rros.
Mrs. C J- VanDuyne and Mrs.
Grimes of Tygh Valley spent
Tuesday afternoon visiting with
Mrs. Beckwith.
Haro'd Locke returned Satur
day from a trip to China and
Ivan Donaldson returned home
from the hospital this afternoon
The old Riverview hotel of
Maupin for sale by Morris Bros.
E. J. Fischer announces he
now has the exclusive agency
for all Ford Products in the
Maupin district.
J. W.Derthick and Jack Slants
are home from their summer's
employment in the mountains.
The lyceum committee mel
Tuesday and Wednesday nights
at the office of Shattuck Bros
8 tore.
A. F. Itussell and son Vei l arc
visiting relatives and friends
here this week. Mr. Russell has
recently disposed of his garage
at Portland. '
Let us take your measure for
your new winter suit while the
assortment is complete. R. K
Wilson Co.
Formaldehyde and Blue Stone
for sale at the Maupin Drug Store
W. H. Staats and Wm. Heck
man are employed in the pre
liminary work for the construe
tion of a fish pond in the spring
branch stream. The location is
naturally such that comparative
ly little work will be necessary
to complete a dam that will held
back a large amount of water.
For Sale 15 Head of good
work horses well broke Claud
Wiison, Maupin.
For Sale One team of mares
8 years old; will break good
leaders, weight about 1300 lbs
Inquire at Times.
L. C. Hennegean, F. D. Stuarl
ami O. B. Derthick attended the
F A. Morrow sale at Wamic
Tutn-A-Lum Co. sold two silo?
last wee ; one to rarlow Bros.,
which is about completed and be
ing filled, the other to J. W.
Karlow. L. C. Wilhclm is em
uloyed constructing the latter.
For Sale 25 head of Ewes
and Lambs. -G. C Allen
About 7 tons of hay, wheal
and rye mixed--G. E. Cunning
ham, Maupin Oregon.
Heavy rainfall and an electric
al storm was experienced at
Wamic Monday night. Thai
evening looked threatening here.
Mrs. Woodcock ami daughter
Carmel were over from Wamie
Teachers' Institute and Countv
Fair in The Dalles this week af
forded the kiddies a couple-days
vacation from lessons.
Atjly. and Mrs. E. B Dufui
are now domiciled in tue post
jffice building
Mr. and Mrs. W- O. Millei
moved into their new home the
first of the week.
At Last A Real Phonograph
No needles to change
Records last indefinitely
Plays any make of Record.
"Ears that have been distraught
by the glare of "talking ma
chines" have welcomed the jewel
ed music of the Pathe."
Costs no more than the
ordinary Phonograph
Terms if Desired
Pathc Records in Stock
Ford Prices Before the War
In 1904-05 and 6 Ford Touring Cars
sold for $2,000.00 F. O. B. Detroit.
The new price is $440.00 F. O. B.
Detroit and the present Ford Cars are
the best cars the Ford Motor Com
pany ever made.
Regardless of 146,065 orders on file
for immediate delivery and millions of
dollars worth of high priced raw ma
terial on hand, the new Ford prices
were fixed on a pre-war basis in an
effort to bring the business of the
country and the cost of living to nor
mal again.
The war started in 1914. Compare
the new Ford prices, now in effect,
with the 1914-15 prices.
Ne 1920 1914-1915
lord Prices Ford Prices
Chassis - - $360.0U $410.00
Runabout - 395.00 440.00
touring Car - 440.00 490.00
Sedan, with starter, 795.00 755.00 without starter
Coupe, with starter, 745.00 750.00 without starter
All the above pr'ces are F. 0. B. Detroit
The new Ford prices are a cut to
Maupin State Bank
We Strive to Merit Approval
Does Poultry Pay?
Only when you keep the best
My hens are hred to lay, not for
fine feathers. All my hens have
ten, some fifteen egg ancestors;
are mated with cockerels whose
dams have a record of two hun
dred and eighty eggs.
Cockerels for sale at 13.50; a
few May hatched pullets at U.60
each if taken at once.
Pure bred Barred Rocks.
Don A. Stogsdill,
the limit. The new Oregon allotment
of 1176 Ford cars per month assures
you of reasonably prompt delivery.
You want one you need one place
your order now and get one.
Fischer's Garage
Sole Representatives
GANNETT MOTOR CO., Authorized Dealer
"Every Oregon Driver Needs a Ford Enclosed Car"