The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, September 24, 1920, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
vol 6, no 50
THE YEAR $1.50
'It Pays to Pay Cash at JoryV
F. M. Jory
all 5 taple Groceries
Fresh Meat
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Butter-Nut Bread
Doughnuts and Buns
House Dresses
Woolen Goods
"It Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's"
Moving Picture Program for
Tuesday, September 28, 192o
The Great Air Robbery
Something Exciting
Wednesday, September 29
Desert of Gold
-. 'Zaini Gray
Mack. Sennett Athletic Girls Comedy
Thursday, September 3o
The Silver Hoard
Rx B&dk
Fatty ArbucKle Comedy
Admission 30 and 55 cents
Leave for New Home
Mr, and Mrs. Jerome
are moving to a forty acre ranch
at Newberg. Their household
goods were shipped Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Buzau expect to
make the trip via the Columbia
highway. Jerome Ituzan is one of
Eastern Oregon's pioneers, com
iug to Umatilla in 1881 later going
to Bakeoven where he has resided
19 years. Mr. Buzau recalls the
time when he hauled wheat to
Umatilla Lauding, a three days
journey at which time the main
line of the 0. W. R & N. was the
only railroad and Hunt's Kerry
was the only means of crossing
the Deschutes River at Maupin
and the Shaniko Brauoh the only
h 'el rails piercniE t ie interior of
E'teru Oregon. Ralph, Frank,
W 'il, Ora Biizini and Mrs. T. A.
Li ml ley, sons and daughter of Mi.
Buz. mi will continue to reside in
Wasco 0o. The many friends ol
Mr. and Mrs. Buzan will be eon.)
to lose these good, friends and
neighbor aud only the best wish
es for h.ppinesg and prosperity
follow them to their new home.
A very quiet wedding was sol
emnized at the Christian Parson
age Wednesday when Agnes Mc
Coikle and Raymond Craptree
were united in natrago, Only a
few of the immediate relatives
witnessed the impressive ring cer
emony which was used. The bride
wore a charming afternoon frock
of blue taffeta and velvet and the
groom wore a conventional busi
ness suit. The young couple are
well known in this part of the
country. They will be at home to
their friends on their ranch near
Wamio town prnpiiily fur sale
Morris Htiis: i
Claud Wilson of Bakeoven was
in the Times office Wednesday
and reported l'ic sale of his prop
erty known as il.e Harvey Ranch
near Bakeoven to W. I). Aldridge.
I.O. O F.
Lodge No. '209, Maupin, Oregon
meets every Saturday night ir
Donalduou's hail. Visiting mem
oers always welcome.
R. B. Bell, N. G.
B. F. Turner, Secretary.
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Leaves Maupin, 3 p. m.
Leaves Wapinitia, 7 a. m.
Attorney at Law
Ice Cream at Cyr's ConfectVy
Maupin, Ore.
Under New Management
Dr. T. DcLarhue
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Rooms 17-18 Vogt Block, oyer
Crosby's Drug store,
The Dalles, Ore
Phone Black 1111
Real Community
Spirit Shown
Mrs. Callie M. Bighee of Wap
initia High School has bcrti ap
pointed director of the Wasco
Jounly , Juvenile Booth at t In
state Fair,
She will be assisted in the wink
by Mr, Bunnell the nianuel train-j
ing teacher of The Dulles.
Mrs, Biguee accomparihul by
representatives of the JL'orn an I
Cooking Clubs of Wapinitia pus
ed through Maupin on their way
to Salem wheie they expect to
spend a delightful week and at
the same time boost -Wapinitia
and Wasco County.
Misses Josephine O'Brien of lb"
cooking club, Messers Roy Wood
side and Floyd Richmond of ti c
corn club distinguished
ivi ti t i tin i' a I'tmuiiM i r ncc'lut M IT
Bigbee in the work for Wajminia.
The happy delegrtes will be
joined in The Dalles by different
representatives of Wasco county,
then proceed immediately to Salem
where they will make a united
effort to get their booth iu shape
bg Moiid iy the 27tb, at epening
hour and 'thereby receive an extra
t00 for expenses.
The Wapinitia delegates were
'laded dow with samples of theii
works of art and evpect to cop
some prizes. Wo certaiuly wish
thmn all the suciess possibld.
A united effort by Sotitbcrii
Wasco county would undoubtedly
accomplish some gmid as the out
tide has no way of knowing what
we have unless we show i lien).
"Here is success to united effort!
"It a'iut the individual, nor tin
army as a whole, dut the ev i laM
iug team-work of every bluomii
Oue who appreciates.
Teacher of Piano
Mrs. H. F. Bothwell
Maupin, Oregon
Maupin State Banl
Wc Strive to Merit Approval
At Last A Real Phonograph
Paihe ,
No needles to change
Records last indefinitely
Plays any make of Record.
"Ears that have been distraught
by the glare of "talking ma
chines" have welcomed the jewel
ed music of the rathe."
Costs no more than the
ordinary Phonograph
Terms if Desired
Pdthe Records in Stock
There is no idlcsoil when a Superior Grain Drill is used in the V
seeding. It doesn't skip, clog or leave empty furrows. Distributes all .
the grain evenly at the bottom of the drill furrow insuring uniform covering.
A full, even stand results, and the full stand brings the full crop. That's why
Grain Drills
have won their way info thn favor of ilia farmers who proparo and plant
their fields for the extra bushel the all profit bunlieh. Made of the choicest
materials. Special features: Double nm positive force grain feeds two
fcedn in one. Parallel disc bearings ftuamnl.eod for life of drill, Superior
telescoping steel conductor tubea non-bmibihle; no fl Metf for wwin
biuilme, h nil;iu, I lending or col b wirier. Superior pat- I i-A"1"4-
. i .u..!.": I v ' " II ""V
emea osculating ur.ig-UKra insuro ou more cicnrwiuu,
rm and iiiiall
'f-mfn 4. fl. 7 H'nl
i mwpi In iUln
irmlii and ttlliw
Constructed for V&
With Any Tractor
If, ftiil (jflV yiU lo Un tlilB
1'nll bpraii'jp its effort jvn tmd
economical sowing will brio;
you fcrator prolils in in
creased crops. Superior Drills
are noted ior lightness cl
draft, easfl of operation and
unusual strength.
Formaldehyde and Blue tslone
for Hale ul the Maupin Drug Store
George Cunningham fiokl t i t
tock fiirtn up the DeBchuleB, J hi
week lo Bruce Bothwell,
Stop al the Crescent Unrio foi
free air, infuriiiHtiou, rami
grouuda, while at the Tygli VmIIcj
For Sale Buctional bookcaai
and No. 5 Undorwood Slaudanl
rypewritor. Call or address A
Rauuigurluer, Maupin, Ort-gon.
H. AnderHon was called to the
city by btiBiuesH thin week,
We can make delivery on FonK
and can handle a few trade inn.
Crescent Garage. -
A. L. Martin took tip a collect
ion from the business people of
Maapiu and replaced the tuoken
down ntep at the end of Hit
bridge completing the job thi
Let us lake your nieaMiie lor
your new winter buit while Ihc
ausoitinen ie coiiipmidi'te. R, K
Wilson Co.
G. C. Blusher wuh in Maupin
Wduesday driving the new truck
o.vned by the Slusher Brolhera of
1 iU
i,'r ,p
mm d . a 4 i
R. IL. W
un,i wimij
iison VO.
Cot your Fresh Bread daily at
Andy's Place
We now handle the
Butter-Krud Bread
Try our Hazelwood Ice Cream
It's Refreshing
Home Cooked Meals
Urcakfasl 7 to 9 A. M. Dinner 12 to 2 p. m.
Supper 5:30 to 8 V. M. Short Orders ail Day
' Fresh Meat at all Times
Duftir and Manpiu.