The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, September 17, 1920, Image 4

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    The Maumn Times
Published Every Friday at Maupin, Oregon,
Mrs, W. L. iluKKisoN, 1'uhlisher
Subscription: One Year $ 1 .50, Six Months 5cts, T hree Months 50c
Entered as second class mail matter September 2, M4, at the
post odice at Maupin, Oregon, under the Act of March 8, 1879,
Department of the Interior
I U. S. Land Oflice atThe Dalles, Or
i gofIi August It, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that
Ail yei titers pleas? jend oei John M. lllingsworth,
ymir notices ami notify us imuidi!i W'mie, 0Je"t1- wh, " September
... , i i', 191o, made Homestead Entry Mo
ately if an enor has ueeitted. ; 015143, for wl 2 nv1-4 Section 13.
! Tuwriflhin 4 anoffi ftftuup 11 F.itar
NO TICK I'OK I'VBLICATION of intention to make three year proof,
Jjppfn tmPtit of tlie Interior to establish claim to the land abuvt
U. S. Land Office at The Ilf. Or- described, before F. D. Stuart, Unitei
Saratea Commissioner, at Maupin, Ore
gou, on tlie 1st day ot October, lyau.
Claimant nainei as witnesses: A. J
iron, Aiitjiist 21, 192U,
Mol ii'S is hereby given that
V I'dliWiIir Hat,, ion
of Friend, Oregon, who on' Api'l, 29, Baiins, H. L. Gerity, Henry. W ins
11)13 made Homestead fcntiy No, OHijOOj l nesrer mittatn, till ot Wamic, Oregoi
for Sl-2,SWl-4, Sec. 13, FEl-4 SEl-4, Secj H. Frank Woodcock, Iiegibter.
lion 14, and ne1-4 KWl-4, Sectional,
Township 3 south, ifaiike 12 oast, ,.,.,,. ..., ,,ni i- a i
Willamette Meridian, lias fil,i notice i NO 1 ICE. B OK I'OBLICAIION
of intention to make final three year ! Department of the Interior
proof, to establish claim to the land! U. S Land Otilce at The Dalles, Ort
above described, before Register and K"" August 4tb, 1920.
Receiver, IT. S. Land Oflice, The Dalles j Notice is hereby given that
Oregon, on the 12th day of October, John R.Thompson
1920. of Maupin, Oregon, who on Novembei
Claimant names as witnesses: Joseph 1" 1919, made Additional homestead
Cray, Amy Gray, Wiehoel Kelley,
William M. Brown, all of Friend, Ore
gon. If. Frank Woodcock, Register.
Department of the Interior
U. is. Land Office at 'The Dalles, Ore
gon, Auaut 12, 1920.
Noti" is hereby given that
Roginia Hunt
formerly Rogima Campbell, of ftlaunin.
Oregon, who on September 30, 1915,
made Additional Homestead Entry No.
0151'jT, for wl 2 NEl-4 and wl 2 SEl-4.
Section 12, Township 6 south, Range
u u.asr, r. mamma Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to mat's three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before F. D. Stuart,
leited States Commissioner, at Mau
jjin Oregon, on the Sth day of October
Claimant names as witnesses: C. A
Duus of Criterion, Oregon, C. G.
SkogsleiP', of Maupin, Oregou, P. J.
Kirscli of Criterion, Oregon, Clark
I'ii'hflidf.'ii of Maupin, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock, Register.
Deprlinent of the interior
tj. S Lund office at Th Dalle, Or
on, August. 8, 1920.
Notice is hrehv given that,
E'lvavil Kramer I
of Ciiteiiim, Oregon. v ho on Julv 23.
I'M!.;, nieile Hoinet-ad Lnlry'No
OHWll. for sv;l-4 vtli. KWl 4SF1-4
!"!-4 and El 2 snl 4, Section 35,
Jownship 6 south. Rang 14 East,
Willamette Meiidisn, has filed nuticr
of inteiitiun to make flirt vear pruof
to eataldish claim to the fand above
described, before F. I). Stuart, United
'ates Commissioner, at Maupin, Ore-
'n win tin nay pt .ppemoer,
Claimant names a vvitnt- .T P
Thoiiipeoii, of Criterion, Oregon, John
v Fox-Moan or lygn anev, Oregon,
Henry Kramer, Criterion, Oregon,
JoiiHih K lamer of Criterion, Oregon.
II, Fiank Wooili-ock, liegUter.
entry No. 017125, for Nl-2svvl-4, and
wl -i sei-4 Section 15, township t
south, Range 14 east, Willamette Me
ridian, has filed notice of intention b
make final three year proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above described,
before F. D. Stuart, U. S. Commissior
er, at Maupin, Oregon, on the 21st da
of September, 1920.
Claimant names as witnesses: Ed
ward Kramer, of Criterion, Oregon,
H. S. Davidson, of Criterion, Oregon,
a. m. breen, ot Maupin, Oregon, C
G. Skogsberg, of Maupin, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock, Register.
Department of the Interiorior
U, S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, September 2, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that
John W. Heilmever
of Wamic, Oregon, who on September
ilia, 1917, made Homestead entry, Wo.
0192i5, for Sffl-4 SEl-4, Section 12.
township 4 Suuth, Range 11 East.
Willamette Meridian, ha3 filed notici
of intention to make final three yeai
proof, to estslish claim to the "lam
ibove described, before F. D. Stuart,
united States Commissioner at Maurii
Oregon, on the 6th day of Noremher,
Claimant names as witnesses:
R. L. Uerity. Geoige W. Lueas
George Wing, Geoige S. Heilmeyer.
ll of Wamic, Oregon.
H. irank Woodcock, Register.
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THE SLCISTAIi, Oregoir Agriiulluial Cullrgr, ftuvallis, Ore.
this week and over next Sunday.
N. G. Hedin left Tuesday foe
Portland, going as delegate from
the church here to the conference.
From there he goes to Seattle.
W. I. Hiokey and family came
down from Ilickville Sunday ami
made a trip to Maupin.
Carl Powell has sold his interest
in the Maynard stock ranch to C.
J. McCotkle who owns the farm
and went Wednesday to Hickville
where he lias employment.
Mr. and and Mrs. McCorkte
ivill move to the Maynard farm
in a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Len Jatiin and
Mr. and MrB. Davis of Portland
spent Sunday night, visiting at
the home of B. L. Foreman. They
also went in the old Keep mill
and camped over night. Mif,
Janiin is a daughter of J. II, Keep
ami she and her husband formerly
worked at the camp.
Work on Walter Woodside'f
ti-jw dwelling is progressing rapidly
The lid Cross nitrees' iraiuing
class liau it s lust meeting lues
day aflei'iioop and twelve women
took the examination.
Mrs, arrived here Wed
nesdiiy. School starts heie Mon
day, September 20, with Mr. and
Mia. Ligbee in charge.
Joe Graham came out from the
mountains Wednesday. Roy Kice
accompanied him back to the
road camp where he will be employed.
Miss Vina Ayres visited lion e
folks this week and friends over
at, Smock.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Mayhew
are moving into the Fischer cot
luge opposite the I. O. 0- V. hall.
A stock of typewriter ribbons
fur different machines at the
Times ollice.
Second hand sowing machine
Singer, for sale. Times oflice.
Get your hulter paper and car
lun printed at the' Times office.
Large sheets of carbon paper for
embroidery stamping at the Times
Mure correspondence needed.
Local Interest
School supplies ar6 now ready
Maupin Ding Store,
Howard. Nye was a biit-inecs
caller iu tun yesterday.
li.-it Kniglileu-aiid family wt-u
ovei hoiu Tygh )esteiday.
Tom Swift was over fiom Dufur
W. O. Miller made a flyng trip
to The Dulles Satutday night.
Aie you using The Times liner
column when you' liaye any thing
to sell or want to buy some article
that your neighbor muj have or
wishes to dispose of? If not try
a want ad iu that column. We are
suie that it will biing lrsiills.
Warm Springs
I have leased (he Warm Springs
and h ud Hie balhs nre being clean
ed and covered and the grade
I'-adidg to the tprings worked aud
improved. Gasoline supply sta
tion installed. Good camping
grounds, 1 will meet the train at
Mecca, Oiegon, if notified two
iIhvs befoie. J. fl. Popper, Warm
Springe; Oie,, Cf. Kali Ne T
Hut:-J.inii? .
or I
? maintained bf the
la ordar thai (he jonal peo
p!s ol Oragon may recaive,
wilhool coat, tha bf delita of
a h!?rel educa(!un
Tilt UnWfrlify ind-Jtl-1 (!, C'$1 tyf
lilfnt'jif, Scienrf nd (he Arlf, the
C5rJ'j!s Sihl, tS Schwl t( Phyf
!rl Ed'ilt. tri the rf(fHbnl
5r,!?o! : L-. I ifJicipe Forlltnd),
Ac!'!r.ire. Ccrrf rr?. Jpjmt!!.m,
t"-'?on sn-t Mini;.
Hil Iddirili of ,.t..?r.1,i r
mile'lf Sr nn sS fqcully. yell
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la nw rnlrri upon an rra ot
larjr drrrlppmrnl anl rilrnrfr4
Tot c9l.'Knc or fur mj inlunnatbn.
THE nKr.ismAn
I'niTcrailj, p O,,,.,