The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, September 17, 1920, Image 2

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Brief Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
Eventsf Noted People, Governments
and Pacific Northwest, and Other
Thing! Worth Knowing.
Proclamation of the new state of
Lebanon was made at Beirut, Sep
tember 1, by General Gouraud, French
high commission for Syria. Beirut Is
named seat of the government.
News print and book paper export
ed by Canada to the United States In
July was valued at $5,535,386, accord
Ing to a report by the Canadian Pulp
and Paper association.
Eighty members of the Hapsburg
family are in great financial distress,
former Empress Zita of Austria said
to a visitor recently In Pranglns, where
she and former Emperor Karl are liv
ing. Their incomes have stopped, and
they have suffered great loss through
the rate of exchange. ,
Seventy-three, all the seats in the
United Evangelical church in Omaha,
Neb., were stolen some time last week,
Discovery of the theft was not made
until Sunday night when the church
building was opened for services.
Restrictions on consignment and
diversion of freight, with the excep
tion of shipments of fruits and vege
tables, were tightened by an order Is
sued by the Interstate commerce com
mission on application of the railroads,
The order Is expected to facilitate
the movement of freight cars.
Statistics compiled for the new Is
sue of the city directory give Montreal
a population of 801,210, showing It to
be the fifth largest city in the North
American continent. The Washington
ceiiBUS bureau shows Detroit to be the
fourth largest United States city with
993,739 and Cleveland the next In
size with 796,836.
French government arrangements
for repayment of its halt of the 500,
000,000 Anglo-French loan, due Octo
ber 15, including public issue of $100,-
000,000 of French government bonds
underwritten by the American syndi
cate and (150,000,000 In cash and gold,
arriving from France, were made pub
lic In New York recently.
Two women and a man were crushed
to death and two men were injured
Monday afternoon when a slide of
shale forced out a bridge leading to
one of the stairways in the Cave of
the Wiiula, under Niagara falls,
hundred or more tourists who were in
the cave had narrow escapes, many
being bruised and cut by the fulling
Spokane & Inland Empire Railroad
company was not bound to make
retroactive increase la the wages of
Us platform employes in 1919, as
recommended by the national wur
labor board, according to a decision
of the United States circuit court of
appeals iu Sun Francisco, upholding
the action of the receiver of the con
One of the most Important oil dis
coveries in the history of California
is reported by the Standard Oil com
puny lu its monthly publication, Stan
dard Oil Topics, Just off the press. An
account of the discovery says that
three oil wells, with a total Initial dally
production of 18,000 barrels, have been
brought In on the company's holdings
in the Elk Hills district near Taft,
President Wilson, without assistance
and leaning lightly on his cane, walk
ed brUkly through the front entrance
of the White House Tuesday and step
ped Into his automobile while a crowd
lu Pennsylvania tavenue looked on
with unusual interest It was the flrat
time since his Illness that he had
started on a motor trip by that route,
all trips (heretofore having started
from the rear grounds.
Award of additional contracts to
complete the 16-luch gun programme
required for arming the six 43,000-ton
dreadnoughts and six battle cruisers
now under construction was unuounced
Tuesday by the navy dopartmont. Con
tracts for six 16 inch guns each were
awarded the Mldvale Steel company
at $256,000 a gun and the Bethlehem
Steel company at $257,000 a gun. The
latter company also will furnish four
aeti of 16luch gun forglugs, while
contract for 18 sets of six-Inch gun
forglugs was awarded the Erie Forge
WW WWw www
Cottage Grove. The P. L Rust prune
dryer will start operations about Sep
tember 15, as soon as the crop is ready.
Sheridan. The first carload of this
year's apples to he packed here left
Sheridan Friday for a southern destin
ation. The apples are the Graven-
stein variety, being produced locally.
Corvallis. Petitions are being cir
culated to have placed on the ballot
in November the question of Sunday
picture shows in Corvallis.
Salem. The Oregon land settlement
commission has negotiations under
way to acquire model farm units No. 2
at Roseburg and No. 3 in the Coqullle
river district, according to a letter
received at the offices of the gov
ernor here from William H. Crawford
of Portland, secretary and manager of
the commission.
Willamlna. Threshing crews are
working overtime here, In order to
complete the harvest at the earliest
possible moment. Nearly all grain
has been threshed In this section and
the yield is the best harvested for
many years.
Salem. An appropriation aggregat
ing at least $50,000 will be sought by
the state fair board at the next session
of the legislature with which to erect
new building on the fair grounds,
according to a decision reached at a
meeting of the state fair board here.
Fossil. Workmen on the John Day
highway are confronting an unusual
difficulty In encountering large num
bers of rattlesnakes. The survey Is
through numerous rocky hills and
there the snakes abound. In cutting
through rocky banks they run onto
whole nests of them. It is said that
recently they found 89 in one nest.
Astoria. The fall fishing season on
the Columbia river has just opened
and the indications are that only a
small amount of fish will be packed.
The only companies that have an
nounced they will take fish are the
Chinook Packing company, Booth fish
eries and the Barbey Packing com
pany, and what prices will be paid is
St. Helens. The Island Lumber
company, which operates a new and
modern sawmill on the point of
Sauvies island opposite St. Helens, has
put on a night shift and added 50
men to their force. The mill cuts on
the double shift about 170,000 feet of
lumber and has contracts for several
foreign cargoes as well as rail and
coastwise shipments.
Salem. Members of the Salem Auto
mobile Dealers' association, at a meet
ing here recently, had under consld
eratlon institution of a friendly suit
in the courts to test out the motor
vehicle law and determine for what
purposes a dealer's license plate may
be used. While no definite action
was taken, It was said that the pro
posed suit probably would be filed
Willamlna. The Willamlna Railroad
company is making good headway on
the branch line now under construc
tion. Four camps are maintained to
carry on the work of road building.
Over 250 men are on the payroll,
though the number has docronsed con
siderably of late, owing to the fact
that most of the crew have quit, to
enter the hop fields. The road will
soon be open for traffic.
The Dalles. The dehydrating plant
here and the cannery are both appeal
ing to the women of Oregon for as
sistance In putting up the pear and
prune crops of this season. Both plants
are short more than 200 women em
ployes, and it is feared by the man
agers that the crops may rot bofore
they can be taken care of. The high
est scales of wages are paid, and com
pany restaurants reduce the living
costs. Positions are open for all
Hood River. Members of the Hood
River Antl-Asiatlo association have ex
pressed approval of the California
Oriental Exclusion league's plan to
secure legislation against ownership
or control of land by Japanese in that
state. George R. Wilbur, member of
the local association, says a bill as
drastlo as that proposed In California
to prohibit ownership or lease of land
by any aliens is being dratted for
presentation to the 1921 Oregon legis
Salem. Iu the absence of any buy
ers in this vicinity local prune grow
ers estimated Thursday that they
would receive a minimum of 10 cents
pound. Based on the anticipated crop
of 16,000,000 pounds in Marlon county,
this figure would bring the growers
$1,600,000. At 16 cents a pound, the
price paid by buyers Inst season, the
growers would benefit to the extent of
$2,560,000. Salem grower declare that
mis years crop of prunes Is far su
perior In quality to those produced
lust season.
The City
CHAPTER VIII. Continued.'
"It doesn't pay," he muttered pres
ently, and opened his eyes in surprise
at his own voice. He added with firm
ness: "No nothing to it. It doesn't
After a while he turned over and
went to sleep.
He was wide awake at nine and was
dressing two minutes after. He rang
for his man.
Get me a morning newspaper," he
said, when Hakl appeared, "and have
breakfast sent up."
For two weeks Fitzhugh had not
seen a newspaper, and when Hukl re
turned with one he snatched It from
him and turned to the financial page
with a nervous excitement he rarely
permitted himself to display. A
glance at the market quotations suf
ficed to show him that December
wheat had taken a gigantic tumble,
Just as he had predicted fifteen days
ago It would.
Folding the paper and tossing It on
the dining table, he sat down and com
puted his winnings. Deducting every
possible outlay and expense, there was
aow due to him something like one
hundred thousand dollars. By the time
he had finished his computation an ap
petizing breakfast was spread before
him and, thrusting pencil and envelope
In his pocket, he fell to with a relish.
He propped the paper against the
shining coffee pot and as be ate run
an eye over the headlines. Presently
he paused midway In the net of but
tering a hot roll and leaned suddenly
forward to read something that par
ticularly interested him.
It was about Qulgg and Peevy.
Qulgg had Inaugurated his "grand lit
tle mall-order scheme," and It had gone
swimmingly. But Its flourishing
growth was not unobserved by Uncle
Sara's post office boys and It had been
nipped before it bloomed. In conse
quence, the ambitious exponent of dis
illusionment and his unassuming col
league were now undergoing Imprison
"Poor Qulgg 1" In spite of his sym
pathy, Fitzhugh smiled. "He was a
pretty good sort, after all."
Directly after his breakfast he went
to his study and called Hunt on the
Good morning, Mr. Fitzhugh," came
promptly over the wire. "Eh? . . .
Yes ; I have a check for you. Ninety
eight thousand dollars Oh, when did
you get back from the East, and how
Is your brother 7"
Fitzhugh flicked the ash from his
cigarette and rolled It between his
long forefinger and thumb, studying
Its glowing end. After a pause he
said: "I returned lust night. My
brother is much Improved almost re
covered, In fact When may I see you,
"Meet me at Burton's, nt ten."
A few inconsequentlulltles, and nunt
"hung up," rather abruptly.
Although he was not quite positive,
Fitzhugh thought he. detected In his
voice a note of unnnturulness, even of
unfriendliness. He seemed too polite,
too precise. At Burton's these suppo
sitions were made certainties. Hunt
acted In a very unwonted manner.
After delivering the ninety-eight thou
sand dollars he fell strangely silent,
speaking only when asked a direct
question, and, when he thought he was
unnoticed, watching his co-operator
with sidelong glunces of suspicion.
And Fitzhugh noted he was no longer
"Dan" to him, but "Mr. Fitzhugh."
At Inst he could restrain himself no
Mr. Fitzhugh," he began, apparent
ly absorbed In the study of his finger
nails, "I, er a funny thing happened
while you were awny, A few days
after you left I wanted to send you .
wire, and as I didn't know your New
York address, I looked you up In the
New York directory. I also looked you
op in the New York Blue Book and In
the New York Social Register and In
the New York Business Directory."
"Well?" said Fitzhugh quietly.
"Well, the fact Is, I couldn't find you.
I tried all the Fltzhughs, from Aaron
to Zlzah, but to no purpose. None of
them knew you; none of them hnd
ever henrd of you. It's a little singu
lar, Isn't It?"
Fitzhugh looked down at him from
his superior height. He was smiling
engagingly. Ills eyes were as Ingenu
ous ns a child's. "I haven't any people
in New York, Hunt I don't know a
soul In the town."
"What! Why, then by George, I
bet you're all bluff I I thought so,
You're not rich?"
"Rich?" Fltxhugh laughed. "All I've
got In the world Is this check and a
thousand or so on deposit"
Hunt gaped at him dumbly. Al
though his worst suspicion hud been
verified, he was none the less astound
ed. He could not reconcile himself to
the staggering fact
"I'll stop payment on that check I
"No, you won't Hunt You could
never prove that you're right and I
wrong never. There was only an
oral agreement, you know. Besides, I
gave you my check for twenty thou
sand when we planned the deal. I
havs the voucher In my pocket now.
you see, of course, there's no chance
for you. We were partners, as my
voucher shows and you kuow the
law. I'd thought of all of these little
things long ago, Hunt"
Hunt doubled his fists and glared
at Fitzhugh. Yet, even In that, angry
moment he could not but admire the
shrewdness of the man.
Fitzhugh leaned across the table, his
face grown suddenly very earnest "If
you want to get rich Immensely rich
you'll hold on to me. I shan't for
get what you've done for me In a hur
ry, and some day I'm going to be able
to repay you a hundred times over.
About a year ago on a capital of one
dollar, given to me, I made a turning
point In my life. Today I am worth,
roughly, one hundred thousand dollars.
Some years from today 1 wl'.l be worth
millions. It is coming as sure as fate.
What are you going to do, Hunt? Are
you going to stand by me, or are you
going to break with me? Give me your
answer now this minute."
Hunt did not meet the speaker's
eyes, but looked away, his gaze wan
dering about the glittering grill. Then,
as the needle Is drawn by the magnet,
he turned back and looked Into the
powerful young face opposite. And
who shall say? perhaps, by some
flash of prescience, he saw Fitzhugh
not as he was then, but as he would be
In after years, a Juggler of millions.
Perhaps he saw that here was a man
who was a born leader of men. Per
haps he &aw In that momentary flash
another of those men who have made
Chicago the Wonder City the City
of Purple Dreams another of those
who, rising from the depths of obscup-
Perhaps He 8aw In That Momentary
Flash Another of Those Men Who
Have Made Chicago the Wonder
City the City of Purple Dreams.
Ity, have amassed fortunes, achieved
power, beside which the most extrava
gant fiction appears puerile. He
thrust his hand across the table.
"I'm with you, Dan," he said.
It was In the following December,
during the height of the Christmas
holidays, that Fitzhugh was intro
duced to Symington Otis. This day
was a notable one for renewing casual
The past year, although It had
added not a little to his capital, had
fulled to carry Fitzhugh ns high as
he had Intended It should. He had
suffered many reverses, for his reck
less habit of plunging often carried
him backward as well as forward. But
these setbacks, if keenly disappoint
ing, were not discouraging, nor were
they unprofitable. He learned by
each of them, using them as stepping
stones. He never made the same mis
take twice.
Attired faultlessly, a cigar between
his teeth, a malacca stick under his
arm, he was standing In the rotunda
of the Board of Trade that December
morning, reading telegrams Just hand
ed to blm, when Otis eutered, accom
panied by three or four men, among
whom was Hunt. Otis had glanced
several times at the striking, black-
bearded man standing a short distance
away absorbed in opeulng and scan
ning the yellow telegrams, before he
"Who Is that fellow? Anyone you
He indicated Fitzhugh, and the oth
ers glunced In his direction.
"The greatest financial genius," said
Hunt "I've ever known."
Otis looked again at Fitzhugh, who
had finished his telegrams and was
moving off. "Majestic looking devil,"
he observed. "Might make a first-class
villain for a melodrama. I've noticed
him several times of late, I believe
suppose you call him over, Hunt?
think I'd like to meet him."
With glad acquiescence Hunt hur
ried after Fitzhugh and caught him ex
citedly by the shoulder.
"What do you think, Dan?" he cried
Fitzhugh dropped his cane In mock
"The Bank of England's failed I" he
"Otis wants to meet you I"
Coerniai br t.O, SrawM C.
watching him from the corner of my
"He's taken a fancy to you. Otis
is the biggest man In La Salle street."
Fitzhugh glanced at his watch.
"Bring him over," he said. "I can
spare a couple of minutes."
"Bring him over? Bring him to
"By all means."
Buch staggering indifference Hum
could not understand.
"Well, I'll be "
"Don't do It Hunt. My time's very
precious this morning."
Otis received the mandate with
mingled astonishment and admiration,
Then he smiled and did as he was
told. While Fitzhugh looked down
into Otis' steel-gray eyes, shaking the
lean hand and exchanging perfunctory
words of pleasure, he thought of that
other time, less than two years ago,
when he had faced this man, had
threatened his life, had forced him
to sign a check for ten thousand dol
lars. Less than two years but how
much had happened since I The In
troduction led to a dinner invitation
for that evening.
"We dine at eight" were Otis' part
ing words.
While Fitzhugh entered his broker's
office a minute or two later his mind
dwelt not upon the wheat deal he had
on hand, not Upon the whirligig of
Fate, nor yet upon the man whom he
had Just left. He was thinking solely
of Kathleen Otis.
He dressed with such extraordinary
care that Hakl despaired of ever
pleasing htm.
Yet It was scarcely seven when, at
last satisfied that his appearance
could not be Improved upon, he
swung out of the marble entrance of
the apartment building and walked up
the drive toward Otis' home, a quar
ter of a mile away. The same stout
butler whom he had once roughly
treated met him at the door. Otis re
ceived him In the library. Id, a little
while dinner was announced, and
host and guest repaired to the spa
clous dining room, furnished in the
style of the Elizabethan period, and
dined alone.
A black pall enveloped Fitzhugh.
All his sparkle and snap vanished. He
could not, or would not conceal his
chagrin, admirable actor though he
Not until dessert was over did Otis
reveal the basis of his hospitality. "I
had a purpose In meeting you today,
Mr. Fitzhugh, as I had In inviting
you here tonight."
"I had surmised as much."
Otis lighted a cigarette and extin
guished the wax match with elabo
rate care. "I understand, Mr. Fitz
hugh, that you are a very wealthy
Fitzhugh inclined his head.
"Briefly what I have to say is this :
In the Chicago wheat pit there is a
certain clique of bulls whom I and
three other men desire to rout. Al
ready we have them on the run, but
to make our victory complete and
thorough we must have more capital
five millions more, at the least." He
stood up. "If you will pardon me a
moment I have something I should
like to show you."
He went out, returning presently
with a large envelope and a pad of
writing paper. Taking a seat near hla
guest, he removed the contents of the
envelope and spread them upon the
table, now cleared of everything save
a vase of flowers and some brandy
and cigarettes. With characteristic
precision he began detailing his rea
sons for believing the then panic-
stricken condition of the wheat mar
ket would continue until May, or even
beyond, selecting, as he talked, divers
papers from the array before him
submitting them to his andltor, or re
ferring to them for corroboration.
Fitzhugh, nowever, seized some
slight excuse for soon Interrupting
him, snd taking up the thread of the
argument where he had broken It,
carried It along with a sureness that
displayed an irreproachable knowledge
of the subject in hnnd. When he fin
ished several sheets of the paper were
covered with figures and Otis was
regarding him In quite a new light
"You show a most thorough know!
edge of the wheat market, Mr. Fitz
hugh. I can see you have studied It
very exhaustively."
"I've studied It for a little over
Otis smiled.
"Of course you are
"I solemnly assure you that all I
know about wheat I have learned In
that length of time. There are some
men, Mr. Otis, who can learn more
about a given subject In a few months
than others can in as many years. It's
as much a matter of work as it Is of
brains. Now, when I am sufficiently
enthused over a thing I apply myself
to It, concentrating upon it every fac
ulty of my mind for eighteen, yes,
twenty, hours a day, and begrudge the
few hours I mast give to sleep. That
sounds egotistical, doesn't It? But
I want you to know the truth of the
Laws may bs repealed, but It's dif
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- . . . . . V n . - n. -
to iu lips-urn wtnr
Pledge of Friendship.
The custom of handshaking dates
to the time of Henry the Second.
Ominous Beginning.
"It's the way you start that decides
the course of married life," declares a
philosopher. Is that young couple who
honeymooned In an airplane destined
to be always "up in the air?" Boston
Soma Name.
The full name of the Persian poet,
Omar Khayyam, was Ghlyath ad Din
Ahul Fath TJmar ibn Ibrahim at Khayyam!.
Cars to ses It? No? All right But,
"I knew that loaf ago. Z was
ferent with oranges.