The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, July 30, 1920, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 6, NO 42
THE YEAR $1.50
Distillate Here
Maupin's (bare of the 50,000
gallous of distillate secured by (be
county agent for harvest use ar
rived last week and lias been
nearly all distributed. The big
tank oar holdiug 8,100 gallons was
(potted near tbe lluuts Ferry
warehouse aod tbe distillate was
run directly into drums and tauks
by gravity. This is the fourth car
o arrive lit the county. Lack of
storage spice hindered unloading
the car and as a result there is
still some left. Those desiring it
may still secure it if they see
about it at once. Tbe oaiginal
cost prict was 24 ceuts per gallon.
This week it ie being sold for 244
;oents, the -increase being ueces
sary to take care of demurrage.
' Take a Kodak with you on your
summer vacatiou trip. Tbe best
kinds for sale at tbe Maupin Drug
I bought four yearling heifere
at John Ward's sale, one I uevnr
got. I will pay $10,00 reward for
its safe delivery, or if said heifer
has been stolen the Stock Growers
Association of Wasco County will
pay a reward of $500.00 for eyi
denue that will be sufhVient to
coDvict Baid thief.
A. A. Bonney.
For Sale
Three room house and lot on
Deschutes Ave. in Maupin. For
particulars call or address A.
Baumgartner, Maupin, Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Kelly, Mis
Doris and 'Dad' Coale left yester
day morning for Snohomish, Wn,,
and will make a trig up into
Canada before, returning home.
Wamic News
Jor) 's will buy your wool.
"It Pays to Pay Cash at JoryV
F; M. Jory
all Staple Groceries
:i Fresh Meat
fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Butter-Nut Bread
Doughnuts and Buns
House Dresses
Woolen Goods
"It Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's
Miss Mildred Wilsou is here
from Grangoville, Idaho, visiting
her aunt, Mrs. C. S. MeCorkle.
Members of American Legion
met Wednesday night.
Frank Mgill bad Hie misfor
tune to dislocate bis right ankle
joint Monday by slipping down
from off the header.
Q. C. Morrow ol Tygh brought
a load of freight rruni Sherar last
week for the Luke store.
Mrs. gtella 1 1 nl f pa j) aud her
husband of The Dalles were guet-ts
ai t tie . a. woMurray nome fcuu
day. Genevieve Hunt is here from
Flan gan visiting Mrs. Laura
Mi. and Mrs. Ilarvey Rambow
guests of Mrs. F. E. Magill Salur
day from Gateway.
Grant Led I ol d aud family were
here Fri ay, having made a trip
to Maupin.
-The new threshing machine
started its run today at the Bill
Johnson plait
Vivian Eubmks has just recov
ered from an attack of measles.
Mr! and Mi J . .11 . Woodcock
were ovar- Jiciiu Maupin Suuday
visiting at thaGiij Harvey home.
Fery Driver ami Don Miller
went to Juniper Hal .-viuilay whoie
they will engnge in tn'i vott work.
.Guy Brittou went to Giana Val
ley yesterday to harvest.
Gertrude, youngest da.n3.M0r of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mngnl full
this morning and dislocated her
shoulder. Her grandfather, W,
11. Magill took her to Maupii, i
treatment. Mrs. Magill was 1.
the rural route with the mail hi tl
did not know of tbe accident uoU
she returned home. Mrs. Liza
Johnson ia staying at the Magill
home assisting with the work.
Alfred Clemius arrived from
Portland .today going to tho C. S.
McCorklo home.
Captures 'Kitty'
E V. Doty rescued tbe carets
of a pole cat from tho grain car
rier of the Hunts Ferry elevator
Wednesday. This is the second
animal of ilml specie to investi
gate that portion of the warehouse
during the pust year, 1
ing posts. 1
Mr. aud Mrs. R, S. Uay of
Pritieville arrived here Saturday
aud will spend the remainder of
summer camping in the mount aim-
Mrs. Maude Wall , bus leen ill.
Grandma Delco baa soil her
estate to Huilie S. "Rice of Tbe
Dalles aud will move- to Wapinitia
Earl Barzee and daughter Vivhiu
came over from Wasco Saturday.
Several boys hiked out from
Ilickville Tuesday uight on their
way to Portland.
Donald Wilson look quite sick
last week aud Mrs. Wilsou took
him to The Dalles hospital where
he is suffering from intestinal flu
but is reported to be improving.
Ella Sbiplliu hag spent the past
week visitiug at Ilickville.
Calvin Beebe arrived Monday
from Eagle Creek and is work'ing
in harvest here.
Ben Flinu aud Jouu Aruette
came out from the mountains Fri
day remaining fill Mouday. They
report the huckleberries are uom
uienciug to tfpeu uear tbe pOb't
Calvin MeCorkle made the
round trip to The Dalles Sunday.
Mrs. NK'Gorkle and Iryine came
homo wiili hiiu for two weeks,
Will be absent from office both Sunday and Monday
;Jj.. unless appointment ia made in advance
Ice Cream at Cyr's Confect'n'y
k : Maupin, Ore,
Get your Fresh Bread daily at
Andy's Place
We now handle the
Butter-Krust Bread
Try our Hazelwood Ice Cream
It's Refreshing
Home Cooked Meals
Breakfast 7 to 9 A. M. Dinner 12 to 2 p. m.
Supper 5:30 to 8 P. M. Short Orders all Day
x Fresh Meat at all Times
Wapinitia Iteci
Temperature 90 in the shade
Wednesday. Harvest and thresh
ing iu full blast, grain is turning
out iu some places much bettci
than was expected.
A little sou arrived at the hou
vf Mr. and Mrs. John Powell last
Saturday eveuiug,
lediu camp at Codar swamp
has officially adopted the new
name of Ilickville aud will hi
kuown by that name from now on
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Keen have
moved from tho halfway station
on the ditch, where a crew of men
are constructing the flume.
O. E. Wood aud futuily camr
over from Wamio Tuesday and
are spending a few days ou their
ranch here.
Little Molba Sharpe was quite
sick for a few davs hut is much
Rev. Matthews of Siuinosbo
preached at the church here Sun
day evening to a large crowd.
J. W. Ward speut a few daya at
Kiugsley ' last week visiting old
Ralph Wood'nide aud two of his
friends came out from the inouu
tains and spent Suuday visiting
borne folks.
P. J. Olseu and family came
over from Shauiko Suuday and
visited at the Lu Woodside home
Mrs. Mack Ilolluiaud children
went to tbe mountains Thursday
where Mack is camping and uiak-
Record Chicken
Mrs. II. F. Woodcock is the
proud owner of a brood of pure
bred 1'lymunih Rock clrckei.f
hatched out March 2!ih of thii
year, one pullet of which hay
headed any previous world record
by laying an egg yesterday. Mrs.
Woodcock states that one roosters
of this lot eonimnoed crowing ui
the age seven weeks,
fclacksm th Shop
I liuve supplies mid inn preptir-
ed to do all kinds of new work
and a- nei'al repairing, Horse shoe
ing a specially HeiiHomilde rules
A, V. Martin.
For Sale
Seven bead of Yearling Mules.
Th is is good stuff and priced to
sell. Inquire of I). U. Appling,
Criterion, Oregon.
George Chandler wrote to his
sister, Mrs. II. F. Woodcock, re
cently that he had returned to
Qimnlico, Va., from Pensacsla,
Fla,, where he had been SPnt dur
ing the Mexican trouble. While
south Mr. Ohandle hud tbe pleas-
me of a Ml of sightseeing in the
W'e't loilieH, He will po to Camp
Terry, Ohio, Augivt 1st to com
pete in the national marknninsbip
Times, $1 .50 per year.
We appreciate your needs in
this line an will do our best to
render you prompt efficient
service. Merchandise is hard
to get but our stocks are very
complete and we can fill your
"The House of Better Service"
Maupin, Oregon
To the Public:
Having purchased the stock of W. H.
Staats & Company I wish to assure the
patrons of this store that I will appreciate
your patronage and will endeavor to please you.
The Oliver Chilled Plow Co. and J. I.
Case lines will be handled by us. We will in
the near future add considerable to the stock.
We are here for business.
tram insurance
Hail Fire
Protect your Crops at a Reasonable Cost
In one of the Strongest and Best Companies in the United
States. Our Policies Have Always Given Satisfaction.
See Us Before You Insure.
Maupin State Bank