The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, July 16, 1920, Image 4

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    The Maupin Times
Published Every Friday at Maupin, Oregon,
Mrs, V. L. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: One Year $1.50, Six
Entered as second class mail
post office at Maupin, Oregon,
Local Interest
bee lory's before selling your
Darel Elwood was here from
The Dalles this week.
Tackle the right place for Finn
ing Tackle. Maupio Drugstore.
A welcome rain again Monday
Ham and Eggs, and Sandwiches
and Coffee at Cyr's Confectiouery
Tom Muir waa down from his
ranch a Prineville this week.
See Jory'a before exiling your
Win. Beekwilb has a crew rush
ing the work on his new residence
which is under construction.
Farmers inquire at the Maupin
Garage for your harvest supply of
We've got the kind of Fishing
Tackle that gets the Fish, Maupin
Drug Store.
H. A. Wbaite, the decorator,
went over to Tygh Valley Mon
day to paint K. L. Uauser's new
residence. His family are camped
with him.
W. P. Fuller & (Vs. Paints
and Oils beat 'em all, for sale at
The Maupin Drug Store. Let us
figure with you on painting and
wall papering.
Dr. Elwood improved the exter
ior of his office building this week
Ly painting it drab with white
Mrs. John Whedor of Vancou
ver accompanied her mother, Mrs.
M. E. Morrison home Saturday
and was a guest this week of
relatives in the White River sec
tion. Several dozen Goldou State and
a few old style mason fruit jars
for sale. Mrs. J. Delletiglie.
A brother of Mrs. Ashley of
White River left Saturday for
For Sale Two thoroughbred
Duroo sows with 12 March pigs.
Would like'to sell right away.
Apply at farm, or G, E. Wood,
Wamic, Ore.
Mrs. W. II. Staats ami II. L.
Morris made a flying trip to Port
land Sunday night, reluming
Monday night.
Large sheets of carbon paper for
embroidery stamping at the Times
-never (k upon
fwan eYpenr-3.
Wrf who faii t rvntoc, .I,,? hou'MS
' T lramt FaVM ni",v "wands of dollar, vearlv
T ft ,PT ? 0Wm,', " F ,V"S n K'p"t U moV than
IZ, ...c l, ,B ' 1 11
" over your proprrtv today
W. P. Fuller" & Cn '
CI Nrth.l ,, i.
Korlhwmt Ilmnrh
IIouwb a) rorllmid, . .
Se.ltl,, Wma. Jh - -
IIouwr a
'l s . I i i .
Months 5cts, Three Months 50c
matter September 2, 1914, at the
under the Act of March 3, 1879.
Train Schedule
0. W. Train No. 35 due 10:25
a. m. No. 36 due at 2:25 p. m.
0. T. Train to Fortland 12 58 a.
oi., from Portland 1:42 a. rn.
For Sale, $700
1 9-ft. McCormick Combine
Morris Bros.
A. Philmlee and sister-in-law
Miss Laverne Russell were paseen
gets to Hood River Saturda.
Second hand sewing niachin
Singer, for sale. Times office.
Registered Poland China boa
9 months old, for sale. Clau
Times, $1.50 per year.
' Are you using The Times line
column wheu you haye any tbiuj
to sell or want to buy some artiel
that your neighbor tnaj have o
wishes to dispose of? If not tr;
a want ad in that column. We ar
sure that it will bring results.
A stock of typewriter ribbur
for diiferent machines at th
Times office.
Get your butter paper and cai
tous printed at the Times office
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
Leaves Wapinitia, 1 p. m.
Attorney at Law
Dr. T. DcLarhuc
Glasses Properly Fitted
Exclusively Optical
Rooms 17-18 Vogt Block, oyer
Crosby's Drug store,
The Dalles, Ore
Phone Black 1111
it Wv-v" Mif
,fy My JM'' A
Y of Dollars
are lost yearly
throughout, the
Pacific North-
' ,; '"''- Take a few min,,t.
1"IVU ,
Jf Look l'p a
In ' our Tonn
Blacksmith Slop
I have supplies and am prepar
ed to do all kinds of new work
and general repairing. Horseshoe
ing a specialty. Reasonable rates
A, F. Martin.
Get It Fixed
I am qualified to do nearly all
kinds cleaping and repair work
Rich as clocks, sewing machines,
organs, etc. I also do Bign painting
H. A. Walter.
For Sale
1 12-foot McCormick header in
;ood running order. Price $160.
vail Times office.
For Sale
Seven head of Yearling Mules.
This is good stuff and priced to
ell. Inquire of D. B. Appling,
Criterion, Oregon.
Wanted Summer pasturage for
bout 50 head of bucks. Phone
Ed Mays, Maupin.
my Tr Try)
If You Want to Sell
See lis
Leave Your Orders
The Times Office
Warm Springs
I have leased the Warm Springs
and and the baths are being clean
ed and covered and the grade
leadidg to the springs worked and
improved. Gasoline supply sta
tion installed. Good camping
grounds. I will meet the train at
Mecoa, Oregon, if notified two
days before. J. H. Pepper, Warm
Springs, Ore. , Cf . Kah Ne Ta
Public Land Sale
Dapartment of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, May 28, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that as direc
ted by the Commissioner of the General
Land office, under provisiont of Sec.
2455. R. S., pursuant to the application
of Rojinia Hnnt, Sarial No. 020808, we
will offer a public sale, to the highest
bidder, but at not less than $3.50 per
acre, at 10:45 o'clock A. M., on the
18th pay of August, next, at thie office
the following tract of land: Lot 1,
Sec. 1, T. 6 South Range 14 East, W.
M. (Containing 57.15 Acres).
This sale will not be kept open, but
will be declared closed when those
present at the hour named have ceased
bidding. The person makine the high
est bid will be required to immediately
pay to the Receiver the amount thereof
' Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on or
before the time designated for sale.
L. A. Booth, Receiver.
at Once
L. B. Fox R. T. Yates
Makers of Abstracts 1 Uat
Books Posted to Date Daily
Plant Secoud to None
First National Bank Building
Phone Black 2831,
The Dalles, Oregon
Adyertisers please read ovei
your notices aud notify us inimtdi
ately if an error has occiired.
Report of the Condition of the
Maupin State Bank
No. 224
at Maupin, in the state of Ore
gon, at the close of business
June 30, 1920
Loans and discounts $242,206.53
Overdrafts, secured and
unsecured 154 00
Bonds and warrants 13,242 73
Banking house 2,000-00
furniture and fixtures 2,400.00
Due from approved re--'
serve banks 16,980 87
Checks and other cash
items 353 96
Cash on hand 9,058 98
Advances Liberty Bonds 765 00
Total 287,162 00
Capital stock paid in $ 20,000.00
Surplus fund 5,000 01
Undivided profits 3,605.06
Individual deposits sub
ject to check 200,212.86
Cashier checks out
standing 7,729,74
lime and Savings De-
posits 13,198.28
Notes and bills redis-
counted 12,200.00
Bills payable for money
borrowed 25,000.00
Reserved for interest and
taxes 216.12
Total . 287,162.06
State of Oregon, I
County of Wasco jss .
I, J. M. Conklin, President oi
the above named bank, do solemn
ly swear that the above statement
is true to the best of my knowl
edge and belief.
J. M. Conklin, President.
Subscribed and sworn to be
fore me, this 8th day of July.
Harvey L. Morris Notary Pub
My commission expires Jan
Correct Attest:
F..S. Fleming
J- S- Brown ' .
Directors. -
Department of the Inte'riorior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, July 7th, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that
Meldora J. Smith, widow of
" Benjamin T. Smith, deceased '
of Sherwood, Oregon, who on October
11th, 1915, made Additional Homesteac
entry, No. 015212, for se1-4ne1-4, Nl
2se1-4, NEl-4swl-4, Section 6. townshii
4 South, Range 15 East, WillametU
Meiidian, has filed notice of inten'ior
to make final three year proof, tc
estalish claim to the land above de
scribed, before Register and Receiver
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon on the 18th day of September.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Freu Stradley of Grass Valley, Oregoi
C. A. Buckley, ot Grass Valley, Oregc i
L. A. Shipley of Grass Valley, OreRoi
liwin Underwood of Boyd, Oregon.
II. Frank Woodcock, Register.
Notice is hereby given to all U
whom it may concern, that the under
signed has been duly appointed Admin
istrator of the estate of Wilhelm
Weber, deceased, by the County Courl
of the state of Oregon for VVasc
County, and all claims against said
estate should be presented duly verifiec
s required by law at my residence,
Tygh Valley, Oregon, within si
months from the date of the first pub
lication of this notice, which is June
25 th, 1?2.
Konrad L. Hauser,
A. Baumgartner.
Attorney for said Estate, .
Maupin, Oregon.
Department of the Interior
IT. S. Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, June lith, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that
Clyde A. Whitlock.
of Maupin, Uregon, who on May 23rd,
1916, mude homestead entry No. 016099
for wl-2swl 4, SEl-4svl-4. Sec. 2.NW1-
4, NWl-4swl-4, Section 11, Township 6
south, Range 14 east, Willamette Me
ridian, has filed notice of intention to
make final three year proof to estab
lish claim to the land above described,
before F. D. Stuart. U. S. Commission
er, st Manuin, Oreeon. on the Xrd dav
of August, 1920.
tlaimant names as witnesses: M S.
Miller, G. C. Allen. G. G. SkoL-sberi?.
Thomas Faherty, all of Maupiu, Oregon
II. Frank Woodcock, Register.
I.O. O.F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Saturday night in
Donaldson's hall. Visitiug mem
'bers always welcome.
R. B. Bell, N. G.
B. F, Turner, Secretary.
In the Circuit Court of the State erf
Oregon for Wasco County:
u. o. Maersoy, fiamtirr,
Millard P. Thornton, and !
Sylvia E. Thornton, hus-1
band and wife, ane Jerome t
S. Williams -and Jeanette )
Williams, husband and 1
wife, and Fred W, Carlyon v
Defendants, J
To Millard P. Thornton, and Sylvia
E. Thornton, husband and wife, and
Fred W. Carlvoi. of the nhovp nimpH
In the Name of the State of Oregon:
iou and each of you are hereby requir
ed to appear and answer the complaint
filed against you in the above entitled
Court and Suit on or before the 6th
day of August, 1920; and if you or
either of you fail to so answer, for
want thereof, the plaintiff will apply
to the above named Court fjr the
relief prayed for and demanded in
plaintiff's complaint and a certified .
copy of said complaint being herewith
enclosed aDd duly mailed to each of you
directed respectively to your residence
addresses. This suit is brought to
foiecloee a mortgage made and exe
cuted by the defendants, Millard P.
Thornton and Sylvia E. Thornton,
husband and wife, to Plaintiff on the
27th day of June, 1916, upon one hun
dred and twenty acres of land, describ"
ed as South half of Southeast quarter
tnd Southeast quarter of Southwest
juarter of Section Eleven in Township
rive South of Range Eleven East of
Willamette Meridian, and situated in
Wasco County, Oregon, to secure pay
ment of a promissory note of even
late with said mortgage, and the
.elief sought by plaintiff is the fore
closure of said mortgage and sale of
the mortgaged property, and from the
proceeds of sale to reegver the amount
due on said mortgage nots, to wit,
200.00, principal and. interest on said
sum from June 27th, 1917, at the rate
of ten per cent per annum; $100.00
attorney a fee, and for costs and dis
bursements of suit, aud such other and
further relief as the court may deem
equitable, necessary and just.
This summons is served upon you by
publication thereof in the Maupin
limes, a newspaper of general circula
tion and published weekly at the town
)f Maupin, Wasco County, Oregon,
and pursuant to an order therefor
nade by Honorable Fred W. Wilson,
Judge of the above named Court on
the 22nd day of June, 1920, and direct
ing said ..uminons to be so published
weekly fur not less than six consecu
tive weeks.
f irst publication, June 25th,
,iii muiicttiion, August b, 1920.
a,, d. uutur,
n . . Attorney for Plaintiff,
Postofflce address, Maupin, Oregon.
Public Land Sale
Department of . the interior
U- ,nd 0fflce at The Dallej, Ore
ion, May 13, 1920.
Notice is hereby, given that, as
lirected by the Commissioner of the
leneral Land oftVe, under provisions
t Ssc. 2455, R. S.. pursuant to the
ipplication of Rojinia Hunt, Serial
Xo 020809, we. will offer at public
;ale to thh highest bldtter, but at not
iess than $3.50 per acre, at 10 00
. clock A. M. on the 20th day of July,
ixt, at this office, the following tract
f land: Ml 1 Nwl-4, Sec. 12, T 6 S
;l. 14 E. W. M. (Containing 80 Acres)!
1 he sale will not be kept open, but
will be declared closed when those
'resent at the hour named have ceased
iddine. The person making the high
est bid will be required to immediately
jay to the Receiver the amount thereof
Any persons claiming adversely the
ibove-described land are advised to
lie their claims, or objections, on or
Jefore the time designated for sale.
L. A. Booth, Receiver,
Public Land Sale
Department of the Interior
U. fa Land Offiue at The Dalles, Ore
,'on, May 13, 1920.
Notice is heitby given (hat, as
lirected by the Commissioner of the
.teneral Land office, under provisions
f bee. 21.A R. S., pursuant tj the
?P 0f Ro'ii"ia Hunl- Serial
No. tUMO, we w offer at bljc
.ale, to the highest bidder, but at not
less han $3.50 per acre, at 11-15
J clock A. M. en the 22nH rliv nf .r,,i
iext, at this office, the following tr.T.
if land- SEl 4 ne1-4, Sec. 2, T. 6 S
t!4 F" ,W $ 'Staining 4u Acres)! '
the sale wi not h
will be declared closed whPn th,.
present at the hour named have ceased
Bidding. The person makinir the hoh.
sst bid will be reauired tn
pay to the Receiver the amount thereof
Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
tile their claims, or objections, on or
before the time designated for sale.
Li. a. booth, Receiver.
PePartInent of the Interior
,, La ,0ffice at The Da'les. Or
Hon, May 20th, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that
Charles G. Slcno-ahoro-
of Criterion, Oregon, who on Jim. os,u
1915 made Homestpad Knt nu nicij
for S1-2NE1-4, SE1-4NW1-4, NEl-4swl-4
section 7 Township 6 south, Range 15
ast, Willamette Meridian. . hna fii-.i
notice of intention to make final three
year proof, to establish claim to the
iaim nuove uescrioed, before P. D.
Stuart, U. S. Commissioner at Maupin"
Oregon, on the 29th day of June, 1920.
Claimant names as witnesses: H. M
Green of Maupin, Oregon, L. B. De
tamp of Maupin. Oregon, Edwin Kid
der of Maupin, Oregon, C. A. Duus of
Criterion, Oregon.
II. T rank Woodcock, Register,