The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 26, 1920, Supplement, Image 6

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For Sale
Acclimate! Seed Corn
( Tested for Germination)
lied Northeastern Dont
Wuitd Jiiinejata Field
jfjWii by John V. Martin
for sale by
ShaMucA tiros.
Waptniiia Ruto Stags
Lettvert Mmutin. 8 a. m.
jVw KVfW w
hO. O.F.
, I - " Kill'. WtUt-fl t.M
! t' lt!V v- ,-'i''
H tun., v
t- lis. ,w jrv.
Dr. TV IXiUrhe
GiJ-o. t'x tviiy i-'tiua.
U . '' )'
U I." V -v.
D at si -
M f". ' Is
-, t
Whether refrigerator carl, should b,
owned by the railroads or by the pack
era a point to be Sleier by leg;
Islotton now pending In Wajihington
may seem to be a question miner re
mote from the Interests of the uvera
person. But! Inasmuch as these "let
hoxea on wheels," as one of the pack
ers terms them, are the conveyances
which bring our beefsteuk to town, we
may assume that we have a certain
concern nbont them. If they have any
thing to do with the price of the beef
steak OLr concern 1b a deep one.
It -Is maintained by some that these
cars give Uie packt-r who now own
th"m an nnfalr b1viihik'h over cora
iHtOtook This Is s,omly denied by the
pr!ters, who otYer an proof the fact
that tUej' pay the wiiue rates
p.s any shipper; mu Hiy a-ert tliat
tlie only advuiHan.i tley enjoy Is ifi
brln;; atilo to get nou-4b cars for theii
neufls by furnishing thea) themselves
ii'-ff.-i o? (i-yr.tKunjj upon, the rail
roads to do So. In tU.v are bftckeC
b-j hy ft report' of t!i? 'wp-it Pom
Unce Comailstlra. nftfit an In
-"vtl'itioit oi ail prlvattty owned
wa, l tU ff.wx Vfil Ciere were no
unfair prct;.vs 'acd t! a
phang would m.fivV' !'ii:t hoi?
:iH;pi tttd Out ibf'c-
Whfiit not ojjfKj.siiir.. in p'-r.-"iple
iMUiDi.. vwvrsirtji' .14 YuriH-ntof
:..!. Ul UivAl tl. ',( 0
unvunt , .-in that thf. lHattoq In
1 (-U-'! n iM.rt-l.ii) Cn;,
i-U.K that MHtmO fHisIl faiuiKh
StVtn la ouir-:lnr. rmroV-r. fi .th
I' 'iiJHl, . .V;! 1--J U'lkt
r'.muccs !' li:'!'j'"l.'i to
) ' 1 s ., tttW -i-r;MM?;,v hicult
! . ; i!w 4 Jf '.i'fiki'tfi tS llift i'-'lU.'iM
I riiH (iwI.'-k. 'J''".- ---.!.-jk ir' tyip-.
I ki". Pf'Hu mVkbw imuiu v.iiunj
4 UiM 'iij ' "t u.v Mv:(f, awl 1(14 Ui-
f. liti w .: l.via, uji 1 ttf UiKtlj
K''V ,
'.i ,s i: i n am! a,
jK?. Wis (.'.', . 1 , f "',3 .! J
-S- 1 (!. tfi-A t .' -I'm. -.'1-
V ! -v;.v. E!-. T'jf'A "VS. fjf 5 !'(
.' V'i; , M -, .
.. .v' ..iuu vu rra economic
i eiiicit-nt basis, and no. change la
, stifled unless unfairness Is definitely
id absolutely proved which would
; In absolute contradiction to the re
)rt that, the Interstate Commerce
oinmlsslon hag already rendered on
'ie g-ibject'The public would pay the
111 for Inefficiency In the packing to
il stry, and It has no desire to pay this
ill In order to help a few of the pack-
ica' competitors.
ThoTaiwhhM I, reiiVtere I 180D
poun l Cly9-iliH 1 will stinl oo
Juniper FUt an I Valley.
Terms 17.50 for sejjn; flJ to in
sure; $15 to stand aTl Muck.-
Jim Brown.
For Sale
One 20-49 G Tractor almost
ijood as new. This tractor is now
at work on the school section one
ami ime-hklf miles west of Maupin
Inquire of Slusber Bros, for price
and terms.
Blacksmith Shop
I htV4 supplies and urn prepar
ed to lo nil kinds of naw work
nul -"irnl repairing.- Horse sho
iiij iiecially.- Rea'nahle rates
A. P. Martin.
. Th hoii horo!thli.ed Burred
'! i- ,tst"iN $2; for
-in n jl- Mr. W; .yrt-s Ma-
ll.j, i In J ' .
i'lj - ? L'ond -e1a! barley
M-T .! it i'iiif Fttrry Whi.
;CmI ?m J-imv at K'U tLrtsl.or
' .1 i .. ... i-Vrry Wi'
l'tii i'urU-m 1 V;litl9 IhmtH
i Ait -jrk ''4:i-.rHtx I. VV. T,
. j,l f t i. i). D. Tr-i ... :;(V S.;c
.d v-. 1'iiij ll-!if .
!l y.i I it I i 'Tf I ii rr:itnr ?
U-s-, l i y "I'll"? .. nude
') U.i;.4 ( u. j- O. ilra.l v.iy,'
; t ... .