The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 26, 1920, Image 4

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Is Your Mouse four Home?
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of Home Untu qu are a
e uw nen
Your Farm Home Can be Built as Attractive as the
One Depicted Above
There was a time when farming meant self-denial. This
was before porcelain bath tubs, telephones, electric lights, auto
mobiles and well-built homes were found on farms. In passing,
it mijcht also be added that it was about this time that parents
were finding difficulty in keeping their boys and girls on the farms
Today nothing is denied the farmer that is enjoyed by his'
city brother. This is particularly true of the home. Ticture the
home shown above on YOUR farm. It can be built there.
Many farmers who have the refinement and good taste to
desire to improve their home conditions are putting off building
until prices become lower. Do you know when lower prices will
be brought about? Or that they ever will?
Every farmer expects to pay higher wages during this har
vest than last. And present indications point to still higher
wages for 1921. There is really very little hope of bringing
down the present scale of wages. The aim is now to prevent it
from going higher.
To a great degree, labor influences the prices of all commodi
ties. When labor is high, materials are high.
If labor goes higher, materials will again advance. And
everthing tends to show that prices have not yet' reached their
Last year you could have built for less than ycu can this
year. This year it will cost you less than next This is the
reason we are preaching the doctrin of BUILD NOW! This is
true not only of your farm home, but of jour outbuildings as
well. Don't go on denying yourself the comforts and pleasure
that a modern home will afford you on the farm, while you wait
for prices to go down. BUILD NOW, it's cheaper!
We are" prepared to offer every building assistance to the
farmer who has foresight enough to BUILD NOW. We have
photographs of houses we have actually built for him to choose
from. We have hundreds of plans for farm homes and outbuild
ings, and their cost estimates. They are his for the asking.
Make use of our Building Information Office- It was estab
lished for your benefit. There is not the slightest obligation
imposed by you using it. This information is worth coming a
long way to turn to your own advantage. Use it!
Build Now. U. S. Years Behind in Building. Enormous Demand Keeps Prices Approximately Same
Turn-A-Lum Lumber Co.
Designers and Materialers of Homes and Farm Buildings
Wa will sell your farm or business for you.
Are agents for Hartford Fire Insurance
Co. of Hartford, Conn., covering Auto,
Fire, and Hail Insurance.
Are representatives of Calilornia Joint
Stock Land Bank 6 per cent money
And will help you in any way possible
Call in and tell us your troubles
Harvey L. and George L. Morris
Frank Ewing ofKalamnth Falli
was here this week, the guet u(
his grandmother, Mrs. L. C.
A. A. Bonney was over from
Tygh last Friday.
Six thoroughbred Poland Chiu
sows to let out on pharos. Two
old oues, ono registered, four
young ones. II. A. Muller, Tjgb
20 Miles to the Gallon of Gasoline
Means Economy of Operation with Maximum of Operation
12500 Miles to the Set of Tires
Means Greater Economy of Operation, Light Weight,
Flexibility, Ease of Operation, and Comfort in Riding.
50 per cent Slower Yearly Depreciation
Means Higher Resale Value, Proper Construction, Highest
Quality of Materials, Lower Upkeep and Repair Bills,
And Greater Comfort and Satisfaction to the Owner.
Shutttuk Dros. havo two kero
sene oil ranges of the latest model
and equal if not surpassing in
convenieuce and appearance, any
thing that is to be lound in the
way uf gas range?, complete with
large oven, and are to be seen
at their big store.
Gussie Dertbkk went to Port
land Tuesday to see his parents
who are ill at a hospital there.
Mrs. Dertbkk had undergone an
operation aud Monday evening
Mr. Perthiek was stricken with
appendicitis. Uuseie returned
home yesterday.
Smock Items
j The Smock Sunday School will
.observe Easter with an appropri
ate program in the morning and
j Bro. Eads will preach a sermon in
I the afternoon. Dinner at noon.
I Everybody welcome.
Mrs. Lillian Farlow lift for
'Ontario, Oregon, Sunday to help
care fur her mother who is very
! low with cancer. Mrs. Sharp is
doing the cooking in her absence.
Grass is growing. Farmers are
busy plowing.
Charley Whitlock of Maupin
and F.dward Disbrow are working
ofr Marion Farlow.
Tupils are all back iu school.
The mump scare must be over.
Miss Ethel Ledford has been
quite tick but ib on the mend now
For Sale Holstein-Jorsey milk
cow. This is a first class milk
cowl Inquire of G. E. Wood,
VVauiic, Oregon.
Department of the Interior
U. s. Land Office at The Dalles
Oregon, February 28th, 1920.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Harding G, Dugger
of Grass Valley, Oregon who on
May 6th, 1916, made Homestead
Entry No. 016047 for WI-2NW1-4,
NWI-4SW1-4, Section 13, NEI-4NB1-t,
Section 14, Township 4 South,
Range 14 East, Willamette Merid
ian, has filed notice of intention to
make Final three year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
lescribed before F. D, Stuart, U.
S. Commissioner at Maupin, Ore
gon, on the 15th day of April, 1920.
Claimant names as witnesses:
3. A. Patterson, W. A. Patterson,
. 0. Minks, L. S. Minks, all of
Jrass Valley, Oregon.
II. Fkank Woocock,
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, February 20, 1920.
notice is hereby given that
Arthur Locke,
f Maupin, Oregon, who on April
-,th, 1915, made Homestead Fuiry
-10.011693, for SWI-4NKI-4, sei-tNwl-4,
E1-2SWI-4, and SE1-4 Sec
ion 14, Township 6 South, Range w.,
13 East Willamette Meridian, has
iled notice of intention to make
f'iual three year Proof to establish
:laim to the land above described,
efore F. D Stuart, U. S. Commis
iouer, at Maupin, Oregon, ou the
Hh day of April, 1920,
Claimant names as witnesses,
V. H. Wilcox, of Wapinitia, Ore
4011, Frank McCoy of Wapinitia,
Jregou, Angelos Koroles, of Mau
pin, Oregon, J. E. Porchet, of
vVapiuitia, Oregon.
II. Frank Woodcock,
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles, (
Oregon, February 26, 1920.
Notice is hereby given that
David D. Wilson
of Shaniko, Oregou, who on March
19111, 1917, made Homestead Entry
no. 018615, for Lots 1, 2, 3, 4,
Section 7, Township 7 South,
Range 15 East, Willamette Merid
ian, has filed notice of intention
0 make Final three year Proof, to
establish claim to the laud above
described, before F. D. Stuart, U.
3. Commissioner at Maupin, Ore
gou, ou the 13th day of April, 1920
Claimant names as witnesses:
George Fine, Carrie F. Wilson, V
fi. E. Fine, Claud Wilson, all of
Shaniko, Oregon.
. H. Frank Woodcock,
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles
Oregon, March 4th, 1920.
JNotice is hereby given that
Christian H. Guinther
of Gateway, Oregon, who on June
14th, 1915, made Homestead En
try No. 015 100 for East Half (1-2)
Section 19, Township 8 South
Uaugo 15 East Willamette Merid
ian, has filed notice of inteution
to make Final three year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, before F, D. Stuart, U.
S. Commissioner at Maupin, Ore
on, on the 17th day of April,
1920. -
Claimant names as witnesses:
M. H. Martin, of Shauiko, Oregou
P. C. Martin of Gateway, Oregon,
Donald McKay of Gateway, Ore.
gou, Thomas Derry of Kaskela,
PQ Register
U. S. Laud Office at Tim rijlluc
Oregou, March 17th, 1920.
iNouce is Hereby given that
lerrv M. Wilson nna tl.
- . ' l' v v. villi IICIIO
aud for the heirs of George 8.
Wilson, deceased,
of Kent, Oregou, who on October
Ilth. 10U. madp AHrliilr,.,! u.. -
. -J-yj ..uuiliuuai U 1111 -
tead Entiy No, 015279, for swl-4SEI-4,
WI-2SWI-4, SEI-4SWI 1,
Section 2, Townshin South.
RallL'e 16 East Willamotta Vf,:.K
O - , tnuillM.t, iuwu-l-
mu, nas uieu nonce ot intention
to make Pinal il,i-a ,.. n 1 .1
"-- jcai iuui 10
establish claim to the laud above
J o
uebcriDea oetore Kegister aud
Receiver. IlniinH Staioo t..j
witt.VJ UBUli
Office at The Dalles, Oregon, on
uU iu uy 01 uay, 1920,
Claimant names as witnesses:
W. R. AdamS, Ben Sias, J. C.
Wilson, I. K. Wilson all nf Vi'
Oregon. ' 1
II. Frank Woodcock,
For Sale
Big type Poland China I?.
Registered. Will sell rinht . r
have no use for him. Sr him ;t
you want a good animal. Papers
transferred to purchaser.
J. M. McCorkle, Maupin, ore.