The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 20, 1920, Image 1

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ti tM ll r.a
E ii il
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOi . 6, NO. ! V
THE YEAR $1.50
tV r.'i ;ti )
Cecil Wesley Magil) who pushed
nway Tuesday evening of 1 a t-1
week at liia home in Wamic uiik
born Ma'reh 24, 1904, ami depart
ed February 10, 1920, being 15
years, 10 months and 17 tlayKulil.
Short services were conducted, til
t tie home by Rev. J I. Parker, an
uncle of the deceased, the family
being unable to attend the funeral
Services were conducted at the
cemetery by Rev. G E. Wood, hit
pastor, text leing Job 14:1,2.
The beautiful floral offerings con
tributed by relatives and friendf
helped to show the high esteem bj
which he was hi Id. 'Ihe Wamic
school sent, a beautiful bunch if
f r 8 and flowers. He leaves a
lo iig fall e1', mother, two broth
ers, grandparents, besides a host
of relatives and friends to mourn
his departure. Bur, we sorrow not
as those who have no hope for we
kuo.v he has jui-t gone on before
us; he passed away trusting in his
The Portland Painler-s Denti.4
All work guaranteed. W. T.
Slatteu, D. D. S., Trop., 805 Sec
ond St., The Dalles.
"It Pays to Pay
F. M. Jory
On Sale Fridays and Saturdays
Fresh Hamburger
Pork Sausage
Bologna Sausage
Cold Boiled Ham
House Dresses
Woolen Goods
"It Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's"
We handle four ot the best cars on the market
If you are thinking cer or liuck come in acd
talk it over with us.
Why not buy your car here, it wont cost you
any more than to buy it away from home,
and we will give you just as good a trade on
your old car.
First Class Mechanics Auto LiveryDay or Night
Tygh Valley, Ore.
Chandler Republic Truck
Wapinitia Items
Ideal Hpring weather the past
week; clear, bright ennohiny day
I;t:t nights are cold and froely.
Roads are getting good in mot
sections; nutos are innnii g again.
Ed Davis made a trip to Mau
pin, Tuesday, bringing up a load
of goods for N. G. Hedin.
U. S. Eir'ersby writes to home
folks from California where he is
visiting relatives he exje.U to
return soon.
Mr. and Mis. Albert Hammer
are sick thw week. Stella IJ.. via
is helping-care for them.
Mrs. W. J. Hickcy left Tuefdny
for Portland. Mr. Browu took
her to Maupin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Brown re
turned. Saturday from their visit (
in the south.
ilaruhl Relherford went to the
head works on the ditch mar
Clear Lake Tuosday to take the
readings on the water clock.
Mr. Goodenough received a let
ter from A. R. Maynard stating
they expect to locate near lied
ding;, Cal.', and look tueir frrigh
to Maupin, Monday to' be shipper
there. Mr. Maynard stated they
liked that countiy fine, that gar
dens were growing and flowers
Cash at Jory's'
blooming on tie hillt-idts, bin
hat doesn't beat Junipir much as
he kiddies here have bun gather
ing butteacupB for Ei-ycrul d.iy..
While there remain a few cases
of flu in a mild form the disease
seems to be greatly on the decline,
and all lire improvicg.
Mrs. Azelia B'mle who is visit
ing at I lie Paquet home has been
tjiiite sick but up again now.
Clarence Goodenough left a few
days ago for" the logging camps in
Jake Tuchner bus been kept
home by sickmss the past fe"
weeks. Jim. H.iilniuti iscairying
the Symnatho mail.
Geo. Hice has sold his Ford
loailater and puicbustd a new
M ix well roadster,
Ted Endertby has been drai
g'ng ihe roadd in the Pine Grove
vu-1 lily this week,,
'i'he Dodge crew has been mak
ing a big improvement on the
roads east of hero.
JoeCiiaham is moving the old
Corum store buHding from bis
property here. It is one of the
oldest hu d marks of this section.
Sine plowing in now being done
uid if the good weather continues
several teain- will start soou.
Smock Items
Beautiful weather.
The hum oi the woodeaw is
heard in the ladd.
School is closed this week be
cause of 'tlu' scare.
Mrs. Mulvany and family are
almost recovered from the dread
disease. Chits, Duncan's family,
are reported on road to reecmry.
Lenore Woodcock is i,t-me uti
the Wamic school is closed.
Meters Fallow and Bia.lwny
are sawing wood for Blaine u iru
lidwanl Disbrow is the pro-,!
possessor ot a new Ford which b ih
all the up-to-date improvumnt".
The patrons of the district wen
iuvsted to the home of G. II. Ivuds
Tuesday evening where records
for t'.ie new yicirola were selected
for the use of the school. Mrs.
E.tds and Miss May proved good
hostesses and the party did not
break up till near the wee, sma'
I. T. Courtiight, formerly of
Smook has purchased the B. V.
Morgan place.
Mr. and Mrs, Win. Iikhison of
Seattle are here to vibit the latters
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas.
Vernon Chandler fell from a
pine tree Wednesday evening and
was hurt pretty bad, but is better.
The Wm. Lucas family have
been quite sick but were imj rov
ing last heard from.
Tom Wuodcotk's have been sick
but are better now.
Local Interest
Glen Morris bus purchased a
new Ford from the .Crescent G
lage, and also Cecil Ohastain.
For' sale 21 he;id of cattle.
Write or see Geo. oburn, Wapini
tia, Ore.
B I). Fraley has been taking a
vacation from business duties at
home with the mumps.
For sale a gasoline drug saw
at Fischer's Girage, Maupin. 8tp
A nunibor of ranches near!
Maupiii and Dufur for talc, write
or call V. C. Ilanna. j
Mrs. Kaiser was called to Iouf j
a week ago Weduetday by the
serious illness of her mother Mrs, '
Griffin who pas.-ed away Weduesv
day night. Mr. Kaiser and Wini-,
fred who came home the first of
the weik have rtturned to Ion.
i Tim third Lvceum number aiv-
! on in the ball Tuesday night waejll
greatly appreciated by a good considering the amount
of sickness which has hern tn'iir.
W. II. Staats returned Innti
PorlLnd Tuesday. Mis. S'a-iin
stopped at Hi od River to care for
her daughter who is ill.
Cracker Jack at II. A. Cyi's.
G. E. Wood was oer fron
Wamic Monday,
If you want 0 piT cent mmy
for 3J years, see me. II 1, M rti-
ReXHll Cold Tubl')tl good be
Influenza and Latjrippi Maupin
Drug Store,
(H Wood of tin-Crescent Ganigi'
was in town yeskrday moiuii g
Mr. and Mrs. Claud WiNnn
were in from Bakeoven yesterday.
The local pestoflic) is distribut
ing brooms this week. Nearly
everyone 'bit' when an asjenl was
through here a few weeks ago.
For Sale llolsteiii-Jorsey milk
cow. inis is a In it, clas.i null.
cow. Inquire of G E. Wood,
Wamic, Oregon.
Six thoroughbred Poland China!
sows to let out on shares. Two
old ones, one registered, four
young ones, II. A. Muller, Tygh
M. Sigtuan who was over from
On fur looking for pasture left the
fiit of the week taking back a
supply of flour from our local mill
WANTED Woman to cook
and do some house work for family
in Portland. Salary $50 a month;
and fare lo Portland. Inquire
Times office. li
F. II. Fryman anil family left
yesterday for The Dalles where
they haye purchased a home in
Thompson's Addition.
A supply of Harmonicas find
mouth harps on display at The
Maupin Drug Store.
Dr. T. Del arhue, Eyesight
Specialist. Finest equipped i-rlu-cive
optical parlors in cuitnl
! Oregon. Rooms 17-13 Yogi. Block,
...wnr Crosbi's , Drug store. The
DaJ'es, Ore,
Men wanted on the O. P. Sec
lion al Maupin Men who work
on thti r-ection arc enliihd to old
lies for wood ; ex;' cling n raise
in wage imikuilr.tely. G. E.
Guuninwiuni, Sicli.o. Foreman.
II. Wood, E. S. Pisl.rcw, and
the Misies Mttlier in il Urown
m -tored ovi-r from Tvgh Friday.
N J, SiniioU has sent tin.- nll'ice
in allotment of garden stui.-lo
be distributed in this si-clmn
Call for yours before they're gom.
and help you fet any luuko you want
We recharfje your batteries art! ?;aniine them
'T Goodrich, Diamond, Goodycni, and the best
1 service wti can Rive you on any line that is in
our power to do so. We want your business lurg'e or small.
We appreciate it. We lvq cut for this year's buaiccss and we
want to help ycu lo get your needs and it helps us to ke:p what
yoa need.
No one
for it and many more hours worrying as to where it might le.
There is really o:dy ore way cf preventirp valuable papers and
documents fron bcconiirtr niislaid ,r lut, ai d that is lo place jour valuables in
one of our fire proof Safe Deposit B-'xes.
Americrn I cgicn
Tl e next rcpnhir mrclii ir el
Maupin Voit No, 7H will In- helc
I'M). Kith, 8 p 111. at D.tkeV oflici
All ex service men art invi tl to
attend. No drili'.n; 1 r K' P. work
Card of Thanks
Wc wish to (hack the t'l-oph'
for the help and kimlnc-n givi-n us
through mil- e-s in it the
death ol fin r pon anil hp tl 1 r.
Mr. and Mix Geo M..uill
and Faniilt.
Andy Anderi'gg returned the
first of the w eek to Pun hind after
three weeks n t Ihe Mavs ranch.
Mr. Andcregg informed this office
of the death in P. rllaild a week
ago Tuesday of hi fiii ml, Jacob
Stabler of Smock, being it 'flu'
vLtim. Mr. Btaliler was a Swiss,
-11 years of age. He left bis bride
in Switzerland shortly before the
war lo come to our fai'' land and
make a home when Mrs. S altier
should come. It not being possi
ble to come until recently, Mrs.
Stabler and their 3011 were to have
come soon to this country.
Dfo H0
Swy ftcd thi
Bars! Gaiifly Bars!
Below Cost Price While They La3t 3 Bars for 10c
See the Window at E. A. Cyr's
HERBERT VV. COPELAND, Principal cf NTm pin SchooJ,
also graduate and licenned
treats cases of hypermetropia, pregbyepia, myepia,
and pxt'gmatifm with properly fitted glasses.
See him on Saturdays or evenings, not at any
time that will interfere with school duties.
Why strain you eyes to rtad when relief is so easi'y obtained?
knows vvbeif it it. You bsvo rc' -
per year-
New Subscribers
The following renewed their
subscription to the Times during
the past 'few dnys:
II. B Bell,
Robert llolman
K. G. Fryman
E. N. Long
. M. Sigtnnn
Wallace Conley
Wood for Sa'e
On (he main road and good
level ground to load on, no hills,
1-2 mile east of U. S. Endersby
place. Piice $8 25 a cord.
Samuel Appling.
PoftolhYe, Maupin, Ore.
At ih 3 Churches
Services at the Maupin church
this week is a regular quarterly
meeting occasion. Rev. F. L.
Hums is expected lo be present.
Tin re will be services Friday ev
ening. Feb- 20 li , also Saturday
evening and over Sunday., We
cxtem: lo one and all an invita
tion to attend.
K N. Long, Pastor.
C Dak
3 A. M. to S P. M.
tcn ly
ict.t 1 ours looking