The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 17, 1919, Image 4

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Published every Fi kluj at Maupin
Wks. W. I.. Morkison, 1'nl'lisliti
Sulctipttois: One year, f '.n: s'u
niotiilis, 75 cents; lime intuitu, y
Entiled as steoiid class mail
matter Hc-pU-trht-r 1 9 1 4 , a' the
postrffice nt Maupin, Oregon, mi
der tlie Act nf March 3, 1879.
More Exhibits
7 t.'ii ,- f pi?
1 1 ii
o.m l.oilt, Hill una 1 I II 1 l,Ul III. ntt
tliii uiutisent features pn com i mile,
the crowd won't annul. Out
experience, and we've hud .son 1
in stoning '-'i''s haudling txhibi'i
etc. ha? proven tn us (hit ll (
biggest allrael ion for tlie farmn
nr llm fitv dwillll r is his 01' ll' I exhibit then lie or tlie wil
be there with nil the family h
watch tlm judging an 1 to com pan
their show ing with others', One
let son or daughter outer 1,1
exhibit, win ther 11 In mo Inn
lovingly reared fowl, a boys' cltd
lio'', a bushel of (.ore., a box 0:
apples, a well kniitnl pair of
11 can of vegetables or a
Willi I
color sketch -then
whether t ho whole, family has ti
be. drawn to the fair I .V anius'
incut attractions. Never a hi
i'ui thai hoy or girl and even then
p'trenls will not only he them 01
t,hc opening day, but will have ii
the. mean time advertised lint fail
t . ail the neighbors mid iiieiden'
Jy mentioned thciv (xhihlt.
Our fairs should edncite mi!
B'i nulate to greater dcvrlopiin"-'
a;i 1 increased on' put. The litter
in 1 nily g'n 1 v ho blushes when si 1
I Hoovers the brood of pigs la Hi 4
an I iiftertiooii lunch u 1 11 i.aliiinli
mil her iniiPcuiiu est or l who ivm
dors h 'cause a young femal" fowl
is culled a pullet, if a real youne
heifer is culled n bullet. Ye;.
there are lots of tin in nod the
need educating. Anylhipg that
is going to engender the call of
Hi ) soil spirit to the blaze eii.i
111 in is o'lueiilionii', tor ihat mm
Lupus Fume day to own nwlinli
lier 1 of tlioBu big; and n hit.
cows with udders like bu-hei
biskntdiind his wife has visions
of so;r.O day baryestii'g l.ethon
eg8 from th-' hayinuw at tiOeenlt
jier doznn. Such a fair is cmi
Btant educat ion lo 1 1: leal fani.ei
nnd the riuler the 111 .r sm-ct pli
I, hi he is lo that education.
First, the cxhihi's le
tbi I'd 1 lid tlo 8 nils anil ll tins
nnds of them. Hut. li'.w can a
fair promoter expect to atliici
itroug exhibits and iO;upe!ili"i
v ith 11 prize oi lix-bils or 11 dolhii
iiiid-a-half offend (or the hist
bushel of grain, llm (iue.-t potlri-c-d
pullet, or the best b x ol
prunes, w hen a hunch of rangey,
hceotul class race horses me pie
bunted w ith n purse of fioni 1 lie
to two hundred tini's ibal nun h
for few minute pel In mtuice?
Yes we know all hoises enli ml
lnyetipay an t 10 1 ,nco fee, tie,
hill (he. purse looks too binn ed
big in propoiliou lo the piiyas
offered f r the things worth-while,
llorsc racing n ay I c the spoil of
kings bill during these democratic
day, kings aid hi lli'j diso.nd am
1!i raiding of ran: hi'ises in Oir
gun is 110 longer an indmliy
Worth Milisidiniug, Most of the
uuiu:u!s tlu, ruiiuii.g at cur sin le
nudo.iuiilv fairs arc fiom di.-t.iiit
The Maupin
r 4, 4T t .j-xjo-A1 I , 3 IK v. - '
If you liave wood to cut or wish to operate light machinery
around the farm you need oi p of those machines.
Ask your dealer for information or write the
luces, being utieu; lly led around
troill circuit t' f 1 n ; t in loo
many places fiiiprrting h lazy,
gambling dim c-amJ-ont.
Hi n; up a fi w priz's of fifty or
1 hundred dollarr each, w il h pi o- Thursday , t-
lortionate seeoml m d third przos! Second hand sewing niacliirc
or t 10 heil. exhil'iis in llue-o Ii 10 ; , si '-'"', ll,r fale Tinieii oflice
if ngrictiliuii', pouliry m.d livi-' Mr. and Mrs. Henry 1'elerFon
it i-k, which are reaHy w orl b " ''r(' f0'n I'infi Grov Monday,
voile ami woithy i f slliuuhi 1 ion. . Ib'inembcr the plaee to get Kor
111 1 see how ihe exiiil itcis w il , ; ni., deliy do and lilue Stone.
iiii) to eoliipele. Quit offering Maiipin Drug Store. A good freeh
;'i-t as much for n shirred edged M r Steyens, a piano tuner
1 - li aired Mexican j from Portland wan here the past
as 1- 1 ilered lor ii.fciiveeli putting pianos :n tliapc,
mm daiiy cow, fattest I) 11 roc,
ia hilsoliii i-t III H i' Ishilld ft W 1 01
'.'10 best exhibsl of corn, nifi :fa,
vhcat, apples, n, ilk goals and
umilar imporlai t pn duels
ills .-1 a I e.
Why 1 ffer as lunch in ' iz
noii'.'V for a coop of llmsn fniik
laiuliurg fowls that 1( k lik' a
loss be. ween a disap oinleil t I 'J
ml beiiiuiii, a tubercular j.n-k-aiipe
and a drunken man's i.-itni
f a sunset over Mt. I loud, as is
ilTced for an ex Ii i hid of rea I ct in
iieitial jamll ry, such as Oidig
t nis, Leghorns, lianed liocks m.d
ther lioi,tl-to-gooi!nei-s egg pro
luccrs? Our agricultural college f "rces
.re doing a grand work in orgiio
zing bo; b' cubs in the illicit alt
f the raising of heller hogs, e n ,
ij ilatoes mid the like. Their woik
nigirls' clubs is equally as list 1111
111 sliuilllatiiig interest in (.'aiming,
Moking and other Icrins of domes
lie silrlicP. Let these eg neic!,
; ic 111J a" 111 tie h money (neb jeni
'i otilainii'g exhibits and ad vi 1 ' i
og the fair as in now hung up fm
ace j urtus and iiniusi'liielit.s anil
1. lot more good will resull ni.ii
lieie will be plenty of ii con 1
i'i'oiu ;i in; s am hi coucessioii.- ici
I. o 11 1, ml In 1 tin in.ore, I he jin
n nun list would probably In
printed and d'slnhnt' d in Ii e
-pi ing. so I ha t t could
;iow niid prepare exhibits in ad
vance. Ooi out pome of 1)1 1 foo'ih re
.trictiniis pel'ta'n ing lo exhilo"
mcli as "lain ha v'n ' t" 1 e stri 1 o d
f nil leafage, lmi. ml in bur.cbj
it slipnbiletl tize, with thecoii, j
nleted exhibit looking as nite
il.e nature intendeil it as a ) :c'itd
ohicken in competition at a i'oj;
-h 'W. It won 1 1 1 be just
as eeni-l-
ole to pii'k all the h lives from
liofiet of rusts as lo ii f's on thi-
htripprfi grain rtqai.i 11 1 nt. in (I j
r 11 1 1 hit 11101 e toe
ermore tlie nv.rage coiium
xhiuil of such grain buntlles rep
resents from lilly to Iwo Inn urn
dollars not tin I ly exjif net d for lain r
in this stripping work alone.
There is nothing that siiinn'a1, s
I'ki' a cash prize and I lie biggt
the priz" thi' greater the stimula
tion and effort to win.'.
sti 11 uli.le the culture of those
roniUiCrcial produi', the dovelo -incut
of which liicuus prosper!''
to Oregon, and not try to tosti 1
ihe rai-ing ot Japinese pood Its
along wi;h Jersey bid If,
Blacksmith Shop
I have supplies and am prepar
ed to do all kinds uf new wort
and general repairing. Horseshoe
ito a specially. Reasonable raits
1 A, V. Mai tin.
Kid the tiled - 'Stuyall',- lly Swat
ler-, or J-'ic, as long us liny la,-:
Maiipin liug Sloie.
Local hems
0 dor T.og Cabin Bread receive!'
every day ai Hty er's.
Mr. Conklin went to I'orlland
(let a musical ' instrument for
voiir home. E 'sy pay inent plan
on l'iaoos or Taiking Machines,
iiinupin Drug Store.
Ihilohus NTathfiv coniioencnl
helping in Shattuek liros. store
Tuesday uu ruing1.
The f'oi;luinl 1'aiiilt'ss Dentist
All work guaranteed. W. T.
SI 1 1 leu, D. D. S., 1'rt.p., ;:(I5 Stc
ond St., The Dalles.
Wallace Muir went to Tie
IliPes Weilncsdiiy and will ,be
aha nl a few d.iys for a yacalior.
School Supplies i:g tiiblelsoc.
Spelling blank Tic, . Composiru n
ho iks 5o. Pi ncil-i 2 for 5c.' Cray
nus 5 and 10c. Mnufiin Drug
ih 01 e.
Miss Sellrck went lo Hood flivei
I'.i'lay night for a glimpse at the
apple harvest,
I' or sale Onn Chalmers truck,
I UK.) lbs. capacity just been work
ed over. Will iiiako some one a
bargain on this truck. Shattuck
Jio.nie of the fanners doiit like to
'c skinned, but l)ad Conic still
buys skins and hides,
. Two full blood Duroc Jersey
I'-iar piys, weigh about 70 pound",
lor -iile 1'. S. l'Tcmiug.
I- i ii".-1 nj'iipped optical parlor
in central Oregon, l)r. T. 1'i lnr
Inie, I'veHght , Speciali-t, I'xelll
dv.'ly Opiical, Vt gt Block, Tin
Dalles, Ore.
I,."-1 Kodak, belvviTii W;iiini-x
li.i nod Maupiii, reward for reluru
In I bis 1. llice. W. J. F.
I ! v a farm 100 seres, 20
'ndes from Boie, Idaho, 10 miles
innii Minmeii., good soil, well
vilered, h ts ot outside ring",
(iifivs good alfalfa without water:
SI) acres can he irrigated. A good
iiile proposition. Price $15.00
note. A. A LSiiiiiiey.
L""-t at Wapinilia Celebration
, .,,,,,,. 1 s ,,r Mmunn a black eat her
,,N0 f,,,,i,t ain pen. lintl-
r pleast h ave at or send to '1 hues
1 luce. Iu'ivard.
Wanted' to rent this fall fcr a
teini of years a goo 1 wliPat ranch
with or without stock. I can fur
nish good relereucees. Aduiessi
lf. R. Mann'U Tinits.
J ,
Hot Meals, sanlwichesj
Short, oiders ct all hours,
Served at ihe Hazehiood
Ice Cicum Parlor.
For Sale
J5M8 Model Ford Touring Cm
in 'rood h'i'C, all iir-w fire?. O.
1' Ucnick, Maupin, Ore.
uare rods of land furn-
isbid my family ot six more
stiawheri ies than we could me all
summer. If you have water for
irrig.ilion they will tlo be stinir
l,,r on. Plants 1 per bundled.
-A. A. D.mney,
Church Notice
There will ho regular services
at the Free, Mclhodist chinch both
morning and evening every Sunday
We give every one a cordial in
vitation to eonie.
lidgar V. 1 ong,
For Sale
A limited umnunt of heardlesH
rye seed. Kd Herrling, Criterion
Department ol the Intel ior,
U. S. Land Ollicc m The Dalles,
Oiegon, August 27th, 1919.
NoTicu is hereby given that
ILirrisi 11 I.. Young
of Mautiin. Oicl'oh. who on March
lOth, 1915, made Homestead liniry
No. 01. put, lor sw i-.-;sn-4, necliou
.S. Kl-NWt-4, NKI-, Section 8,
jwi-1nvi-4, heclion 0, I owiislnpi
.. , T n- lUllllning u l'i.lifti-1 10110 nil? 1 ..ri-ii
6 south, Range 14 Last, llhiin- b
cit3, has tiled notice of;a" 1 "'d v"t" "f l"
iiiteiitioii to make Final three1 I wn in favor of bonding. Two
I year I'roof lo estabiish claim to lheue,v members were itcciveil, J 1. 11
land above described, ht-tore I.
). Stuart, U. S. Commissioner
ai aiau pin. tueeon, on ine ism
day ot uelooer, ivm
Claimant names as witnesses,
A. U. Martin, F. M. Martin, E.
.1. iM-eher, li. F. Turner, all ol
Maupin, Oregon.
II. Flunk Woodcock,
Department o( the Interior,
I). S. Land Utlice at The Dalles,
On non. Si ptcniber 2nd, lfll'.l,
jScitick is hereby given thai
William F. Jolnison
of Shaniko. Origin, who on Aug
ust dili, P.112, made Homestead
I'iitry No. 0105Jo, and on Maysud
1917, made Additional Homestead
Kntn No. 0145, for Nwl-'lswl -1,
si 2.WVI-1, SI-2NKI 4, KE1-4KHI-4,
Section 3 1, and wi-2Nvi-4, Sec
lion 35, Township 6 South, flange
IGE'inl, Willamette Meridian, ha.
lilul notice of intention to niak
Final three year Proof, to establish
claim to Ihs land above described,
before K. D. Sluart, U. Coni
niisitmer at Maupin, Oregon, on
tlie 181I1 day of October, 191'J.
Claiuiacd names as witnesses:
Wi i in 111 II. Mcssii gcr, Sanfoid
M. Black, A.chirt L. Hanna, V il
liam II. U tiinstiiff, all of Shaniuo,
up Register
L. B. Fox It. T. Yale?
Makers of Abstracts That
Books Posted lo Dale Daily
Plant Second to None
l iist National Bank Building
Phone Black 2831,
The Dalles, Oregon
i.o. o. f.
JkfJ W A P I N 1 TLA
Lodge No. '2d0, M..cpin, Oregon,
meets everv Sa 1 11 rday n'ght ir
Donaldson1? hail. S'itiliiig uiem
oers a l ay? nelcotiip.
W H. St .vrs, X. 0.
W. 11. Tai cott, Secietary.
Wapinilia Auto Stage
Leaves Mauuin. i p. m.
Leaves Waiititir, 7 a- m.
V. KCBEfirS. Prop.
and Robert me visiting friends in
theValley. ,
Olga Abbott left some two
weeks ago lo attend school in The
II N Dodge has tirchnsed a
cream separator and will ship
cream soon.
Several from hire atterded the
liorso sale in Maiipin Saturilay.
Those from here buying horses
ar Bill Slurghig, Mose Delore
and Ch da Fiinn.
Lloyd Wooilside was" thrown
from ft horse last rriday even 1 g
shaking him up quite luitllv.
The Commercial Club meeting
it the school house was well at-
tended. A short
jii'osjrain w
rendered before Ihe bu incss of
tlio club was taken up, 1 he
i,mi ter of hendi ng ibis Sjcth n for .
... , ,, ,
MrCorkle and Har e Morris. I!e-
r 1 ,. ; . , , rf,
res linen s cons si im of t'lntee.
cake mid sandwiches were served.
Jim Madron's have moved t. 0 -ed
to the property of Oraiula
Mr. and Mrs
Dave Shane
Hindu a trip to Wamic Wednesday
fur apples.
Mrs. May Ball ariived home
Monday from Portland.
Geo,- Oiborn and family are
moving to the Tuschner place.
K I Davis returned home from
xt'jnded trip to Southern Oregon,
Adyertisers please rend over
your notices, and notify us imnit-di
1 alelv if an error has occured,
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office at The
Dalles, Oregon, September 30,
I'o Luiher Wallace, of Criterion,
O'cgon, Co'iteslee:
You are hereby notified that.
Leonard II. Ay res who gives co'Vear I
T, A Hudson, The Dalles, Oregon
us ins postolhco id ress, did on n Stuart, United States Commis
Scptcmber 22 ltmi, tile in this )U,r , Maupin, Oregon, 011 the
oliice Ins du y corroborated P-1 i3ih day of November, 1919.
p'ieaiioii to contest and (C lire. Claimant names as witnesses
ihe caiic llation of your bo" e 1) 11 I ). 1 1, i.-k . w r. Ri,.1!ir,K,in
Hta.i n .try to. penai
015775', made February 28, lOUi
fo, i-;.i-2SEl-4, Section 21, SW1-4N-vvi-j,
vl-2swl-4, ski 4.SW1-1,, ;i
2 lJl-4, Sec. 22, Township (j Sou, I.
liauge 15 East , Willamette Meiiti
ian, anil as grounds for his co: -li'Si
be alleges that said laud was,
wholly ibmdoned in or sbout
Mmch,, 1918. at which time l!
S lit
conleatee went to his former j
h .me in Mississippi and it was1 Ol1 ls Hereby given that
moored 1 h it he died there that : lUe Northern A'acific Railway Com
the ou'y improvements on tlie la A V"''"e l-osf office address is
con istofa cabin 12 by 16 feel, St- lMll"-t1', has tliis 29th
and there has been hI.oii! i 1.9
acres plowed, Ihat since date of
aha itloiimerit 11 ;il her the entry 111 in
or his heiis, if any, have cultivat
ed or improved the laud; that en
trym in's absence from the land
wis not due to his employment in
military service rendered in con
ncilion with operations in Mexico
or aloiui the holders thereof or in
Jiiioboli.aii'in camps elstwlure 111
the Un'itetl States or o'fthe Nation
111,1 rti tr ,,,j il ,,r,,.., , inn.: ..ll
al OiiHid of any of the several I
states or in any war in which tbe
Uuiled States has been engaged.
Von me. therefore further uoti-
ietl 1 lint the said allegations will
be taken as confessed, anil vour
-aid entry will he eencded without
fir tin r tight lo be heaid, lilhor
i ht foi'e this oliice or on appeal, if
Syii i,u I.,, liie in this oliice within
twenty days afttr the FOURTH
publication of this notice, as
shown below, vour answer' under
specifically responding to
iliese allegations of coolest, to- w 240T, and 011 November 20, 191-4,
u'elher nil h due proof that you made Additional Homestead Entry
ii,'1 h served a copy of your answer N i, 01414, for SEI-.p KU4, Scc
011 the said contestant either iu'tion 17, Kl-aiii 3, Section 20, wi
terstn or hi registered mail i-, 8UI-4SWI-4, Section 21,
You should state ill your answer! township 5 South, Range 15 East
ihe name of the po-toflic" to which Willamette Meiidian, lias riled
you desire future notices to Le notice of iuleu iou to make Final
sent to von. three year Proof to establish claim
II. Fkank Woodcock, 1 to the land above described before
Register. ' F. D. Stuart, U. S. Comnriisiouer
D t of fir. t pn'. i ati 11 Oct-'at Maupin, Oregon, ou the 14th
obtr 17, 11)19 j clay of November, lynj.
Date of wi nd publication, Oct- claimant names as witnesses:
o'ier 2 1 15K9 John Manning, James Lnzie. Ciar-
( Date of t'irl publicati, n, Oc'.-
oner 31, 1319,
Date of fourth publicati n, Nov
euiber j, U'lU. i
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Ollicc at The Dalles,
Oresjon, October (tli, 1919,
NOTICK is hereby given that,
Albert K. TuiUi man
of Maiipin, Oregon, who on Feb
rtiaiy 28th, 1516, made Home
stead Linry no 013783, for M-2SI-2,
SWI -I.SWI-4, Section 7, KI-2SHI-4.
HW1-4HK1-4, Section 8, Township 6
South, RiigH i l lust, Willamette
Meridian has filed notice of inten
tion to make 1'inal three year
iof. to establish claim to the
and o tive (iescri bed, before F.L.
St 11 11 1 1 , U. S. Comiuissomr nt
Maupin, Oregon, 'on the 1Mb day
of November, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses;
V. .1. I' 1 scher, of Maupin, Oiegou,
W II V illiains, of Maupin, Ore
gon, ti. .1. Williams of Maupin,
Oregon, II. I), Holds of Stcvcn-soi:-Vn.
S 11 VuAKTL. ,r-f t f V
j Register.
Department of tire Interior
U. S Land Ollicc at The Dalles,
' ri'uon, Oct ibel 6th, 1919.
No ce is hereby given that
. Marion A. 1)m can
o K 'nt, Oregon, who 011 January
21 tu, 1915 union lloinusiead En-'1
try No. 015170, l'nrl.ot4, ki-2Svi-4,
Si-2Siii 4. Section 19, nki -4XT-
i, ni 2NK 1-4, Suction 3 ', Township
4 fSuuu , HaiigB 13 1'jrtsl Wlllam-
etle Meiidian. has filed notice of
intention to make Final three year
I rool, to establish claim to the
laud above described, before F. J).
St uirt, U. S. Commissioner at
Maupin, Oregon, 011 the 18th day
ot November l'J!9.
Ci.nnaiit uames as witnesses:
Hans Koepke, of Grass Vadey,
Oregon, Pete Piters of Kent, Ore
yo 1. Kllis ' 'Hitches of Kent. Ore-
go,,, Pantry W. Hughes of Kent,
l re 011.
pu Register.
Department of the Intel tor,
U. S. Laud Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, October 4, 10,19.
NOTICE, is heieuy given that
(jiissie I. Derthick
of Maniiii, Oregon, who 011 May
lolh, 191s, made Homestead Entry
no. 01 (8i8, for SKi-4si'.l-4, Section
21, Ei-2.i;i-4, and Kii 1 -4 bection
28, NKI-4SK1-4, Sec. 3j, Township
5 South, Range 14 Llast, Willam
ette Meridian, has filed notice of
niteir.ioii to make Final Three
roof, toestahhsh claim to
,ie lai d abjee described before F.
o I. Will uns. W
II. Williams,
all of Maupin, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock,
wo The Dalles. 340 Serial No.
I. S. Land Office at The Dalles
u :t'tJu". September 20111,1919.
ua ui rufHiua 19111 mea 111
this office lis application to select
under the provisions of the act of
Congress, appioved July 1, 1898
0 Slat, 5y7i 020.) as extended
by the Act of Coiit,ress ap roved
May 17, 1906. Lot 4, Sec. 4,
Twp. 5 Range 16 , rOast, W. M.
Any and nil persons claiming
adversely the hinds tltsciibed, or
tltsiiing 10 object because of 'the'
Mineral character of the land, or
I"' olJier ,eaf ' 'lle Nl
' ' .e l" m
davils of protest in this office, oil
or before the 121I1 day ol Novem
ber, 1911)
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, September 301)1, 1019.
Notice is hereby given that
Arthur W.
of Maupin, Oiegou, who ou latiu-
ary 26, 1914, made Iloiiitstead No.
ence Fargher, J.nucs Dorau, all of
Maupin, Oregon.
II, Frank Woodcock,