The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, January 03, 1919, Image 4

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The MauDin Times
Published Every Friday at Maupin, Oregon,
Mrs, W. L. Morrison, Publisher
Local Items
Subscription: One Year $l.50,Six Months 5cts, Three Months 50c
Entered as second class mail matter September 2, 1914, at the i
pose office at Maupin, Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879.
Cover up the Old
Cracked Walls and Ceilings
It's no longer necessary for you to put up
with old cracked walls and dingy discolored
wall-paper you don't have to run the risk of
fulling plaster ceilings.
You con cover up all this trouble and danger
with Beaver Board.
Attractive, new sanitary rooms can be built-in
where the old rooms used to be. New partitions
can be made and useless waste space changed
into usable quarters. Beaver Board will make
the old home look young again.
This knotless, cracklesa manufactured lumber
can be nailed directly over old cracked walls or
to the studding of new partitions. You can saw
the big, sturdy, flawless panels of Beaver Board.
We carry a complete stock ready for imme
diate delivery. Drop in today and get some of
our interesting literature.
You enn't
llomd rtfHiilli
u n I i-k h ttila
trade- murk li
uu the b.t( k
tlit bottiii you
swum CsisSii Sot
HJ Cadk BtoT
"Always At Your Service"
Ray Aubrey is employed at the
Maupin Garage.
J ihn Karlin was a business vis
itor in town yesterday.
A pottoflice inspector was here
the first of the week.
A few winter hats on special
hale at Jory's.
Mrs. A. C. Moad returned to
D iiur Satiuday.
Don't forgbt that you can got
'your groceries for less at Jury's.
0. .B. Derlhick and son Elzie
went to The Dalles yesterday.
Willie Fraley returned Tuesday
fro u Grass Valley,
A new shipment of 'player
pianos at the Maupiu Drug Store.
Geo. Cunningham left yesterday
for Camp Loui.
A. F. Martin has sufficiently
recovered from the effects of the
tin lo be out.
Large sheets of carbon paper for
embroidery stamping at the Times
Our winter seems to consist of
temperature Varying night and
diy I' rum 111 to 40 above zero.
The oyster supper at the Maupin
hotel Tuesday night was well
It is now cold enougli -for those
' Pendleton blankets, Get them at
D. M. Shattuck is home from
Pnrtlnnd. Mrs. Shattuck and
children will return next week.
Mrs. Finley Richardson and
little daughter came home from
The Dalles Tuesday.
For sale gentle pony, saddle
ami bridle, $20. Inquire at this
ollice. ;
A number of the business henses
h i ve calendars this week. Most
if thi'in are very choice selections.
Oct a box of Purolla Influenza
I leatmeiit, for sale nt the Maupin
Drug Storp.
While in Maupin yesterday J.
S. Fraley advanced his subserip
. ion for the Times a couple years.
A. R. Chase was a caller in
Maupin yesterday. Watch your
wheat, pigs and corn, boys,
Some of the farmers dont like to
be skinned, hut Dad Coale Btill
buys fkins and hides,
Kay Kayler after tiring of a few
weks of strenuous 'city life' pur
chased the farm of A. C. Stogtdill
aiel will .hunt his fortunes in the
sni I.
(handler & Price pilot jobber
almost new, 12 mailing galleys
anil a gasoline lamp for pale at
this ollice.
G. W. Vanderpool, A. C. Moad
Mid O. L. Ilarpham left Monday
fur Vale to investigate the Warm
Spring iirigation project recently
Choice acclimated beans for sale
in sack lots at farmer s pricas ai
the Maupii and Hunts Feiry;
Warehouse Co.s. IH.'l 2 nip j
Lieutenant K. , C. Woodcock in
a loiter received by his parents
last week stated that he was soi u
lo leave France on his return trip
to-the I'niled States.
Hygenic Tooth Paste, the best
in the world, a good prophohu'tic
fm Inlluci!!! iiinl I.sgrippe. For
sale nt the Maupin Drugstore.
Wallace Muir and Kenneth
Mttler are home from the arniy
itnd weie preseut at the New Yeai
ball Tuesday night. Mr. Muir
will resume bis duties as mechanic
in I be Maupin Garage, which po
sition he belli before entering the
Owing to fire my ollice is under
going repairs and will not be open
fur business until about the '20th
of the present month, farther
notice will later appear in thin
paper. Portland Painless Dentist,
!W. T. Slatten, D. D. S., Prop.
Mr. and Mrs. I). C Munger an
nouiiee the engagement of their
daughter Violet, to Mr. Claud
Brit ton, the wedding to take place
some lime during the holidays at
! i lie borne of the bride's parents,
j Happy Uidge, Tygh Valley .
,Grsi Valley Journal.
Miss Clara Gibson and Percy
Martin, two popular young people
of Gateway andrVfill known here
were married at Madras Monday.
the Tunes joins their many
friends in best wishes and con
gratulations. Don't pay big prices for eye
glasses when we have guaranteed
to fit glasses for H to $1.50 per
pair. Maupin Drug Store.
Miss (Dinah Munier of Tygh
Valley who has been serving as a
yeomanette of the Bremerton navy
yard, has been spending the holi
days with her parents here. . .
Jiilni M. Conroy and William It.
Heiid of Tygh Valley were visitors
in 'J he Dalles yesterday. . . W.
S. Fraley and W. P. Vi n lerpool
were visitors in tow n from Maupin
yesterday. Chronicle, Dec. 31.
Owing to fire my office is under
going repairs and will not be open
for business until about the L'Otb
of the present month, farther
notice will later appear in . this
paper. Portland Painless Dentist,
VV. T. Slatten, D. D. 8., Prop.
White River National Farm Eoan
Association will be held at Smock
January 24, 1919, at o'clock p.
m. to elect directors to rerye one
year, and lor such other nusiness
as may properly come before, the
meeting. This a very important
meeting. Please make it a point
to attend.
W. H. May field,
Date December 11, 1018.
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office at The
Dalles, Oregon, December 31,
To Rudolph Wernle of Wnpinitia
Oregon, Contested
You-are hereby notified that
John A. Heckler, who gives W'api-
nitia, Oregon as his postollice ail
dress, did on November 13, 1918
file in this office his du.y corrobo
rated, application to contest and
secure the cancellation ol your
homestead Entry No. Sena
No. 01 1865, for N1-2NWI-4, SWI-4NWI-4.
NWI-4SWI-4, Section 6,
Township 6 South, Range 1:
East, Willamette Meridian, Rat
filed notice of intention to make
Final Three Year Proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above de
scribed, before F. D. Stuart, United
States Commissioner at Maupin,
Oregon, on the 3rd day of Feb
ruary, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses:
0. O. May aid1, Carrie Kirkham.
beamier Walters, Stillman H.
tiootlenough, all ot wapinitia,
II. Frank Woodcock,
. Public Land Sale
' Department of the Interior,
P. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
November 8, 1918?
NOTICE is hereby given that
as directed by the Commissioner
of the General Land office, under
pnv. isbms of Sec. 2455, R. S.,
piii.-uaut to the application of
nenry iiolton, herial io. 019170,
For Sale
Fourchoioe young
iuire thisofliee, .
cows.-- In-
For Sale
One 3 1-4' wagon,
skeins and boxes. H.
new steel
L. MorriH.
01(il75. made July"."), 181(1, foi: we win offer at public sale, to the
Are you using The. Times linei
column when you have any thing
to sell or want to buy some article
that your neighbor may have or
wishes to dispose of? If not try
a want ad in that column. We nn
sure that it will bring resulls.
Times, $1.50 per year.
Wapinitia Auto Stags
l Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
Leaves Wi piritis, 110 p.
SBl-4, bection 10, Nl-ZKEl-4, HKl-4nh1-4,
Section 15, svv1-4nw1-4,
Section 14, Township ti South,
Range 13 liast, Willamette Merid
ian, and as grounds for bis con
tent he alleges that said Rudolph
Wernle has never established
residence nn the place and. that
Rudolph Wernle is not serving in
the military or Tiaval forces el ll e
United States.
You are, therefore, further noti
fied that the said allegations will
he taken as confessed, and your
said entry will be eenceled without
further right to be heard, either
before this office or on npp"nl, if
you fail to file In this office within
twenty days after the FOI RTF
iiuoiicHi-ion 01 mis nonce, is
shown below, your answer' undi r!nI'
0 it h , specificnlly responding to
these allegations of contest, to
g.rther with due proof that yo 1
iuve served a copy of your answer
on the said contestant either in
person or by registered mail. x
oii should state in your hush or
the name of the postoflice to w hich desire future notices to If
sent lo von.
II. Frank Woodcock,
Dute of first publication, J 'mi
liary 3, 191'J.
Date of second publication, jan-
1 urn v 10, iiy.
Dale of third publication, Janu
ary 17, 1919.
. Date of fourth publication, Jun
mry 24, 1919.
highest bidder, but at not less
than $2. 50 per acre, at 11:30 o'clock
A. M. ou the 14th day of Januaty
next at this ollice, the followinr
tract of land: NKI-4NWI-4, nwi
4NK1-4, Section 22, Township 3
South, Range 13 East W. M.
(Containing 80 Acres).
Ti e sale will not be kept open,
but will be declared closed when
those present at the . hour named
have ceased bidding. The person
making the highest bid will be re
linked to immediately pay to the
Receiver the amount thereof.
Any persons claiming adversely
ilie above described land are ad
vised to file their claims, or objec
tions, on or before the time desig
nated for sale.
L. A. Booth, Receiver.
I.O. O F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon.
meets everj Saturday night lr
Donaldson's hall. Visiting mem
nets always welcome.
V. II. Tai.cott, Secretary.
L. B. Fox li. T. Yale-
Makers of Abstracts That
Hooks Posted to Date Daily
Plant Second to None
First National Rank Building
Phone Black 2831,
The Dalles, Oiegon v
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at Tim Dalles,
Oregon, December 11, 1918.
Notice is hereby given that
Thomas Faherty
of Maupin, Oregon, who, on
March 8th, 191.5', made Homestead
Kntry no. 014565, for SK1-4NWI-4.
S1-JNKI-4, WI-2SIU-4, Section 9,
SWT.4NW1-4, W1-2SWI-4. Section Id
i Township s, South, Range 14, Ivisl
Willamette Meridian, has tiled no
tice of intention to make Final
I three year Proof, to establish ciiiiai
to the land above described, before
F. 1). Stuart, U. S, Cominissicin 1
at Manpiu Oregon, ou the 29U1
jiiay of January, 1919.
j Claimant names as witnesses:
I Clark Richardson, , James Doran
John Foley, Ray Aubrey, all cf
i Maupin, Oregon.
H. Frank Woodcock,
Hot Meals, sandwiches, NOT1CF. FOR PUBLICATION
Short orders at all hours,1. Department of the Interior
. , . , J lT. S. Land Office at The Dalles
oerrea ar ine nazeiaoou o, , iw,.n,l,r nn,
...., ,
Ice Cream Parlor.
Maupin Garage
Adyertisers please read over
your notices and notify us immedi
ately if an error has oecured. '
Stockholder's Notice
The annual meeting of the
rjuilllli is liereny given
Daniel ,1. Conroy
of Shaniko, Oregon, who on July
-'dill, 1 y 15, made Homestead iMitry
No. 015 171. for k1-2svi-4. Section
lo, sWi"4Nvi-4, Section 14, K1-2N-
wi-4. WI-2NKI-4, SEI-4MU-4. Stc-
lion 15, lownsbip 6 South, Range
15 rast, Willamette Meridian
has tiled notice of intention to
make Final three year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, bofore F. D Stuart, U.
S. Commissioner, at Maupin, Ore
gon, on the 29th day of January,
Claimant , names as witnesses:
l!oy Reynolds, James Doran,
of Maupin, Oregon, Ralph Puan,
P. K. Conroy ofCriterion, Oregon.
H. Frank Woocock,
(1751) The Dalles 335 Serial No.
V. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oncon; November 25, 1918.
NO I ICE is hereby given that,
the Northern Pacific Railway Com
puny, wnose post office address is
St. Paul, Minnesota, has this 25th
iljy of November, 1918, filed in
this office, its application to select
1 mler the provisions of the act of
tungiess, appioved July 1, 1898
(30 Stat, 597, 620.) SKI-4 of nei-4
Sec. 18, Twp. 5 South, R 14 East
W. M.
Ad;, and all persons claiming
adversely the lands described, or
(ksiiing to object because of the
Mimia.1 character of the land, or
hi v other reason, to the dispoSa'
tu applicant, should file their affi
lavits of protest in this office, ou
01 before the 14th day ot January,
Department ol the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, November 29th, 1918.
notick is hereby given that
'line Wilson, deserted wife of
Jacob M. Wilson
of Shaniko, Oregon, who on Sept.'
5, 1912, made Homestead Entry
no, 010692, and on May 4, 1914,
niiiile Additional Homestead Entry -No.
013 105 for SI-2NWI-4, Section
14, SI-2NEI-4, Snr-4NWi-4, Section
15, Township 7 bomb, Range 15
Fast, Willamette Meridian, has
lileil notice of intention to make
Final three year Proof to establish
claim to the land above described,
before liegisUi ami Reieiver, Unit
ed Stales Li'mil Office at The Dalies
Oregon, on the 21st day of January
Claimant names as witnesses,
Clamp Wilson, Hakeoven, Oregon,
ticoige K. Fine, Shauiko, Oregon,
A E. Fine, Shaniko,. Ore-gon, K.
E. Fine, Shauiko, Oregon.
II. Frank Woodcock,
Department of the Interior,
U. 8. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, Decemlwr, 12th, 1918.
Notice is hereby given that
Charles B. Do le,
of Wapinitia, Oregon, who on July
9th, 1913, made Homestead Kntry
Uepartiueiit of the Interior,
V. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, December 4th, 1918.
Notice is hereby giyeu that
Wilbur E. Hurst,
of Maupin, Oregon, who on July -1st
I'll:!, made Homestead Eutry
No. 011810, for se1-4nw1-4, swl-4nk1-4,
w1-2sk1-4, Section 84,
TownMiip 4 South, Range 14 East,
Wilmmetit, Meridian, haa filed
notice of Intention to make Final
tbreeyear Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before
K. D. Stuart, U. S. Commissioner
at Maupin, Oregon, on the 22nd
day of January, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses:
T. A. Connolly, A. J. Conuolly."
Asa M. White, John Foley, All of
Maupin, Oregon.
UP Register.