The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 13, 1918, Image 1

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11 Lv
Demoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 5. NO 9,
THE YEAR $1.50
- H
Tygh Valley
J. O. Thompson has been trans
acting business in PortJand the
past week. "
J. E. Morrow was a Dalles cull
er Monday, going in with V. C.
Butler of Moupin.
If pome of the people could (ind
cut who the scribe from Tygh in
' we believe they would hang "her
or him' ' in elliagy I
P. J. OlHen spent Sunday at his
home at Shuniko.
The school-board decided to i
start the school again on Monday, '
Join the Red Cross
:- R HF I fP
0i u
R. C. Jory
Now is the time to liuy practical
, Christmas Gifts
Nothing More Useful or Belter Appreciated than
Pendleton Goods
Our line is Complete
Pendleton Pure Fleece Wool
Lack of space in our store prevents proper display. Ak
to see our stock. It is a pleasure to show 'yoods of
'"It Pays to Pay Cash at Jory's"
Prefered Stock
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Better Come and Get Yours Now
While the Sizes are in Tact
New Crop Nevada Comb Honey
Also Large Shipment o( Cabbage for Kraut
Fancy Baldwin Apples
Call or Phone for Yonrs at
"At Your S2rvi:e"
December 10 provided no symtotris
of the flu develop in the tiii'nii
time. 'e 1 1 a tie hut very few
cases here and those not serious,
and believe that the action ,of the
directors in keeping the- t-ehool
closed has been a large f tie tor in
warding it off, for in most phicc.s
where they have started s'ojiool too
Hoon they have had to close down
again on account of the epidemic
fprcttdi up.' '
Mr. and MrvK. L. HauBer and
Harry were business callerr
it I
Kent on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Morris
were Maupin callers Tuesday.
Wm. Stillwell received the ead
news last Wednesday of hid moth.
er's death and left at
(mco to
attend the funeral.
Mrs. Raymond Doeting has
been confined to her rrtid with the
fin, but is better at this voting.
II, B. Jory
- count coveps
BE!) lioliES
Tra Biu Biscuit Go's.
Cakes and Cookies
thb Weds
Owing to lire my oflice is under
gcing repairs and will not. be open
for business until about flit? :.'0tb
of the present month, ' farther
notice "will later appear in tins
paper. Portland rainless Dentist,
W. T. Slatten, 1). 1). S., Prop. (
let your dollar ready fur the
ie(f Cross Xmas drive.
(leo..-Johnson of "Dtiftir was a
caller here. Tuesday.
Owing to fire my olliee is under
going repairs and will notlie open
for business until about the i!()l.h
of the present, monMi, farther
notice will later appear in this
Da per. Portland Painless Dentist,
W. T. SlatUs D. D. S., Prop.
A loiter... from Kluier Minder
.states that he Is well ' and enjoyed
a big Thanksgiving feed with his
bister oniah at Bremerton.
J. II. Fitzpatrick is attending
to business in Portland uud The
Dalles this week.
i Dr. Jackson of On fur imide a
pi ofessionul call here and at
Waniio Wednesday.
Oniog to lite niy otliee is under-
(going repairs and will not he open
lor business until about the'iOth
'of (be present month, farther
notice will later appear in this
paper. Portland Painless Dentist,
W. T. Flatten, D. 1. H., Prop.
Mrs. Wilhelrii is knitting (in her
sixt h f.wi-Mter since Oelobrr 1st.
Dec A.
Faank Winy was ft Tygh viuitor
Mrs. M. A. Kinney left a week
h fro P'riday for Portland where
she w-ill remain this winter,
W. II. McAtlee was here from
Tygh Tuesilay.
Frank Wing was a business vifi-
jjtor to Dufur Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs.' Iiilly Kicliardsnm
and'iiifaiit daughter went to Ilood
River Wednesday. They have
spent several months at thti Will
Lucas home.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie May field
moved to the End farm last week
Mrs. Barbara Knd and sons
George and John moved to Hills
boro instead of Warreuton.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Driver have
moved into their new house,
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Driver
have moved into the 'house vacat
ed by I. D. Driver, on iho farm.
Dave Campbell is remodeling
the (iuy Harvey bouse.
The Four Comers will no longer
be the name of the cemetery.
Lone Pine has been given as the
name and t he words are engraved
on the gate poi-t at the eiitrVice to
the cemetery recently erected by
the End brothers.
A parly of young people wont
from here to- the K. L. llauser
home on Tygh creek' evening
last week.
Wry high temperature prevail,
ed here the former and middle
part of last week.
Jiuimie Johnson lias returned
from Grass Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Jojin lleihoeir
were Dufur visitors Wednesday
Thi good roadsTiere vere spoil-ed-Wc-dnesday
night by a heayy
J. E. Kennedy took Mrs. Keii
by and Lncile to Sherar Thursday,
they being on their way to Port
Mrs. Frankie P.-.ltifateer spent
several days in The Dalles last
weeE, visiting her s-m Ste ilo! and
haying dental work done.
Tho remflins tf Ira White who
died nt Vancuver Hattinhiy of
Spanish inlbienza will be taken to
.luniper Flat for interment.
A boy buby wa horn to Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. didders Saturday
Mr. find Mrs. "Floyd Eu banks
spent several days last week at
tiie J. II. Euhanks home.
John Eubanks butchered four
teen bend of hogs last we.ek.
0. S. McOorkJe and family and
Mrs. Julia Pratt spent Sunday at
the X Jones home on Smock.
Wilbur Mjulvany is improving.
Litth Caromel Woodcock is ill
John Powell and Mrs". Howard
Black erby went to Sunday, being
"called there by the death of their
relative, ra White.
Jim Kistner returned to Tygh
after spending two weeks here.
About an inch of snow .fell here
lust night, melting away today.
Rachel Martin Dead
Death en mo into this communi
ty Saturday night and removed a
life .that was full of ambitious
thoughts, was ntnbitious anil kii;d
hearted to all wh.t knew her.
Rachel A. Martin was born Jan
uary 8. 111015, at Wapinitin, Oregon
bnd died at her home in Maupin,
Deckmber 7, 1918, after an illness
of a few days with pneumonia.
She leaves -a father, mother, four
sisters, ninny relatives and friends
to mourn her loss.
Funeral services were held at
tho Kelly cemetery Sunday after
noon and interment made in the
family lot.
I summon you io the comradship
Answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll
call for Universal membership.
Wood row Wilson.
Ira White Victim
(Wapinitin Special )
Word reached hern Samrday
morning that Ira W. White of
Vancouver had parsed away that
morning.' Saturday jaflcrnoon ,1.
M. Powell and Mrs. Ina lilack
erby of V tunic went to. The Dalles
and took a night train . lor Van
couver. Monday night Mr. l'o,ell
and Clyde Flinn brought 4be
body to Maupin and on Tuesday
a 11 o'clock- he was laid to rest in
the 'Kelly cemetery beside bis
father. Mr. White with the rest
of his family had been down nuiic
time with Spanish iiilluenza and
pneumonia, developed and claimed
him for its victim in a few days.
Ira. W. White was born Nnvem-.
tier '2'.'i, IN80 in 11 runt county,'
Oregon, and with Iiih parents
caimi here vthen two years old,
where he lias lived until a few
years ago. In l'JOl lie was mur
mied to Miss Vent a Parker, and to
this union two sons were bom who
with his wife survive. He also
leaves a brother, Clarence White
of California and two sisters, Mrs,
Delia Powell of this place mid
Mrs. Laura Parker of Sanger, Cal,
besides a host of other relatives
and frienes to mourn his uutiineiy
death, lint we "sorrow not as
those who have-no hope," for Ira
was converted when just a young
man and'has lived a faithful Chris
tain ever since and we feel as
thopgh he had just moved over,
v4 1. vri uV-
: 4 rhujr
." "'1
? " )2. ,
'V'-. " $ . .1.
Celebrates Birthday
. The lirphani and Kayler fami
lies wenk to Wapinitui Saturday
where they attended a birthday
party given by Mm. May Barzee
in honor of her daughter, Miss
Vivian who is thirteen ears old.
Vivian was the recipient of many
beautiful - presents. Air elegant
turkey dinner was served to thirty
guests, of which Mrs. Iiigbee de
clares she bad her allowance of
cream cake. The afternoon wuh
spent in knitting Red Cross sweat
era and taking pictures.
Ray Aubry has bought a lot on
Stunts street and is erecting a
three room cottage thereon.
Choice acclimated beans for sale
in sack lots at farmer's prices at
the Man pi a and Hunts Ferry
Warehouse Co.s. D13 2 nip
and will be waiting there for us,
l!ev. Geo. Wood of Watnic con
ducted a short -orvice at the grave
A funeral service had been held
at Vancouver before the body wad
Mrs. White and sons have the
tympaty of this whole, community
i ii their 1 ad ullliciiuii.