The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 06, 1918, Image 4

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    The Mauoin Times
Published Eevery Friday at Maupin, Oregon,
Mrs, W. L. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: One Year $1.50, Six
Entered as second class mail
pom office at Maupin, Oregon,
From France
Co F3IC Engineers, Somewhere
in France, Oct. 15, 1918,
My dear mother:
Well mother I have been neglect
i rig to writ" to you fur hoiiio time
bo will try mid write a line.
J have seen some pretty excit
ing limes nine 1 hint wrote you,
We have been up on the front for
several days. We were between
the infantry mid artillery, fixing
np lb" mud no the artillery could
go ahead. We were camped upon
a litlia Lill and they kept shelling
it all the time. The shells were
flying about ua thick as liien in
July. 1 was with the wagons all
the time tending to t lie tools. We
were driving aloilg the road one
luornir.g when a mounted police
rode up and said you had bet lei
stop, that they were shelling the
roail jimt ahead of us, and while
we were. 8topped there, a shell
dropped in the road just, abend of
us and killed two horses and blew
a field kitchen all to pieces, lint
we caw lots of things like that
before we jeft. We drove them
buck about fifteen miles. Thev
haven't any infaalry at all hardly.
We only saw their infantry once.
They just had machine' guns anil
they can't hit anything with them
' Just once in a while a stray idiot.
In one little town that we captured
we ge two men that were chained
up in apple trees with machine
We dug us holes in the side of
the road a couplo of feet deep to
sleep in. One evening they got
to shelling us pretty heavy and
wegotin them and there was a
piece of shell that had exploded
cut the brush right ov:r my head.
It sure did sing. 1 thought it had
my name on it, but it never. They
threw dirt on us lots of times,
, We hud an aeroplane raid one
evening and they Were shooting
with machine guns and dropping
bombs. A couple of us jumped
and a bullet dropped right by the
side of us.
We captured some dug outs
where they worn getting ready to
have a meal. They had a couple
of big pots of sonic kind of stew
that was hot yet when we found
it, and a lot of nice, fresh cabbage
all ready to put on.
When I was reading your last
letter the shelU were sure living,
hut I didn't notice them at all
Well mother, ;vill have to rin
off for this lino, Will try ;u ..
not wait writing uJ lung next time
With lots of It.w to all,
Your sj.ii),
Corp. Ernest M. Confer,
Co. F !ilt Engineers, A. K. F. ,
1'. O. T7G.
Church Notice
John (1. Hessler, pastor.
' Services suspended for the pies
ent cause, intlueinsa.
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Loaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
Leavts Wi iit itin, l p. nv
I.O. O F.
Lndi'H No. 20!). Miuinin, Oregon.
meets every Saturday night in
.Donaldson's hull. Visiting mem
Hers always welcome.
0. II. Chokoot, N. Ci.
W. II. Talcott, SeereUry.
Months 5cts, Three Months 50c
matter September 2, 1914. at the
under the Act of March 3, 1879.
Local Items
School opened again Monday.
A. J. Baxter was in from Cri
terion Moixlay,
I), A. Moad was ilotin Iron
Bend for a lew days' visit.
Mrs. Gamber left for the valley
Tuesday morning. j
Jackson Rice was in from Wnp
initia Friday.
Wood wanted at the Maupin
Large sheets of carbon paper for
embroidery stumping at the Times
(iladya Morrow has been quite
ill with the iulltienza.
W. II. Durham returned from
Spokane, Friday,
Kaehel Martin is very low with
Mrs. Biichannon left for Omaha
.Saturday night to Bee her mother,
and if possible, bring her here.
The switchboard was moved to
the Jewelry store Tuesday, where
W. II. Durham is operating it,
llygenic Tooth Paste, the best,
in the world, a good prophobictic
for Influenza and Lagrippe. ' For
sale at the Maupin Drug Store.
Blaine Disbrow and Marbm
Farlow were oyer from Smock
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Woodcock
are guests at the home of their
son F. J I. this week."
Xnias presents arriving daily at
thn Manpin Drugstore. Do your
Christinas shopping early.
Otto Herrling wan a business
visitor from Criterion Monday.
iiii Brown was over from White
River Monday,
For sale gentle ponvf saddle
and bridle, $'20, Inquire at this
Mrs. Durham is entertaining to
day in honor of her daughter, Mih
Powers who leayes tomorrow loi
her home in Enterprise.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Harnett vis
ited relatives here I lie last of the
Some of the farmers dont like to
be skinned, but Dad Coale still
buys skins and hides,
Mr. ami Mrs. G, W. Foster
have bought the McCorkle place
above Tygh and have moved there
Portland Painless Dentist, !i05
Second St., The Dalles, Ore. Port
land prices. Phone Main .Mill. W.
T. Slatten, D. D. S., proprietor.
Miss Vera Westerfield, daughter
of W. I. Westerfield of the Grass
Valley Journal died in Portland
of influenza, November 2ti. Her
only brother is in France.
Iiogs Wanted
Fifty head to ship Doc ' 15 to 21.
Let me know at once. H. L. Morris
For Sale
One ;? I--I wagon, new steel
skeins and boxes. II. I,. Morris.
For Sale
N,ue head of choice heifers,
good (i.iiry Mock, will be fresh in
spring. Inquire this oflice.
1.. B. Fox 11. T. Yates
Makers of Abstracts That
Books Posted to Date Daily
Plant Stjcond to None
First National Bank Building
Phone Black 2S31,
The Dalles, Oregon
It's a. feat to keep the feet from getting cold, without the
"Heme Fires Burning". v ,
How are you going to keep the fires burning, with that big,
empty space in your wood shed?
You better size up'the fuel conditions.
Call in and place your orders. Do it now.
All kinds and prices.
See us about this matter at
E. J. FISCHER, Prop.
Complete line o Tubes and Casings
Automobile Accessories
General repairing on all makes of cars
All work guaranteed and prices reasonable
We are at your service
Fischer's Maupin
, ' Elruigans Soliloquy
Thoy's some that likes high fluten things,
With balls and dago opery bIiows, "
Them soriecs bright light cabarets,
Where swells and city slickers goes,
That cussed onery game of golf
Where women Btew and fuss
And fat men swing them little Fticks,
And sweat and growl and cuss.
I guess I ain't like city folks, ,
Some say I ain't as smart,
But I know a good old pastime
That's sure closen to my heart,
For I'd rather set upon a box,
In old Zeb Slocums' store;
With sharpened kpife and stick so soft,
And just whittle on the floor.
Folks say I'm powerful shiftless
And a counter jutnpin pest,
But I kin make as many shavins
As Hank and all the rest.
A chaw of Peerless big and sweet;
And middlin close the box, N
So's I kin hit it in the middle,
And spare my neighbors' socks.
When old Winter's sneaken up without
. And things is all fired chill,
I like to cuss them Bolsheveek,
' And dam tliit skunk old Kaiser Bill
It's most fun to talk about the war,
Them funny wagons in the air,
And low how I would knock them Boche
If I was young and over there,
Y'es and wrangle over little things
About the absent neighbor's jaw
And get some sleepy old coyote,
And swap him chaw for chaw,
U'b great to argue with the hoys,
To get 'em mad and all het up
And watch 'eni bristle up and snap,
Like Widder Doole's snarlin pup.
To talk on polelies is fun, though
Sometimes arguing in tiie wrong
It makes me feel so swaggering like
And lighten happy all day long.
You kin take tlieiu city pleasures,
With a hundred names or more,
But give uie a seat upon a box,
In old Zeb Slocum's store. I
Charles B. Lake
In another column is a letter
from Krnest Confer. His sister,
Miss Kiln, also received a letter
from Mm Tuesday morning, dated
November 0, and he was on the
tiring line in Belgium, but had
been relieyed for a few days and
was buck in a rest camp.
Gut a box of Purolla Influenza
treatment, for sale at the Maupin
jDrug Stora. x
Don't pay big prices for eye
glasses when we have guaranteed
to fit glasses for f I to $l.f0 per
pair. Maupin Drug Store.
Frank Biuan has given up th
carrying of mail to and from the
depots. M. Creager commenced
taking the mail Sunday, and the
steady gate of the familiar team
and rig bring pleasant reniinia
auces, 1
Bargains in Lumber
I own all the lumorr noin the
old grain warehouse, Ben F. Cook
Hot Meals, sandwiches f
Shori orders at all hours,
Served at the Hazelwood
Ice Cream Parlor.
Mm. H. B. Jory
Teacher ol Piano
Will receive a limited number of
pupils. For arringenients see her
at her home the Moad house.
Public Land Sale
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
November 8, 1918.
NOTICE is hereby given that
as directed by the Commissioner
of the General Land oflice, under
provisions of Sec. 2455, K. S.,
pursuant to the application ot
nenry Bolton, Serial No. 019170,
we will offer at public sale, to the
highest bidder, but at not less
than $2.50 per acre, a 11:30 o'clock
A. M. on the 14th day of January
next at this office, the following
tract of land: NKT-4N w 1 -4, nwi-
14NE1-4, Section 22, Township 3
j Soul h, Range 13 East W. M.
(Containing 80 Acres).
I The sale will not be kept open,
1 but will be declared closed when
j those present at the hour named
I have ceased bidding. The peison
making ttie highest bid wall he re
quired to immediately pay to the
Receiver the amount thereof.
Any persons claiming adversely
llie above described laud are ad
vised to file their claims, or objec
tions, on or before the lime desig
nated for sale.
np L. A. Booth, Receiver.
( 1 751) The Dalles 335 Serial No.
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, November 25, 1918..
NOTICE is hereby given that,
the Northern Pacific Railway Com
pany, whose post office address is
St. Paul, Minnesota, has this 25th
day of November, 1918, filed in
this office its application to select
tiniler the provisions t the act ot
Congress, appiovwUjuly 1, 1898
(30 Stat, 597, 620.) SEI-4 of nei 1
Sec. 18, Twp.'s South, R 14 Eal
.'. M.
.r and all persons claiming
adversely the lands described, or
(h siring to object because of the
Mineral character of the land, 01
any other reason, to the disposi.
to applicant, should file their alii -ilavi's
of protest in this office, on
or before llie 14th day ol Jauuaiv.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, November 29th, 1918.
NoT. ICE is hereby given that
(Iraee Wilson, deserted wife of
.Jacob M. Wilson
of Sba'dko, Oregon, who ou Sept.
5, 1912, made Homestead Km r y
n. 010692, and on May 4, 1914.
made Additional Homestead Entry
No. 013105 for S1-2NWI-4, Section
14, SI-2NEI-4? SM-4NWI-4, Section
15, Township 7 South, Range. 15
Last, Willamette Meridian, has
tiled notice of intention to make
Final three year Proof to estabiish
claim to the land above described,
before Register and ReceiverUnit
ed States Land Office at The Dalles
Oregon, on the 21st day of Januaiy
Claimant names as witnesses,
Claud Wilson, Bakeoveu, Oregon,
George K. Fine, Shauiko, Oregon,
A K. Fine, Shaniko, Ore-goo, K.
H. Fine, Shauiko, Oregon.
1 11. Frank Woodcock,
Strayed from my place one
black inale calf about 8 months
old, has no brand nor ear marks'.
Anyone kno.ving of such a calf
call or notify N. '. Flinn, wilr
come and pay charges.
E. J. Styer has moved his ton
sorial parlor into the loom vacat
ed by the telephone office, and
the partitoii in the large room is
removed, nuking the confection
ary and dining room more roomy.
Henry Holland struck water at
a depth of 175 feet on the Chas-
tain place above town.
Miss Emerson was called to
Sheridan where her mother is not
exuecttd to live
Department of the Interior
U. S. Unci Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, September, 1918.
Notice is hereby given that
Walter I, Driver
of Maupin, Oregon, who, on Aug
ust 5th, 1915, made Homestead
Entry no, 015313, and 011 August
30, 1915, made Additional Home
stead Entry no. 015374, for SEI-4SK
1-4, Section 23, WI-2SWI-4, Section
24, vi-2Nwl-4, Section 25, KI-2NE-1-4,
NK1-4SKI-4, Section 26, Town
ship 5, South, Range 14, Kast
Willamette Meridian, has tiled no
lice of intention to make Final
three year Proof , to establish claim
to the land above described, before
V. D, Stuart, U. S, Commissioner
at Maupin Oregon, on the nth
day of November, 1918.
Claimant names as witnesses:
C. K. Matthews, li. B. Driver, H.
B. Holland, A. J. Connolly, all of
Maupin, Oregon.
II. Frank Woodcock,
Department of the Interior
V. S. Land Office at The Dalles
Oicgon, October 8lh, iyl8.
WOllUi is hereby given that
Arthur Henderson
of Criterion, Oregon, who on No
vember 191b, 1913, made Home
stead Entry No. 012259, for e1-2n-
NVVl-4. SWI-NHl-4, NEl-'lsWI-4,
Section 1 7, Township 6 South,
1,'ij.e 15'nast, Willamette Merid
1 ui has tiled notice of intention to
1. lake Filial three year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, bofore F. D Stuart, U.
.! Commissioner, at Maunin. Ore
gon, ou the 2nd day of December,
Claimant names as witnesses:
J. B. Kidder, L. B. DeCanip, II.
m. ureen, U U. Mfogsberg, allot
Ciileiion, Oregon.
It. Frank Woocock,
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, September, 28th, 1918.
Notice is hereby given that
Arthur (i. Harvey,
of Wamic, Oregon, who on June
2M, 1915, made Homestead Entry
No 014549, and on April 3, 1917,
m-ide additional Homestead Entry
N . 014910, for nwi-4, N1.2SWI-4,
SWI-4SWI-4, SWI-4NE1-4, Section
25, Township 3 South, Range 14
East, Willamette Meridian, has
filed notice of intention to make
Final Three Year Proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above de
scribed, before. F'. D. Stuart, United
States Commissioner at Maupin,
)i'.-gon, on the 2 1st day of Nov
i'liilKi, 1918.
Claimant names as . witnesses1
K.. Stow, of Tygh Valley, Ore'
gon. I. A. Hull, of Tvgh Valley,
Oregon, B. B C.ervais, of Grass
Valley, Oregon, Kmil Anderson of
Grass Valley, Oregon.
II. Frank Woodcock,
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office at The
Dalies, Oregon, September 23rd,
NOTICE is hereby given that
Sarah A. Oamber,
of Maupin, Oregon, who on March
4111, 1913, made Homestead Entry,
no. 011368, for Lots 2, 3, SEI-4NW
i-4, Section 30, Township 4 South
Range 15 Kast, Willamette Me
ridian, has filed notice of intention
to make vinal three year Proof
to establish claim to the land above
lieserilied, before F. I). Stuart, U.
S. Commissioner, at, Maupin Ore
gon, on the 14U1 day of November
Claimant names as witnesses
Iciome Huzan, Vein Tiinisou, A.'
f. Lindley, a. A. Caufield, all of
Maupin, Oregon.
11. Frank Woodcock,
P Register.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon; September 28th, 1918.
Noti is hereby given that,
0 rover L, Webb,
of Tygh Valley Oregon, who on
October, nth, 1915, made Home
stead Entry No. UlfifJl'S, for ksi-a.
SEI-4NWI 4, NI-28WI-4, NWI-4SEI-4
Section 28, 'Township 3 South,
Ranup Dl East VVillnniRt.Ta MQ,i,i
lan. has filed notice of intention to
mane final three year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, before Register and
Receiver, United States Land Office
The Dalles, Oregon, on the 2iud
day of November, 1918.
Claimant names as witnesses:
K. L. Hauser, Sandy Ross, M U
Co"benh, Emit Meru, all of Tyt '
Valley, Oregon.
UP Register! '