The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, September 27, 1918, Image 4

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The Maupin Times
Published every Friday at Maupin,
Mks. W. L,. Morrison, Publislur
Subscription: One year, fi.w six
months, 75 cents; three mmmm, 50
Entered as second class mail
matter September a, 1914, at the
postofFice at Maupin, Oregon, mi.
dcr the Act of March 3, 1879.
From the Boys
home, but will try and bi inp back
some souveniia of France when I
come. I cant send thetn very well
Will write you more news next
time. 1 am feeling good and en joying
the best of health.
Your friend,
Jim Flanagan'..
Camp Mead, Md., Sept. 13, 1918
Dear Motherland H. L., ;
Will answer yours received n
few days ago and was very giad to
hear from you. I had a letter
from To:n yesterday.
I got back from the rifle range
and the boys from the west have
it over the boys in the east when
it comes to shooting. We are go
ing out again in the morning to
be gone four days this time; were
gone seven days before.
I went te Baltimore last Satur
day and Sunday and took a good
look al the town, but do not like
ii as well as San Francisco.
I received a letter from Mr.
Wing. She said they w,ere going
to move over to Washington.
I am sending you my appoint
ment ot corporalship and I want
you to keep it lor me. I had a
letter from Grace a few duya ago.
Well I must close for this time
and say goodbye; write soon.
From your son,
Corporal Harry II. Muir.
Co. J 63rd Inf.
On active service with the Atner
lean-expeditionary force, Aug. '20.
My Dear Sister and all:
This leaves me fine and dandy
and hope you are all as good ss
you look in that picture for that
sure is a good picture of you,
Holliday and I are out in the
jungles all by ourselves by an old
mi 1 that is as old as the hilln.
Jle is asleep, so it is pretty lone
some. t
I expect that the harvesting is
pretty well over with by now.
You should see them here. Then
isn't anything hardly and each
one has only about ten acres ami
cut it with a scythe or an old
reaper Uien thoy bind it by hand.
We leave more on the ground than
thev have before they sunt
It has been pretty warm hpre
for a week or more until yesterday,
it rained pretty near all day, it
is just nice and cool today.
The people here are behind the
times so far the never will catch
up. They never will know what
civilized country looks like. Ttiey
cad talk France to me all the
want to hot tin1 nmrp I uep of it
t he w Trie ii i-ifiiti'il Iain !!eii:.
Ill- I '" K'rf-C ..UKMi'l. l-V lima 1
Tnut was the sickest bunch I was
ever in.
One thing they have here is
good roads, The ground is like
cement and they i lit. crushed rock
on it. They crush the rock with
a hammer.
Well folks there is no news sn
will try and do better npxt lime.
Don't worry about me for I will
take, good care of myself.
Love to all,
Ernest Conf' r.
Co. F. 310 Engrs., A. Iv, A.
1 O. 77(i.
Co. L 72 Inf., Camp Mead, Md.
Sept. l'J, 1918.
My Dear Mother;
This leaves me feeling fine and
hope it will find you all the same.
I am drilling 9 hours a day. Am
acting as corporal now so it gives
trie a lot of extra work to do, 1
have to drill in the model com
pany every of'ternoou under the
instructions cf'a French oflicer.
I went to Washington I). 0,
Saturday evening and Sunday 1
saw the White House, went all
through the library and around
the capitol, saw the treasury build
ing and was going up in Washing
ton's monument but was a little
too late. It is 555 feet high and
about 30 or 4() leet square at the
bottom. Five hundred feet is as
high as a person can go.
It rained 154 of yestereay and
we did not go out to drill.
Love to all from,
Pvt. Chester 0. Lice.
licbnomy and Bchram jars and
second band school books at thin
H. F. Woodcock came Wednes
day for a visit with his son, J. 11.
A large crowd gathered at the
O T, depot this morning to see a
sj"icial train of captured guns from
(Inrniany pass, but were disap
pointed hh it passed through be
tore its tune for arrival and did
not ship,
A thrilling Liberty Loan lecture
was delivered in the hall Saturday
night by a returned French olhcei
The baby registration Saturday
proved a pleasing social gathering
f r the mothers.
Large sheets of carbon paper for
embroidery stamping at the l imes
Little Harriet Gill is visiting
htr nundnia Mrs. 'Staats this
Farm. Btock, machinery and
ho iehold goods for pale October 3
at V, B. Tapps', Wapinitia.
Some of the farmers dont like t"
be skinned, but Dad Coale still
buys skins and hides.
Church Notice
John G. Hessler, pastor.
Tju pastor will be away for tin
next two Sundays holding quar
terly meetings' for the , district'
elder. W. II. Aldridge will have
charge of the services in the chinch
The eyening service will be at 7;Ii0
You are cordialry invited to the
For sale, 120 bead of good
Ramble A breeding ewes aud 135
heud of this year's lambs from
thoroughbred Lincoln bucks. fVr
information inquire of Fen Baity
or L. C. lluiineghan.
For Sale
Nine head of choice heifers,
good dairy slock, will be fresh in
spring. Inquire this oflice.
For Sale
One sorrel mare, white fuce
wei.ihs 1200, branded horseshoe
tut, in co ter on right shoulder.
One sorrel horse, weighs 1200,
branded horseshoe-dot in eentei
on light sbouider and wire cut oi
mi right front foot. One bay
mare weighs 1000. not branded
All three had halters on when last
"eu. Frank Russell, Criterion.
350 choice Kambonlet yearling
Bucks. Fairview Stock Farm,
l'rineyille, Oregon.
mv leei in! .
if i I-!' ; v c u
U'"l buck ii
,1 . ill
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
Ltaus Wtiiritif, l et p- m,
Hot Coffee, sandwiches,
Light Lunches Serveu at the
Hazelwood Ice Cream
r tc
I .mhrM Nil. ClOib Mauuin. Oregon
meets every Saturday night ii
Donaldson's ball. Visiting mem
here always welcome.
O. II, Chofoot. N. G.
W. 11 Tai coTT. Secretary.
The woods here are tun of vim
hogs but they are awful hrd to get
for the brush is so thick, I have
been out twice. Seven of us went
out last Sunday and got two. One
fellow killed one of them and
crippled the other one and we
tracked it up and I got. it. A
bunch went out last night l-utii
was raining so I didn't want to go
Am tired auyway and a day's rest
Cc!d Ecilcd Meats
; th Hazelwood Confectionery.
Books and Magazines
it tint lLiselwood Confectionery.
For Sale
5 iiO
acres level wheat land;
,,,i .11.11 timau in nnlliuutim
will do me good. I am so Iuuibiv i . , , . , ,;,,u . i
. . . .. h All under irrigation ditch and
tnr frll t I nnu, .. ...... .1.1.. - "
l" MH A Ll'UlU cnb n il l u. I . 1 J J . II t
- r- lip i monlpil imml Hppn wpl nl
r "
There are hardly any fruit trees
here at all, and what there a re, '
, are so old they have had no fruit j
on them for a couple bundled'
years. 1 sure would like to step'
out into the old orchard andlilli
up on fruit. We have all we want.!
to eat most of toe lime but iiofuut I
I haven't been sick since I left,'
only sea sick. The night we cross'
ed the channel I sure did feed the!)
water; about 225 acres now in sum
him t.iilmv; about 5 miles from
ri.-lruiid. Price $75 per acre, on
i'jhv tetms,- Fen Batty, Maupin.
Trvn the Interior Warhouse
then' i-. still Mime left. For prices
Mr. Peter Kilburg at the
I wasn't the only one eitlu-r j i.Lmpm Warehouse.
-. - V..V
i k'. - , n an
C f ' ; ,vi..i.,-vvJ, -i '' '
sr. or SiSF4i -'. ,
y cwrsa s tates V'i
avj;a-."WTn-Fni.rrCT...-y I nil. '
'"'V 111
' ,
Tlie vaults of the U. S. Tr :i'"i-y ag-dn need
refilling. Ever increasing exp-ji-ditures necessary
to hasten the end of the War, the 'Vcpi-'g-i-.p and
Biieking lip of "Our Hoys," !! i ,S.-!.:h;:'iR :,f 0ie
Allied Nations and their I'cm ! s, the i'erpetiiH
tion (if Democriicy and lv stro,-!; in of Autnc
racy rc(iiire the unstiiibd' -e the IK)
VOl'R BEST, NUT SIMPLY i;iT." ..f every true
The Eve of the 4th tibe t . I '. n is here.
FIRST in every patriotic endcavoi, OREGON
cannot, w II i, . .Wif : fidtcr NOW. With more
to work for, n-i- !. , for, more to sacrifice
for every f-n - i m will make it his duty
to ser Ilia! ( . 0i ii' i: !;, ; ,;.'l' by going over
, the tep F1HS 1' (Hire ;mun.
While the rai n .i!n dues not officially start
until Septeiiiber :.,,;tii. v.e will so voluntarily
pledge our su''M , i buns and anticipate our
quotas llud in ',- , . v (cuiilii mid tht$ state
IT WILE I'M i ;: .i ' . i'l'S OPENED.
K inn (.niktirv Loan Cuhittw
Dr. Lawrence S. Stovall, Prop.j "A Sifr PJpce to Trade"
nave a rendezvous with death
I have a rendezvous with deatH 4
At some disputed barricade,' ,0.
When Spring conies back witlfrustKng shade
And apple-blossoms fill the air v 4
I have a rendezvous with death; X
When Spring brings back blue days'and fair,
T . 1
It may be he shall take my hand1'
And lead me into his dark land,
And close my eyes and quench my breath.
It may be I shall pass him still
O-ChftrUi Scrlboor't Sow '
(Killed in ctiou July 5, 1916)
rPH IS American did not fail thot rendez
vousand death did not pass him by.
When he died the world lost a true poet. His
death brings out in sharp relief how much one
soldier who is lost to us one man killed may
mean to the world. .
So let us keep our rendezvous at home our rendez
vous with life. Let us look into our lives, our households,'
and see that they are mobilized Tor war. Let us save
our money to save these men who daily Ijave rendezvous
with death. Let us keep our rendezvous with life and
help them to win through and to come bec'; to sunshine
and happiness and home with victory on; their banners.
Buy Bonds to Yonr Utmost!
)?Tz'iZiiXxs& This Spact Contributed to Winning thi War ly