The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 12, 1918, Image 3

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The Astoria Carpenters' union, No.
917, at its meeting April 6, voted $300
more for Liberty bonds, making a total
of $500.
Mark J. Hindman, one of the oldest
residents of Baker county, died at the
age of 93 years at the home of his son,
Albert Hindman, at Durkee Saturday.
His death resulted from a complication
of diseases due to his advanced age.
Fifty citizens of Wendling Wednes
day forwarded a petition to Adjutant'
General John M. Williams asking for
authorization of a Home Guard at
Wendling. Most of the men who
signed the petition are employes in the
mill and camps of the Booth-Kelley
Lumber company.
County Judge Miller and Commis
sioner V. Hurt, who returned to Toledo
from Salem and Portland Saturday
night, stated that Lincoln county will
receive a total of $20,000 in addition
to its road fund from the forest reserve
fund and the State Highway commis
sion on a 50-50 basis.
In a communication to the Salem
school board, the state board of health
criticizes the manner of handling con
tagious diseases in the Salem schools.
The letter says that children affected
with mumps and German measles are
merely required to remain at home and
are not placed in quarantine.
A suit was filed in the Clatsop
county Circuit court this week by the
United States National bank of Salem,
against the Western Paving company
to recover $8229.61, and interest on a
chattel mortgage given by the defend
ant to the Arena Construction company
and later assigned to the plaintiff.
After 18 days spent in the Marshfield
city jail, Nestor Junkala, sentenced to
50 days and fined $100 for I. W. W.
activities, Tuesday night tied his neck
tie to the steel frame of the berth
above him, fastened the other end of
the tie about his neck, and lying face
downward in his bed, strangled him-
Robert Banks, of the Kruse & Banks
Shipbuilding company of North Bend,
announced during the flag-raising exer
cises Sunday that the firm had re'
ceived a telegram from the Shipping
Board asserting that additional govern
ment contracts for wooden hulls would
be awarded their yard as fast as the
ways were cleared to accommodate
All teachers in Oregon will hereafter
be required, when signing their con
tracts to subscribe to the oath of alle-
giance to the government of the United
States as a part of their contract.
Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, J. A. Churchill has prepared a
new form of contract and has incorpo
rated as one of the provisions an oath
similar in form to that required of all
government officials. In speaking of
this contract, Superintendent Churchill
said: "The teachers of Oregon as a
body are doing an immense amount of
patriotic work. They have assisted
the government materially in the
Hoover pledge card campaign, in the
thrift stamp sales, in the Liberty loan
campaigns, in the clerical work of
classifying the registrants, and in
general by arousing every home repre
sented in the public schools of this
state to deeds of self-sacrifice and pat
riotism. Unfortunately throughout the
state, there have been two or three
unpatriotic teachers, and before they
could be removed their influence has
to a certain extent discredited the
work of their associates. Through
this loyalty oath it is hoped that the
employment of disloyal teachers may
be effectually checked."
At a recent meeting of the Rose
burg city council it was voted to invest
$2500. now in the city (treasury, in
Liberty bonds. The measure carried
without a dissenting vote and without
The State Board of Control has ta
ken action in increasing wages of in-
stitution employes to the extent of ap
proximately $27,000 a year. These
increases cover only the Oregon State
Hospital and the Soldiers' Home at
Roseburg. Superintendents of other
institutions under the board were in
structed to prepare such schedules of
wage increases as they deemed neces
sary and present them for further con
sideration of the board at a special
meeting called for this week. The
increases which will bring the pro
posed by these superintendents will
bring the total up to several thousands
of dollars more annually.
The Astoria school district will hold
a special election in the near future to
vote on the question of issuing $115,
000 in school district bonds to raise
funds with which to purchase a site
for a building.
M. N. Crow, of Roseburg, was sen
tenced to serve from 10 to 20 years in
the state penitentiary for a statutory
crime against his 16-year-old daugh
ter, who he took to Eugene about 10
days ago and spent the night at a lodg
ing house.
Governor Withycombe has received
telegraphic word from his daughter,
Miss Mabel Withycombe, at Washing
ton, D. C, that his son, Earl Withy
combe. ill in a hospital there, is much
improved and that chances for his re
covery are bright.
The state of Oregon, for the year
1918 on the 1917 assessment roll, has
levied $23,203,140.66 for all purposes,
including state, county, school, road,
cities and towns and miscellaneous
taxes, according to a statement com'
pleted Friday by State Tax Commis
sioner Galloway.
Washington Applicants Ask for 3,748,-
675. While But 850,000 Are Avail
able at Penitentiary Mill.
Walla Walla Applications for 3,-
748,675 grain bags were received at
the penitentiary Thursday, with but
850,000 available. A few counties did
not take all their apportionment, and
this left 70,000, which were distributed
among other counties. .
The heaviest demand .came from
Walla Walla county, where, with an
allotment of 112,200 bags, applications
asked 1,662,130. A pro rata increase
from other counties not taking bags
gave Walla Walla 148,548 for distribu
tion. This means that Walla Walla
gets but 9 per cent of its demands, or
one bag out of every 15 sought.
Whitman county got 24 percent.
Her allotment was 916,700, and this
was increased to 212,930, while appli
cations totaled 876,615.
Columbia county obtained 12 per
cent. The allotment was 28,000 and
was increased to 33,327, while applica
tions totaled 259,650.
Garfield county had 27,700 allotted,
and this was increased to 29,720, while
applications were for 112,624,. This
was 26 per cent.
Prison bags were sold for 19 cents,
while the same grade bag is bringing
in the open market from 25 to 26
cents. If more bags are made than
were contracted for they will be
sold later
Women Petition for Bridge.
Yakima Four women of the Naches
district bearing petitions for the con
struction of a bridge across the Naches
river at a point half way between Nel'
son's bridge and the South Naches
bridge appeared before the county
commissioners Thursday. Those head
ing the petitioners were Mrs. Irene
Eschbach, Mrs. M. E. Burge, Mrs. Ida
Kandle and Mrs. Claude Smith. All
are residents of the south side of the
Naches and were backed by petitions
containing the names of all the resi
dents in that section.
Use Road Funds to Buy Bonds.
Hoquiam No road tyork is to be
done in Grays Harbor county this
year, except what is absolutely neces
sary, and any money the county can
spare is to be invested in bonds of the
Third Liberty Loan, according to an
nouncement of the board of county
commissioners. It is expected from
$190,000 to $200,000 of the county's
funds will be invested in Liberty
Wheat Bulk basis for No. 1 grade
Hard white, $2.05. Soft white, $2.03,
White club, $2.01. Red Walla Walla,
$1.98. No. 2 grade, 3c less; No.
grade, 6c less. Other grades handled
by samples.
Flour Patents, $10; whole wheat,
$9.60; graham, $9.20; barley flour,
$1313.25 per barrel; rye flour, $10.60
12.75 per barrel; cornmeal, $5.75
per barrel.
Millfeed Net mill prices, car lots:
Bran, $30 per ton; shorts, $32; mid
dlings, $39 ; mixed cars and less than
carloads, 60c more; rolled barley, $77
79; rolled oats. $76.
Corn Whole, $77; cracked, $78 ton,
Hay Buying prices, delivered, East
ern Oreogn timothy, $27 per ton; val
ley timothy, $2425; alfalfa, $24
24.50; valley grain hay, $22; clover,
$18; straw, $8.
Butter Cubes, extras, 47c pound
prime firsts, 46c; prints, extras, 49c
cartons, lc extra; butterfat, No. 1,
51c delivered.
Eggs Ranch, current receipts, 35c
per dozen; candled, 3637c.
Poultry Roosters, old, 2022c per
pound; stags, 2426c; springs, 27
28c; broilers, 35c; ducks, 3235c
geese, 2021c; turkeys, live, 2627c
dressed, 8537c.
Veal Fancy, 2020c per pound.
Pork Fancy, 2121c.
Vegetables Tomatoes, $2.75 per
crate; cabbage, 34c per pound; let
tuce, $22.25; cucumbers, $1.25
1.75 per dozen; cauliflower, $1.50
1.75 per crate; artichokes, 85c$l per
dozen; garlic, 7c; celery, $3.75 per
crate; peppers, 40c per pound
sprouts, 21c; rhubarb, 10 12c; aspar
agus, 15 17c; peas, 17c per pound
spinach, $1.25 per crate.
Sack Vegetables - Carrots, JI.Zd
1.50 per sack; turnips, $1.50; pars
nips. si.zb.
Potatoes Oregon Burbanks, 90c
1.10 per hundred; Yakimas, $1.25
1.35; sweet potatoes, 8c per pound.
Onions Jobbing prices, Kgljc per
Wool Eastern Oregon, 4465c per
pound; valley, 5055c; valley lamb,
45(ffi50c: mohair, lone staple, full
year, 50c; six months, 4050c; burry,
Cattle April 9, 1918.
Med. to choice steers $11.5012.10
Good to med. steers 10.50 11. 60
Com. to good steers 8.6010.00
Choice cows and heifers. 9,7510.75
Com. to good cows and hf 6.00 9.50
Canners 3.00 5.00
Bulls 5.00 9.00
Calves 7.5012.00
Stackers and Feeders . . . 6.60 9.50
Prime light hogs $17.2517.50
Prime heavy hogs 16.7517.00
Pigs 14.7515.75
Bulk 17.25
Western lambs $15.00rtil5.60
Valley lambs 14.50015.00
Yearlings 13.0013.60
Wethers 12. 50 13. 00
Ewes 9.0012.00
It shows
1 m
Will positively
wm a
M"ker:d ".I'mS."'"1
Western T1ujck Attachment
Over 1000 Satisfied Owners in
Washington and Oregon.
The most vital point of a truck attach
ment is the bearing!. The Western is
the only truck attachment made with a
Two-inch Timben Bearing. Other spe
cifications in portion.
Why Buy an interior maKef
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Too Valuable.
'That prima donna didn't seem at
all angry."
"How eld you get that Impression.'
inquired the weary manager.
"She never once raised her voice.
"Well, you don't think she'd waste a
high note on me, do you?"
"And now, children, we come to that
Important country, Germany, that is
governed by a man called a kaiser,"
said the teacher. "Can any one tell
me what a kaiser is? Yes, Willie!"
"Please, ma'am, a kaiser is a stream
of hot water springin' up in the air
and disturbin' the earth." Life.
And There It Ended.
Policyholder I nearly had my skull
fractured on the icy sidewalk yester
day. Don't I get something for that?
Adjuster If you can produce a doc
tor's certificate we may nearly give
you something. Boston Transcript.
Hides, Pelts, W Wool & Mohair
We wilt ill yet bare. Write Fir Prices tee1 Statute Till.
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P. N. U.
VS ONF. vt TWO TON JsaPffll
No. 15, 1918
& Company's
that Swift & Company sells the meat
for less money then the live steer
Proceeds from the sale of the hide, fat, and other
covered all expense of dressing, refrigeration, freight,
expense and the profit of $1.29 per steer as shown by
Company's 1917 figures as follows:
Average price paid for live cattle per steer
Average price received for meat . .
Average price received for by-products
Total received
This leaves for expenses and profit
Of which the profit per steer was .
There are' many other interesting and instructive
facts and figures in the Year Book.
We want to send our 1918 Year Book, to anyone, anywhere free
for the asking. Address Swift & Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
New Thomas
All Steel and
K 1
lasflonKer'andMo a wider" ranee
of work than any other portable power sawing
machine made. Write for particulars.
125 E. Water St., Portland, Ore.
Something .Sinister.
Dr. William H. Crawford, president
of Allegheny college, said on his de
parture to do war work at the front:
"Don't ask me for an Interview.
There is something sinister about an
interview. It suggests that I'm never
coming back.
"Yes, you make me feel almost as
blue as the rich old fellow whose little
nephew said:
" 'Uncle, will you please make a
noise like a frog?'
'"Why, Willie!' said the rich uncle,
laughing heartily, 'Why on earth do
you desire me to make a noise like a
" 'Because,' said Willie, 'whenever I
ask papa to buy me a pony or bicycle
or anything, he always says : 'Wait till
your uncle croaks. Exchange.
Perhaps She Meant It.
Willie Jones had been giving his
teacher a good deal of trouble that
morning. At the close of the first
study period she said:
"Now we will take up the subject
of natural history, and you may name
in rotation some of the lower animals,
starting with Willie Jones." Ex
change. Edith Well, If she accepted your
flowers, your bon-bons, your bracelet,
your caresses, she must have accepted
about everything of yours.
Jack She did; she even accepted
my rival. Boston Transcript.
His Real Worth.
"Did you see the widow of our late
"Yes, but when I told her I had
called to extend my condolences, she
asked my congratulations Instead
She had just received his insurance
money." Baltimore American.
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0 r emaciation.
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1918 Year
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It's Grandmother's Recipe
Restore Color, Gloss and
Almost everyone knows that Sage
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An Explosion.
"Well, darling, here Is some conso
lation," said the impecunious lover to
the pretty little heiress, "there is one
ship that can never be torpedoed."
"What ship is that, Harold?" asked
the sweet young thing, shifting her
chewing gum.
'Court-ship, he replied, and just
then her father came in and gave him
a blowing up. Florida Times-Union.
"I got a funny parent, I must say."
"How's that?"
"He used to whale me, but he won't
let me lick my own kid." Exchange.
A Unique Suggestion.
A constable in a Vermont town re
cently rounded up a number of ho
"Come along," he said to them. "You
have all got to have a bath."
This announcement was, of course,
received with considerable perturba
tion, especially by the eldest of the
men.1 ,
"What!" he exclaimed. "A bath! A
bath with water?"
"Sure thing," said the constable.
"Look here, Mr. Constable," said the
apprehensive one. "Couldn t you man
age it with one ot them vacuum clean'
era?" Case and Comment
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He Wouldn't Work.
Mistress So your matrimonial life
was very unhappy. What was the
trouble? December wedded to May?
Chloe Johnson Lan' sake, no mam!
It was Labor day wedded to de day
ob rest. Life.
- Anxious Days.
"Both my wife and I are praying
that it will be a girl."
"Why, I thought"
"Yes, I know, but the other day our
cook remarked that she doesn't like
boy babies." Boston Transcript.
Heat Baby Rashes
That Itch, burn and torture. A bot
Cutlcura Soap bath gives Instant re
lief when followed by a gentle appli
cation of Cutlcura Ointment. For free
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Swift &
Heard on Summer Street
"Hallo! What's your rush?" '
"I want to catch the 5:40 train."'
"But you've got twenty minutes."
"I know, but I've got to count on
being held up this way by three or
four Idiots who want to know what's
my rush." Boston Transcript.
No Valentines.
"Have you received any valentines?"
"No." replied Miss Cayenne. "And
I'm really glad of It I have very little
respect for a man who Is afraid to
give personal expression to his con
victions and writes an anonymous let
ter." Exchange.
You corn-pestered men and women
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t J