The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 05, 1918, Supplement, Image 6

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    ShattuckV April Specials
On account of the extremely low prices .
we offer these specials for Cash only
"Red Ribbon" Maine Corn per case 14.65
others are getting i!5 to 40 cents more
"Mecco" Canned Corn per case . , . y - 3 56
San Felice' Tomatoes Standards . . . 3 05
"Helmet" Pork & Beans Is per doz : t 1-25
Cost vou elsewhere l-75 to $2-00
"Leader" Early June Peas 2 per case , 3.60
An exceptionally good buy
Pink Salmon -Choice 1 10 Tails per doz . 2.30
Starr's Salmon Steak Red 1 lb Flats per can 30
Outers are getti ig 35 to 40 cents
Stock" up on these ite.ns while the price is right
Peanut Butter Red Ribbon or 'Royal Club
2 1-2 lb Tins 55
6 lb Tins 1.10
, t 101b Tins - 2.20
.... Peanut Butter will be higher
Dried Prunes
Extra Fancy Large
Extra Fancy Large
Large Splits
Peaches No A-l
10 lb Boxes per box 1.25
25 lb Boxes per box 3-00
50 lb Boxes per box 5-85
50 lb Boxes per box 6.85
Our Dried Fruits are exceptionally fine
Gunpowder in built per lb
, Spiderleg in bulk per lb
Folger's Shasta 1 lb Pkgs
Folger's Shasta 1-2 lb Pkgs
Lipton's Yellow Label 1-2 lb Pkgs
An exceptionally Low price on Tea and Tea
will be much higher
Coffee Close out ... , , i i i
Lyng's "Majestic" 3 lb Tins
Lyng's "Majestic" 5 lb Tins
"Golden West" 3 lb Tins
"Golden West'' 5 lb Tins
"G-A" Coffee 1 lb Tins
G-A" Coffee 3 lb Tins
"G-A" Coffee 5 lb Tins
Folger's 'Fireside" 5 lb Tins
Crescent 1 lb Cartons 5
"Poppy ' Brand Syrup . 2 Gal Jacket
., , (Cane and Corn)
Crescent" Mapelene Syrup Quart cans
'Crescent" Mapelene Syrup 1-2 Gal Cans
"Crescent" MaDelene Syrup 1 Gal Cans
S nail White Beans in 25 ib Sacks per sack
'Vegetol" Shortening small 1.40 Better than
'Vegetol" Shortening large 2.80 Lard
Soaps .
"Crystal White" 100 bars to case per case
"Bob White" 100 bars to case per case
"P & G" Naptha 50 bars to. case per case
Best Naptha Soap in the Market
Bath Tablets 1 12 bars for
"Ivory Soaps" 50 bars to case per case
''Swift's Pride' Washing powder per Pkg 25
"No-Rub" Lauridry Help per Pkg 20
Sunbrite" Cleanser per Pkg. 5c good as any
Leader Brooms each 70c while they last
Collar Pads Standard Weight and Quality each
62 l-2c up to 24-26 65c
Large Mail order houses are getting 64 and 67
cents plus freight on these
Tobacco Specials while they last
Tuxedo Tins 12 l-2c
This will be higher
Velvet Tins 10c
Star Chewing per lb 65c
U. S- Work Shirts An exceptionally goad work
shirt, regular $1.00 now 85 cents
SHOES SHOES SHOES! We have a very large
stock of shoes on hand and you will find our regu
lar prices much below the average as compared to
other markets. We offer at special prices the
Dr. Munson's U. S. Army last, a wide, easy
shoe at ' $1.75
Men's "'Knu-Shu" Vulcanized rubber and
Canvas , ; . . 2.65
No 408 "Chippewa" Smoked Elk Harvesters 2.90
No 417-H "Cnippewa Black Elk Harvesters
Extra Heavy 3.35
No 414 "Chippewa" High Top Choc Harvest
ers, a crackerjack 4.85
Ladies' hightop Harvest shoe 3.50
Something new Good for hard wear
Close-Qut Specials-Here's Something for Nothing
- At Less than Cost
Kellogg's Wheat Biscuit per pkg 5c
Swan's Cake Flour per pkg 10c
Roman Meal per pkg 20c
Egg Preservative per can 5c
Holly Rice and Milk, a standard prokuct 10c
Baker's Fresh grated chocolate in cans 15c
Schilling's Soda in 1 lb Cartons 5c
Samoline Soap for washing cars small cans 5c
large cans 15c
Spear Head Tobacco per plug (dry) 80c
Climax Gold Twins 12 pes to box per box 40c
City Club Smoking in tins, regular 12 1-2 at 10c
11 for $1.00
Stag Smoking in tins 12 1-2 at 10c, U for 1.00
150 Oliver Chilled plow shares for No. 39
sulkey plows, $1.75 each.
40 Oliver Chilled plow shares for No. 40 walk
ing plow $1.00.
40 Oliver Chilled plow shares for No. 40 gang
plow $1.10 each.
A few No. 60 walking plows left for $20 each
90 tooth Keystone dosed in harrows $37.00 each
1 1