The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, January 18, 1918, Image 3

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Thousands of sufferers who have
to get relief in any other way, are invited to investi
gate Chiropractic methods, which are permanently
curing hundreds every day.
Chiropractic ia the Safe, Sane, Sure and Modern science of
curing and preventing disease.
Chiropractic will permanently cure 95 per cent of all dis
eases. Chiropractic removes the cause; health returns.
The Best of Chripractic Doctors will thoroughly diagnose
your case and direct your treatment FREE. In the Clinic
department of college.
Hospital. The college conducts a hospital in connection
with the school where patients from a distance can have
room, board and all Cniropractic service at a very small cost.
Don't Susfer. Get Well. For full information and reserva
tion in hospital department, address Dr. Oscar W. Elliott,
Cor. of Park and Yamhill Street., PORTLAND, OREGON
Be a Chiropractic Doctor; earn $5,000 a year. Write for full particulars
We Want Immediately
Prices are higher than ever.
Send for Raw Fur price list today.
Dept. X.
Raw FurDealers and "Fur Manu
facturer 149-151 Broadway, Portland! Or.
We Pay the
Highest Market Prices
Guarantee quick returns; charge
no commission. Make trial shipment
and get the most for your FURS.
191 Broadway, PORTLAND, ORE.
200 Room
100 Bath
Near Both
Hotel Hoyt
Comer Sixth and Hoyt Stt., Portland, Ore.
LOU HIMES, Manager.
RATES:-75c to $2. SPECIAL Week or Month
Broadway at Flanders, Portland, Or.
Thousands of trained younjr people needed.
Behnke-Walker Business Colleen, Portland, places
students in positions. "Enroll any time. Free
Has Another Think Coming.
The man who thinks he knows It all
generally marries a woman who
teaches him a lot more. Boston Traa
New Mistress How about the after
noon out?
New Cook I am willing that you
Bhould have one. Boston Transcript.
Extent of Sympathy.
"The young man's story was a very
affecting one. Didn't he toucn your
"He did for five dollars." Ex
"You say Grafter makes you think
of a corkscrew. Why so?"
"Like a corkscrew he has a pull,
but it's on account of his crookedness."
Veal, Pork, Beef,
Poultry, Butter, Eggs
and Farm Produce.
to the Old Reliable Eroding house with a
record of 45 yfars of Square Dealings, acd
be assured of TOP MARKET PRICES.
5-47 Front Street Portland, Orecca
P. N. U.
No. 3, 1918
Take a class of Salts to flush
Kidneys if Bladder
bothers you.
Eating meat regularly eventually
produces kidney trouble in some form
or another, says a well-known author
ity, because the urlo add in meat ex
cites the kidneys, they become over
worked; get sluggish; clog up and
cause all sorts of distress, particularly
backache and misery in the kidney re
gion; rheumatio twinges, severe head
aches, acid stomach, constipation, tor
pid liver, sleeplessness, bladder and
urinary Irritation.
The moment your, back hurts or kid
neys aren't acting right, or If bladder
bothers you, get about four ounces of
Jad Baits from any good pharmacy;
take a tablespoonful in a glass of wa
ter before breakfast for a few days
and your' kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts 1b made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined with litbia, and has been used
for generations to flush clogged kid
neys and stimulate them to normal
activity; also to neutralize the acids
In the urine so it no longer irritates,-
thus ending bladder disorders.
Jad Salts cannot Injure anyone;,
makes a delightful effervescent lithia-
water drink which millions of men and
women take now and then to keep the
kidneys and urinary organs clean, thus
avoiding serious kidney disease. Adv.
Sister Is George waiting still?
Willie Not very still. He acts kind
of nervous. Guess he's goln' to pro
pose. Brooklyn Citizen.
Mr. Peewee I suppose you're very
much annoyed by me.
His Wife I never allow myself to
be annoyed by trifles. Exchange.
Proof Positive.
"Is that purse of yours real alligator
'Is it? Just listen to it snap.'
Baltimore American.
A Man of Few Words.
Walter L. Ball of Muncle, former
state senator and recently republican
candidate for the 8th congressional
nomination, has a farmer client he
will pit against the world for fewness
of words. Seeing Farmer X. in the
street the other day and knowing that
Mrs. X. had been ill, Mr. Ball inquired
of the husband:
"Well, Jim, how's the wife today-
any better?"
"Any worse?"
"Just about the same, eh?"
"Well, how is shethen?"
"Dead." Indianapolis News.
Constipation can be cured without
drugs. Nature's own remedy selected
herbs is Garfield Tea. Adv.
More Trying Position.
Newriche (to prospective butler) A
hundred dollars a month? Why, that s
all I pay my bookkeeper.
Butler But 'e doesn't 'ave to has-
sociate hevery day with your family.
sir. Exchange;
Constipation, Indigestion, sick-head
ache and bilious conditions are over
come by a course of Garfield Tea.
Drink on retiring. Adv.
Hose-Anna and Such Tunes.
She Do you play on the piano?
He Occasionally. I am a fireman.
Boston Transcript.
and Dictaphone Operators
Now in demand by the Railroad Com
panies. My course will fit you for any
of the above positions. Course by mail
if desired.
Worcester Bldj, Portland, Or.
W. B. Wing has become the owner
oi tne ueernorn rancn or 11UU acres
on the McKenzie river as the result of
a trade in which he exchanged his gro
cery, meat market and butchering
plant in Eugene.
A. H. Lea, secretary of the State
Fair board says that he would not be a
candidate for Public Service Commis
sioner at the coming election. "I in
tend to devote all of may time to the
State Fair board," said Mr. Lea.
A total of 517 accidents was report
ed to the Industrial Accident Commis
sion for the week ending January 10,
of which number six were fatal. One
of the deaths reported was due to an
accident sustained prior to the week
covered by the report. R&!
Nearly $1000 of the $1500 to be
raised in the Bend section for the
Knights of Columbus this week have
been subscribed. Two teams have
been at work and both have met with
success. The remaining $500 is to be
subscribed in Prineville, Tumalo and
The Great Northern Pacific Steam
ship company has notified Corporation
Commissioner Schulderman that its
capital stock of $5,000,000 is being re
duced to $352,000, owing to the com
mandeering of the Steamships Great
Northern and Northern Pacific by the
State Labor Commissioner O. P.
HofF, in addressing the session of the
State Federation of Labor at Astoria
announced that he would not be a can
didate for re-election to that office at
the coming election. He said he had
devoted many years to public work and
now intends to retire to private life.
Car shortage on the lines of the
Southern Pacific in Oregon Monday
dropped to 590 cars, all open cars,
while a surplus of 53 cars was report
ed. This is the first time in months
that the company reported a surplus of
any kind of cars.. The O.-W. R. & N.
company reported a shortage of 54
Fifty-one Klamath county men have
failed to file their questionnaires with
the local exemption board within the
required time and their names have
been referred to the police authorities
at Klamath Falls, according to Chief
Clerk Glenn Callen, of the local board.
If their whereabouts are not ascer
tained within five days the names of
all wilt be certified to the adjutant
general as delinquent.
Patrons of the Roseburg postoffice
had the pleasure Monday morning of
entering the new Federal building to
receive their mail, the change from
the old postoffice quarters to the new
location occurring Sunday. The entire
lower floor and a part of the basement
is given over to the postoffice depart
ment and evrey possible convenience is
afforded the public. The second storv
is occupied by the U. S. Land Office
and forestry departments. The apart
ments set aside for the Indian land
office remain vacant owing to a recent
order from the department canceling
this branch of the government's busi
ness in that city.
The experience of Lew Pritchard, a
well-known young man of Klamath
Fails, in entering the Army service
indicates the great need of men in get
ting out spruce for Uncle Sam's aero
plane manufacture, and how quickly
the government fits a man into his
proper niche in the service.
Enlarging of the North Bend mill,
which commenced six months ago, is
nearing completion, and the mill will
operate under the new conditions on
February 1, it is announced. The im
provements, costing upwards of $100,
000, comprise drying kilns, planing
mill and warehouses, together with a
spur track connecting the mill with
the Southern Pacific. ki8
A number of important steps in fit
ting state regulations of railroads to
the system of Federal control were
taken by the Public Service commis
sion Saturday, foremost among which
was the acquiescence in the demurrage
order issued by Director General Mc
Adoo and giving to the Pacific Car De
murrage bureau authority to publish
the demurrage rules accordingly.
These new rules start demurrage
charges at $3 a car and go as high as
$10 a day, while the state rule Btarts
at $2 a car and go only as high as $4 a
day. The Federal rules will become
effective Januarj 21.
Fire which originated in the Odd
fellows' Building at lone Thursday
night wiped out half of the city s bus
iness section. The loss is estimated at
$40,000, with about $20,000 insurance.
For many years there have been ru
mors of oil in the Rogue River valley,
oil prospectors have come and gone,
but as yet no oil has been found. Be
lieving there is oil there, and that
proper organization will find it, the
Rogue River Oil company has been
organized in Medford.
An ordinance which prohibits all
youths under 21 years of age from
playing cards, pool, billiards or bowl
ing was introduced in the North Bend
city council Friday night. The council
expressed the opinion that the age
should be reduced to 19 years.
As long as he buys a dollar's worth
of thrift stamps weekly, Clarence
, Steinkopf, of Redmond, who pleaded
guilty to a charge of desecrating the
United states nag, will have his sen
' tence suspended. He has promised to
l buy four stamps a week as long as the
, war lasts.
It's Grandmother's Recipe
Restore Color, Gloss and
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings back the natural color and
lustre to the hair when faded, streak
ed or gray. Years ago the only way
to get this mixture was to make it at
home, which is mussy and trouble
some. Nowadays, by asking at any
drug store for "Wyeth's Sage and Sul
phur Compound," you will get a large
bottle of this famous old recipe, im
proved by the addition of other in
gredients, Jor about 60 cents.
Don't stay grayl Try it! No one
can possibly tell that you darkened
your hair, as it does it bo naturally
and evenly. You dampen a sponge or
soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time; by morning the gray
hair disappears, and after another ap
plication or two, your hair becomes
beautifully dark, glossy and attractive.
Wyeth s Sage and Sulphur Com
pound is a delightful toilet requisite
for those who desire dark hair and a
youthful appearance. It is not intend
ed for the cure, mitigation or preven
tion of disease. Adv.
Comparative Happiness.
"I'm so happy! My heart is full of
'So am I happy. My cellar's full of
coal." Exchange.
Signer Himself.
"You'll find my ancestor's name on
the Declaration of Independence."
"Well, you'll find my name on the
registration lists of 1917." Kansas
City Journal.
The Proper Term.
"Yes, I am going to move to Boston."
"When do you matriculate?" Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
In a Dry Town.
"Everybody In Crimson gulch seems
to think prohibition is a good thing,
remarked the stranger.
"Yep," replied Broncho Bob. "A
man kin go ahead now an' drink plain
water without gettln the reputation of
beln' stingy." Exchange.
Sball we say that women contribute
only the bandages, the socks and the
"kits" No. they contribute the fighters!
What sort of soldiers will the women of
the present day contribute to the nation
and the world? Can they hope to be ca
pable motners or efficient wives If tney
are enfeebled and broken down by the
diseases and weaknesses of the sex?
An affection confined to women must
have Its cause In the womanly nature.
There is no doubt that a diseased condi
tlon of the delicate womanly organs, is In
eeneral resDonslble for feminine nervous
ness ana an undermined constitution. Tne
use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
makes women happy by making them
healthy. There are no more crying: spells.
Favorite Frescription is tor lnnamma-
tion and female weakness. It makes
weak women strong.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is
and has been for nearly 60 years lust the
medicine. Jt is not a secret prescription,
for its Ingredients are printed on the
wrapper; it s a temperance medicine,
glyceric extract from roots. Adv.
The Usual One.
Manager Has this play of yours
any plot?
Aspiring Author Oh, yes. Its a
scheme of mine to make money quick."
Is Cutlcura for Purifying and Beauti
fying the Skin Trial Free.
For cleansing, purifying and beauti
fying the complexion, hands and hair,
Cuticura Soap with touches of Cutl
cura Ointment now and then afford
the most effective preparations at the
minimum of cost. No massaging,
steaming, creaming, or waste of time.
Free sample each by mail with
Book. Address postcard, Cutlcura,
Dept. L, Boston. Sold everywhere.
The Advantages.
'Smith told me he had just installed
a dumb waiter in his house."
'That's a good idea. Now he can
eat at table without having all his
family affairs and quarrels repeated
to the neighbors' servants." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
A postal card to Garfield Tea Co.,
Brooklyn, N. Y., asking for a sample
will repay you. Adv.
A Sad Case.
"I was always unfortunate In love.
"How BO?"
"Whenever I wanted to marry for
love the girl turned out to be too
poor." Boston Transcript.
Laugh When People
Step On Your Feet
Try this yourself then
it along to others.
It works!
Ouch 1 ? I ?! 1 This kind of rough
talk will be heard less here In town if
people troubled with corns will follow
the simple advice of this Cincinnati
authority, who claims that a few drops
of a drug called freezone when applied
to a tender, aching corn or hardened
callous stops soreness at once, and
soon the corn or callous dries up and
lifts right off without pain.
He says freezone dries immediately
and never Inflames or even irritates
the surrounding skin. A small bottle
of freezone will cost very little at any
drug store, but will positively remove
every hard or soft corn or callous
from one's feet. Millions of America's
women will welcome this announce
ment since the inauguration of the
high heels. If your druggist doesn't
have freezone tell him to order a small
bottle for you. Adv.
Opening of Reclamation Projects Ad
vocated by Irrigation Congress.
Yakima, Wash. Soldiers and sailors
returning from the European war will
find the government ready to give
them homesteads on reclamation proj
ects and prepared to set them up in
business if legislation projected by the
Washington Irrigation institute is c
acted by that time. Legislation fol
lowing the Australian plan as outlined
by Dr. Elwood Mead in his address be
fore a recent meeting of the institute
will be fostered here.
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the institute held here Fri
day evening, the proposition was dis
cussed at length and a legislative com-
mitee composed of R. K. Tiffany,
chairman, E. M. Chandler, George E.
Rodman, D. V. Northland and E. F.
Benson was appointed to draft a bill to
be presented to congress through
Washington members. The commit
tee also decided on the date and place
lor tne next annual meeting, uxine
December 17 and 18, 1918, at Yakima.
Kittitas Hay Stock is Low.
Ellensburg, Wash. Due to tho' fact
that the hay stock of the Kittitas val
ley is low, and because prices are not
higher than the average, hay dealers
here do not have much fear of the gov
ernment regulation of prices.
Kittitas valley has been estimated
to have only about 7000 tons of hay on
stocks held by dealers. In former
years the government only used about
10 per cent of the crop, while at least
one-fourth of the crop this year has
been sent to Manila and Camp
Cotton Grown Along Columbia.
Ellensburg, Wash. T. Brulett, of
McPherson's sheep ranch at Rich
mond's ferry, on the Columbia river,
has raised some cotton. It is of fair
quality and good color, but is not long
and had not fully matured. Those in
terested in its cultivation think that
because of the long growing ceon
and the hot, dry summers, and the fact
that the country there is only 435 feet
above sea level, the cotton may be
grown on a commercial scale.
Wheat Bulk basis for No. 1 grade
Hard white: Bluestem, Early Bart,
Allen, GalgaluB, Martin Amber, $2.06,
Soft white Palouse bluestem, forty-
fold, White valley, Gold Coin White
Russian, $2.03. White club Little
club, Jenkins club, white hybrids, So-
nora, $2.01. Red Walla Walla Red
Russian, red hybrids, Jones fife, Cop
pei, $1.98. No. 2 grade, 3c less. No.
3 grade, 6c less. Other grades handled
by sample.
Flour Patents, $10.,
Millfeed Net mill prices, car lots
Bran, $30 per ton; shorts, $32; mid
dlingB, $39; mixed cars and less than
carloads, 50c more; rolled barley, $60
62; rolled oats, $62.
Corn Whole, $75 per ton ; cracked
Hay Buying prices delivered: East
ern Oregon timothy, $27 per ton; val
ley timothy, $2526; alfalfa, $23.50
valley grain hay, $24; clover, $22
straw, $8.
Butter Cubes, extras, 50c per
pound; prime firsts, 49 Jc. Jobbing
prices: Prints, extras, 62(ffi53c; car
tons, lc extra; butterfat, No. 1, 56
57c, delivered.
Eggs Ranch, current receipts, 45Jc
per dozen; candled, 47(fi!47ic; se
lects, 50c.
Poultry Hens, heavy, 24(f)25c per
pound; light, 23c; springs, 24(g25c
stags, 18(y20c; ducks, 20ftj25c; geese,
15((il7c; turkeys, live, 24c; dressed,
choice, 35c.
Veal 1718c per pound.
Pork 19c per pound.
Vegetables Tomatoes, $2(?i2.75 per
crate; cabbage, l21c per pound; let
tuce, $1.752.25 per crate; cucum
berB, b5cm$1.7o per dozen; peppers,
15c per pound; cauliflower, $2.25tfj2.50
per crate; sprouts, 10llc per pound
artichokes, 85c(S$1.10; garlic, 78J
per pound; squash, 2Jc; celery, $3.25
4. 25 per crate; carrots, $1.25 per
sack; beets, $1.50(rijl.75; turnips
$1.50; parsnips, $1.601.75.
Potatoes Burbanks, $l.5(Sjl.40 per
hundred; Yakimas, $1.50 1.65
sweet potatoes, 5c per pound.
Onions Buying price, $1.75 per
Green Fruits Apples, $12.25 per
box; pears, $2.25; grapes, 8ic per
pound; cranberries, Eastern, $18 per
barrel. w
Hops 1917 crop, 15ti)18c per pound
1916 crop, nominal.
Wool Eastern Oregon, SOwjbOc per
pound; valley, 50(iv55c; valley lamb,
45(fij50c; mohair, long staple, full year,
50c; six months, 4050c; curry, 35
January 15, 1918,
Med. to choice steers. . . . $10.00(9)10.75
Good to med. steers 8.75f(,10.00
Com. to good steers 7.25 8.75
Choice cows and heifers. 7.25($ 8.00
Com. to good cows and hf 6.00 7.35
Canners 3.00 5.50
Bulls 4.60 7.00
Calves 7.0010.25
Stackers and feeders. . . . 6.00 8.50
Prime light hogs $15.4515.60
Prime heavy hogs 15.50(S;15.65
Pigs 13.60riijl4.50
Bulk 15.60
Western lambs $14.5015.00
Valley lambs 14.0014.25
Yearlings 12.6013.00
Wethers 12.0Oruil2.6O
Ewes 9. 60 11. 00
If you shiver in frosty
weather, if you have cold hands
and feet, if colds are stubborn
and frequent, then your blood
may be thin and impoverished.
has been correcting this condi
tion for nearly fifty years. It
possesses rare powers for
creating natural body warmth,
or charging summer blood
with winter richness and
strengthening both throat
and lungs.
The Norwegian cod Hver oil In
Scott's Emulsion is now refined in our
own Americuu laboratories which
ruukes it pure and palatable.
Scott & Bowne, JIlooinfield.N.J. 17-1J
URINE Granulated Eyelids,
J-"-aore r.ves, eyes innamca ny
-v . n. an.l IV.'nJniiu-lcl,!
lUJ " rellewd hv Murine. Trv It in
A. ijrljt C your Eyes and in Baby's. Eyes.
IUvK LYtjNoSmartini,JuttEyeCmiort
MurineEve Remedy ffp' MMS
Kyo Salvs, in Tubes E6e. Fur Book of (A. K. Frao.
Ask Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago i
Very Concise.
A certain teacher .asked her pupils
to bring in "three items of informa
tion" about the river which flowed by
their town; and from one boy she
received this model of concise com
position: "I have lived near it. I
have skated over It. I have fell into
it." Exchange.
You know, Gladys, since I promised
you a diamond ring, diamonds have
gone up so"
And you want to make sacrifices
to prove your love for me? You dar
ling boy!" Exchange.
A Blow for the Bench.
The judge (to jury who have re
tired several times without agreeing)
I understand that one juryman pre
vents your coming to a verdict In
my summing up I have clearly stated
the law, and any juryman who obstin
ately sets his individual opinion
against the remaining 11 is totally un
fitted for his duties.
The Solitary Objector Please,
m'lud, I'm the only man who agrees
with you! Passing Show.
To keep clean and healthy take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regu
late liver, bowels and stomach.
Not So Bad.
Mrs. Suburbs was on the way home
from the musical show. "I think,"
she said primly, "that those ankle
watches are positively immodest"
' How can you say so?" replied Mr.
Suburbs soothingly, "the ankle watch
is very modest. It, keeps its hands
before Its face all of the time." Ex
Ih tho result of using Peta
luma Incubators and Brood
ers. That's the kind you
want. Write for our big
Free Catalog No. 60.
Petaluma, California
demandrj PRO M I'T atten tion. Keep
one or two bottler, of ..
Dr. David Roberti'
Colic Drench
in your medicine chest all the time.
It relieves in the shortest poHfiible
time. Head the Practical Home
Veterinarian. Send for free book
no dealer in your town, write
Dr.. David Roberts' Vet. Co., 100 Grand Ave., W aukesha.W.s.
Reduces Strained, Puffy Ankles,
Lymphangitis, Poll Evil, Vistula,
Boils, Swellings; Stops Lameness
and allays pain, HeaU Sores, Cuts,
Bruises, Boot Chafes. It ii s
Doe not blister or remove the
hair and horse can he worked. Pleasant to use.
$2. 50a bottle, delivered. Describe your case
for special instructions and Book 5 M free.
ABSOItMNR, JK antiirplir liniment lor mankind, re.
ducei Straini, gainful, Knotted. Swolrti Vrim. Concert- .
tralrii only . lew drop, required .tail application. Price
bottle at dealera or delivered.
W. F. iOUNG, P.D.F., 403 Temple St., Springfield, Man.
Hut Kow Kur
detlcra ana driiKfttata.
llfttaltlHl, It.
Bwkltt, "Tl Horn Cow Dtottr," Irn. L.
Promptly trent rnnirhs, enlda, hoArmneiM,
nront'littU anil ainiilar luflnmi d anil irritnted
com) itions of the thruat wi th a tested remedy
MtTBQfY Could Talk. Ij)
Kl ataM would Mk for ooUirl tinpqrt foe her Ev'
SPlI xTkarl anuria of milk Droducttnn Tr? K- KA
Um. pravuntl dliM, ur ramady fur i -H
lUtalnatl ArurDiru. U