The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 14, 1917, Image 3

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    New Houston Hotel
Slith and Everett SU., Portland, Ore.
Four block! from Union Depot Two blocks
tram Now Postoffice. Modern and fireproof.
Over 100 outaida rooms. Ratal 76c to 12,00,
CHAS. 0. HOPKINS, Manager.
Hotel Rowland
Ona hundred and sixty-five EooroB, all Modern
lmprovementa; free phones on every floor.
Rates: 75c to $1.50 per day: $2.50 to
$5.00 pereek."
Oppeelta Courthouse, i blocks from Postofflce,
Fire Proef . S. P and Oregon Electric pass door,
Are' made from your OLD CAR
PETS. Rag Rugs woven all sizes.
Mail orders receive prompt and care
ful attention. Send for booklet
E. 8th and Taylor Stt. Portland, Or,
Talc the short cut to success and use
the Dictaphone. Positions secured when
competent. The only school in the North
west recommended by the Dictaphone Co.
Worceater Bldg, Portland, Or.
Bigger Pay for You.
Behnke-Walker Business Collejfe, Portland,
Ore., largest in Northwest, trains you in all busi
ness ooursflB. Enroll any time. Free Catalog1.
It has been fight or die for many of us
In the past and the lucky people are
those who have suffered, but who are
now well because they heeded nature's
warning signal In time to correct their
trouble with that wonderful new discovery
of Dr. Pierce's called "An-u-rlc." You
should promptly heed these warnings,
some of which are dizzy spells, backache,
Irregularity of the urine or the painful
twinges of rheumatism, sciatica or lum
bago. To delay may make possible the
dangerous forms of kidney disease, such
as Eright's disease, diabetes or stone In
the bladder.
To overcome these distressing condi
tions take plenty of exercise In the open
air, avoid a heavy meat diet, drink freely
of water and at each meal take Dr.
Pierce's Anuric Tablets (double strength).
You will, in a short time, find that you
are one of the firm lndorsers of Anuric,
as are thousands of neighbors.
Step Into the drug store and ask for
Anuric, or send Dr. V. M. Pierce, Buffalo,
N. Y., 10c for trial pkg. Anuric, many
times more potent than llthia, eliminates
uric acid as hot water melts sugar. Adv.
Mostly Talk.
"Getting up betimes and enjoying
the early morning is delightful these
"Yes; I often talk about doing it."
So the Nurse Was Fired.
Her husband had Just come home
and had his first meeting with the
new nurse who was remarkably pretty.
"She is sensible and scientific, too,"
urged the fond motner, "and says she
will allow no one to kiss baby while
she is near."
"No one will want to," replied the
husband, "while she is. near." Ex
change. Then and Now.
"Does your grocer attempt to ex
plain high prices?"
"He did at first Now he merely
shudders as he accepts the money,
and I groan." Louisville Courier
Journal. Distrusted the Promise.
"Why so sad and downcast?"
"My wife has threatened to leave
"Cheer up. "Women are always like
that, but they hardly ever do it."
"That's what I was thinking." Ex
Bought, Sold, Rented and Repaired
Burnside, cor. 10th. Portland. Ore.
We want til you have. Write lor prices and shipping tags
THE H. F. NORTON CO. Portland, Ore.; Seattle, Wn.
Will ffuarantee'you top market prlcea at all times
for rear Vaal, Hois. Poultry, Eggs, Butter, Hides,
Etc If yeu have not shieped to us, try us.
113 Front, PORTLAND, OR.
Veal, Pork, Beef,
Poultry,-Butter, Eggs
and Farm Produce.
to the Old Reliable Everting house with a
record of 46 years of Square Dealings, and
be assured of TOP MARKET PRICES.
5-47 Front Street Portland, Oregon
and Hogs
18-20 Front St. Portland, Ore.
P. N. U.
No. 50, 1917
j0.'Wm.Wwwm .i..f r-"'Plt IT1"" I r.i-:-irwjfmmllimmwKmvlwWH uWtf
tJ' - '-"v .-v .. to -;
Ip,., 5rTr An
Making soap from the drippings
Mrs. O. O. Van den Berg of Washington, who is shown at her desk in the
Uniform of the United States food Administration. The drippings are saved
until six pounds are accumulated, This, with one can of lye, will make 15
cakes of hnrd soap, delightful for the batli and excellent for washing lice
fabrics or luces.
Navy Department Gets the Story
From Captain of an Amer
ican Schooner.
Seventeen Ship9 Captured by German
Raider In Spectacular Cruises In
Two Oceans Hoodwinks Brit
ish by Clever Ruse.
Washington. The full story of the
cruise of the German commerce raid
er Seeadler has been obtained by the
navy department from Cnpt. Haldor
Smith of the American schooner It. 0.
Blade and three other mariners, who
landed at Tutuiln in nn open boat Sep
tember 20 after being marooned on
Mopeha island by the mnster of the
Seeadler when the raider grounded
and was abandoned.
The Seeadler, formerly the Ameri
can ship Pass of Bnlmnha, was cap
tured by a German submarine and sent
to Bremen and fitted out ns a raider.
A picked "crew wus placed aboard,
Bome of whom spoke Norwegian, and
sent out Into the Atlantic under the
guise of a Norwegian ship.
The ruse worked so well that after
leaving Bremen on December 21, 1!)10,
the Seeadler wns held up by the Brit
ish auxiliary cruiser Highland Scout,
examined and passed.
Captured Seventeen Ships.
Captain Smith learned that while
cruising in the Atlantic 13 ships, val
ued by the Germans at 00,000,000
marks, were captured and four In the
Relating the story of the capture
.... V
Mile. Eva Lavalliere, who for years
was one of the familiar figures of Par
isian life and long favorite at the the
ater des Varieties, has left the stage
to take the veil.
The actress has sold all the luxu
rious furnishings of her apart
ment, divided her dresses, furs and
jewels among her friends, and will
Boon enter the order of Carmelites.
: ! 1
of meat is the practical wnr work of
of his ship, the Shade, Captain Smith
snld: ,
."I left Sydney on April 24, 1917, and
proceeded without, any incident until
the evening of June 17, when the sec
ond mate reported to me that a ship
whs firing on us. She was about eight
miles off. There was a heavy squall
stnrtlng eastward wind favorable to
this time, and I thought it possible
to get away nnd kept holding on. But
she kept firing on me at intervals of
about five to ten minutes and was
coming up on me fast.
"I concluded that there wasn't any
use and I lowered down spanker, clew'
ed down topsail, hoisted the American
flag, and hove to. Shortly after the
prize officer came aboard nnd a doctor
and about ten men. These officers
were in uniform. They told me to
leave the ship nnd to go on board
the raider and they would give me
time In the morning to pack my
"They took nil our men nboard the
raider except the cook. Next morn
ing I went back on board with all my
men and packed up. We left the ship
with our belongings on June 18. We
were put on board the raider again.
Shortly after I saw from the raider
that they cut holes In the masts and
placed dynamite bombs In each mast
and put fire to both ends of the ship
and left her."
Captain Smith said the raider was
a full-rigged ship of steel or Iron,
about 2,300 tons, propelled by oil
Typhoid Wiped
Professor Vincent Conquers the
Most Dangerous Enemy of
the Republic.
In Former Wars More Soldiers Per
ished From This Disease Than by
Bullets Fever Has Vanished
From Belfort District.
Paris. One of France's most dnn
gerous enemies has now been van
quishedtyphoid fever, and the victor
Is Professor Vincent, an officer of one
of the French medical schools.
The wnr has shown that the most
deadly of fevers is at the mercy of
science. Tyhoid fever was always a
great enemy of armies in the field. It
has been established that in wars pre
vious to the present one more men
died of typhoid than by bullets nnd
Typhoid Epidemic Started.
At the start of the present struggle
a typhoid epidemic started In October,
1914, and increased through the win
ter of 1914-1915.
Professor Vincent set out to stop the
epidemic by using a vaccine which
he had discovered four or five years
Already, from 1911 to 1914, most of
the French soldiers under arms had
been vaccinated. But the mobilization
men arrived In different depots In hun
dreds of thousands.
Doctor Landouzy, head of the medi
cal service In the Belfort district, had
100,000 men vaccinated. Three
months later typhoid fever had en
tirely disappeared from his district,
and it was proved that only In dis
tricts where men had not been vac
cinated was typhoid to be feared.
Number of Deaths Smaller.
At present vaccination is obliga
tory everywhere, and. thanks to this,
the number of typhoid cases dropped
from seven In January, 1915, to 0.025
In March, 1917.
burning engines. Her captain wns Fe
lix Graf von Lnckner.
When the men from the Slnde ar
rived nboard the raider they found
nine prisoners from the Amerlcnn
schooner A. B. Johnson of San Fran
cisco, captured three days before. On
July 8, Smith stated, the schooner Ma
nila was captured and dynamited after
ulln wns captured and dynamited.
For about three weeks the rnltler
kept beating up and down looking for
passlpg ships. Meeting none, tliry
went south to Mopeha on July 81.
nnchored on the lee side of the island,
and on August 2 the ship was driven
hard and fast ashore. After working
all afternoon they gnve her up as lost
nnd took ashore everything they, could
move, including the boats, ;;enr nnd
wireless. The wireless plant, a very
powerful one, was set up between two
coconut 4rees.
On August 23, Captain Smith re
lated, the German officers fitted up
and armed a small boat and started
for the Cook Islands or the Fiji Is
lnnfls, where they hoped to capture nn
Amerlcnn ship nnd come bncle for the
crew. Count von Luckner, the mas
ter, was in charge. They were never
heard of again at Mnpehtt Island.
On September 5 a French trading
schooner from Papeete, the Lutece,
put In nt the Island. First Lieuten
ant Kling took a motor boat and ma
chine gun and captured the ship. She
had a largo cargo of flour, salmon and
beef and a supply of water. Kling and
his crew dismantled the wireless plant
and left the island In the Lutece that
night, leaving 48 souls, Including the
A small boat had been left behind,
nnd the marooned men fitted It up.
The captain of the Manila, with n
small crew, started out in the boat for
Tahiti on September 8. They fulled
to reach Tahiti nnd returned exhaust
ed on September 10. Captain Smith,
with three men, took the small boat
and managed to reach Pago Pago ten
days later.
Recent dispatches Indicate that the
captain of the Seeadler and five of his
crew were cuptured jin September 21
off the Fiji Islands by Fijian consta
bulary. What become of the men who
left Mopeha island in the Lutece Is
not known.
British Get Honor Stripe.
London. British soldiers who have
served in the great war will hence
forth bear a distinctive mark of their
service on their uniform. The war of
fice announces that a chevron stripe
will be immediately issued to every
soldier who serves overseas in a thea
ter of war. Soldiers whose service
dates back to 1914 will be given a red
chevron, and those whose service be
gun after that year will get a blue
stripe. An additional blue stripe will
be awarded for each aggregate of 12
months' service. The new stripes will
be worn by officers ns well as privates,
Coffee From Velvet Beans.
Quitman, Ga. The velvet bean, so
abundantly grown in the South, Is be
ing put to an entirely new use In this
section and is no longer classed as a
stock food exclusively. A hotel start
ed the movement by the announcement
to a larce number of traveling sales
men that the coffee served was made
from velvet beans, after the dinner
had been finished and the guests were
profusely complimenting the proprie
tor for the splendid "Javva." One of
the guests, claiming to be an expert
connoisseur, had taken the third cup.
Out in France
The number of deaths through ty
phoid had also dropped to such an
extent that now they have to be rock
oned on nn average of 10,000 men. So
far, for the present year, only 0.04
deaths In 100,000 have been record
"it is permissinie to atlirm," says
Professor Vincent, "that preventive
vacclnution, for which the ontltyphus
laboratory of the Val de Grace fur
nished the army zones with 5,513,073
doses of vaccine, has saved a consider
able number of men for the country.
"If the morbidity and mortality ex
perienced from November, 1914,
January, 1915, had been maintained
nnd on the hypothesis that between
4,000,000 nnd 5,000,000 men had been
sent to the front during that period,
the number of cases would have been
more than a million and the number
of deaths 145,000."
San Antonio, Tex. The per
capita wealth of the nine
tieth (90th) division of the
National army in training at
Camp Travis is $050, and the
average subscription for Liberty
Bonds is $105 per man of the
more than 33,000 men on the
rolls. The conscripts composing
this division were taken from all
walks of life and all classes In
the states of Texas and Okla
homa. Five men are worth, In
their own name, $500,000 each,
20 of the recruits can sign checks
for $100,000, 42 are worth, In
property, more than $10,000 each,
and one man Is said to be the
sola heir to an estate estimated
nt $3,000,000. There are more
than 400 young men In this camp
who are doing the first "reul
work" of their lives, and all of
them are over twenty-one years
of age, but they are nmong the
happiest In the ranks.
Colds are contracted when
inflammation easily develops bronchitis or lung trouble, while
grippe and pneumonia frequently follow and any cold should
have immediate treatment with
The National Strength -Builder
which first builds up the forces
to the blood streams and creates real body warmth.
Its cod liver oil is the favorite of physicians for correcting
bronchial disorders and chest troubles.
The imported Norwegian cod liver oil always used In Seoil't EmaUien Is now
refined In our own American laboratories which guarantees it free from impurities.
Scott & Bowne, Bloom field. N. J. 17-19
Nothing Left
"Yes, we used to sit out in the old
summer house In the beautiful moon
light. Strange to say, Jack never be
lieved he kissed me as often as I ac
cused him of doing."
'Ah, and how did you convince
"Why, the next night I told him to
cut a notch in the summer house each
time he took a kiss."
"How did the scheme work?"
"Very well for a while, but er by
the end of the week there was no sum
mer house left." Exchange.
And Rashes That Itch and Burn-
Free to Anyone Anywhere.
In the treatment of skin and scalp
troubles bathe freely with Cutlcura
Soap and hot water, dry and apply
Cuticura Ointment If there Is a nat
ural tendency to rashes, pimples, etc.,
prevent their recurrence by making
Cuticura your daily toilet preparation,
Free sample each by mall with
Book. Address postcard, Cuticura,
Dept. h, Boston. Sold everywhere.
Very True.
The science of food was a pet sub
ject with a certain teacher, and she
never wearied in telling her pupils all
about food values, proteins, carbohy
drates, fats and other funny things. At
the end of one lession she set some
questions to test what they had learn
ed. 'Can any girl tell me what three
foods are required to keep the body
in perfect health?"
One maiden promptly waived an ex
ulting hand.
"Please, miss," she said eagerly,
"breakfast, dinner and tea!" An
As Br'er William Sees It.
You never know when you is happy
till you Is cl'ar out er happy land, an'
den you ain't got time nuff left' ter
kick yo'se'f not knowin' it at de right
To keeD clean and heaithv take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regu
late liver, bowels and stomach.
"See anything unusual on your
"Yes. At one of the places where I
stopped I found a ticket agent who
didn't seem annoyed when I asked for
a ticket." Detroit Free Press.
The Difference
"What's the difference between a
drama and a melodrama?"
"Well, In a drama the heroine mere
ly throws the villain over. In a melo
drama she throws him over a cliff.''
Eat less meat if you feel Back-
achy or have Bladder
No man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by
flushing the kidneys occasionally, says
a well-known authority. Meat forms
uric ucld which excites the kidneys,
they become overworked from the
strain, get Bluggish and fail to filter
the wnnte and poisons from the blood,
thea we got sick. Nearly all rheuma
tism, headaches, liver trouble, nervous
ness, dizziness, sleeplessness and ur
inary disorders como from sluggish
The moment you feol a dull ache in
the kidneys or your back hurts or If
the urine is cloudy, offensive, full of
sediment, Irregular of passage or at
tended by a sensation of scalding,
stop eating meat and get about four
ounces of Jad Salts from any phar
macy; take a tablcspoonful in a glass
of water before breakfast and In a
few days your kidneys will act fine.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined with llthia, and has been used
for generations to flush and stimulate
the kidneys, also to neutralize the
acids in urine so It no longer causes
Irritation, thus ending bladder weak
ness. Jad Salts is Inexpensive and can
not injure; makes a delightful effer
vescent llthla-water drink which
everyone should take now and then
to keep the kidneys clean and active
and the blood pure, thereby avoiding
serious kidney complications. Adv.
strength is lowered and the
by carrying rich nourishment
Cuts 20 Cords in 10 Hours
BUT NO EQUALS. Writa far
Vaughan Motor Works, maw
Sage Tea and Sulphur Darkens
So Naturally that No
body can tell.
Hair that loses its color and lustre,
or when It fades, turns gray, dull and
lifeless, is caused by a lack of sulphur
in the hair. Our grandmother made
no a mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur
to keep her lockB dark and beautiful,
and thousands of women and men who
value that even color, that beautiful
dark shade of hair which Is so at
tractive, use only this old-time recipe.
Nowadays we get this famous mix
ture improved by the addition of other
Ingredients by asking at any drug
store for a 60-cent bottle of "Wyeth'i
Sage and Sulphur Compound," which
darkens the hair so naturally, bo even
ly, that nobody can possibly tell It
has been applied. You Just dampen
a Bponge or Boft brush with It and
draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time. By morn
ing the gray hair disappears; but
what delights the ladles with Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Compound, Is that,
besides beautifully darkening the kalr
after a few applications, It also bring
back the gloss and lustre and gives It
an appearance of abundance.
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Cem
pound Is a delightful toilet requisite
to impart color and a youthful appear
ance to the hair, It is not Intended
for the cure, mitigation or prevention
of disease. Adv.
One More Scalp,
He I've a notion to propose to you.
She Please do. I'm trying for
record. Exchange.
Hun Music Barred.
"The other ' evening they (the
boches) had a piano in their advance
trenches, and we were close enough to
hear the performance," writes ft
"What the blazes are you playln'T"
one of our chaps shouted across.
"Wagner 1" catne the reply.
"Well," grumbled Tommy, "I don't
wonder we're flghtin' you about it."
Person's Weekly.
Son or Brother in camp or training- for defensat
If so, mail him a package of Allen's Foot Easa,
the antiseptic I'owuer for Tired, Aehinf, Swol
len Feet, and prevents bliutera and sera spota.
Makes walking easy. Sold everywhere. 2Ae.
He Had Forgotten.
One morning a good tramp called at
a house for something to eat. After
a sandwich and some cake bad been
given to him, he said: "But this is ft
wheatless day!" "Oh, I am so sorry,"
the lady replied, "I forgot; here Is ft
paper napkin; perhaps you would like
to wrap it up and save it for tomor
row!" "Thank you, lady, ft fine idea."
But when she later found some crumbs
on the garden steps she said to her
self, "I'm afraid he has forgotten."
Between Two Flree.
"I educated one of my boys to be ft
doctor and the other to be a lawyer,"
said Farmer Corntossel.
"You should be very proud of
them," announced the visitor. "That
seems like an excellent arrangement."
"I don't know about that," replied
the aged agriculturist. "It looks as
though It was a-going to break up the
family. I got run Into by a locomotive
and one of 'em wants to cure me and
the other wants me to go lame so he
can sue for damages." Leslie's Home
"Eat, drink and be merry."
"That used to go, but nowadays we
say it differently."
"What is it now?"
"De merry, tho you cannot afford
either to eat or drink." Exchange.
WE Granulated Eyelidi,
. 1 Sore Eyes, Eyes Inflamed by
VJ-Sun, Oust and Wind quickly
aV-relivp.1 hv Murine. Trv (t In
A. , -S'rZlr C your Eyes and in Baba Eyes.
lUUR LlLJNaSoiirtiDf.JiutEraCemlarl
Iy tfilv. in Tutxw Ha. For lik of tk Km Pr.
Ask Murine Eye Remedy Co., CtUe 4
Is no more necMaary
thanSmallpox, Army
experience has demonstrated
the almost miraculous affk ,
Ctty. andharmleliiMI,o(AntltyTheI(lVaccUisUoa.l
He vaccinated NOW by your physician, yon aa4
your family. It It mote vital than house uuwaace.'
Ask your phyilclae, druggist, or sent for 'Have
you had TypbokU" telling of Typhoid Vaccina'
telults from us , sod dooeue from Typaold Csnlefs.1
raoeuciae mccjssi s usees saua a. a, eov.jjcaase;
FOR i i