The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, October 19, 1917, Image 4

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The Maupin Times
Published every Friday at Mdupiu,
Ms. W. L. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: Or.e year, Ji.sq; six
months, 75 cents; three mamas, 50
Entered as second class mail
matter Sertember 2, 1014. at the
-postoffice at Maupin, Oregon, tin
der the Act of March 3, 1879.
White River
A. A, Bouney has sold Lis
ranch at Tygh Valley to Geo.
Harth & Sons of The Dalles.
Mr. Coberth is building a tele
phone line to Lis homestead this
too late for last week
Carl and Will Head made a
business trip to The Dalles last
Miss Elton spent Saturday and
Sunday in The Dallas.
Quincy Morrow crime up from
Armbay, Vn., Friday, returning
Sunday night accompanied by his
wife and daughter Mabel.
Clifford Morrow is making 0
trip to Portland, Ccrvnllis and
Summit with Mr. and Mrs. F. C.
Oct. 10.
Pick Falmateer went to Sherar
Thursday to meet his brother-in-law,
Tom Kinworthy and family,
Grandma and Miss Beulah Kin
worthy, who came from Tillamook
They returned Sunday,
Ht. A. K. Lake returned Wed
nesday from a ten days' stay in
The Dalles, the guest of Mrs. H.
F. Woodcock.
Mr. and Mrs. ITiram Corum
were called here Monday by the
serious illness of Mrs. Nancy
Sanford, who was threatened with
pneumonia. They returned to
The Dalles Tuesday.
Mis. Annie Gilnmre came lipre
from Cresswell by way of Dufur
AVeduesduy to attend ltr mntlter.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Prat.l have
recovered from recent illtxns.
IF. IK Woodcock who is spend
ing hia vacation hen' at bin farm,
had the misfortune to he thrown
from a horee Sunday.
Mrs. Nettie Miller who was bur
ied here week before lust and who
lind in tlin Good Siimiirilun hos
jiitnl in Portland, wan a pioneer
I will sell at iry ranch halfway between Tygh Valley and Maupin
the following
Horses liog's
Cattle Farming' Implements
Household Goods
Sale beginning at 10 o'clock A. M.
Free Lunch, bring your cups
TERMS cf SALE: Sums under $10 cash; $10 and over 12 months
time at 8 per cent interest on approved notes.
J. T. HARPER, Auctioneer
resident of this place, having come
here with her husband, Samuel
Roberts, when the country was
new and unsettled, Mrs. Miller
leaves five children by this union:
Mrs. Susie Knegg of Crec-bam,
Frank Pobcrts of Praria City,
Bert Roberts of Bend, Mrs. Ida
McCoy and Claud Roberts of this
place. After the death of Mr.
Roberts she was married to Geo.
Miller who dipd some eight years
ago. Three children were born
to them, . They are Mrs. Ada
Snodgrass of Juniper Flat. Mrs.
Violet Crabtree of Flanagan and
Don Miller of Wapinitia, Twelve
srrandchildren and two great grand
children survive her. Mrs. Miller
was a very estimable woman and
possessed a wonderful memory.
The date of the births of all her
acquaintances was one of the
special features of hsr memory,
and she could without hesitation,
tell the birthday of all her ac
qoaintancos. A lar concourse
of people assembled al her funeral
which was held at Four Corners
Several transfers of property
have taken place here recently.
Ceo. MgiU nought 200 acres of
farm land from J. E. Kennedy,
known as the Stakely place, the
purchase price bniuj; $7000. Mike
Urban purchased i"0 acres from
E. Johnson, the Fred Chand
ler place, paying $"000. Mrs.
Martha Dean bought the Jack
Fraley house here in town, paying
? 100 for the property.
Portland Painless Dentist, 305
Second St., The Dalles Ore. Port
land prices. Phone Main 8551.
Clyde WhUlock ja in town after
summering with a band of sbeep.
Why take a bath in a wash tub
when you can got a real bath at
Stycr's barber shop in the Post
office building, Maupin.
" Mr. Walters was down from
Wnpiuitia Wednesday.
Jack Stants returned home Tnes
day after packing lor the Hunt
sheep camps in the mountains
during the summer.
Portland rainless Dentist, 305
Second St., The Dalles, Ore. Port
land prices. Phone Main .1831.
Are. you using The Times liner
column when you have any thing
to sell or want to buy some article
that your neighbor may have or
wishes to depose of? If not try
a want ad in lluit column. We are
sure that it will bring results.
ILJ fci lass 1 C
Local Items
Yard Norvel was a caller in
town yesterday.
W. H. Aldridge left last Thurs
day for Seattle.
Geo. Crofoot and family will
move to the Flat soon.
For sale, two good Jersey milk
cows, inquire ILL. Morris, Maupin
W. L. Morrison is in The Dalles
this week having his leg cared for.
For sale on easy terms 1-4 sec
tion land, $2000. Address, H. L.
Morris, Maupin.
Severul from here attended the
Moro fair the last of the week.
Portland Painless Dentist 305
Second St., The Dalles, Ore. Port
land price's. Phone Main 3331.
Mrs, Kathleen Hill sold her
place on Smock to Albert Weiberg
of Wapiniiia au(l will E to Cali
fornia for the winter.
Two Studebaker Sixes for sale
at bargains. Une laio series
brand new. Fischer's Garage.
Jake Spath was over from
Wamic Wednesday arranging for
a sale to take place at bis ranch
the s?l3t. The family will move
to The D-tlles.
Don't Maine your clock It
needs cleaning. Emmons wilt
do it for you and guarantee it.
J. W. Ay res was over the first
of she week bringing lumber to
finish the interior of their resi
dence here.
Ben Fraley mads a trip to Tbp
Dalles hospital the first of the
week for 'more repairs'.
ike other fellow could not fix
your watch bring it to Emmons
the jeweler.
The farmers don't seora to be
satisfied unless they are skinned.
Give Dad Coale a chance. He
buys all kinds of pelts, hides
skins and wool. p
Mrs. Flanagan received a pic
ture yesterday of her son in his
naval uniform.
Model Laundry man Wise of
The Dalles was a caller in town
Fords painted with Makpmun
enamel $15, Bring your car in
the morning and take it out at,
niht ready for you. Maupin
Garage. pCmJunll
Fred I.aughlin and Witnesses
Walker and Kndersby were in
Tuesday making proof bef .re Com
missioner Stuart.
Car for sale, nearly new Saxon
Six, f7f.00. Shultuek Pros.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Larid Ofrke at The Dalles,
Oregon, October 5th, 1917.
Notice is hereby given that
Edgar B, Nosker,
of Maupin, Oregon, who on Oct
ober 21, 1 914, made Homestead
Entry No. 013968 for SWI-4SWI-4,
Section 29, ir,vi-4J7."i-4, Section
32, NI-2NEI-4, Section 31, Town
ship 6 South: Range 15 East, Y7il
larnette Meridian, has filed notice
of inteution to make Final Three
Year Proof, to establish claim to
the land above described, before
F. D. Stuait, United States Com
missioner at Maupin, Oregon, on
the 16th day of November, 19 1 7.
Claimant names as witnesses:
P. J. Kirsch, Bertha Kirsch, W.
M. Snelson, D. B. Appling all of
Criterion, Oregon.
II, Frank Woodcock,
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, September 27, iqi7.
notice is hereby given that
Walter Mack Snelson,
cf Criterion, Oregon, who on June
4, ion, made iiomesteau iouy
no. 011762, and on July 2, 1914,
made Additional Homestead Entry-
No. C13.15S, for si-2Kri-4, SE1-4,
Section 6. v;i 2JVI-4, Section 5.
Township 7-Sonth, Range 15 East.
Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of inteution to make Final
three year Proof to establish claim
to the land above described, before
F, D. Stuart, U. S. Commissioner,
at Maupin, Oregon, on the 1 6th
day of November 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses,
P. J. Kirsch., Criterion, Oregon,
Edmond Herding, Shaniko, Ore
gon, Bertha Kirsch, Criterion, Or
egon, D. B. Appling, Criterion,
p " Register.
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office at The
Dalles, Oregon, October 6, 1917.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Jacob T. flume
of Wapinitia, Oregon, who ou
March 13, 1912, made Homestead
Entry, no. 010059, for KWI-.,
Section 28, Township 5, South,
Range 11 East, Willamette Merid
ian, has filed notice of intention
to make- l'inal three year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above
described, before F. I), Stuart U.
S. Commissioner, at Maupin, Ore
gon, on the 3rd day of December,
Claimant names as witnesses;
Lewis Wallers, Henry Richardson
er,se Cox, Ollic Webtirg, all of
Wapinttin Oregon.
II. Fhank Woodcock,
p Register.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Laud Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, September 2!M li, 1 9 1 7 .
Not ice is hereby riven thai,
PiMtha IT. Kitsch
formerly Bertha R. Herrling, of
triieiion, Oregon, who ou Janu
ary 10, 101:1, made Homestead
Entry No. Olllfil, and on July 2,
191 1 niado additional Homestead
Kntty No' U852, for Lots 1, 2, 8
h:l-2.wl-l, nf.1 -lswl-I, si iNEi-4,
Section 81, Township 6 South,
Range IS Last Willamette Merid
ian, has filed notice of intention
to make Final three year Proof,
to establish claim to the land
above described, before F. D.
Stuart, U. S. Commissioner, at
Maunin, Oregon, on the loth dav
of November 191T.
Claimant names as witnesses:
D. B. Appling, V. M. Snelson,
Kd. HorrliiiR, C. A. buns, all of
Criterion, Oregon.
P Pfgr.
Winter pasture for catttle and
horses, 12:50 acres, 14 straw stacks;
Stubble and grass pasture, run-
ning water. A, T. Lindley. n3p!
Geo. Woodruff has sold his '
farm on the Flat to F. S. Fleming
and will move to Tygh Valley.!
Mr. Sherar has the place rented. I
A. A. Britton has tented Hip A. j
C. Moa 1 farm nhich joins his. 1
Portland Painless Dentist, 305'
Second St., The Dalles, Ore. Port
land prices. Phone Main 3S31. !
Mr. and Mr?. Alfred PophauJ
Chester an 1 Constance Flanagan
of Smock Wfnt to their old home
in Clatskanie where tl ey will
spend the w'nter. '
To hire men and teams with
harrow and drill, to seed 200
acres of Summerfallow on my farm
on Juniper Flat. Fen Eatty,
Grangeville, Idaho.
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m. !
Leaves Wapinitia, 1 cO p- m!
I.O. O. F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Saturday night in
Donaldson s hall. visiting mem
bers always welcome.
W. H. Tai.COTT, Secretary.
Dr. Lawrence S. Stovall
and Dentistry
Charges Reasonable
Satisfaction Guaranteed
, Call Drug store or residenc-e
Maupin, Oregon
If a sweet tooth cries for sweetness
And the finest you desire,
Your joy will know compleness
If you buy of E. J. Styer
At the Ilacelwood Ice Cream
Parlor, Maupin.
Mr. and Mrs.'E. A, Chandler of
Criterion were in this week to
arrange for final proof ou their
homestead. ,
Through With Change
between Central Oregon
and Portland
Standard and Tourists Sleepers Daily
Manufacturers and Land Products Show
Nov. 3 to 24 in
Portland's New Half Million Dollar Auditorium
This is the real exposition of Oregon's
resources and opportunities. Its ad
vertising value to exhibitors will be
Send Exhibits and Attend
Reduced Round Trip Fares anil Oregon Trunk Stations
Nov. 8, 15, 22. See local agent
: Tenth Apple Show
: Epokane Nov. 19 -24
: Special Fares from
: Central Oregon to
: Spokane
Palace Hotel
Washingtpn Street & Twelfth
the Cleanest Rooms in the City ,
Modern in Every Detail
Large Grand Floor Lobby
Close in to Shopping and
1 inely
I have moved my Stock of Shoes
and Shoe Repairing business to
201 1-2 Second Street, The Dalles,
Ore. , opposite the Empress Theatre
I will still contimie my Harness
and Saddle business in the same
location as formerly, only upstairs,
and will be glad to figure with you
on anything you need in the har
ness and saddle line.
The front of the building form
erly occupied by my Harness and
Shoo Repair store will now be
used as an Automobile Accessor
ies and Sporting Goods house by
Gates & Co., in which firm I am
I want all my old friends to
call and see me and their needs
will have my personal attention.
Mail orders will have prompt
and cartful attention.
Victor Mauds:?,
. The Dalles, Ore,
Judge John H. Stevenson and
others of Portland held a Liberty
Bond boost meeting in front of the
drug store Sunday morning with a
good attendance, They called
again Thursday, but as tbey had
not been advertised, went on to
The Ayr?3 and Farlow young
people who are attending high
school here, in company with
Prof. Stovall, attended a party at
the Morgan home on Smock Sat
urday evening. A fine time, but
many car troubles.
Violet Miller and Agnes Walters
went to the latter's home above
Wapinitia Friday evening.
J. T. Hardy,
Trav. Freight & Pass. Agt.
, Bend, Oregon