The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, August 24, 1917, Image 4

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    The Maupin Times
Published every Fiiday at Maupin,
Mrs. W. I.. IvIork 1 50s, Publisher j the round U
RiiVicf-rintif-iir One vear. Si Vj: sixiday.
months 75 cents; three months. 50
- 1
Entered as second
Cisss maui
matter Seoteinber 2, icu. at tli
. .
VOStofF.ce at. Maupin, Oregon, un
der the Act of March 3, 179.
Wapi&itia Items
Mrs. Minnie Gray and children
are visiting at the home of Mr.?.
Boll Delco this r eek.
Cearhart or Seaside
Clatsop Beach
It's YOUR Fair
20 to 29
Low Round Trip Fares to Eastern Cities
Ticket Sale Fridays and
Saturdays to Sept 30
Burton ThuiVr, Agent, Maupin
J. T. Hardy, Traveling F. & P. Agent
G. W. Vantlcrpool
All Hinds cf Automobile Accessories
First Class
Gasoline and Oils
Fire Proof Phone
Washington Sttset & Twdvih
the Cleanest Pooms in the City
Modem in Every Detail
Large Grand Floor Lobby
Close in to
Theatre District
f inely Furnished
Auto Passenger service Auto Delivery Truck
Prepared fr I .cms Trips or Cuing Parties
A Complete Line of Automobile Accessories
Keliie Holland of Tbe Dalles is-!
visiting at the tfevier borne tms ;
I week,
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Wood made
ip to TLe Dalles Mori-1
C. . JHoj le ani tamiiy went to.uia on uu luonaay waning wr
ho ) .1 oa iit r-DPL- TthPTt T n P V
, , . .
(win epraiu H rrioiiiu v, urs-ina; 1
I fruit..
I v. B'Tapp commenced drilling
i wheat on his jumcjerfallow today ,
i Wednesday, he being the f.rst iu
i . , . . "' ; .
t,qis (ei:0'J KV .,uuiweii;e evvung
Mrs. Floyd Eubaoks who has
been visiting at Ler fat-hers home
in Wamic the past month, return
ed to her home near here Sunday.
round trip
from Maupin
Fair, Salem
See it This Year
i rips,
W- C. Vanderpool
Cars for Hire
Free Air
Shopping and
G. E. Wood occupied the pulpit
nere sunoay iu tue aosence 01 iev
j Bjvier who held services at Fine
;C rove, v
The O'Brien thresher had a
j breakdown Friday evening and
re n.'i 1 Lu CO III H I rum rorLian'J.
Two' threshing machine are
here in, our community this week,
U. S. Endersby's and Joe O'Briens
and threshing will soon be over in
this immediate vicinitv.
E. A. Mayhew and wife passed
through hers Thursday for the
mountains where they expect to
spend the jiext month.
Link Harpham came through
here, the last of the week from a
few days' outing in the mountains
Mrs. N. G. Hddin left'Friday
for Portland, taking their little
daughter, Nova, to receive medical
treatment. She had beet) quite
sick all last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hartmau
and Crystal were visiting at
Maupin Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. E. M. Hartman
made a trip to Tygh the f.rst of
the week. Mrs. Hartman
boon sick nearly all summer.
Mr. Pratt wa3 digging a cistern
at the paronug? the first of the
Mr. and Mis. Sidney Wilson
returned home from Portland Sun
day. They left Tuesday for a few
days' outing in the mountains.
0,- I,. Paquet and Emil Heckler
aft oyer on Beaver creek this week
looking after their cattle.
We understand Geo. Claymire
has purchased 160 acres of land
adjoining his of Mrs. D. Woodside
A party of real estate men from
Portland and Idaho srj here on
the Flat with, a view of buying
land in tins section, lbey were
guests at the home of J. S. Brown
The mountain fever has struck
the people here and a number are
already gone, more are goiug ever?
day. Mrs: O. E. Wood, Mrs.
Mat tie Olaun and Plph Woodside
start Thursday.
A party of Gypsies stopped here
Tuesday night.
Chester Brittain was over from
Wamic Sunday.
Mrs. C. B. Michner and chil
dren of ISorth Yakima arrived
Monday and are visiting at the
noma of her sister, Mrs. Russcli
Local Items
W. T. Norvel motored in from
Wamic Monday.
Dr. Eiwood was iu Tbe Dalle a
couple days this Wfek.
Several from here went TygL
Sunday fjr uicr.icinc and swim
Ben Fit.ii?y came home ye ter
d i y tor a f'vv days.
Don't blame your dork It
nt((U clean in Emmons will
do it for yott and guarantee it.
Bites ShutUK'fc, Van Moad sr.d Mill-T Uft U.d'iy h't a Lunt
log and o.iting trip.
A Paoitic Power and IJthl rei.-
jiesfntalive was here the last ot
the wek.
j It the other fdk'ie could not nx
your UiU'h bring if to Emmons
I the jewder,
Jus. Fak is over f,;nj Tygh
Valley li i Dr. Fln.ond treat
blood pviion in Ins lurid
i J, R Ruilit and daughters of
, KingsUy stopped here tbe Cut of
the v.teU euroute to visit Lisbon
Hugh at Ciiierion.
.The farmers don't tam to he
stistitl unless they tire skipped.
Give Dad Coale a chance. He
buys all kinds ot ptitj, hides
skin and wool. p
The hand hills and programs
announcing the irrigation celebra
tion at Pine Grcve were printed
;o this effics tha first of the week!
Ford paintfd itb Mokeo.iui
enamel jflo. Bring your car ip
the mor.iir.g and take it out at
n.ilit ready fr tou. Maupin
Oarage. 1 perajucli
Mr. and Mrs. Wrn. Gilbert and! A Mr, Cowdeil of Antelope is James Lake, Arthar and Clar
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Moad motored 'arranging to open up a meat mar- ;ence Fargher of Manpin composed
to Tygh Sunday and spent the dayjket equipped with a modern cooler lau auto party who went through
on the banks of the creek.
Mr. Anderson, the successor of
Mr. Kiiburg aa local Tum-A-Lnm
manager, and his family are at
the Hotel Kelly until a residence
can be secured.
D. M. Goetjen and family who
came in from Bakeoven last week,
left Tuesday for a sojourn at the
Warm Springs. Mr. Gcetjen now
drives a Ford.
Mr. and Mrs. McFarlore, who
have been visiting their daughter,
Mrs. Stovall, returned to philo
math Sunday night.
Mrs. Torn Carson and daughters
came from Dufur Saturday and
were guests of Mrs. Palph Kaiser
till Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Winifree..
and grandson, and Grandma Win
ifree, Mrs. Effie Winifree and
children, "tViriibeT Kosker and
family and Jas. Tsha comp:sed a
fishing party up the river Sunday,
getting seven big trout to help on
a picnic dinner. Swimming in
the river was the diversion of the
D3 o
ir 2J
D3 o
in W- H. Staats' warehouse
the near future.
IN 1914 A Tum-A-Lum
cost 40 hogs
IN 1917 Same Tum-A-Lum
Bam costs 24 hogs
IN 1914-A Tum-A-Lum House
' cost 4S0 ba. of wheat
IN 1917-Same Tum-A-Lum
Horns costs 225 bu. of wheat
IN 1914-A Tum-A-Lum Silc
cost 220 bu- of corn
IN 1917-Same Tum-A-Lum
Silo costs 110 bu. of com
IN 19H-A Tum-A-Lum Machine
Shed cost 20 tons of Alfalfa
IN 1917 Same Tum-A-Lum
Machine Shed costs 10 tens
of Alfalfa
"See A, L- Anderson about u
If a sweet tooth cries for sweetness
And the finest yon desire,
Your joy will know .compleness
If yon buy of E, J. Slyer
At the Hazelwood Ice Cream
Parlor, Maupin.
For Sale
My entire stock of goods must
be sold at a sacrifice as I am going
out ot the store business. I have
been in the store business over 18
years. I thank the public for
their patronage. My store build
ing and btore fixtures are for sale
at a bargain. Call and see tue at
Wapinitia, Oregon. A. F. Evick.
(djJliillld AtlIU ulad
Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
Leaves Wapinitia, 1 SO p-
) I ROBERTS, Prop.
LO. O F.
lJ Vv A fib l 1JA
Lodge Io. 203, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Saturday night in
Donaldson's hail. Visiting rnem.
bers always welcome.
Job Ckabtkee, N. G.
W. H. TAt.corr, Secretary.
Dr. Lawrence S. Stovall
and Dentistry
Charges peonable
tati.'iaction Guaranteed
Call Drug: store or ic.-iden ie
Maupin, Oregon
The Oregon
Agricultural College
rt:f.-;icn Ic.-timf to collcgv.te degree in the
fo!L-.YU-.i sa. ci; :
AOnlCDLIUKE. with 15 depsrtrceMi: with 4'.A;
EKuINKiklKO. tih 8 difii.3-.catj. In
i-h.Jn U-.ti. 'r'i?Ltikdl. Hiii:i. iiid.itt:al
Atti tins-tun nj Micranicdl .i?ictv;L ,
rOiU'Sif. i. m;ijjiLK Lzn.xz r,(iLcor-
llCr-lZ SCCXCItnCS. with i mnjcr 4:pil
u.-.i.air.; ttuinirg m ;b: Pia-.tic
ullXXv. with three dp,iiimnu. (n:!ud
la;;i tr.gir.-;rins;
TffE SCilCOI. OT MUSIC cfi-.-r$ instrtic
1mi in lh pt:n;;pai d.patto:f bit ot To.i
cr.i trtrurc:r.ti mbi-.;. j
IITX S1IIIT.KT r rrATifXjiT, cur-lied
1C:5 udvt in 17. a&i 7,-31 r:ccanB ,
tictlCE lor 0 A. C. ircir. tRf W;it:rn Depart
atnt ci th V S War Bcpartsfnt t on";l I
H fiite-ri " d:s;irvrii'p:4 ir8t:f:ti:5' i
!! litE!f AH idv- vul K- fjrnish-.ti
5-.rr.pktt ur,irir.j fcj th C. S t,VrT-;ir;Tr;rt
ati tkt tnd tnivt cad.t- tartiK-i
.lis ?t O T C . rili t firen tcrcrr.t:f:a f:r
ab:i:t-:rct t u tran;pcrt j;i
lv.i?i.t.r.-t ct the :x re ki 3-.r.T.:r cir:p
r.i . o . a r i r 27joi?i3 c c 7 -1-r, r. 6
ifiT. Iri.-T.iit-a ca t;?:n. Ai i::s3
SsStsr. C.-cj; A;r.ctU;tirJ Cou-f.
C?tr iii. C:-;.-5.
in.thscity the latter part of last
week on their way to Seaside
where- they will spend some tirns.,
Portland Painless Dentist. We
Extract, Crown, and Bridge your
teeth absolutely Painles?; we era
ploy only Experienced and Regi
tored men; fifteen years guarantee
on all work. Seventeen years con
tinual practice in Portland, Ore.
Bring .this card with you, it
worth money. -Portland Prices.
Portland Painless ' Dentist, .305
Second St., The Dalles, Ore. Op
posite. A. M. Wiliia,ms Co. Phone
Main 3831. . '
Public Laud Sale.
Department of the Interior
U. s. T-aud Office at The Dalies
Oregon, August '15, 1917. '
NOTICE is hereby given that
as directed by tbe Commissioner of
the General Land office, under
provisions of Sec. 2455, R. S.,
pursuant to the application of
, ' John G. Bolterf
Serial No. 015803, we will offer at '
public sale, to the highest bidder,
but at not less than $2.00 per acre,
at 9:30 o'clock A. M., on the 16th
day of October, next, at this officr;fl
t'le following tract of laud: fci 1
SSI-.J, Sei-anei 4 Section 2 I
Township 7 South, Range 14 Hast,
Lot 4 Section 30, Township 7',
South Range 15, East, Willamette
M., (containing 15230 Acres).
"This tract is ordered into the
market ou a showing that thef
greater portion thereof is tnotin
tainous or too rough for cultiva
tion," This sale will not be kept cpen,
but will be declaeed closed when
these present at the hour named
have ceased bidding. The person
making the highest bid will be
required to immediately pay to the
Receiver the amount thereof.
Any persons adversly the above
described land are advised to file
their claims,, or objections, on or
before the time designated for sale.
L, A. Eootk,
NOTICE is hereby given that
iu compliance with an order of E.
J. Fischer, justice of the Peace of
Wasco County, for Maupin Pre
cinct, vi-hieh order bears date 0
August 16, 1017, that a certain
estray steer taken up by the under
signed on the a&th day of July,
1917, will be sold at tbe J. W.
Hoech ranch on the Maupiu-Shani-ko
road iu Wasco County, Oregon,
on the 3rd day of September, at
the hour of 10:00 A. M. at Ftiblic '
auction for ca?h in hand to the
highest bidder, and the peocetds
of said sale shall go to satisfy the of Keeping said estray, and
ail expenses incurred iu conducting
the said sale mid the court proceea
iugs, and s'ueh other expense as
may have beu regularly made.
Tha balauce, if anv, to be held by
the said Justice of the Peace as
piovided by law.
The said estray steer is a red
Short horn, between one and two
years old with a with a white spot
in the forehead, is not brai ded,
bin Ins a cut off the right ear aud
an ud dor-bit in the left ear.
Dated this 16th day of August,
1917- t
Cole E. Smith.
Large i;t-U of carhop paper for
embroidery stamping at the fimei
Depaitmetit of the Interior,
U S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, July 7th, 1917.
J-OTiCK is hereby giyeo that
Sarah K, H. PjSsROTi?
of Watnic, Orecon, who on Mch
?0'.h..l911, made Homestead Entrj
No. 055:6 for Lots 2-3 se1-4nw1-4,
swl 4;t1 4, Sec. 2, Tp. 5 South,
Range 11 hast, Willamette Merid
ian, has filed notice cf intention to
make Final five year Proof, to es
tiblish ckim to the land bov
described, befor F. P. Ktoart, U.
3, Commissioner, at Maupin, Ore.
gon, on the 17th day of August,
Claimant names nj witcesaei:
Samuel H. iuulyauey, Charles R.
F'Uncan. Herman H. Oesb, W:
Henry May field, all cf Wanic,
Orsron. . .
F " ?-?gister.