The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 08, 1917, Image 4

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MrJakp Iiiyi'lroi),-! . tho Flat
Was hwty 'hi ftKtunhiyj;; X;
Wm. Kutlz, ;f The lul!;s h
a Maupiu visitor' this wo k.
Mr. Ikrt Cook, sal nun n hr the
Case Co. was here Wodiifs-liiy.
Wood ill this M'C'ticil of tin
county in almost al a premium.
heveral crews ot tt t u are y.oiJ'.-
Ing on the highway in tnnl mourn
W. C. Vnndcrpool tuiili a pm
of tlio Maupiu ball phiyci.s to lynl
Mrs, Frank l'.uzan ami hum Kol
crt were subscribers to Tin; Tumi:
The Tow; war continues in I'ni't-
hind, two Chiiiesn killed uud sev
eral by slanders injured.
Services at Hie l'Vo Mcthodhl
Church were well attended Sunday
botn morning and evenim;.
Several Kit this week for tin
four days racing at Condon. Ka.
ing started Wednesday th'j tllli.
'J'lie public Bah at 0. '. l)ir
thick'a Saturday was attended b
people from all part:-1 of tin: county.
Maupin will experience one oi
tho bllinest seasons it has ever Keen
this year. Three cheers for oin
(4 CorpeHpoiidoiitB idiould have
tlicir coiuimicatdiii-4 in ut Time,
office not later than Wednesday
What Hay Ye I by Wnot cele
brato the Fourth of July in Maup
in. Oct buiHy and appoint tin
Wo understand that Die 1'i.diei
Garage, on I lis eus-t t ide is soon ti
be torn down and a modem iatv.jn
built in its place,
jChnH. Crowfoot bad a iair o!
Frazter braked put on Ins ;nte
Monday tit Yandeipool P.rot.V.
Mr. uud Mrs. Koy Slm-her an
keeping house .for W. 11. Slant;,
during the iibsouco of Mrs. Slaatu,
who is in Portland.
Ths question was linked! Hon
often do tho Frunier brahes have to
be relined? Answer; 1 never taw
a pair that needed rcliiiii,;;.
Mr. and Mis. Wm. Ciillifoid, ,.f
I'ortland, were visiUn;; at the m,-i-ideueo
of Mr. a ml Mm, J;ik.
Davidson, on tin 1 'la t. last wee!;.
Miss Avoiil Temple, of 1i Hand
daughter of Mr. and Mis. If. i'.
Temple, is visiting lo r Aunt Mis.
G. W. Yandeipool, ot Maupiu tin,
There will be an abundance t,j
fruit and berries alon:.; the 1c.i
chutes tributary to Maupin (hi;
year, strawberries aic plentiful at
this writin;;.
The election hoard Monday t on
listed of, W. II. Slants, i l'iiirnmn,
e hi (.lias.
trowtoot, Mr. t t war i and Mi,
Kciwir, clerks.
This ceason is at !e is!, a uioi',lh
late, not only in Kastcrn On-yon
hut in tho vailey. A pica!
amount of minnier fjiiou remain.--yet
to ho plowed.
Roy Shisher rivs that, l!e Nv
Vclie cur hart one coineiiicnee thai
no other machines have. A horn
tifiiial that blows all the time but
is very annoying. a dit'erene." theie
would be in .Maupin it i .; h bui.
iinsa house would eonti ibnle a few
dollars and purchase n tank of oil
then sprinkle the main stu-e! with
jl. I
Mr. Talkit has open si his lei
cream and eonl'eetionerv n.-ulor.-
nevl. ,1m,r l thn I', .t tM'.C i!
will be nl.e.i io ,! vi'io i'i, '
tho choice.-l of everytnin:; in
' ij
IH tullif -UiiklioR II Tl.iSeh l.i.t
ednesday niaiit a fnv
a:icd on
the hill directly ca.-t of loe n and
the way the cage brodi burned
made a beautiful rials t to !euL
111 !.rl week's add'tion i f The
Time , throiii'h an (, we
neglected to mention one otour
est infcab
dot nte, Jlr, llalfiold
to? !):
to ba'Vfis
l.'ontal OlhV-s in the
ioiTi,'. Jt id unnecessary to
mciiliiiii the fuel that )r. Hat
I'oilJ is a de list of wide known re
nown. Sou Mrs. HiiitiiuiiB for the latest
in millinery,
hrncst rtiay itw iniule a trip to
The Dalles this week.
Tor bla'4;:-i)iilliirig of all kinds
dee ft. N. J' l n!v , Maupin.
The lio.-d Ponds will iii this
precinct by tiw vote?,
Maupiu reentered 43 young
men Tuesday. How is that?
Oner over on main street with
oil ami no dust all summer.
Mrs John Ooetjen, of the Far-
;.;er rineh, was in town Monday.
.J.u-k Itiu'si'l ot i;riltrion, was
trailing here tho tore part of the
Jim Drown, of Wupinitin, wae
doimj Jmi.-Micss in Maupin Satur
day. ,
I leal v.ciilher on crops, but Mr.
Fa-rm'T, look out for the Jim Hill
nni. t j:il.
Dorn t'liday, .June 1st, 1017,
to Mr. and Mrs. K'ciser, of this
city, a son.
I'rof. ivi,llo and wife, willi Mr.
lusher, went to 1'ortJaiul Sunday
ai't'T new cars.
Mr. ConUm, with his family,
drove up from I'ortland Tuesday
in his new Franklin,
i, I). Kelly and family motored
io i'ortland Wednesday. They
will return ftalurdav.
The ball puini at Kent Sunday
v.'i.wecn siauinn ami Kent was a
decided victory for Maupin.
V. U. Dodds who has been rus-
lieatinij here fur the past three
weeks, li ft today fur i'ortland.
J'l very dollar the farmer invests
in Uljcily J! 'liils wi return to
din. lU ad articles on front page.
James l'attison, of Dufur, was a
:alier Tuesday, and reports the
real estate business very eood in
lis loeality.
I'ifteeii, minutes with tho rake
every Monday Morning in front
of each business place would keep
the rocks off m an street.
Mr. and Mrs. (!. W. Vanderpool
cut to Warm Spiinps last Kriday
i ml report quite a number of cam
peistlieie, mostly from Dufur.
''. J. l,ivcm',;4o;i, who has been
our iij'coi, ut. th0 S', p g Depot
here for soum time has bven trans
I'eried to SiUcin, Mr. llurton
Thui bt r w ill till the vacancy left
by him.
Mali. in is expecting the largest
erovol here next Sunday that lias
w it tevse.l a sumo litre this season,
win ii the liist team of The Dalles b, its with our boys on the
home diamond.
James Kennedy, of Wamie, in
foiiued us Monday that he had
sold liiD bead of one and two year
old eors in Willis Drown and
Wm. llai'ri.-'. Delivery to be in
Maupin tomorrow1.
In the btiiliiinj.; adjoining tho
I'o. -I, Ouice is located ttio Millinery
iaiieis id Mrs. Kiumons, who
'fin any thin;.'; in that line that you
m.iy want. Next week Mis. Em
mens will be able alfa to show you
Itweliy. China Ware and other
thii;;-; that ;;o to lnuke up a First
Cla .- Si,.Vi.
Yi'e were asked to 'inform the
pu'olic that Vaiidorpool Bros, have
!'!;.' i;.":d the services of a first class
Mreliamc for their garage here
and in a itw days will he able to
!mu ',fUt !in? vvurk l'ml vomo
their way, They are buisy now
t!ii.-:.i!lii.; a cniupri" , -or which will ftec air to the public.
people of Kastern Ore-on, the
' 1 ' ',! h,;,it' lu'ro J "
';tv. will have a chance to see
ie, -oinilie in its Palmy Days,
iwi'-i i 1 1 s a I'd C:i it tiuMes repro
jdo. 1. The I'oi Press Club
the ol tee tU'sicuntCil to hold the
; "bi -;at nicht spot'' of the cele
Jhr.uUtn, June l'-i, 11. l-i. I'lom
S to I1.' each !iht the dance will!
i be u nod lo'imbo i:e prizes will be
imv. r i"d I lie onei able to necuina' the l;r;;ot bundle of paper
j mo: ey.
White River
Mrs Phillip McCorkle who has
been quite ill is improved.
Mrs. Bonncy, Mrs. Lucow and
Chas. Labasch were passengers
with Mr. Tunison when he took
the election roturues into The
Dalles Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Tuuison
and grandson Jitnmie, of Cowalis,
aro visiting at the J. G. Tunieon
Miss Emmerson chaperoned a
party of juniors as they Forded
thru Tygh Valley and White Riv
er Sunday.
C. A. Tunison received his new
Overland this week.
Mr. Spot Ferguson and family
are visiting at the Alfred Ferguson
home this week.
Mrs. Nellie Simmons is working
at tho Lucou home.
Kile Tunison is visiting in this
vicinity this week.
Judd Doering left ' Tuesday to
enlist in the murines.
Chas. Conley has a fine barn
near completion.
Ernest Webb motored to Man
pin Tuesday.
(late for last week)
Mr. and Mrs, Alfred Furguson
spent 1 uesday evening at the Tun
ison home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tunison spent
Sunday and ' Monday at the Wil
son home on the Flat,
Dev. W. If. Anderson the new
pastor at Maupin held services at
White River school house Sunday.
Mrs. H. A. Muller who has
been quite ill during the past week
is slowly improving,
A number from here attended
tho fair at Maupin.
Air. and Mrs. Clyde Kellogg are
intending making their futuo home
near here.
Mr. and Mrs. Daning started
Saturday for Portland and Beav
erton, their future home. They
intond to return in a few days.
A business meeting was hold at
White River echool house Monday
evening, for the purpose of impro
ving tho telephone line,
Tygh Valley
Miss JoEepIiine Jenkins and Mr
Dennett, of Portland, spent several
days hero visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Grant Mays.
Frank Crawford is employed by
W C Stillwell.
Those attending the Dirthick
sale Saturday were, Messrs Har
per, Beckwitb and Thompson.
Sandy Ross, assisted by George
Tellotson is doing the carpenter
work on Ed Fitzpatrick's ho use.
Miss Aver Black spenl severa'
days in Moro atteneing the Sun
day School conference.
I C Butler took Elmer Muncen
and R G Weisbeck to The Dalles
last week.
Bessie Munsen arrived Friday
evening from Conuell, Wash., to
visit, friends and relatives here.
Giaudma Moiivis visited her
daughter Hat Davidson, in Bake-
oven last week.
W C Stillwell and family with a
party of fishermen from The Dalles
were trying their luck on Badger
creek last week-
K S Ilotiser made several trips
to John Day last week getting the
sheep shearers started.
Tom Swift has been hauliug
lumber from the White A Keuwor-
thv iill for i utten and Young.
The Oddfellows are putting up a
large flag pole in front of the hall, j
Pom Monday, June 4th, 191
to Mr and Mrs C V Woodruff of
Tygh Valley a son.
Lois Foster who lias been visit
ing here left Sunday for htr home
in Lamout, Wash.
Election day was a very quiet
day hare.
Solomon Hauser mixed another
lot of "poison for the squirrel club
Mr' and Mrs Geo Young, of
Smock, were iu town Monday
Pierce Mays came up from Pert
land Tuesday evening,
Mr atul Mis Milt Morris return
ed home Saturday, bringing Mrs
Powell and family, of Albany for
a vibit.
W C Stillwell has completed the
new addition to his shop by the
livery stable.
Wm Beckwitb and Glen Morris
were fishing in the Deschutes last
MrMathows and family, of Tho
Dalles, were in town Tuesday on
a fishing trip.
E V McCorkle went to The
Dalles on business Tuesday.
Twenty four young men regis
tered here Tuesday.
J H Fitzpatric went to The
Dalles Wednesday morning.
The girls of this place under the
supervision of Bessie Bonney are
organizing a Camptire Club,
Smock Items
F Bischel and vvifo are at Gate
way as delegates from this church
to the Babtist association. Mrs
Ogelsby and A Pratt accompanied
Syron and Whitcomb with wood
machine are sawing for Richard
C H Yocky and wife were Wap
initia visitors Monday.
Juo Ubanks, of Wamic, was a
business caller Tuesday at C II
C A Syrun and T J. Whitcomb
transacted business at The Dalles
last week.
Marion and C N Fallow and N
E Whitcomb are working on the
ditch. f
Leone Whitcomb is visiting the
C S McCorkle family.
I T Courtwright went to The
Dalles Monday evening with the
ballot box.
Bessie Disbrow bought a buggy
Saturday from 0 R Fleck.
G F End was a businee caller at
S H Mulsays Saturday.
F H Spoor was a Maupin visitor
Mrs S G Ledford and three chil
dren, Mrs G R Lodford and Miss
Oina Disbrow, were Tuesday at C
II xockey s.
Frank Tuttison made improve
ments on bis homestead with a new
fedee, setting same on line with
county road.
Vina Ayers accompanied L'a
Dtmcnn to her home from Wamic
after the dance Friday evening.
a j inn ana raniuy ami uva
Spoon attended tho play at Wamic
Friday night.
T E Farlow is employed at the
Hartman sawmill and E E Parish
Cecil Mayfield and wife spent
Friday and Saturday on the Flat.
J W Farlow and family motored
to The Dalles Friday.
J W Ayers was transacting busi
ness at The Dalles last week.
Mrs Alta fctakley visited Friday
with the Misses Syrons,
Wapinilia Items
D Wright met with quite a se
vere accident last Thursday even
ing whileout iu the pasture after
some horses, when the bridle reign i
broke aud he attempted to reach
them,, when the saddle turned
throwing him ott" breaking four
nhs and otherwise injuring him.
Dr Shannon, of Tygh, is attend
ing bim, hut it will be some lime
before he can be about.
A little daughter arrived at the
home of Mr and Mrs Lewis Wal
ters Wednesday, June (ith.
Mr aud Mrs Lu Woodside droye
to Criterion aud visited Sunday
iv ith their daughter Mrs Lela Dri
vt r of that place.
Still tho list of those getting
new cars on the Flat continues, j
Bruce Driver purchased a neivi
Overland lasi, week, Frank Uustin
a Ford and Ben Foreman a Page.
Joe Graham has a crew of men
camped at Camas Frarie workind
the roads and fixing telephones
Rova Ilustin who has hern at
tending school at P i k Dale t
visiting her brother Fiank liustin
Mrs B.-itty was visiting lit re from
The Dalles last week.
Mr and Mrs W E Foreman who
spent the winter in Portland and
Vancouver visited here on their
way to Redmond, j
Mrs J I West who spent last
year in Calif., arrived fur a few
days visit last week .'
Messrs D W'oodside; Gortdeiiougt
Osborn, am! Anthony CorylJleJ
Went to Tho Dalles Wednesday to
make final proof on their home
steads, Mr and Mrs Jim Hart-man, E
N Hartmiiu and ArciheTapp went
to The Dalles Wednesday. Mr
Hartunui taking in the ballots also
the registration papers.
Mr and Mrs Hording, of Pine
Grove were lishinif on the Des
chutes Monday.
Earl Barzee had Mr Thompson,
of The Dalles, repair his Buick.
Mrs 1) Woodside, Harlman and
Woods cooked and scryed dinner
at the school house Wednesday
for the registration board.
Roy Batty peddled beef in our
section I uesday;
Stella Davis who"! was employed
at the Batty home, returned to
her home at Fine Grove, Saturday.
Mr. Miller, Miss Heding and
Mr Hickey and son are here from
Portland, havim.' driven ovsr the
highway. Mr llicky is an engi-
neei and 1ms come to clean out the
ditch in Big Cut.
Mrs Ileil-z is employed as cook
at the camp of the B'g Cut.
Ernest Paquet who left here
some time ago is now in tho Army
at Vancouver.
0 L Paquet and Pearl Everick
went to The Dalles luesuay.
Celia Flinn returned to her
homo after a three weeks stay at
the Kelly homo.
Kurtz, the hog bnyer was in oui
community Tuasday.
Muse Delorc and Bill Sturgh
have b-ien hauling wool, for J V
Crop prospects are fine but a
good rain would be welcomed,
J I West and B I, Foreman were
on Beaver creek Wednesday look
ing after their cattle.
David Sharp finished cutting
wood Tuesday.
Roy Ratty purchased two Hol
steiu heifer calves last week. He
received them at Maupin.
Mrs D Woodsida was visiting at
the Foreman home Friday.
Fred Pratt left here Wednesday
to commence work on the Cut.
At Ths Hotels
Maupin Hotel.
Lenord Wilson, Paris France.
Burton Thurbor, Port., D. M.
Shattuek, City, 0. 1!. Dirthick,
City, Mr and Mrs Paisley, Dufur,
h E Bert, Port., Chas Bennett,
Frank Ginger and Ceo Chamber
lain, of M osier, C A Brown, Du
fur and Mr. Wilson.
At a meeting of the Salem Fruit
Jnlon in Salem announcement was
aa-.le that 1700 acies have been sign
il up iu this ysar's prune pool, as
ivaiiist 1-tnO last year. Growers es
timate thai the prune crop will be
ii"t,T;( this year.
Earnings of paroled men frorn the
state penitentiary continue to show a
;te,i1y increase, according to the re
port of Parole Officer Keller. The
?artiinss or the mouth of May of 272
men totaled $12,103.43, or an average
jf $14,30 per month.
Fifty-three thousand dollars have
been raisrd cf the $60,000 which is
Oregon's and Idaho's share of the na
tional J", 000,000 fund for work of the
Y. JI. C. A. in the army and navy
training camps. Portland ha3 thus
far contributed $13,000 of her $23,000
shars. - '
An Oregon girl won the interstate
prohibition contest for the Pacific
coast at Loa Anneiea. Miss Margaret
oarncon of Willamette University
was the successful candidate. She
will represent the Pacific coast at
Washington, D. C, in the national
contest lu a few weeks.
As cue of tho first stats-wide moves
under the new state fire marshal law,
Insurance Commlnsioner Harvey
Velis. who al30 is state fire marshal,
will send out the latter part of this
week a letter of Instruction to all
f'.ro chiefs of the state and to others
who have charge of firofightlng.
The University of Oregon is con
sidering a ptan of sending professors
along with military organizations, it
the war department will permit such
an ar.-ansemenr, according to an an
nouncement by President P. L. Camp
bell. The rurpoe-e of the plan Is to
permit r,t:irients to continue studies
whild In the service.
Ephra'm Barnes, supervisor of the
Minatn fiirept, hss received a telegram
from headquarters to the effect that
all stoeJcm-.n holding permits to grate
stock in tho reserve will not be com
peiied to relinquish their permits up
on pnli;.ties in tho army. Each will
be required eniy to notify the office
of his enlistment and otcer herds will
be selstituted until) b;? return.
nil i wmi ' "
. VfeV' !
plp ll'
Col. C. A. Doyen, commander of the
marines to go to France as part of
General Pershing's force.
Portland, Or. By a decisive vote
the people of Oregon authorized the
$6,000,000 road-bonding bill, which
means the construction of a compre
hensive system of permanent high
ways. Multnomah county gave an almost
overwhelming vote for the bill, and
many of the up-state counties report
i surprisingly heavy favorable ma
jority. George L. Eaker led W. H. Daly
on first, second and .third choice
votes for Mayor of Portland, and re
turns show A. L. Earbur and John
M. Mann wore selected for city com
missionera. The bonds for a bulk grain eleva
tor carried. The two proponed char
ters, intended to knock out commis
sion form of government, were each
defeated and tho voters also defeated
the two-platoon system for firemen,
the free streets for jitneys, and the
proposal for interchange of telephone
Dozen Chinese Battle on Streets of
Portland, Or. Two Chinese belong
ing to the Bing Kung-Bow Leong tong
were killed, one was mortally wound
ed and several Americans were
wounded in a running fight engaged
In between Bing Kung-Bow Leong
gunmen and Suey Sing gunmen on
Flanders and. Sixth streets and Broad
way. The shooting marked a recurrence
of the tong war following an ineffec
tual attempt to bring about a peace
treaty at San Francisco.
Warrants for the wholesale arrest
of the officers and members of the
Hop Sing and Suey Sing tongs were
issued" from the office of the district
attorney following the shooting.
Lumber for Wooden Ships Ordered.
Washington. Lumber for 100 wood
en ships has been ordered from members-
of the Southern Pine association
by Major-General Ceorge W. Goethals,
general manager of the shipping
board's emergency fleet corporation.
The price Is $35 a thousand feet at
the mills. The orders call for approx
imately 140,000,000 feet.
Cry Law Suspended by Petitions.
Olympia, Wash. E. M. Williams,
of Seattle, filed with ths secretary of
state petitions for a referendum vote
on the bone-dry prohibition law
passed by the 1917 legislature. The
petitions bore 24,200 -names, 23,857
being required.
Benson Threatens to Quit Socialists.
Yonkers, N. Y. Allan L. Benson,
Snrtaliftt nreniHpntal rnnHMafa at a
l3t election, will resign from the par
ty if it doea not, as a whole, repudiate
anti-draft resolutions adopted at its
3t. Louis meeting.
Wheat Club ?2.43; biuestera $2.48;
red Ru&sian, $2.40; forty-fold, $2.43.
Barley No. 1 feed, 42 per ton.
Hay Timothy, $32 per ton; alfalfa,
Butter Creamery, S7c.
Eggs Ranch, 32c.
Wool Eastern Oregon, 55c; valley,
Mohair 60c per lb.
- 1 Seattle.
Wheat Bluestem $2 46; club $2.43;
forty fo!d.T2.44; red Russian, $2.42;
fife, $2.43; turkey red, $2.46.
Barley $43 per ton.
Butter Crecmery, 38c j :
k-:?5 37C - V -. ? ;