The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 08, 1917, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Sbulken
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VOL 3, NO. 33
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THE YEAR $1.50
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8 ' vj "Eg
To the American citizen who
(riyes some consideration to fea
tures of his investments other
than the mere money return from
them, the uses to which the
money raised by the sale of tho
Liberty Loan Bonds is to be de
voted will prove a patriotic indu
cement to purchase such bonds.
A certain dignity attaches to
money invested in a high and
noble cause.
The Liberty Loan is made by
the UnitedJStates Government to
purchase arms and equipment for
American soldiers and sailors,
food and supplies for the Ameri
can Army and Navy. The mon
ey is to be spent in America for
those Americans who are fighting
American's battles on land and
Part of the money raised by
rtie sale of Liberty Loan Bonds is
to be loaned to our allies; this too
is to be expended in America.
It is to be spent for food and
supplies for the Armies of our
allies fighting on our side on the
various war fronts in' Europe
It is America's first contribu
tion toward doing her part in
the war we are engaged in.
It is billions for defence in the
world-wide war Autocracy is
waging against Democracy, but
not one cent for tribute.
The orgenizatisn will give a pic
aic at Friend to morrow June 9th.
Well known Bpeak'eis from differnt
parts of the county will bo thore
Everyone knows the naturo of
these Annual Picnics, as a great
maDy from here have attendod
them in previous years. The far
mers who are giving it are sparing
no means to make it an enjoyable
as well aa a beneficiary gathering.
Everyone is cordially iuvited to
attend. Thore will be a banket
dinner, singing and sports.
Notice is hereby given to the
legal voters of School District No
84, of Wasco county, state of Ore
gon, that the Annual School
Meeting1 for this district will be
held at The Maupin School house
beginning at the hour of 2 o'clock
on the third Monday of June. A.
D. 1917. This meeting is called
for the purpose of electing One
Director and one Clerk, and the
transaction of business usual at
such meeting. Dated this 4th
day of June, 1917.
Peter Kilbing- Dist. Clerk
L. D. Kelly, Chairman Bd. Dir.
June 15 16 will lie Annual Cull
Show week in Dultir. Must every
one from this section uf tin-county
as well as else whero will ho prow
ent. The prospects of thin ' year's
show is far better than any previ
ous year. The premium Y'A is
simttlar to that of last year mid
tho purpoHe of the Colt sh"W in l
enoourago the breeding of hie.h
class Block and to expand in the
proceeding years to other forma uf
livestock, as all other Slock Show;
do. Do not fail to be present on
the above mentioned dates.
'Contract for '2" cords of you
sound wood, 10 in. Pine and l-'ir,
Delivered on tho Maupin :-o!iuol
ground, will be awarded Monday,
June 18th, 1917. Leave youi
sealed bids with tho Clerk, at Hit
Tuinalum Lumber Co. Office.
No bids will bo accepted alter
date set. Peter Kilbrng
Clerk, School Dist. No. 81.
q Sto
Millinery diore,
Mrs. Emmons,'
Everything In My Line.
Maupin, Orcnori.
One aspect of the $5,000,000,
t)00 loan, the Liberty loan of 1917
that the farmers af America may
well consider is that a very great
portion of the money raised by
the bond issue will come directly
into tht pockets of the farmers
of the Nation.
All of the money advanced to
our allies will be expended in the
United States and as they are
making all of their own muni
tions practially all of the money
advanced them will be spent for
products of the farms for cot
ton for clothing and high explo
sives, wool for clothing and lea
ther for shoes; but by far the
greater part of the money loaned
our allies will be expended here
for food products.
In a few months the United
States will have under arms 1,200
000 men and 500,000 reserves in
training; so including the Navy
there will be 2,000,000 men that
our Government will feed and
clothe. This w.ll make the Uni
ted States Governmen by far the
largest single customer the far
mers of America have.
The Secretary of the Treasury
. is employing such methods in
handling the loan that no commul
nity will be denuded of money
by reason of Liberty Loan Bond
purchases. The money will be
left in local banks and as the
Government purchases food and
supplies the money raised by the
bond issue will pass back into the
pockets of the people.
The farmers of the country
subscribe liberally to the Liberty
Loan Bonds. They get the saf
est investment in the world and
their money supplies their best
customer tne iuua3 to pur
chase their products, This is
political economy the wisdom of
which is plain to everyone.
Do You Realize?
that we are limited by the whole
sale grocers on some articles, do
you know that conditions are get
ting serious. Are you prepared
for what is coming. Get in, buy
now, while my stock is well asso;-.L
ed and the prices are right. My
only guarantee is honest merchan
dise at fair prices.
At Your Service
kalbscirlibe for
Just In
and Caps
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Selection of First Increment! Pcadtaess Shewn ta Make Any
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Sasaiiccs to Ho'd Aiiioj
Armies i,i Chock.
:.: J.-- :;::( y t;i. s si'nee Ma 20
;.T!!i!;:iS Kim.' aitatkitt I'n:
:. n (ii"it t!i .ii mi lUal iluy by
r,-v.v!i it liiuiiiit t'urx'r.ft siflil
(-:-;-r.-. AH vhuib; !i:ivo U'i
tliu pivy;,! !.i'j cit j.,,4 v:;,;r. '- 4 c ' ' !"' a h V"'
iu m- ;;i tiio 1 "'-,t,:! v' -iV, li ' au ""
w.innuv; iin.1 I, i.. , m .M K:v,- !-; v,'i('' :'""' ni;'i-s y'"'K' '" "
-::l!ii?.ri-u l';o lew .:u.'i v!.:) ' b Ki' !,, il '''' '"'
Imvo i-ilal-a ; T.i,i;a tvi isi !V ' Km!. 1 S "1 (" t!,ll,,t :1"
til-' ivl'asal ui U i. (l.:.,;:..' vi":-'!t o!'
...f n:r:i to vain u.iy f.;.!y 1.) 1'w;,-! oii'' o.f:'.'i J;"! H:
tion: "!;u you c-i. -::i ' .v i"i.!i',n?'' i t":!. w ii:; 1,IV tln; 'I n il! .i ; ,. :irt
Kv.a men W.u ... ic-i lhat iir y hM j "'-'' vaiaui ."inib in llii.i, com-rt..!;-!!t:it
IV. , Pi ;:.,! wilh vh', h.M - t "-. "f l"'t;:''? J'-!o1'""-
;.';y.;i. -J t'! a Lilii l a a.i;l (!i..,;a vhcai; ' v l,; '.'oi"i. fii;litiii; v,(.'..t on
c.'i. ai'ai'.iai;; ma. ......un to Uvp IHvni
at liiime, (IfcU.ibJ to iiiuUe sli. a'ii.
'J liu m:X .!: hi I!..; ;jvivc:,i;in.:iir,s
.'aa wall bo t!:o svlfciiuil of !io,.o
, i . iinirl aids tiluiv. ini; of the apeefl
up of ttutobtriut actlvltios through :
lit till! Btuii! is iivili ali!il in tlio week'
; iy I'.aau l id llio limiuuiaui bcciquuk
i!oi..aiiualon for Did wi'ok of Moy 25 to.
iacluaivi'. Uf the 454 tutclilentft
:a 3nrt"il f.ur woro.futiil, tho fatalities
h-iiiS Krank Hablut, low, railroad op
n:.;t..r; tHynw'8 S. iliuiHon, llcppner,
r.'.ilrouil otiurator; Abijah Dickford
J. a Civ.ndx, tria. passer, and Harold!
iiuriaiiii. Colto:i, miiiowiirker.
A I... '.or na;o;tal by Secretary 01-j
(,;; fro.a 1.. A. liiljoqvlat siiows that
liai ry;me laws of the liiat leglohUnretj
aa they rfi.r to Chinese Iplieasnntaj
u.-o iifchtly Ut'iKlcd. Three different!
Rvrc laisrail, ni'd Attorney Liljo
tiv!t c:.T s-iod a diaiiro to know thai
liaia i). i .isaao lo iii'ccriain, u poo
clli'c, which is cmilroll'.ns. Tho thrw
i;i.aati'!H of the noaBiun luwa lnvolvei
are 27, 310 und 4!'!. Secretary O:
i;.;lt liai: advlacd Attorney Liljeqvis'
that Cliniiter SOT waa received in hli
eli'iae l-Vhrtmry 17; Chaptur 340 oi
Krliruary iii, and Chapter 13 on Fe
raary 19.
Siai.'.a a' few d;yi . at;o when th
i.ite la'iil board fa'.!iuiHa receive moral
tia.a saiail bill on- $500,000 worth'
of rural c edits bomisi 'which were d!
J'hal the (iermana are prtajavHl to
fa) to aiiuo.'.t any tei,",lh hi saeril'leea
uf luoii t.) liold tl'.o liltuation on tlie
woaloiai i'l'uut i.i hand, seems appar
ent. Aliiisg Ihe lino held by, tho Kreneli,
the efi'ort is taking the form of al-
wbo actualiy are to Uaiv aiana.
'l'ho lKi-H Kfkuttd. lihcut l.dilO.OOO
nnv, ..,(:. .vira vi'l I... f.,ii, ,i I n.OHt cea.aleaa counter utlaekH, both
Hie cclo.M a.rl put into trainlii early
in ii.'o fait. ()i'i;.;ia:il!y it il iiiUaiil
ed Ut call only SW.O'U for tho first
draft army to Kiii' lho national
:;i'a.vil. ro.a.itans, but a few days
la t'us Ala.o region -and la the t'iiam
paiio. iiuffenn a sanguin
ary resmlse on i'liiiday in repeated at
latlio on tiie Vauc.lere and Califoruie
l, tin y nrai'.e a new llirusit fur-
... . n ... .-. . .. ...... la, .....f r .1 !i1mi..
asi, it was aiuumaeeil U'.at nearly 1 M' ' ' """
Caemia ilea l,'ii::.ies) J no
tiae.'i.iii n;.-1;. would be uvvdol ou the
firat Belectia!!.
Can lets Kiat si Jiiiel Prison.
Juliet, lit. A fl-'.-i- o:ie p-iaMa r Ind
tefca Kiile.l, oi,"!t save.aay i,,twrtti
and iieverai ofhem hurt daviii;:, tiuve
riotous r.titlial:H at tae stuto urUon
by a th.aaaad tanvieta who ohjeelfc.l
to l.ew rubs eiiiereed by Warden, a raiaa.oiai i'.k.'o tho last
2D!) i, the mutineers to tiie calllnmae
Kaily ia the day. however, they bad
aU.MiiaW a erevat e.a,v lei'oro the
bayonets of 1' ...I a.a"aaaien Tv i ! 0
finally qiteiied tho tmt!,.v.5'i
Ccrmzn ab;i:-riru Kit by Shell.
Vrie'liieetaai. A C.aaiia!) MiiamM'iiio
is MliswX U ha' e Lo'n na.-ik hy an report chowa this to luivo had
.ooie iia-aaure of i'.uee.a-a, tho
arinee's troejis fore'.n;; tlieir way into advaaeeil Fn.neli piaaitions.
vcrl'sfd for sale, and. It was decided
to ash tho banks of the state holding
s,..!o fnada to tako o(or these bonds,' I
only approximately $.160,000 worth oti
the issue has been sulc'l, all told among'
ul no banks. On the, other hand a
number of leading hainlis have flatlyjj
rafuaed to invent in Clio bonds. A a!
result the Bi.ate land 'board is faelngl
a peculiar sitimliotn, af.d It soems poa-1
Eible, even probable, that tho board
will ho compelled to shut down on
loans in tho nar future and close up'
the rural orodits account for a time,'
nave as to those Joans already made,
or to bo made, out of the snaftU amount
of mousy (OH, hand.
araie.,1 A me! n .in
liiii;; li; ill, iaalina
in which Ha e.a'ia
Kitliiiiaii'm so.!
An official ivi'mi
siraan"'s fiaal
ai.rnek tha .3ai aa
clear oat .' t!.- w
ciil up ...r a letv
Chii.iie C.oeta
roi.ii'.- I'iieV. I!
illeiaaii".; lie: p. a
v.l.ieh I van. ia :
vreo- .iae the ;
i;i,i aoVeriaa ait.-
...oa i.-i a van
l.m.r aa l a ha'f,
.o.a: fiivd by tea
I, la
a 'Sfrnirfht Tiro On The Ful
i 13
And Lumber Situation...
We are in tho Crip of the
Worst Shortage lho World ha3 , ,
ever kr.own-:aiMl KeUir.fcWnrse..
Kinty c:wl sill el
ShiDincnLn will ho nift'lo (Itt'-inSi
tht; Stimuior month?.
Next to h'ae!, sbirimc-nhi of
Silo and ('iruncry malrnal will
have ia, eceedonee. over all others
us tnis U'iitls (o irxroasc the couu
trv'w food stii?.-ly-
Mny vo strK'9t that you anti
ciinle j our wanLfl utid'ordor your
i.W'-A at ns.e?, We will bo
il.aeaai U talk these matters
over ii jM'iin.
"Soe Pi.U-i: Kil!a:i'i; about it"
:y ot the
Hi..!, ilmlXl
A ci;a.i,e riace -co ira
y-v r r.- r T. $ t T T
SO-MC Cr Tiir -iiJ-r-.T.G Ti?AT V1Z C.r-i BO FOR YOU
j .') (.i;i: ::(..! j7:i;v WO
t- a ; r, Vfi:; ,'. ; C t;
i'. e, i' A 'a VF ''"iW l,!'0:O.T V.dK,
la: ,' V f f - iv'iir - r, !:Ai:!,!;V AND 1:T,!,
tm :,'('a;.i; fa' vo:;i; i:AMKI;c; !;i;:'iA.!:'A',
ii-) io'ii: t;;: !" ! atati; c?M?ii.t9Nij; vyouk.
r-..-,i .s r tr'n.l CTAT :