The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 16, 1917, Image 3

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J Eric V. Hinur. Pr..i.n
550 m. 4 75
pRooms iltflifltl Sample
hl.U0fISJ4g Rooms
Day-Upla $2 Up
Another of America'i Eiceplioul Hotelst
$40 and Up
Write for list A of rebuilt Haxley
Davidsons, Indians, Excelsiors, Etc.
Harley - Davidson Service Center
for the Northwest. Largest evi-iu.
I sive dealers of Motorcycles in N. W.
209 Fourth St Portland. Ore
Prohibition Attitude in the Senate.
One reason for the remarkable prog
ress that prohibition is making can be
round in the attitude of men who
themselveB take a tolerant attitude
toward the use of liquor, but have
been impressed by the wreck which
is wrought by alcohol all around them.
Typical of this is a statement made
by Senator Smith of Georgia when
announcing that he was going to vote
in favor of prohibition for Washing
With me opposition to the use of
spirituous and intoxicating drink has
been a gradual growth. When I leave
myself free to think about It and rea
lize the skeletons found in almost ev
ery home as a result of its use, I have
reached the place where I am willing
never to have it on my table any
more, although I enjoy a glass of wine
myself; and I am willing in my state
and hope in my state this next sum
mer to help make it absolutely dry."
From Collier's Weekly for February
We specialize
Veal, Pork, Beef,
Poultry, Butter, Eggs
and Farm Produce
to the Old Reliable Everding house with a
record of 46 years of Sqnare Dealings, and
be assured of TOP MARKET PRICES.
45-47 Front Street Portland, Oregon
Without Operation
Habits and chronic diseases of
every description and kind. 1
have cured thousands of people
in the last 12 years by the use of
nauram, a Kay, Ulectric Cur
rents, Lights, Bakeovens, Vibra
tors, Magnetic Waves, Ozone,
Packs, Diet, Adjustments, Man
ipulations, Massage and Baths.
Consultation free. Write
600-6 Broadway Bldsr.
Portland. - - Oregon
Coated tongue, vertigo and constioa-
tion are relieved by Garfield Tea.
Gay Life In Brooklyn.
This, remarks the Pittsburgh Post.
Is how a Brooklynite has spent the 36
years of hla life:
We are 36 years of age. and this Is
how we have spent our time:
One year buttoning our collar.
Two years tying our necktie.
Seven years waiting in barber
Four years looking at punk musical
Six months sleeping.
Nine years dodging bill collectors.
Two years waiting for trains.
Three years waiting for our wife to
get dressed.
Two years chewing tough beefsteak.
Four years looking for Jobs.
Six months working.
"C. B." MINERS & CO.
We want all you have. Write lor prices and shipping lags
THE H. F. NORTON Co. Portland, Ore.; Seattle, Wn.
Oregon Vulcanizinq company
moved to 833 to 337 Burnside St., Port
land, Ore. LaoroBt Tire Repair Plant
in the Northwest. Country aervice a
specialty. Use Parcel Poet,
Second -Hand Machin
ery bought, sold and
exchanged: e n it i nee.
boilers, sawmills, etc. J. E. Martin Co., 83 1st
at, Portland. Send for Stock List and prices.
For thefr good parts. Parte at half price. We
can duplicate most any part. We have wrecked
over 100 different makes of cars of recent date. If
In need of any write to Auto Wrecking Co., 9
North Broadway, Portland, Oregon.
LEARN A TRADE, Gas Tractor and Auto
mobile men are in demand. We are giving a com
olete course in both for the price of one tuition.
for a short time only. Large class now graduat
ing and have room for few more men. Catalog
and details free. HnvUTs Trade SdwoU, 2Wi ft HawtkorM
Portland, Oregon.
FRED P. GORIN, Patent Attorney.
Organizer and Developer. Patents secured or Fee
Kefunded. FREE, Toy X-Roy Plate; shows every
bone in your body right through your clothing.
Suites 701, 701A, TO1B, 701C. Central bldg-.,.Seattle
STUDY bookkeeping, shorthand, telegraphy,
sslesmanHhip, English branches, at an accredited
school; write, or phone Main 69u for catalogue;
graduates guaranteed positions. Behnke-Walker
Business College, 167 4th Street, near Morrison,
Portland, Oregon.
Land Grant Brief Filed.
Washington, D. C The government
has filed its brief in the Supreme court
against the Oregon & California Rail
road company in the government's suit
to recover 2,300,000 acres of land in
Oregon, valued at more than $30,000,
000, granted in 1866 and 1870 to cer
tain railroads upon condition that they
would sell the land to settlers at not
more than $2.50 an acre. The govern
ment contends that the conditions were
broken by the railroads and seeks to
have the Supreme court affirm the de
cision of the lower court.
No doubt Jenkins married Lobelia
Genoff for love. At any rate beauty
can't have bad anything to do with it
Her face would have ripened a cheese
or stopped a train.
One day, soon after his marriage,
Jenkins met a pal and timidly asked
htm what he thought of Lobelia,
"Help! Don't ask me!" gasped the
"Beauty is only skin deep, your
honor!" remonstrated Jenkins, stiffly.
"Skin 'er, then, dear chap!" advised
the pal. "For heaven sake, skin
'er!" Exchange.
RsU.r.iUnl.GI" . . LIS
Tub Hinmil lS rs , Fsscist . . i.TS
t. AS
Cam I IW '". Hull l"
sssUiii. frs.rirc.lsi tvl7CrcteMlcn.
, .lot. ft. ii-. w " - r
Bana.rm.w. SOI Broadway, n. Jvnt
wRaaJ MoiirlA I" needsd promptly.
J - 111 I.S.IW TABLETS - Z5C
jUSM All druggists sell them.
For Sick Headache, Sour Stomach,
biugglsh Liver and Bowel They
work while you sleep.
Furred Tongue. Bad Taste. Indiees-
tlon, Sallow Skin and Miserable Head
aches come from a torold liver and
clogged bowels, which cause your
stomach to become filled with undi
gested food, which sours and ferments
like garbage in a swill barrel. That's
the first Btep to untold misery indi
gestion, foul gases, bad breath, yellow
skin, mental fears, everything that is
horrible and nauseating. A Cascaret
tonight will give your constipated
bowels a thorough cleansing and
straighten you out by morning. They
work while you sleep a 10-cent box
from your druggist will keep you feel
ing good lor montns.
'S Death on Feathers.
"Mother, has Fido gone to heaven?"
asked little Mamie, who had been told
tnat a little sister was there.
"Dogs don't go to heaven." said
mother, "but little sister is there and
she is an angel, you know, with
Mamie thought a moment and said
"Maybe it is Just as well, for Fido
was deatb on leathers, you know.'
Give Him Time.
"Thev RAV hi wlfA Vina mnnav
"Well, that Isn't Vila fault Thnv'vo
only been married a short time."
The Injured One.
"It would seem," said the tourist,
"that you Arkansas people would be
quicker to resent the slur and sneer
ing Jokes about yourselves that are
constantly being published in the
"Well," replied Mr. Gap Johnson of
Rumpus Ridge, Ark., "I've noticed
that when you fling a rock into a pack
of dogs the one that hollers is the
one that got hit." Kansas City Star.
For a disordered liver, take Garfield
lea, the Herb laxative. All druggists,
A Pattern.
Mrs. Simpson had taken her little
daughter out to tea with her. and dur
ing the meal was horrified to see the
child trying to force a thick piece of
Dread into a very small pocket
"Why, Marion," she said In shocked
surprise, "what on earth are you do
"That's all right, mother," her small
daughter assured her. "I'm Just tak
ing this slice back to nursle for a pat
tern. Exchange.
Nobody can Tell when you
Darken Gray, Faded Hair
with Sage Tea.
Every Niqht
For Constipation
H Safe and Sure
P. N. U.
No. II, 1917.
Grandmother kept her hair beautl
fully darkened, glossy and attractive
with a brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur,
benever ber balr took on that dull
faded or streaked appearance, this
simple mixture was applied with won
derful effect. By asking at any drug
store for "Wyeth'i Sage and Sulphur
Compound, you will get a large bot
tle of this old-time recipe, improved
by the addition of other ingredient
all ready to use, for about 60 cent.
This simple mixture can be depended
upon to restore natural color and
beauty to the hair.
A well-known downtown druggist
says everybody use Wyeth' Sage
and Bulphur Compound now because
it darkens so naturally and evenly
that nobody can tell it ha been ap
pliedit' o easy to use, too. You
simply dampen a comb or soft brush
and draw It through your hair, taking
one (trend at a time. By morning
the gray balr disappears; after an
other application or two. It I restored
to It natural color and look glossy,
soft and beautiful. This preparation
is a delightful toilet requisite. It U
not Intended for the cure, mitigation
or prevention of disease.
Don't Have Catarrh
One efficient way to remove
nasal catarrh is to treat its cause
which in most cases is physical
weakness. The system needs
more oil and easily digested
liauid-food, and you should
take a spoonful or
She Had Heard of One.
Whoever saw a perfect man?"
asked an evangelist at a revival meet
ing. "There is no such thing. Every
man has his faults, plenty of them."
Of course, no one had ever seen a
perfect man, and consequently the
statement of the revivalist was re
ceived with silence. The revivalist
"Whoever saw a perfect woman?"
At this Juncture a tall, thin woman
'Do you mean to say, madam," the
evangelist asked, "that you have seen
a perfect woman?"
'Well, I can't Just say that I have
seen her," the woman replied, "but I
have heard a great deal about her
my husband's first wife." Pittsburgh
after each meal to enrich your
blood and help heal the sensi
tive membranes with its pure
oil-food properties.
The results of this Scott's
Emulsion treatment will
surprise those who have used
irritating snuffs and vapors.
We eat too much meat which
clogs Kidneys, then the
Back hurts.
Most folks forget that the kidneys,
like the bowels, get sluggish and clog
ged and need a flushing occasionally,
else we have backache and dull misery
in the kidney region, severe headaches,
rheumatic twinges, torpid liver, acid
stomach, sleeplessness and all sorts
of bladder disorders.
You simply must keep your kidneys
active and clean, and the moment you
reel an acne or pain in the kidney
region, get about four ounces of Jad
Salts from any good drug store here,
take a tablespoonful in a glass of wa
ter before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine,
This famous salts Is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon Juice, com
bined with Uthia, and Is harmless to
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate
them to normal activity. It also neu
tralizes the acids in the urine so it no
longer Irritates, thus ending bladder
Jad Salts is harmless: inexpensive:
makes a delightful effervescent lithia-
water drink which everybody should
take now and then to keep their kid
neys clean, thus avlding serious com
A well-known local druggist say he
sells lots of Jad Salts to folks who be
lieve in overcoming kidney trouble
while it is only trouble.
Take care of your health and wealth
will take care of you. Garfield Tea
promotes health.
A Perfect Day.
Leaning against the aft rail of an
East 10th street car one morning
when the temperature was below zero,
was a big fellow in a fur-lined overcoat
and a fur cap. As the car proceeded
down-townward it, of course, became
Jammed with humanity. Girls finally
crowded in among the men on the
back platform. The man in the fur
cap smiled and then, across the crisp
zeroio air, wafted the whistled notes
of "A Perfect Day."
"Listen to that guy whistle 'A Per
fect Day,' " remarked a half frozen
back-platformer. "I don't know wheth
er he's whistling it as a compliment
to his furs or to the fact that there
are ladies on the back platform."
Indianapolis News.
Did that itching keep
you awake last'night?
And how can you expect to Bleep
tonight unless you do something to re
lieve the trouble? Eczema and other
itching skin troubles don't often heal
themselves. But it is surprising how
quickly Resinol Ointment heals sick
Almost daily we hear from a skin
sufferer who says "Resinol Ointment
stopped my itching at once and I got
the first good night's sleeD I had had
in weeks. Now my skin is well." Res
inol Ointment is sold by all druggists.
Thales of Miletus.
The first scientific thinker was
Thales of Miletus, born about 636 B.
C. He was the first to attempt a logi
cal solution of material phenomena
without resorting to mythological rep
resentation. In other words, Thales
was the first man, so far as we know,
to try to find out the actual truth con
cerning the world we live in, its ori
gin, constitution and destiny. Ex
C. E., 161 can tell how much water
runs over Niagara Falls to a quart
gueen well, now much?
C. E., 16 Two pints. Texas Lone-
A Christmas Present
It wasn't much as things befell
And didn't cost much pelf,
But still it pleased him pretty well,
The girt he gave himself.
"This year Is going to be lucky be
cause it is not an even number."
"That's odd." Baltimore American.
To keei) clean and healthy take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regu
late liver, bowels and stomach.
Trying to Oblige.
'What's your name, my poor man?"
asked the kind-hearted woman.
"Lady," replied Plodding Pete, un-
blushingly, "me name is 'Lord Regi
nald Courtenay Thorpe.' "
"Are you Bure that's your name?"
"No. I Jes' thought it 'ud be a nice
name fur you to use if you wanted to
put de fact dat you bad given me a
sandwich an' a cup o' tea in de soci
ety news." Washington Star.
"What do you think of our friend,
the efficiency expert?"
"He's a wonder. He's something
like a fortune teller I once knew. He
could make a colossal fortune on his
own account if he were not so gener
ous about selling precious informa
tion at nominal fees." Washington
Irate Client I never saw a case bo
wretchedly bungled. You acted the
fool, sir.
Imperturbable Lawyer That' all
right I was acting for you, wasn't
17 Boston Transcript
Girls! Try Itl Hair get ft fluffy
and beautiful Get a 25 cent
bottle of Danderlne.
If you care for heavy hair that glis
tens with beauty and is radiant with
life: has an incomparable softness and
is fluffy and lustrous, try Danderlne.
Just one application doubles the
beauty f your balr, besides i imme
diately dissolves every particle of
dandruff. You can not heve nice
heavy, healthy hair If vou have dan
druff. This destructive scurf robs the
hair of its lustre, its strength and its
very life, and if not overcome it pro
duces a feverlshness and it:htng of
the scalp; the hair roots famish, loos
en and die; then the hair falls out
fast. Surely get a 26-cent bottle of
Knowlton's Danderlne from ny drug
store and Just try it
Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm
tender little Stomaoh, liver
and bowels.
Look al the tongue, mother! If
coated, y r little one's stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally, or Is fever
Ish, stomach sour, breath bad; nas
sore throat diarrhoea, full of cold.
give a teaspoonful of "California
Syrup of Figs, and In a few hours
all the foul, constipated waste, undi
gested food and sour bile gently moves
out of its little bowels without grip
ing, and you bave a well, playful child
again. Ask your druggist for a 60-
cent bottle of "California Syrup of
Figs," which contains fill directions
for babies, children of all age and for
TU WtrWl Grmtat
tuttmi Mtmtdf,
Pain In Side,
Any Local
Very Puzzling.
Eddie, who had always attended a
Baptist Sunday school, was taken on
a visit to Sunday school at a Metho
dist church. "Mamma, how is this?"
he said. "I thought you said this was
a Mefodist Sunday school."
"So it is, my dear."
"Well, but, mamma, the lesson was
all about John the Baptist -
You corn-peBtered men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear the shoes
that nearly killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, because a
few drops of freezone applied directly
on a tender, aching corn or callus
top soreness at once and soon the
corn or hardened callus loosen so it
can be lifted out, root and all, with
out pain.
A small bottle of freezone costs
very little at any drug store, but will
positively take off every hard or soft
corn or callus. This should be tried,
a it I Inexpensive and I said not
to Irritate the surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any freeione
tell blm to get a small bottle for you
from his wholesale drug house. It I
fine stuff end acta like a charm every
C mm . Granulated Eyelids.
vZjIirC Eyes inflamed by eino
turetoSaS. Deal and las
fAn quickly rcliertd by NirhM
sLVGu Irtstasedy. NoSmaniDfS,
f Jurt tr Comfort. Al
Your Drufnrirt'i S0 P" H"l- Maris t j
SlrtinTubs2Sc For Beak ellkcErtfretaik
Druggist or Marls Cy teacf j C., Cskat
"the shoe that holds its shape"
$3 $3.50 $4 $4.50 $5 $6 $7 & $8 aS"womn
save Money Dy wearing w. l. Douglas
shoes, for sale by over 9000 shoe dealers.
The Best Known Shoes in the World.
W. L. Douglas name and the retail price a stamped on the bot
tom of all shoes at the factory. Th; value is guaranteed and
the wearer protected against high prices for inferior shoes. The
retail prices are the same everywhere. They cost no more in San
Francisco than they do in New York. They are always worth the
price paid for them.
Tlie quality of W. L. Douglas product is guaranteed by more
than 40 years experience in making fine shoes. The smcrt
styles are the leaders in the Fashion CenttM nf Ammn
They are made in a well-equipped factory at Brockton, Mass-,
by the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and
supervision of experienced men, all working with an honest
determination to make the best shoes tor the price that money
iau uuy.
Ask your shoe dealer for W. t. Donglas shoes. If he can
not supply yon with the kind you want, take no other
make. Write for iiiteresthiK booklet explaining how to
Set shoes of the highest Btanilard of quality for the prloe,
y return mall, pontage free.
LOOK FOR W. L Douglas
name and the retail price
stamped on the bottom.
X3 iC 1
W Ml
Boys' Shoes
jj'lt 1 Best in the World
4ffafa4 $3.00 $2.50 $2.00
President W. L. Douglas Shoe Co.,,
188 Spark St., Brockton, Mass.
lTv He used a
&gm to his day. to keep
mouth moist-
gives us a
wholesome, antiseptic,
refreshing confection to
take the place of the cave
man's pebble.
We help teeth, breath, appetite,
digestion and deliciously
soothe mouth and throat with
this welcome sweetmeat.
The Wrlglcy Spearmen want to send you
their Book of Gum-ptlon, 2 end a postal
for It today, Wm. Wrlgley Jr. Co.,
1732 Keener Building, Chicago.
The Flavor Lasts!
rmn iiv
I If 111,4
1 1
If you hnve a sick cow or one that la not
thriving and producing as she should, why not
break away from the worry and uncertainty
right now net a packwre of Kow-Kurs, the
?rent cow medicine, from your druKKlst or
nari rinlnr and Drove for yourself that It has
no equal In the treatment o most cow ailments.
rm Ihnimnnila nf farms Kow-Kure RMiardfl the herd
mrnlnxt the ravaires of Abortion. BarreneSR, Retnlned After-
hifth Miitr Vnvnr ta-mirlniT. Hunches, etc. You don't need to
iniirnMi nn fnith; n trial will show decided, visible Ifnurove-
monr. Put It to a test Invest today In a 60o or fl.UO package. Bend
for our free treatise, - ine noino low wiur.
The cornerstone laying had been a
brilliant success. The weather was
fine, the speecheB eloquent, tho music
Impressive. The master of ceremon
ies was very well satisfied with him
self, yet with the dispersal of the
crowd he became strangely excited.
Hurriedly be sought the master mason.
'Is It possible to lift the corner
stone again?" he asked.
'I am afraid not, air," said the ma
son. "Have you a particular reason
for asking?"
"I bave," said the master of cere
onles. "I've loft my bat In the recep
tacle along with tho records."
Not So Wrong.
A Russian applicant for naturalisa
tion papers was asked, "What Is the
constitution of the United States?"
"Rugged and healthy," he answered.
Of course there Is a laugh, but still
he said something. Washington Herald.
Each "Papa's Dlapeptln" Digests 3000
grslns food, ending sll stomach
misery In five minutes.
Time Itl In fi - minutes all stom
ach distress will go. No Indigestion,
heartburn, sourness or belching of
gas, acid, or eructations of undigested
food, no dlztlness, bloating, foul
breath or hf-adache.
Pape's Diapepsln is noted for Its
speed In regulating upset stomachs.
It la the surest, quickest stomach rem
edy In the whole world and besides it
Is harmless. Put an end to stomach
trouble forever by getting a large
fifty-cent case of Pape's Dlapepsm
from any drug store. You realize In
five minutes how needless It Is to suf
fer from Indigestion, dyspepsia or any
stomach disorder. It's the quickest.
surest and most harmless stomach
doctor In the world.
Its Way.
"The thermometer has a very hu
man way of behaving."
"How Is that?"
"When it once begins to take a
drop It fulls by degrees." Daltlmor
Anticipates Them.
"My husband Is very devoted; he
anticipates my every wish."
"So dons my husband mine; when
ever he thinks I am going to ask him
for something he lights out." lloston
Kcducei liursal Knlargementa,
Thickened, Swollen Tissues,
CurtM, Filled Tendons, Sore
ness from llrulsee or Strains;
tops Spavin LameneM, alUyi pain.
Dots not bliiter, remote the hair or
lav up the hone. (2.00 s bottle
st dnieeint or delivered. Book I M fre.
ADSORI1INK, JR., for mankind-aa
antiseptic liniment for bruises, cuta, wounds,
strains, painful, iwollrn veins or glinJi, It
heali and soot lies. 1 1.00 S bottle at drug
gim or poitpaid. Will tell you ours if yon
writs. Mail in the U. S. A. by I
I f. lCUfW, P O f., 401 Tarns It. VW".U,