The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, January 19, 1917, Image 4

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    The Maupin Times
Publishd Eevery Friday at Maupin, Orgon,
Mrs, W. L. Morkison, Publisher
Subscription: On Year, $1.50, Six Months 75cts, Three Months 50
Entered as second class mail matter September 2, 1914, at the
post office at Maupin, Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1872-
of , art of th :w.
K":!, Hauaer made a trip to
Several from hare are working!
on the telephone line that runs to
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Reel went
to Maupin Sunday to view the
new hotel.
Tom Swift was' down from
Wamic Monday.
The Lenards from Grass Valley
are hauling wood through here.
Church Notice
It Is Here
At last, the long; sought for
printing press is the property of
the Maupin Times and occupying
Its place in operating condition iu
0 ur little work shop.
We are rather brief on local
pews this week, and if you will
pardon us this time, we'll try to
do better again. It has taken con
siderable time to adjust the new
machine and what youngster would
not have to look at their now toy a
little while, especially after twenty
months experience trying to turn
a newspaper on a little old one-
page Armory press and it borrow
ed? We hope we shall not have
to use it again.
''Our" press is net a new one,
but an up-to-date patent Diamond
and made with power attachment,
capable of considerable speed.
Tygh Valley 1
F. C. Butler made a trip to The
Dalles last week.
Bill Cantrell from Dufur is in
Jim Mace left for Jersey Station
where he is to work on the rail
road. His family will leave in
about a week.
Mrs. limma Kowan lias pur
chased the large flock of turkeys
from J. Mace, She will dispose
this winter out'of-ddors
Polo, golf, tennis; automobilirig over
California's Wonderful highways;
and a wide variety of places to go
and things to see makes a visit to
California brim full of pleasure.
representatives are;Jw;iys delighted to help
plan California trips, literature, informal
tion and specify soviet! upon application to
S. L. WIGGINS, 1. F, a P. A.,
$ I
Smock Items
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. May field
visited C. H. Yockey and family
M. J. Farlow and family visited
his mother Saturday and Sunday,
T. J. Whitcomb. and son are
numbered among the sick at the
home of his sister, Mrs. Mrs. I. T.
Mrs. C. S. McCorkle reports the
roads fins for motoring.
J, W. Ayrcs and C. A. Bargain
holt are building fence on Mr.
Bargaiuholt'a homestead joining
Mr. Ayres.
R. 0. Stakely and N. E. Whit
comb are cutting wood on Gab
Stakely's place. Sunday Frank
French and Frank Oesh took the
saddle horse recently purchased by
the former from N. E. Whitcomb,
aud called at Mr. Gesh's sister'
Mrs. Betty Duncan.
C. A. Syrou was a busii.e- vis
itor at Sara Brown's Mondin.
F. E. Spoor and son are making
fence posts.
S. H. Mulvaney spent Sunday
with his family and re porta the
house getting along nicely tlii
ideal weather. Herman Gesli ul.
came up with his wife and chil
dren who are stopping with Mrs.
Gesh's mother while the new
house is building.
Mack Mayfield is breaking a
mule to drive single,
Geo. Ledford is breaking a
of mules.
Sunday School at 10 A,
Preaching at 11 A. M.
Song Service at 7:30 P,
Preaching at 8:00
Song Practice Tuesday evening
at 7:30 followed by Sunday School
Teachers meeting.
Prayer meeting Thuri lay even
ing at 7;30. These services are be
ing well attended by our young
people and we want more to help
E. E. Lesan Pastor,
The pupils of Mrs. Kellogg's
room are rehearsing a play "The
Podunk Limited" which will be
giyen at Shattuck's hall, Saturday
evening, January 20,
The play will be given free, af
ter which a basket Social will be
given. Everybody invited. Pro
ceeds will be used for school pur
po . t
Auto Passenger" Service Auto fJelivery truck
Prepared for Long Tripa or Outing Parties
A Complete Line of Automobile Accessories'
Tygh Valley Shop
General BlacKsmithing
And Wagon Work Heavy and Lieht
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
First Class Plow Work Cast Plow Shares Ground
Break Blocks Heavy and Light Ready Made up
Don't forget the Old Stand and its new manager
Wm. l. Morrison
Phone in Shop
Orders taken for loose grain
boxes Fraley style also up-to-date
flaring boxes and CallPnia racks
Cleo Lesan and Callie Young
are taking eighth grade final ex-
aminations this week. The tenth
grade wrote their final algerbra
yesterday, two of the class also
writing final physiology.
Dr. and Mrs. Hatfield left Tues
day for 'J he Dalles and Portland
and will be absent for some time
They expect to attend the auto
mobile show in the metropolis this
Go to Fischer's Garage for all
your automobile accessories, gaso
line nud storage of machinery.
Basket Social
Dr. Lawrence S. Standi
and Dentistry
Charges Reasonable
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Call Drug store or resideo
Maupin, Oregon
Subscribers, if you fail to re
ceive a copy of this paper regular,
please let us know, and If posniblt
the lost oaner will be replaced. It
has always been our intention to
send all subscribers their papers
each week, and will try to replace
copies lost in delivery.
Dave D&naldson is said to have
coaxed a fellow companion up the
Deschutes Wednesday with the
enticing prophecy that the fish
would bite, but the boys were kept
too busy buildiiie fires trying to
warm their hands, to get any fish
' If ivtf a few thousand
loiln at, 7 per cent on
rt'.il estate Security.
iii -nut of sin per cent money.
Par! V. Childers, The Dalles. t2
dnIUrs tn
Are you using The Times liner
column when you liaye any thing
to sell or want to bUy some article
that your neighbor may have or
wishes to dispose of? If not try
a wiint ad in that column. We are
-ure that it will bring results.
Dr. Stovall and family moved
Wednesday from the Oakley reai
dece to appdrtmefits in the Miller
Local Items
Note the date opposite your
name on your paper for expira'
tion of subscription.
Who started that new furniture
store in Maupin? So far we have
been unable to find the omnfef.
Dr. P. E. Burgess, Eye Specia
1st, will be in Maupin, Saturday
January 27, and in Tyt'h Valley
Friday, January 26th. '
Lost in Maupin, car laca an
wrench; leave at Times office.
Eye Specialist
will make regular monthly tisita
to Maupin and Tygh Valley
watch this paper for dates.
I.O. O F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Saturday night in
Donaldson's hall. Visiting mem-
bers always welcome.
V. B. DotY, N. G.
F. D. StuarT, Secretary.
000000000OO000 0 OOOOfjOOOQOOftOOO
L. B. Fox R, T. Yates'
Makers of Abstracts That
Books Posted to Date Daily
Plant Second to None
In The State.
Condon Building
I'Uone Black 3691
The Dalles, Uiegotl
ooooodoooooooo 0 000000000000000
Shaniko, Ore.
Fresh Fish at Styer's
Some cold weather, this.
I). B. Appling was in from Cri
terion yesterday.
II. A. Mullet was up from Slier-
ar Monday.
J. C( Fuwltir over from
Wainii! yesterday,
Tim YVrtpiniihi Hotel and feed
barn for rent. Julm A. ivick.
Mrs. It. C. fory returned Wed
nesday from a trip to I'tmd It-tun
Large sheets of carbon pxpi r lur
embroidery bUmpin ut iUv limes
H. L. Emmons h off duty at
Shattuck's store Wednesday with
a bad cold.
The Maupin Times ah! weekly
Oregonlan one year, 2 25, fnf
short time only.
Mr. and Mrs; Slants ur1 expect
ed home from Port In ml m a few
If the other fellow could not fu
your watch bring it to Emmons
the jeweler
John k.irlin hippd a carload
of cattle ami hogs fr-Jm here Wed
nesday, Don't blame your dock It
needs denning. Emmons will
do it for yon and guarantee it.
W. C. and G. W. Yanderpool
motored to The Dalles Monday re
turning Tuesday.
Earl Bursee lost a life chain be
tween here and Wapinitia, finder
please leave at Harphan'i,
Dr. Klwood was called to Elleni
burg, Ws'lilngton the fore part of
this week ' bv fh" Illness of bis
mother j
Wanted to fraite for work horses,
or iiuilcs, Krell Solo Grand Auto!
il'hucr Pimm and music. Piano
ni't new, A 1 shnp and tune,'
Mr Km ma Kowan, Tygh Valley.'
! Phone. " J12np
I S. 0. WatUns and O. B. Bov.V
man from Philomath are herein!
j contemplation of locating if the
, country looks" good to theru.
I The fatfneri don't seem to be
i-Ht'if'Vd unless they are skinned.
Oie Dad Coale a clianee. II
buys l kinds f pelts, hides,
kins arts wool; y
Clubbing Rates
The Maupid Times with any of toe following
One Year
Evening Telegram $6.00
Daily Oregonian 5.5
Daily and dunday loo
Dalles Morning Suit 5.5c
TIMES Alone erne year, 1.50
I Until Feb. k
St. Louis $70.00
The Double Daily
Service Route East
Chicago $725o
Direct Routes. Liberal Mi poveri
Fare apply from
Ticket SaU
Jan 20 and 21
Return Limit
February IS
For further Detail tee Agent
cehtt l mm mi
Q. 3. L1V1NGSVON, Agt
Wapinitia Auto Staga
Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
Leaves Wapinitia, l iiu p. m
Public Land Sale.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, Dec, !2th, 1916.
Notice is hereby giver! tltsf
is directed by the ConimiHmiet
of the Geueral Land Office, Unpsf
provisions o( Sec. 2455. R. S.i ptitt
uant to the application of
James W. Pishkr,
Serial No. 015483, we will offer it
public sale, to the highest bidder,
but at not left than $2.50 per acre
at 9:45 o'clock A. M., on the 20th
;iy of February, next,. fet thfel ffJ
(ice, the following tract of land:
swMneM, ne1-4.vw!-4, Section1
14. townihin 7 sutith. Rauee 16
east, (Containing 80 Acres)
This tract is ordered into the
market 0:1 a ehowing that the
greater portion thereof is moun
tainous or too fouga for cultivation."
The lale will not he kept open,-
but will be declared cloned when
thoPH present at the hour named
have ceased bidding. Tht pi-:on
naking the highest bid will he :v
quired to immediately pay to the
Koceiver the amount thereof.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described land
ire advised to file their claims, of
objections, on or before the tiine1
designated for sale,
p t. A. Board, Receiver.
Isolated tract
Piiblic Laud Sale.
Department of tde Iiinn ,,
U. Lund Office :it The U.ilk..-,
Oregon;, December 1 2th, 1916. hereby given that;,
as directed by the CummUsioner 0
the General Land office, noder pro-f
visions of Sec. 2455, R. Sn pursu.'
aut to trie application of
E. CfioGHAN DrjMfjlNG,
Serial 10. 0140.6, we. offer at pub.'
lie sale, to the highest bidder, but'
t not less th"an ji.jfo per acie.: at'
to:oo A- M on the aoth day ci
February, next, at this office, the
following tract of laud: . wi-jnki-4
Seetion 8, Township 7 . South,
Range 15 East, W. hi. (Containing
80 Acres).
The sale will not be kept open,'
but will be declared closed when
those present at the hour nsnie
hart ceased bidding. The persotf
making the highest bid will id
required to immediately pay to the
Receiver the atnonnt thereof.
Any persons claiming adversely
ihe aboveAlescribed land are ad-'
rised to file tbeir claims or objec'
tions, on or before the time desig.'
iiated for sale. . . )
I ' LT. A. Bteva; K'ivr;