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    Ihe Maupin Times
; iiblish'-'d every Friday at Maupin,
' Oregon
JIkS. W. L. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: One year, $1.50; six
months, 75 cents; three months, 50
Entered as second class mail
matter September 2, 1914, at the
-postoffice at Maupin, Oregon, un
!ei the Act of March 3, 1879.
White River
Mrs. Flora Ryan has been
p tiding the holidays with her
pn 'ffnts', Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown.
Pearl Ferguson returned to her
home near The Dalles this week.
On account of the serious illness
of Mrs. Frestus Swift, Miss Ger
trude Crablree will not resume her
school duties until next week,
A reception and dance was giv
en" to John Mayfitild and his bride,
furmeily Miss Bessie Martin, at
the home of her father last Thurs
day evening when they returned
fnuii their wedding trip. Many
'frie ids were present to wish them
Several from this section went
IB jtmma an A 4Sk
this winter vui-of-docrs,
Polo, golf, tennis : evttorc.obiling over
California's wcueerfui highways;
and a wide Vati f 7 of pla .es to go
and things to see makes a visit to
California brim full of pleasure.
U 1
representitivcs iircalwiiys dcli(htt;d to help
phin California trips. Literuturc, informa- $S"-V
tion and speutic service u;xm
Auto Passenger Service Auto Delivery Truck
Prepared for Long Trips or Outinp Parties
A Complete Line of Automobile Accessories
Tyg'h Valley Shop
General BlacRsmithing
And Wnjron Work Heavy and Liuht
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
First Clasa Plow Work Cast Plow Shstres Ground
Break. Block9 Heavy and Light Ready Made up
Don't forget the Old Stand and its new managfT
Phone in Shop
May God epemi the day
When strife shall cease.
And guide their steps
From War to &.
to The Dalles this last week to
file on land. '
Quiucy Morrow is taking Mr.
Coberth's shift at the plant while
he is attending to business in The
Old Lagrippe in around attack
ing new victims this month.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Tunison re
turned from Porland last Saturday
Mrs. Doering arrived Tuesday
on the afternoon train and will
stay with Mrs. Lucore until Mr.
Doering arrives with the carload
of goods.
Ceoil Tunison went to Frieda
Monday night returning Tuesday
Heury Nagle and son Bill are
here from Pasco. It has been 16
or 18 years since the two old cron
ies, Messers Nagle and Coberth,
have met" and they are making
the mest of the time.
J. G. Tunison butchered five
nice hogs Thursday.
Smock Items
Happy New Year.
J, W. Farlow took a crowd of
the neighbors in sleighs to see the
play at Wamic Saturday night.
F. E. Spoor is busy stormy days
application to
r. a P. A..
1 : I T T T TT TTl
. El.,1
Cui-shing the interior of his new
Miss Ella Syrou returned to her
school Sunday after speuding the
holidays at home.
C- A, Bargainholt is working on
the inierior of his father's house
these winter days.
S. S. officers re-elected as follows
J. W. Farlow, Supt., T. J. Whit
comb, As'st. , Mrs. Edith Hill,
Sec, Chas. Cline, Treas.
The regular telephone meeting
came on New Year's day, 1st Mon-
day in January, but was changed
to Saturday, the 6th, that all could
enjoy New Year's dinner.
L. W, Yockey was a business
visitor at The Dalles last week.
having sold his real estate here
consisting of a 120 acre tract and
a 40 acre tract to a party in Pa.
Mrs. Etta Large returned to
Grandma Farlow's Saturday.
Velma Bichsel is very sick.
Miss Lou Jones who has been ill
for some time is now able to sit up
for a few minutes at a time.
Mrs. C, H. Yockey expressed 14
turkeys to the Portland market
Monday. She shipped four a short
time ago, receiving 28cts per lb.
Literary Society was well attend
ed Friday evening. Misses Crystal
Pratt and Dorothy were here from
Wamic and assisted iu the program
Local Items
Fresh Fish at Styer's
Mrs. C. F. Hargrove went to
Portand Tuesday.
Willie Fraley returned home to
Grass Valley Sunday.
Prof. Kellogg was a business
visitor iu The Dalles Monday.
Mrs. Ehvood and sens returned
to The DalleB Monday.
II. A. Muller was up from
Sherar last evening.
G. W. Bargainholt was over
from Smock yesterday.
Violet Miller returned from
Portland Wednesday.
The Wapinitia Hotel and feed
bam for rent. John A, Evict.1 -
The Maupin school will give a
social and program the 20th. -
John McCorkle and Owen-were
in from the Flat Wednesday,
Large sheets of carbon paper for
embroidery stamping at the Times
J. H. Chastain and family re
turned from Yamhill Wednesday,
Louis Emmons arrived home
from Portland Tuesday morning,
These cold nights call for more
bedding. See R. C. Jury before
you buy.
Daphene Conley and Willis
Baker are new H. S. students here
this week.
R. C. Jory has moved his stock
of blankets to Haruhan's con
S. L. Wiggins, the genial T. F,
& P. A. for the O.W.was making
calls in town Tuesday.
The Maupin Times and weekly
Oregonian one year, $2.25. for
short time only.
If the other fellow could not fix
your watch bring it to Emmons
the jeuelr.
II. T, Gabel and wif returned
to The Dulles Tuesday. His fath
er accompanied the ill.
Don't blame your .clock It
needs cleaning. Emmons will
do it for you and guarantee iL
Karl Bailee lost a tire chain be
tween here and Wapinitia,- finder
please leave at Harphan s.
1 The farmers don't seem to be
'satisfied unless they are skinned
iGive Dad Coale a chance. He
buys all kind of pelts, hides,
'skins and wool,
I Miss Etel Emerson who has
Ibt'en very sick was moved from
her room in the postoffice building
i Tuesday to the home of Mrs. Gray
I A chiuuok broke on us Monday
iovcuiii which took the snow hiuI
; h'ft a springlike atmosphere which
I continues at present.
Homestead Law, Con,
land shall be designated under
this Act, then such application
shall be allowed; otherwise il shall
be rejected, subject to appeal; but
no right to occupy such lands
shall be acquired by reason of said
application until -aiir- kride have
been designated as stock-raising
That any qualified homestead
entryman may make entry under
the homestead laws of lands so
designated by the Secretary of the
Interior, accordinu to legal subdi
visions, in areas not exceeding 640
acres, and in compact form so far
as may be subject to the provisions
of this Act, and secure title there
to by compliance with the terms
of the homestead laws: Provided
that a former homestead entry of
land of the character described in
section two thereof shall not be a
bar to the entry of a tract within t
raidus of 20 miles from such form
er entry under the provisions of
this Act, subject to the require
ments of laws as to residence and
improvements which, together with
the former entry, shall not exceed
640 acrei: Provided further, that
the entryman shall be required to
enter all contiguous areas of the
character herein described open to
entry prior to the entry of any
noncontiguous land: Provided fur
ther, that instead of cultivation as
required by the homettead laws
the entryman shall be required to
make permanent improvements
upon the land entered before final
proof is submitted teudlng to in-
crease the value of the same for
stock-raising purposes, of the value
of not less than $1.25 per acre,
and at leust one-half of fiich im
provements peall be placed. --upon
Ihe land within three ye.w after
the date of entry thereof. . , .
That, any homestead entryman
of lands of the character herein
described, who has not submitted
final proof upon his existing en-ry,
shall have the right to enter, sub
ject to the provisions of this Act,
such amount of contiguous lands
designated for entry unter the pro
visions of this Act as shall not, to
gether with the amount embraced
in his original entry, exceed 640
acres, and residence upon original
entry shall be credited on both en
tries, hut improvements must be
made on the additional entry equal
to $1 .25 for each acre thereof,
A That persons who have submit
ted final proof upon, or received
p ilent for, lands of the character
n-t'n described under the home
stead I.lws, and who own and re-
e upon the land so acquired,
1, subject i the provisions of
r.ii Act, make aduitional entry
f ir ami obtain patent to contiguous
LiuK designated for entry under
the provisions of this Act, which,
together with the area theretofore
acquired under the homestead law,
shall not exceed 640 acres on proof
of the expenditure required by this
Act on account .f permanent in,
proveiuents upon toe uuuitioukl
That any person who is the
head of a family, or who bus ar
rived at the age of 21 years and is
a citiien of the U, S , w ho has en
tered or acquired nndu ilie hoine
Btead laws, p.ior to the passage ol
this Act, lands tf the chainctti
described in thU Act, the area of
which is less thtm 640 acres, and
who is unable to exercise the right
of additional entry herein confer
red because1 no lands subject to en
try under this Act adjoin the tract
s- entered or acquired or lie within
the 20 mile limit provided for in
this Act, may, upon submitting
proof that he resides upon and has
not sold the land ro entered or ac
quired and agaifiBt which land
thers are no encumbrances, relin
quish or convey to the U. S. the
land so occupied, entered or ac
quired, and in lieu thereof, within
the same, land-offioe district, may
outer snd acq-ifirfe th)e to 640 acres
of thS land Subject to entry under
this Act, but mtikC 6how compli
ance with all the provisions of this
Act respecting the new entry and
with all the provii;flns of existing
homestead laws except as m6Uified
herein.- ,
That the cohiinOtation provisions
of the homestead laws shall not
apply to any entries madi under
this Act.'
That any homestead entryman
OF patentees who1 shall have,- for
reOdays afte? the" designation of
lands subject to entry under' the
provisions of th4s Act and contnju
on to those" entered- or owrwd and
occupied by him, the preferential
right to make additional entry as
provided in this Act: Provided
that where such lands contiguous
to the lands of two or more entry-
men or patentees entitled to addi
tional entries under this section
are not sufficient in area to enable
such entrymen to secure by addi
tional entry the maximum amounts
to which they are entitled, the
Secretary of the Inierior is author
ized to make an eqitable division
of the lands among the several en
trymen or patentees, applying to
exercise preferential rights, such
division to be in tracts of not less
than 40 acres, or other legal sub
division and so made ns to equal
ize as nearly as possible the area
which such entrymen and paten
tees will acquire by adding tin-
tracts embraced in additional en-
taies to the lauds originally held
or owned by them! Provided fur
ther, that where but one such
tract of vacant land may adjoin
the lands of two or more entrymen
or patentees entitled to exercise
preferential right hereunder, the
tract in question may be entered
by the person, who first submits to
the local land office his application
to exercise said' preferential right.
That all entries made and pat
ents issued under the provisions of
this Act shall be subject to and
contain a reservation to the U. S.
of all the coal and other tniuerfi Is
in the lands so entered and patent
e ', together with the right to pros
pect for, mine, and remova the
same. The coal and. other miner
al deposits in such lauds shall be
subject to disposal by the U. S. in
accordance with the provisions of
the coal and mineral lands laws in
force at the timn of such disposal.
Any person qualified to locate and
enter the coal or other mineral de
posits, or having tne right to mine
and remove the same under the
laws of the U. S., shall have the
right at all times to enter upon the
lauds entered or patented, as pro
vided by this Act, for the purpose
of prospecting for coal or other
mineral therein, provided he shall
not injure, damage, or destroy the
permanent improvements of the
entryman or patentee, and shall
be liable to and shall compensate
the entryman or patentee for all
damage to the crop 011 such lands
by reason of such prospecting.
Any person who has acquired from
the U. S. the coal or other mineral
deposits in any such land, or the
right to tnine and remove the
same, may reenter and occupy so
much of the surface thereof as may
lie required for all purposes reas
onably incident to the mining or
removal of the coal or other min
er.) 's, first, upon scouring the
written cousent Of waiver ot the
homestPrtd eutryman Or patentee;
second upon payment of the dam-
(conc'uded next Week)
The tygh Valley BlacksmiMi
shop has recently changed hands
I have equipped the old stand with
power equal to any shop in South
ern Waseo county and will be able
to do first class work tff all kinds;
will take orders for loose grain
beds the Fraley Style or up-to-date
Sariug beds 6r California racks
These will b'e delivered" at Wuruic,
Wapinitia or Maupin as the order
may be given. If you expect to
have any of Ms work give rfte
chance to figWe' with yoU before
placing your order.
I will give yotl first class plon
work, wagon work and horse
shoeing. W. L. Morrison
All work first class. Phone in shop
Church Notice
Sunday School at 10" A. M.
Preaching at II A. Jl.
Song Service tXT.ffl P. U.
Preaching at 8:00
Song Practice Tuesday evening
at 7:30 followed by Sunday School
Teachers meeting.
Prayer meeting Thursday even
ing at 7;30. These services are be
ing well attended bjf our.youny
people and we want more to help
B: E-. Lesan Pastor.
Dr. Lawrence S. Stovall
and Dentistry
Charges Reasonable
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Call Drug store or residence
Maupin, Oregon
Eye Specialist
will make regular monthly visits
to Maupin and TyRh Valley ,
watch this paper for dates
I.O. O. F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Saturday night in
DonaklFon's hall, visiting mem
bers always welcome.
V. B. Doty, N. G.
F. D. Stuart, Secretary.
00000000000000 0 ooooooocooooooo
O . n rjy ir . O
L. B. Fox R. T. Yates
Makers of Abstracts That
Books Posted to Date Daily
Plant Second to None
In The State.
Condon Building
Phone Black 3691
The Dalles, Oregon
00000000000000 0 000000000000000
Shaniko, Ore.
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
Leaves Wapinitia, 180 p. m.
VJ38ERTS, Prop.
Public Lnnd Sale,
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, Dec, 12th, tt)t6.
Notice is hereby given that
as directed by the Commissioner
of the General Land Office, under
provisions of Sec. 2455. R. S pur
snant to the application of
Jambs -W. Fisher,
Serial No. 015488,. we will offer at
public sale, to the highest bidder,
but at not less than $2.60 per acre
at 9:45 o'clock A. M., on the 20th
day of February, next, at this of
fice, the following tract of land:
nw1-4se1-4, ne!-4nw1-4, Section
14. township 7 south, Range 16
east, W. M. (Containing 80 Acres)
'This tract is ordered into the
market on a showing that the
greater portion thereof is moun
tainous or too rough for cultiva
tion." , ;
The sale will not be kept open,
but will be declared closed when
those. present at the hour named
have ceased bidding. The person
making the highest bid will be re-
juired to Immediately pay to the
Receiver the amount thereof
Any and all pernios claiming ad
versely the atiove-described land
are advised to file their claims, or
objections, on or before, the timei
designated for sale,
p L. A. Booth, Receiver.
Public Land Salt
.Department of the" Interior,
V. S. Lmiri Offi rit flip DulloQ
Oregon, December iifH, I916,
WIICE is hereby given that;
is directed b'v the Cuitiminsioner of
the General Laud office, noder pro
visions of Sec. 2Ac R. .S tmrsii-
TJl.I " ) I
ant to the application of
h,. CROGHAN UUNSltftf.
Serial nd. 0149.16, we offer at pub
lic sale, to the hiehest bidder, but
at not less thW $i.$o per acre, at
10:00 . m. on tne 20th day of
Fehi uaf. np-ift.. ir nfftea tVio
following tract of UvAi Wi-iNEl-4
Seetion , Township 7 South,
Range 15 East, W. M. (Containing
80 Acres),
The sale Will not be keDt ooen.
hut will be declared closed when
those present at the hour named
have ceased bidding.. The person
making- the highest bid will be-
required to immediately pay to the
Receiver the amouut thereof.
Any persons claiming adversely
the above-described laud are ad
vised to file their claims or objec-'
tious, on or before the time desic
nated for sale.
- 2 A-. Boots Receiver'.