The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, December 22, 1916, Image 1

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    V? TV. ?
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
ftfAIN, !JfH FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1916'
THE YEAR $1.50
VOL 3, NO. n
Mr. and Mrs. Stauts left yester
day morning for Portland to pjmnd
i he holidays and enj,oy a rest.
Mr. and Mrs. l Slubber have
charge of the store in their' absence
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Woodruff,
Miss Daphene Conley and Huston
Johnton were among those from
Tygh attending the &how beie Sat
urday night,' '
C. II. Yockey of Smock got his
)."!t leg )i,hn)ly uruieed one day
.1 .-it week when a log rolled on to
"r . Hit" brother liewls who was
a abort distance from him came
and rolled the log off.
. i i i
Qlutu Matthews was in Wednes
day for Dr. Klwood to dress a
wound on bis ear received while
taking some horses through a gate
one of the animals pushing the
gate tgainst biio.
, Thursday afternoon Mr. and
Mrs. Herstel Hollis became the
proud parents of a fine nine pound
Jjlr. and Mrs. Hegev Went to
Portland Thursday.
for Christmas. The big?
g'est and best assort
mentin the; city,
See my special pn all
Christmas Candy ordr
ers, it wU pay ypu,
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a Christmas gift or ny
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r T i . r
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00000 000000000000440400000
Wapinitia Items :
Some fine weather has been ex
perienced here' the past week. A
ew have done some plowing. .
Bill Sturglus has ren ted a rapch
of Jj, P. Abbott and has done some
Curtis Abbott of Hood River
arrived last week and is working
for his uncle, J. P, Abbott.'1! .
G. N. and Clyde' Flinn com
menced' working on the old water
ditch north of here, blasting out
rock and cleaning out the ditch.
Mrs. Pechetto had ' a number of
inen at work Monday dressing tur
keys for the Portland market. She
went to Maupin Tuesday, slipping
sixty-six fine birds.
'- We wish to" correct a mistake
we made in last week's items,
which read that our road supervis
or, Pete Olsen was working on the
road near 'e)'ly. Iflfe were misin
formed'. Mr. Olsen'Vnd a crew - of
men have been camped the past
three .weeks near Tygh and have
been working on the new White
River grade. They have put iq
fifteen new culverts on the' hill
and are still working there.
The victims of lagrippe here are
all improving, nearly everyone be
i tig able to be out again
Mrs. Katie Amen returned Sat
urday from a two weeks! visit in
Portland. " .
Mrs. Dee W"g'' &me "P from
the1 Valley Saturday. She and
Jk'lr. Wright are' stopping at the
Barzee hotel.
Ira Flinu moved his family to
j O.'L,. Paquet's l6wer ranch last
Dee Woodside butohered six fine
porkers' Thursday.
The Christmas program which
is being prepared here will be given
in the school house Friday evening
Miss Crystal Pratt and her pu
pils are planning on a program
and true at their school house
Thursday night.
A program and tree will be givr
en by Miss Peoples and her pupils
in the Batty school district Friday.
Mrs. Batty received word a few
days ago of the arrival of a little
son, December 9th, at the home
of her son, Joe Batty, at Hepner.
Mr. and Mrs. Batty are former
residents of this place.
Joe Q'Brien has installed a tele
phone in his home here.
A surprise party was given Mr.
and Mrs. Ira Grisham at their
home north of here last Saturday
evening. Quite a tew from this
burg attended and report a pleas
ant time.
The home of V. B. came nearly
being destroyed by fire one morn-
Well Presented
Shattuck's Opera Ilouse was
comfortably filled last Saturday
night when the opening perform
ance Her Frieud the Enemy' was
presented by local lalenl. ll' '
; ' The whole affair was Well staged
and all taking part' did excellent
work! Dr. Hatfield is worthy of
much credit for the management
of the play and showed extra or
dinary ability in the making up of
the characters.
The Glee Club trained by Miss
Fischer were indeed' charming
'' Much credit is due the orchestra
for tbe high class of mujio so well
rendered. '' ' "
The proceeds $37.50 will cover
the expenses of "tbe evening and
contribute a neat some for the
benefit of the school.'' '
The horBe buyers were in Tygb
Tuesday. ' ..'
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tapp an3
Ang'ie of Wapinrtitt were visitors
at the Ray Tunison home Monday
night. 1 ' "' ' ' '
Joe Coblentz of Tacomn was
here on business concerning the
Wilson-Coblents sale. He return
ed Monday night to Tacoma.
A car of barley was loaded and
shipped from here Tuesday, this
being about th wipdup of the
grain at Sheiar.
1 The Wilsou-Coblents sale was
well attended Monday and things
vent reasonable. 1,1 1
' W. 0. Wilson and family intend
moving back to juniper Flat torn
time during the -Week. '
There will be a firogam and bas
ket soda'given t the White Riv
(r school house Friday evening,
Baby Ferguson has been the sick
list the last two Weeks.
Mrs. York Wilson had her piano
' ' (Coti(;,ludert.'ijn last p;i!e,) , ''
ing last week. Qne of the boys
started the fire i'n tbe morning
and went to bed again. When
Mrs. T. arose a few minutes later
she discovered the' partition and
ceiling between dining' room and
kitchen all on fire, but turbinate
ly the night before they had drawn
out quite an' amount qf water,
whicn was used and in a few mln
utes they had the fire but. The
Joss was covered by insurance and
consisted of several good overcoats
Two Canary birds died from the
effects of smoke.
John Lewis has just completed
a new kitchen on their house!
Cottage prayer meetings are be
ing held in this community on
Thursday evenjngs.
' Al Daniels and
Will Maynard
made a' trip to Keeps Mill last
week, moving out' Mr. Daniel's
things from that place. '
Saturday, the 23rd has been an
nounoed by the school board as a
day to iiteet and clean and level
up the school grounds. All the
ijinn and liny of this community
are invito. I lu iiUDlld.
Mr. Ileadiu the "'ditch man'
hauled a load of bridge timber
l z '
Ben Foreman is building a new
Quite -a number of cases of
whoopinj; cough' are in the coni'
munity, but most all are improv
ing. The little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs, Olsen is still quite bad
with it.
Miss lea Jrthick, our primary
teacher, was quite sick Monday,
being unable to attend school.
(7K HERE ib tinge of sadness
UL in the Christrrtai season ,
this year because Peace
is not world-wide.
We of America have much
to be thankful for. May we
use out peace and prosperity
to such 'good advantage that it
may be maintained indefinitely
" Please accept our hearty
good will and best ' wishes for
the season
V-';11 mM
The Proper Plape to pet Presents forr CHRISTMAS
Maupin Drug Store
We can suit rie whble family. Conje jn and let us help you
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fB -. ,.r -t--t n s , ijk-t-trfAFtjjrfi'FW'M bis family here jti the nei
White River
'fhe Aslileys have bought the
Will and Jim Osborn places and
art) busy moving over there.
Tuesday of last WPek Joe Trax-
tle's, above Tygh, had the misfor
tune to lose their home by fire.
Very little was saved. They are
living in the Everett Nelson house
until other arrangements can be
Mose We'ib made a busiiipsn trip
to The Dalle." this week.
French Sutler has arrived borne
Mrs. York Wilson and children
arrived from I'ocatella, Idaho,
Sunday, to attend to the sale busi
ness, i ork being unable to come.
Gene Doering is again in the
neighborhood, planning to move
bis family here jti the near future,
to Rent
For the New Year's Dance J
Sat. Dec. 30 )
Men's and Ladies' Costumes j
V" "J" v. v
u i u y i i i