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Devoted tp the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 3, NO. 7
Outside Mention
C. A. Sjron, If. M,'-Driver, J.
E. Woodcock and H. E. Driver
are Wamic residents visiting in The
Dallei today.
L. B. Kelly of Maupin, K. l.
Hauserand Pierce Mays of Tygb
Valley went to: Portland yesterday
pn business.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome uzan of
Bakeoven were viiitpra in The
Palles today.
Thos. Fargher, Jr., of Maupin
b transacting buBinees here.
H. E. Woodcock is a Wamic
resident visiting in this city.
B. L. Foreman of Wapinitia is
a local business visitor.
r-Dalles Chronicle Nov. 18.
The Harvey ranch, three miles
west of Bakeoven, was Bold to J.
W. Hoech cashier of the Eastern
Oregon Banking company,- for
12,000, says a Shaniko dispatch
to the Oregonian, Besides 640
pores of land there are eleven
Is Not Complete
without i well filled table'
Now is th$ time to make
your selection of good
thing's to eat at the right
A full line of every
thing' that delights
the palate.
Favor me with your holiday order
For Service
To Reduce Our
tftocK We Will Offer
Hood River Yellow New
town and Spitzenburg
Apples at 85c per box
hor.ees, 500, bushels of, grain, two
cows, three wagons, a small car,
hogs, chickens, canned fruit and
other . chattels included in the
transaction. One hundred and
fifty acres have been reseeded for
spring wheat. W. R. Smith of
Bend has rented the place.
F. M,. Confer of Maupin return
ed bome today after spending a
short time in this city ou business.
Chronicle, Nov. 20.
Telephone Meeting
"The annual meeting of the tele
phone company, the line coming
injo, Maupin., will be held the sec
ond Saturday in December at Vic
tor to elect officers for the coming
year and transact other business.
A. C. Martin, Pres.,
E. II. Ssodgrass, Sec.
The Priscilla Club met
Mrs. Mayhew this week.
and Prices
Hotel Arrivals
W. Bf Heath, Glen D. Hart,
Ed Secord, Arch Wocdard, B.
Shattuck, V. O, Miller, New York,
W. L. Webb, Portland; P. D.
Brace, Seattle; Mrs. W. A. Bryant,
Los Angeles; Chas. C. Martin,
Germany; W. T. X Tear, Port
lad; Mrs. F. Vanderpool, Dufur;
Pearl Thompson, Tygh Valley; D.
Conley, 'Tygh Valley; Percy
Thompson, Tygh Valley; O. B.
Murray, Boyd; T. ' C. Lovvry, The
Des; Thos. Carter, Podenk; V.
B. Snow, Portland; Rollo F. Arley
Portand; Arthur Fargher, C. A,
Bracken, Portland; J. M. Conklin,
Mr. and Mrs. Nosker, Criterion;
C. C. Carter, Portland; K. K.
Walker, Grass Valley; J. R. Wat
kins, F. M. Kennedy, Portland;
C. J. Liyiugston, J. H. Hollister,
W. if. Sneison, D. B Appling, S.
M. Woodard, Kennedy, Portland ;
Frank C. Corray, The Dalles; E.
D. Cook, Olympia; O. W. Zoellell,
Portland; F. J. Richards, Portland;
R. p. Maxon, The Dalies; A. C.
Werdell, Portland; I,. Miller,. St.
Louis; M. C. Hollowman, Regld
W. Hastings, Portland; J. G. Kel
pack, A. D. Wabry, andW. Gocey
Portland; A. E. Tro,utman and
wife, Macpin; G. XX. Rice, W. S.
Brown, Ed Davis, O. S. Walters,
J. M. Glass, Frank Price, and J
P. Olson, Wapinitia; I. N. Lwdce,
Antelope; H. B. Holland, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Singer and daughter,
Shaniko; J. C. French, Dufur; W.
L. Leighton, Portland.
Local Items
Little Etitel Stovall had n seri
qus fall a week ago while swing
ing betwfpu two counters in the
drug store. His hold loosened,
letting him Bkid his noe on the
floor till the skin was removed.
His father immediately treated
the wound and the little fellow
looks little the worse for the ex
perience. A party from Portland driving
with poor lights Saturday night
met a team aboiit five miles this
side of Shaniko, and in passing
them went over the edge of an em
bankment, the car turning turtle,
pinning the two men underneath.
The parties with the team raised
the car and released the victims
who were unhurt except for a few
(cratches. The car was not ma
terially injured except for top and
windshield which did not add to
its appearance on arrival here a
little later.
The Maupin Ti.nes Is taking
over the equipment of the Lyle
Washingtonian, an almost now
printing plant valued at $10C0.
When this is installed the TimeB
Will be the best equipped printing
establishment between The Dalles
and Bend. This will enable us to
get out a better newswaper and
make it possible to produce a su
perior cbiss of printing than we
have yet produced in Maupin,
A. R. ChHse and Mr. Marice
who are working in the interest of
the boys' and girls' industrial clul.
work gave a stereopticon lecture
in the school house Wednesday
night which was well worth the
time spent.
J. V. Derthick has taken a
homestead near Criterion.
Maupin Drug
We figure the best is none too cood. so e buy only the
When in Maupin make yourself at home at the
Wapinitia Items
B. L. Foreman and N, W. Flinn
went to The Dalles Friday return
ing Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bargee made
a trip to Maupin Saturday nighty
to see. Mrs. Barzee's mother, Mrs.
Harphan who is very sick.
Mrs. Nannie Delco who has been
here with her sick mother the past
month returned to her home in
The Dalles Saturday.
Dee Wright made a trjp out to
Prineville last week returning Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Lovegrove from
Dufur arrived here Wednesday
and are vit-iting at the home of
Jackson Rice. Mrs. Lovegrove is
a sister of Mrs. Rice.
Ralph Dodgo who has been at
Hood River the past Summer, re
turned to his home here Thursday.
Johnie Delco moved his family
from Maupin to this burg last
week. .
Mr. and Mrs, Ora Maynard who
were married in The Dalles last
week arrived home Wednesday
evening. About thirty - five of
their friends with Mack Hollaman
as captain gathered there about
eleven o'clock that night to wel
come them home, and from the
amount of noise they made, we
think they succeeded well. Mr.
and Mrs. Maynard were prepared
for the occasion and invited them
in and a splendid treat was served.
The crowd stayed till about two
o'clock playing games.
Quite a number of C. E. workers
here are planning on going tq The
Dalles Saturday' to attend a C. E.
Convention which will be held
there that afternoon.
Mrs. Sum Carlisle of Bonnanzo,
Oregon, arrived here Monday ev
ening and are visiting at the Ben
Richardson home, Mrs. Carlisle
Was formerly Miss Bertha Cox of
this pines. They probably will
remain here this winter.
Sam Brown left Friday for Pert
land taking a car load of beef cat
tle. Quite an epidemic of lagrippe
and hud colds has struck this
The cold spell of weather broke
here Friday, and Saturday a heavy
sleet tell,' but soon melted.
Some fog here now, which is
falling and freezing on everything,
and as the poet sayB, "Every twig
is robed an inch deep in pearl.1'
' Mrs. IVchetto purchased 2!) tur
keys of N. W. Flinn, which makes
her about 80 in all. She expects
to fatten them, on corn.
We understand that Sam Brown
has contracted to open up seven '
miles of the old ditch on the Flat
and will commence soon.
The Ladies' aid sain and chick
en Pie supper will be given in the
schoolhouso Friday night.
Mr. Ileadin delivered a load of
powder to Maupin Saturday.
About a dozen wagon loads of
wheat remained at the warehouse
Wednesday night unable to unload
Prescriptions 1
billed Right at the
Wamic News
Little Lenore Woodcock gave a
charming birthday party at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Woodcock, the 12th. Invita
tion cards were sent out and a
number of her schoolmates re
sponded. After games p a pleas
ing nature; ice cream, cake and
candy were served by Mrs. Wood
cock. Lenore was nine years old.
She was the recipient of many
birthday gifts. Those who at
tended the party were Thelma
Woodcock, Erma and Alma Driv
er, flannel Woodcock, Alta and
Hilda Norvel, Lucile Kennedy,
Claris Zumwalt, Verda Wing,
Hazel Johnson and Yernon Wood
cock. The weather has somewhat moder
ated, still it is freezing and the
creeks are veritable skating ponds.
The lowest mercury was on the
night of the 12th when six above
was reached.
The contiuued freezing is caus
ing a scarcity of water here in the
ditches and the wells that are fed
from the streams.
A meeting of the citizens of this
place was held Thursday afternoon
and representatives were Bent to
Portland to confer with our sena
tors and representative iu regard
to withdrawing the mountain
ranges frotfl grazing. Should this
thing occur it would be disastrous
to all of Southern Wasco county.
Those going to Portland were J.
E. Kennedy, W. E. Woodcock, Ci.
A. Harvey, D.' A. Campbell, W.
M. and II. E. Driver.
Harry Siuims arrived Sunday
from Prosed-, Wn,, to look after
his place here.
An epidemic of whooping cough
p sweeping oyer Smock. Miss
Ella Syron of that place, who is
teaching on Juniper Flat, had to
abandon her school by being
stricken with the cough.
T. J. and F. A- Swift were haul
ing freight from Sherar the former
part of the week.
Several parties were butchering
fat hogs here last week.
A. T. Fraley of Kingsley was
here last week, going to the J. R.
Woodcock homo where he pur
chased some cattle.
Marion Duncan came oyer trom
Kent Monday,
Smock Items
Rev. Samples of Gateway held
services here Tuesday evening.
rhe Revs. Milrm and Larson are
conducting services with good at
tendance considering many are
suffering with severe colds and
whooping cough. There were 52
in attendance Sunday morning.
Miss Ella Syron, after several
lays' illuess at the Crabtroe home
on the Flat where she boards, was
able to come home Monday, S. II.
Mulvaney bringing her in his car.
Whitcomb Bros, were , Wamic
business visitors Monday.
Mrs. C. S. MeCorkle has the
little daughter of T. J. Whitcomb
keeping her cumpany and sending
her to Wamic school.
F. E. Spoor is occupying G. W.
Bargaining's homestead residence."
He had all plans laid to go to
CiiUlow Valley whore his son Las
a homestead, but his team was
best drugs and chemicals
taken sick and detained him.
Mrs. A. J. Hill's 2d birthday
was celebrated by thirty-six neigh
bors ping o her home Sunday
after service, with lunch. Mrs.
Hill's mother' had 'invited them as
a surprise.
Master Elmer Mayfeld is visit
ing his grandfather John May field.
Mrs. J, W. Ayres and George
were Waruio husiness visitors Sat
urday. Virgil Mayfield spent Sunday
with his parents, M1- and Mrs
W. H. Mayfield.
Miss Olive Howard, a niece of
S. II. Julvaney, who has been
Visiting here' for some time, re
turned, to her McMinnville home
T. C. Jones motored to The
Dalles Tuesday, taking G. W.
John End lost some potatoes bv
freezing They were in sacks in
the field, covered with straw, but
the weather has been unusually
How to Get the Most Barn
Value for Your Money
i Yes, our business is selling lumber BUT-satisfaction
to the buyer must go with every bill we sell or WE are
not satisfied.
We know that if you are building a barn and you want
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And we make it pur business to see that every baPn
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small shed roof barns, one story dairy barns circle roof
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Hunts Ferry Warehouse Go.
AH for Our Prices on Wheat
the FOR man
Is also agent for the follow
ing Popular Cars:
THE YEAR $1.50
Thanksgiving Dinner
upper will be served at the
Miller hotel for the Thanksgiving
ball. A Thanksgiving dinner will,
also be seryed there.
cold for so. early,
M anc Mriij Chas. Ross motor
ed to ?J.ieriCj tq spend the winter.
Mr. Ioss ha een ranger at the
local station the past two years
and still has charge, but the house
js not suitable in which to" spend
the winter.
G. W. Bargainholt and family
moved in their new bufigalow
Friday. .. -
C. A. Syron and daughter Eva
went The Dalles Friday, where an
aunt, Mrs. Noah Grant met theira,
taking baby" to her home in Port
land to care for during the winter.
Jas. McCoy and D. W. Shafer
were hauling lumber Weclnesd.iy
and Thursday from Mtilvaney'i
yards. '
lumber )
Let him tell you about terms