The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 10, 1916, Image 3

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Bought, SoM, Renter) and Reoatr
Buranide, cor. 10th. fort 'and. Or
To and from all pointB on hous-hoid euoU, pi and
and automobitea. Information cneertuliy fivn
Portland. Or.'
Oregon Vulcanizing Compas
moved to 333 io ii7 Uurnaida St., Hol
land. Ore. Laivjst Tire Repair Pia,
in the Northwest. Country aervica
specialty. Use Parcel Post.
Irrigation Systems
Pipe. Flume, Pumns, Gates Weirs,
Tanks, Troughs, Silos. We spe
cialize on Irrigation and Drainage
Work- A. L GAGE & SON
303 Spalding Bldg.
Portland, Ore
From All Around the Earth.
Veal, Pork, Beef,
Poultry, Butter, Eggs
and Farm Produce ,
to the Old Reliable Everdlnff house with
record of 45 years ot Square Dfulinw, mij
be assured of TOP MARKET PRICES.
45-47 Front Street Portland, Oregon
Vanished Simplicity.
"What's all this talk about a full
dinner pail?" asked the woman with
a positive manner.
"Why," replied the campaigner, ")
am endeavoring to call your attention
to the advantage of an abundant noon
day lunch."
"Well, I'll have you to understand
that my husband doesn't expect me
to fix up any lunch for him to oaTy
around. Dinner pail, Indeed! When
the whistle blows at noon he eats a!
a cafe, where he has all the luxuries,
Including the privilege of tipping the
waiter." Washington Star.
Chicago Heads of the operating de
partments of railroads entering Chi
cago were Tuesday working tooth and
nail to avert a freieht blockade which
Brfpf RPSUITIP (if fiPllPral NPWS threatening because of an actual car
On the Erie railroad traffic became
so heavy that freight solicitors were
transferred from their departments
and sent out as scouts through each
yard to find every available empty car
for use in moving shipments now on
The freight movement east of Chi-
Live News Items of All Nations and cae was more critical than the west
ern, but tramc managers or tne west
ern roads also announced they were be
ing pushed for cars, due to a steadily
increasing volume of business,
On the New York Central lines an
official announced that a large force of
Mr. nim, Bnnnin.iiH. tho TWriah men was taxen on to act as car agents,
actress, who has appeared many times mey were to nna an empty cars,
on the American stage, died in London well,as a11 loaded oneB' BtandlnK on the
Wednesday. tra8- . .. '
HO (LIB OG1IU1UK vlli U1UU UUV B vwn
Three men entered the Bromide, to visit the shimmers personally and to
UKia., fjtate bank, tied tne cashier to a8ic them to make every effort torn
tne aoor 01 tne sate ana escaped witn ioa(j their cars immediately upon re-
$duuu, all the money they could hnd. ceiving them," he said,
Th TT. 5?. RnnrcmB court, has con. "The shippers are working with us
BRnrorl tn rouinw Wr nf r.h Inwitr as much as possible, but in some cases
Forlornl crolrra nrrWino- rloncrtntinn vf they haven't facilities tO Unload the
SK Hinrlna frcm Snn Frnnciacn who Cars 88 quickly BS W6 Would wish.
were ill and likely to become public "The railroads charge a demurrage
charges. on standing cars, but this does not
, amount, to nearly as uiucu no mey
A tiritisn BUDmarine operating in cm,A apt h keenino- the cars rollinc
tne Nortn oea reports tnat sne nreu
Should Protect Bats.
Cincinnati, O. Charles A. R. Camp
bell of San Antonio, Tex., pleaded for
the life of the bat at the closing ses
sion of the annual convention of the
American Public Health association
on Friday. Campbell said it is known
that the bat feeds almost exclusively
on mosquitoes, and for that reason
should be protected, as mosquitoes
spread .malaria. He advocated that
laws be passed by the various states
prohibiting the killing of bats.
Just Curious.
Hotel Attendant Get your head out
of the elevator shaft. What's the
matter with you? '
Uncle Eben Just' a minute, son.
There's a fellow Just made an ascen
sion In that durn thing and I'm going
to watch him make the parachute
drop. Puck.
Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers.
torpedoes at a German battleship of
the dreadnaught type Wednesday,
making a hit. The amount of damage
inflicted is not known.
Fire in the Midway district at St.
Paul, Wednesday destroyed telephone
poles valued at from $600,000 to $700,
000 belonging to the Valentine-Clark
company. Eight fire companies from
Minneapolis and St. Paul fought the
Prosser. Wash August Swanson, a
Horse Heaven farmer Wednesday shot dom of Poland, and re-established the
himself in the head to cure a tooth- right of the Polish nation to control its
ache. His condition is serious. He own destinies, to live an independent
bought the revolver four years ago national life and to govern itself by
when he saw a neighbor ill, declaring chosen representatives of the nation.
A few days ago a folish delegation
had called upon the Imperial Chancel
lor. Dr. von Bethmann-Hollweg. Its
Austria-Hungary and Germany
Re-establish Kingdom of Poland
Berlin "Polish provinces occupied
by troops of the central powers," says
the Overseas News agency, "were the
scene Tuesday of a great and momen
tous historic event. Germany and
Austria-Hungary, by joint action, pro
claimed Warsaw and Lublin the king-
that he would never suffer that way.
Ben Hogan, former prizefighter, who
once fought Tom Allen for the heavy
weight championship of America and
lost, left an estate valued at $58,000.
Hogan, who died several days ago, for
years conducted a souphouse and lodg
ing place for "down and outs" on the
West Side, Chicago.
members were representative Poles of
all classes, all parties, all ranks of so
ciety and all creeds. They transmit
ted to the German government the
wishes of the Polish nation, which now
have been granted to them.
'Thus the ancient kingdom of Po-
Stomach Bitters
Peddler Got Even.
"Now, what do you want?" asked
the sharp-tempered woman.
"I called to see if I could sell you
some bakin' powder, ma'am," said the
seedy gentleman with the staggering
"Well, you can't sell no bakin" pow
der here, and I ain't got no time to
waste on peddlers, anyway."
" "Come to think of it, ma'am," said
the seedy gentleman, as he fastened
his bag, "I wouldn't care to sell you
any powder. This poky little kitchen
of yours is so low in the ceilin' that
the bread wouldn't have no chance to
riBe." Philadelphia Public Ledger.
A French battalion arrived at Kate- land, from which in the past came
nna, Ureece, Sunday to occupy tne famous rulers liKe tne jageuones t
town. It is believed that the Greek dynasty founded by Jagello, which
and Venizelists troops will depart im- reigned in Poland from 1386 to 1572),
mediately and thus solve the embar- and glorious soldiers like the great
rassing situation which has arisen as a Sobieski (John III, king of Poland in
result of the conflict between the roy- 1674-1696) is now resurrected. The
alists and Venizelists. Poles are free from Russian oppres
sion; no more to be trodden under the
heels of the Cossacks. The liberty
that had been destroyed a century ago
Of General Interest
About Oregon
Crime Decreasing in Oregon
Declares Warden of State Pen
Salem "Statistics of this institu
tion during the current calander year
warrant the belief that crime in Ore
gon is Bteadily . decreasing, and that
the number of commitments to the
penitentiary may be materially re
duced during the next few years,"
says Warden John W. Minto in his bi
ennial report to the state board of con
Speaking of the reformation of pris
oners, the report Bays that 75 per cent
of them can be reformed and the re
maining 25 per cent "are criminals by
nature, training and inclination, and
that "their entire lives will be spent
either in some penal institution or
dodging one." The 75 per cent sus
ceptible to reformation are "unfortun
ate victims of passion, financial diffi
culties, careless raising, unfavorable
environment and weakness in the face
of temptation," says the report. The
segregation of prisoners is recommended.
; Car License Cards Issued.
Salem To the 40,000 motor vehicle
owners and chauffeurs of Oregon, Sec
retary of State Olcott has mailed ap
plication blanks for registration for
the year 1917. A transmittal card
with the horsepower of each machine,
figured according to the Oregon law,
was inclosed with each application,
and also a notice requesting owners
not to ask for the assignment of any
certain number.
The attempt to accommodate those
who have wished for the same number
each year, as well as those asking for
specified numbers, has proven unsatis
factory and impracticable," said Sec
retary Olcott, "and therefore requests
of this nature will receive no atten
tion this year."
Apples Wait for Cars.
Hood River With immediate orders
for 400 carloads of apples and without
a single refrigerator car available
Wednesday, officials of the Apple
growers' association declare that the
apple market situation is being seri
ously affected by the car shortage.
The local storage terminals are fast
filling up with apples, and unless cars
are available soon growers will prob
ably be filling the basements of local
business houses with boxed apples.
"It has been reported that refriger
ator cars have been used to transport
wheat. We are investigating to find
whether or not this is true," said Wil
mer Sieg, salesmanager of the apple-
Portland Wheat Bluestem, $1.59;
fortyfold, $1.63; club, $1.50; red fife,
$1.50; red Russian, $1.45.
Oats No. 1 white feed, $34.00.
Barley No. 1 white feed, $37.
Flour Patents, $8.20; straights,
$7.00 7.40; exports, $7.00; valley,
$7.70; wholewheat, $8.40; graham,
Millfeed Spot prices: Bran, $23.60
24 per ton; shorts, $25.6026;
rolled barley, $39.6041.50.
Corn Whole, $48 per ton; cracked,
Hay Producers' prices: Timothy,
Eastern Oregon, $1720 per ton; tim
othy, valley, $1516; alfalfa, $15
16.50; valley gram hay, $1316;
clover. $12.60.
Butter Cubes, extras, no bid. Job
bing prices : Prints, extras, 371c per
pound; butterfat, No. 1, 87c; No. 2,
35c, Portland.
Eggs Oregon ranch, current re
ceipts, 4445c per dozen; Oregon
ranch, candled, 4B46c.
Poultry Hens, 1316c; springs,
15 16c; turkeys, live, 22 24c;
ducks, 1317c; geese, 10llc.
Veal Fancy, 1010sc per pound.
Pork Fancy, 12c per pound.
Vegetables Artichokes, 75c$l per
dozen; tomatoes, 75c$1.25 per crate;
cabbage, $1.251.50 per hundred; pep
pers, 67c per pound; eggplant, 6
8c; lettuce, $2.25 per box; cucumbers,
$11.50; celery, 6075c per dozen;
pumpkins, lc per pound; squash, 1
Potatoes Oregon . buying price,
$1.40 1.50 per hundred, country
points: sweets, $2.252.60.
Onions Oregon buying price, $2.35
per sack, country points.
Green Fruits Apples, new, 50c$2
per box; pears, $1.001.25; grapes,
75c $1.75; casabas, 11c; cranber
ries. $9.50(3)10 por barrel. .
Hops 1916 crop, 1012c per pound.
Wool Eastern . Oregon, fine, 23
26 coarse, 3032c; valley, 33c.
Mohair 40c per pound.
Cascara Bark Old and new, 61c per
Cattle Steers, prime, $6.407.00;
good. $6(3)6.40: common to fair, $6
5.75; cows, choice, $5.506; medium
to good. $4.5005; ordinary to fair,
$3.50f(4: heifers. $45.25; bulls, $3
(514.25: calves, $4(0)7.50.
Hogs Prime, $9.259.60; good to
prime mixed, $8.259; rough heavy,
S88.25; pigs and skips, WMti.Zb,
Sheen Lambs, $88.75; yearlings,
wethers, $77.50; old wethers, $6.25
6.50; ewes, $55.50.
The Public Health Service reports that more people live to
the age of forty years to-day, but from forty to sixty yean
mortality is increasing from degenerative diseases.
Thousands of well-informed men and women to-day are
learning the true value of
1 0 e&
as a powerful blood-enricher and strength-builder
to ward off the headaches and backaches that mean
weakness. SCOTT'S helps fortify the body againit
grippe, pneumonia and weakening colds, through
its force of medicinal nourishment
Eefuse Alcoholic Extracts That Do Not Contain Cod Lirer OIL
Scott Bowie, Bloomfield. N. J. "
Small orderi as well as bio-. Ornamentals, Fruit Trees, Etc. Hardy and guaranteed.
Largest Nursery between Rockies and Cascades. 14th Year. 15,000 Orders Last Year.
tub Hum; IMS rrev unwillliu Vll is w saw a ww- -yr
Consulting Dictionary Reversible
The Court of Civil Appeals of Texas
does not seem inclined to recognize
Messrs. Johnson, Webster, Funk &
Wagnalls et al lexicographers, as in
any wise Inspired or otherwise gifted
with infallibility. In Corpus Cnrlstl
St. & Interurban Ry. Co. v. Kjellberj,
185 Southwestern Reporter, 4du, the
learned court hold it reversible error
for a judge to Bend his jury a diction
The opinion was by ny, u. J., and
reads in part as follows: "After the
definition of the word 'produced' had
been given as 'the proximate cause of,
It Beems that the jury knew no more
what 'proximate' means than what
'produced' meant, so tho officer in
charge was sent to the court to obtain
a Webster s Dictionary, and tne court
ordered the dictionary to be furnished
the Jury, and it was furnished, and
they used it in the privacy of the jury
room. What the jury obtained from
that stupendous work, filled with in
conceivable words and maxims and
aphorisms, no one knows. No book
should be consulted by a jury in ar
riving at a verdict, and especially one
that defines and treats on everyttnng
expressed by the English language.
No maker of dictionaries Btiould ever
bo allowed to define legal terms to a
jury, unless such definitions go
through the modium of the trial judge,
the only one authorized by law to give
definitions and explanations to a
The rhilHpn System of stoppinff sympa
thetic nerve-waste, the cause of Chronic
Disi'aae, is without an equal. It itopi that
wan to of vital energy, harmonizes your
vital forces and transforms you into a new
being. It is the scientific application of
nature's law-assisting nature in nature's
own way. The mviy chronic invalids r
tored to health i-y it atteat ita superior
ity. For full particulars call on or write
DR. R. A. Phillips,
Portland, Oregon
Sir Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic ex
plorer, arrived in San Francisco Tues-
J 1 4-l. n Ana.
uay b u will tana uaosaKo iui nuo- . ..j
traliaonhisway to the South Polar " Ru88,lan ".W. 'I
regions to rescue 10 men of his ship-
The rule of the knout has been abol
ished. Poland has been given back to
Western civilization."
British Warn Mexico Against Ger
many Getting Aid for Submarines
wrecked expedition there. With
Shackleton is Captain Frank Worsley,
of New Zealand, captain of the wreck
ed Polar ship Endurance.
Dashing, uncontrolled, down the ten-
mile grade of the new Portage branch
of the Pennsylvania railroad near Hol-
iiuBjBuuiB, x, - Mexico City The Mexican govern-
train oi ou cars crasneo inio lour iigni ment hg8 been notified by the British
engines standing near New Portage amba8Bador at Washington of the pres
Junction. Four railroad men were encJ of German submarineg in the Gulf
killed, two are missing and three were rf Mexic0 Rnd ha8 been warned that
injured, one of them seriously. the aUie8 wiu take ..draBtic measures"
Villa bandits have captured Torreon if the undersea craft receive aid from
and are carrying on their campaign of Mexican ports or sources. This infor-
terror which marked the Villistas' oc- mation was made public Tuesday night
cupancy of other cities recently, ac- by Foreign Minister Aguilar, who is.
cording to arrivals at El Paso, Tex., sued the text of a note received from
Wednesday from the interior. Three the British ambassador through United
Torreon merchants, who attempted to States Secretary of State Lansing and
send their goods out of the city, were Charge d'Affaires Charles B. Parker.
put to death by Villa's order, the ref- The British note demands a strict
ugees say. censorsnip oi tne Mexican wireless ana
says that any failure to maintain tne
The farewell gift of the women of Mevir-An neutrality will he attended bv
j-t i . r-. y-i ti I
uanaoa io we uucness oi onnaugnt, d;saBtrous results.
amounting to $52,975, was cabled to
London Friday. The gift will be ap- Washington, D. C -The American
plied to the Duchess of Connaught's government has informed the de facto
prisoners of war fund in compliance government of Mexico that precautions
Why Suffer With Backache,
" letter Telia of Long-loeked-for Pretcrivticiu
Dear Jlaulcrsll I can do any jood la
the world for others. I wish to do it, and
I feel that it U niv duty to wrlto about
the wondenul results I received from the
use of " Anurie." I was suilering from
kidney and bladder tronbM, scalding
urine, backache and rheumatism, and feet
and ankles swelled no that at times I
could not walk without assistance.
Had taken several different kinds oi
kidney remedies but all failed. I sent
for a box of Dr. Plerco'a newest dis
covery, "Anurie," which 1 received by
mall In tablet form. I soon got better
and am convinced that thU popular
new mrdlcine is good. I wish to rec
ommend it to my neighbors and every
body suiferiDK from such troubles.
Mrs. M. J. SAJtQUST.
Notes. You've all undoubtedly heard
of the famous Dr. Pierce and his well
known medicicos. Well, this prescrip
tion is one that has been successfully
used for many years by the physicians
and specialists at Dr. Pierce's Invalids'
Ilotol and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo,
N. Y., for kidney complaints, and dis
eases arising from disorders of the kid
neys and bladder, such as backache,
weak back, rheumatism, dropsy, conges
tion of the kidneys, inflammation of the
U adder, scalding urine, and urinary
Up to "this time, Anurtc his not
Deen on sate to ma puunc, uut uj uia
persuasion of many patients and the
Inrrvajwl demand for this wonderful
healing Tablet, Doctor Pierce has finally
decided to put it Into the drug stores of
this country within Unmodiaui reach of
all stiff ire rs.
Blmply ask for Doctor Pierce's Anurie
Tahlflu. There can be no imitation.
Every package of "Anurie Is sure to be
Dr. Pierce's. You will find the signature
nq the package jnt at you do on Dr.
Monw's Favorite Presort u'Jon. the ever-
famnna friend to ailing women, and
Dr. Pierce's Oold(n Medical Discovery,
proven by years to be the greatest jen
eral tonic aixl reconetrtictor for any
one. UUtd LvUi U.J UvW-mai'jr
Entire Fruit Pack is Sold.
Brownsville The canenry of the
Linn and Benton Fruit Growers' asso
ciation, located here, has sold the en
tire pack of this season and all the old
stock except a few black cherries.
The goods are commanding the best
ice Bince the establishment of the
plant in 1906. They are loading cars
to the limit of their capacity, some
times putting in 100,000 pounds, be
cause of the scarcity of cars.
The cannery has packed about 1Z.000
cases this season, and contemplates
putting up 8000 or 4000 more.
Clean Bill Given Camp.
North Bend Dr. Ira B. Bartle, who
was requested by the state health au:
thiorities to examine -the Buehner Lum
ber Company's logging camp at Alle
ghany and determine whefher it was
in an insanitary condition as reported
to the health authorities by a logger,
he said in part: "The men employed
at the camp had no complaint to make
on the charges contained in the letter
of criticism; the bunkhouses are large
and well ventilated, bug proof, of
steel, and the kitchen was clean, while
the food was wholesome.
with her request.
should be taken to prevent any viola
tion of Mexico's neutrality by opera
tion of belligerent submarines within
its territorial waters or the establish
ment of a submarine base on the Mex
ican coast. The information was con-
The car shortage on the Portland di
vision of the Southern Pacific company
this Week was reported as 2777, ex
ceeding all previous records Bince the
situation in vregon uecamo acUlK. n.c , - rUnorfmont r,ffiMl irl
i - - c. ... onoo Vi n i j i " 1 ,
U1UC D """" "" in a wholly friendly spirit and not at
empty cars avaiiaoie were 011rTOK:lnn nf - " . the entente
Steven Zagar, 23 years old, member powerB.
nt f Via rtn'7Qt Kontrinor firm nf Jnhn I
Zaear & Co.. was shot and probably Prison Reformer to Tour,
wounded fatally by Frank. Cviich, a New xoric i nomas raott usDorne,
clerk. Cviich, who was arrested, told former warden of Sing Sing prison,
the police that he shot .agar because min mBi.0 . . n tne United States
the latter accused him of stealing. : . -ountrv-wide camnaien for "pris-
-pt,-i:ti..i . Kii; t,i,.i on reform and the furtherance of
in manV parts of Australia as a result self-governmeut principle in prison
of the defeat of the conscription mean- management, .t w '""lew x u-i-
u i.. .j.,,, day. The campaign will be under the
Premier Hughes declined to discuss i.- ". -
the political situation, but intimated Py. r. "u"r"B- " .
that parliament would meet shortly. .- -"
every state of the Union to explain
The wiH of Mrs. Marie Zinsser, of the systems that have been introduced
New York, bequeaths $10,000 to each in Sing Sing and Auburn prisons.
of her granddaughters, when they
learn the art of cooking. Winter Hats Army-Like,
T.ittlo KarWino Tlnvlfl in vr nlrl. New York To please American
of Portland, who ran away from home women, who demand hats in harmony
to avoid a scolding, Was found asleep witn tne pairiuuc apirit, or tue unien,
under a
doorstep, after three days'
Wheat Buyers Draw Out
for Lack of Freight Cars P'ckage,
Portland The larger wheat buyers
have withdrawn from the market and
say they will do no more buying until
they can get cars, regardless of
whether the market advances or de
clines. OrderB from Eastern mills for
wheat are coming along strong, but
are being turned down, as there is no
immediate prospect of moving the
wheat that has already been bought,
It is estimatd that not over 20 per
cent of the crop has been shipped to
date, although the farmers have dis
posed of close to 80 per cent, lhe
remaining 60 per cent has been Bold to
Eastern millers or to foreigners, but it
is still here.
Farmers are Bhowing a disposition
to meet the market now, but find buy
ers are not plentiful. At the Mer
chants' Exchange bids were reduced 3
to 5 cents, but there were no Bales,
Oats were unchanged and feed barley
was 50 cents lower.
Considering the channels through
which the Northwestern crop is mov
ing this year, business on the local ex
change in the month of October might
be called ouite active. The October
sales were 95.000 bushels of wheat,
400 tons of oats, 100 tons of barley
and 500 tons of millfeed, of a total
value of $165,300. In October last
year the board sales were 140,000
bushelB of wheat and 800 tonB of oats,
of a total value of $153,700.
"Anurie" cures Backache, Lumbago,
Rheumatism. Send 10c. Dr. V. M.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for large trial
Try this easy way
to heal your skin
The first use of Reilnol Ointment and Retlsol
Soap usually stops all ilching and burping era
nwltes your tortured skin leel cool and comfortable
at last. Won't ym try the easy Reslno! way to Mai
eczema or similar aktn-erup-tionsf
., ,ULj - -
A Moral Lesson.
At the end of a South Carolina col
ored meeting it was decided to take
up a collection for charity. The ctmir
man passed the hat hlmBelf. He drop
ped a dime in it for a nest egg.
Well, every rlglit nanu mere enter
ed that hat, and yet, at the end, when
the chairman turned the hat over and
shook It, not as much as his own con
tribution dropped out.
Fo' de lan's sake! he cried. Alis
eben los' de dime Ah stahted wlv!
All the rows of faces looked puzzled.
Who was the lucky man? Finally the
venerable Calhoun White summed up
the situation.
Breddern," he said solemnly, rising
from his seat, "dar 'pears ter be a
great moral lesson roun' heah sonie-
whar. Case and uomment.
One on the Judge.
It is sometimes possible for a law
yer to prove that his opponent is th
wiser man, as is evidenced in thlB case.
A police magistrate - in Cleveland
was disposing of cases at the rate -ot
about two a minute, with great exact
ness and dignity, being judge,. Jury,
and attorney all in one.
"Then you are sure you recogniit
this linen coat as the one Btolen from
you?" he said to a complainant.
"Yes, your honor."
"How do you know it is yours?"
I'You can see that it is of a pecu
liar make, your honor," replied the
witness. "That is the way I know it"
"Are you aware, sir," shouted the
justice, turning to a closet back of
him and producing a Bimllar coat,
"that there are others like it?"
"Indeed I am," replied the witness
still more placidly. "I had two stolen."
Case and Comment.
A Mollycoddle.
"Did vou see that?" yelled the ex-
cited man in the Panama hat. "That
robber of an umpire calls Gilllgan out
at third and Rafferty never came with
in a foot of touchin' him."
It looked that way to mo, too, ad
mitted the man hesldo him, "Still, 1
dare Bay the umpire could see the play
better from where ho was than we
could from up here."
"Ah, go on home! retorted the oili
er, savagely. "You ami got no uum
nosfl goiii' to a ball game. You're one
of these blamed pacifists, that's what
you are!" Now York Tunes.
me to Dr. Pierce Invalids' Ho
tel. Buffalo, for lame trial package oi
'Anurie for kidneys, cures backache.
A new offensive was opened Friday
against the Austrians by the Italian
forces, the war office announces. Ad-
leading milliners of this city are fol
lowing the military mode in creating a
design suitable for winter wear. The
chic steel helmet effect, turbans and
pompoms, reminiscent of the trenches
and worn by many fashionable women,
vances have been scored at some are be superseded by the more uti li-
points, and so lar 4 lil prisoners nave tarian Texan sombrero in a smaller
been taken. desien. closely resembline the cam-
: i .1 tt:...j c .. .
rj i"! J 1 .. ! I imiKil UBb UJl Lilt? UUIiQU UWWD 1.1
Cuba, is leading his opponent by 900
r ire swept tne DUSiness section OI o.n Francisco A municinal street-
Donnelly, Minn., early Friday, causing chalied by iu moU)TmAn arKi the
damage estimated at JoOU.ouo Deiore ,uperlntendent of the lines, dashed
being subdued Dy firemen iron) otner down , bin ioT five blocks here Tues-
cities. Only five business establish- day injuring three persons slightly
ments escaped the .flames. and spreading panic among the other
The British government, ft' is an- passengers. The conductor finally
nounced, will turn over to Chile five stopped it by struggling through the
American-built submarines as eompen- car and operating the hand brakes.
sation on account of the delay in the
delivery of dreadnoughts which were
contracted for in England by Chile.
The injured, leaped from the careening
car while men passengers tussled with
women to prevent them jumping.
Fall Fishing Not Good.
Marshfield The fall fishing season
has been admittedly short in all the
Coast section about here, and several
canneries have released thoir Chinese
crews, owing to a lack of business.
The silverside run is not half what it
commonly is, since there were no rains
to flush the streams and invite the fish
from the ocean. The Tenmile Lake
and Creek run has not occurred as yet,
and silversides are expected to fill Ten
mile Creek when the rains commence.
The catch there is sometimes as high
as 3000 daily.
Polk Road Body Forms.
Dallas The Polk County Road
Builders' association was organized in
Dallas recently. The association is
composed of three delegates from each
of the road districts of the county.
Every road district was represented,
there being 67 accredited delegates in
attendance. A permanent organiza
tion was perfected with the object of
recommending to the county court
each year necessary road improvement
and repairs in order that the court
may be aided in making tip its budget.
Phone Line is -Proposed.
Bend A proposal that an effort be
made to connect the towns of Bend
and Burns by telephone was made at
the meeting of the, Commercial club
here recently by J. E. Weston, man
ager of the Inter-Mountain Telephone
& Telegraph company, of Burns. Mr,
Weston estimated that the coat of the
work would be $12,000.
The present lines of communication i
are by way of Baker and Portland.
The matter has been tali en up by the
club's transportation committee.
Potato Yield Is Heavy.
Aurora Potatoes and hops have
come in so plentiful for storage that
practically every stontroom in town is
full, while the difficult)' in obtaining
cars renders it almost; impossible for
buyers to make further purchases ex
cept for future delivery. The yield
and quality of the potatoes in this sec
tion is better than for years and li tne
car shortage does not interfere with
the sale of them, there it every pros
pect of a rich harvest.
Strong Turkey Market Predicted.
Portland A strong market for
Thanksgiving turkey is predicted by T.
G. Farrell, who says :
" We believe that there is an aver
age crop of turkeys tnis xaii, not a
verv big one. but a good average crop,
Conditions are pretty good, men are
pretty well employed, and prices on all Age-Heraiu
commoditieB are high, we, tnereiore,
predict that there will be a very tine
price for fancy dressed turkeys, geese
and ducks for the Thanksgiving traue,
There have been a few marketed al
ready for early shipment to remote
points, Alaska,- Manila, etc. iney
were srood and sold well, 2727Jc.
We believe that fine goods on the
Thanksirivine market will bring thl
much and perhaps more.
"There will be a good demand also
for fine dresesd geese and ducks.
Chickens on the Thanksgiving market
are generally poor sellers; they will
be wanted later.
A Sympathetic Son.
"When I was at your age," remark
ed Mr. Grabcoln, "I nover had as
much as a dollar at one time for
spending money."
Poor old dad!" repnou young ucgi-
nald drabcoln. "When 1 near you
make a remark like that I feel us If It
were my. duty to take you out to a
cabaret with me some night and make
you enjoy yourself." Birmingham
Pensions for Ro-marrled Widows.
The remarrlt-il widows (if row a widow) of Ovfl
War Union Bokliers, sailors and marines may now
secure pension on the service of tho first (Civil
War) husband. Fee fixed by Inw and continft-ent
upon success. Over 85 years experience, Taber
& Whitman Co. Washinnton, I). C.
His Choice.
"Where Is your lawyer?" inquired
the judge.
"I have none," responded the prison
er; "haven't any money."
"Do you want a lawyer?" asked the
"Yns, your honor."
"There Is Mr. Smith, Mr, Brown and
Mr. Green," suld the judgo, pointing
to three young attorneys waiting,
briefless and breathless, for something
to turn up, "and Mr. Alexander Is out
In the corridor."
Tho prisoner eyed the budding at
torneys and, after a critical survey,
said: "Well, I guess I'll take Mr. Alex
ander." Titbits.
An Innovation Approved.
"I understand that owing to possi
ble paper shortage thu use of the
slate and pencil Is to be revived."
"flood idea!" suld the statesman. "It
will make it easier to express myself
without creating a record that may
Involve future embarrassment."
Washington Star.
Petty Arithmetic.
"I suppose you always looked out
for number one?" said the admiring
"No, sir," replied Mr. DuBtin Stax.
"A mun who confines himself to such
a Binnll figure as No. 1 is likely to
get left out of the big calculations
that go with modern affairs." Wash
ington Star.
An Air Castle.
"How ahont that concrete house you
were figuring on building?"
"It Is still In the abstract" Boston
Potatoes and Onions Advancing,
Portland There has been, no change
in the potato situation, so far as get
ting out shipments is concerned. Trad
ers hope for relief soon, though they
do not sav where it will come from.
The market is on a firm basis and buy
ers auote up to $1.50 for the best
grades. On the street Oregons are
jobbing at $1.75. Onions are firmer
at f 2.3G. country points. Jobbers for
a time quoted $3, but were unable to
move Btock at over i. lo. mere is a
very fair trade in apples, at steady
Erudite Language.
"What are you doing with that dic
tionary?" "I gotta little Bpare time now," re
plied the umpire, "I'm just looking
up a few of them names the Boston
highbrow rooters called me." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
S-.,-. Granulated Eyell-s.
53 IT C Ey inflamed by eipo.
V sure to Sua. Dull and
EIA quickly relieved by Barlst
Vfiti a.eBuoBuIy. NoSmartinr.
J )u,t Eye Comfort. At
Your' 50c per Bottle. Marls. EjJ
SlvinTube25c. ForBaokollheEyefreeuk
Druggists Br Murine Eye Remedy Co., CUctfO
P, N. U.
No, 40, ISIS
Lumber Shipments Computed.
Astoria, Or. During the month of
October, 28 vessels loaded at the mills
in the Lower Columbia River district
and thier 'combined cargoes amounted
to 25,199,747 feet of lumber. Twenty
five of those vessels, carrying 21,812,
600 feet, went to domestic ports, while
the rest went to Balboa or Australia.
In the same period the up-river
mills shipped 1,650,000 feet to Cali
fornia and 649.978 feet to Alaska,
makine a grand total of 27,499,726
feet of lumber that left the Columbi
river during the month of October.
I m 1 pal H NMt JE I IIH I nubWt I I V !" -
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W. L. Dougla name and the retail price u tumped on the bot
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