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    The Maupin
Published every Friday at Maupin,
Mas. W. L. Morrison, Publisher
Subscription: One year, $i ,50; six
months, 75 eeuU; three mouths, 50
Entered ai second clan mail
matter September a, 1914, at the
'postoffice at Maupin, Oregon, tin
der the Act of March 3, 1879.
Vete for Wilson
The Woodrow Wilson League of
The Dalles lias announced that
Hon Geo. E. Chamberlain will be
in The Dalles on the evening of
October 17th and will give an ad
4resi to the general public at the
Vogt Opera House on subjects of
campaign interest, and men and
women of all parties are urged to
The League alto has planned a
parade and general rally to pre
cede the address and the admirers
of Woodrow Wilson iu this com
munity are urged to join in the
parade and help make the rally a
For further particulars, write
CeliaL. Gavin, secretary, 50J Bank
Bldg.. The Dalles', Oregon.
: Fischer's Garage
Geo. Mallatt purchased a new
Chevrolet car recently.
A Dodge car arrived Wednesday
for Tony Connolly.
Jud Zierolf purchased a mw
Ford enr this week.
David Hess of the power plant
has a new Ford.
W. H, Williams was a passen
ger to The Dalles Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove and Mr.
and Mrs. Troutman are camped at
the latter's homestead and build
ing their home.
A car from Los Angeles is sta
tioned at the Oarage while the
chauffer and four girls went tc
B nd to work. 1
Auto Passenger Service" Auto Delivery Truck
Prepared for Long Trips or Outing Parties
A Complete Line of Automobile Accessories
NOV. 9 TO 18
Saves A Day
Either Way
' '
California Trips at Thih' Time of Year via The North Bank Rail and
Ocean Route are Ideal. All Rail or Rail and Ocean Kotitts. 'Die
Voyage via the "Tw.yi Palaces" Exceeds Your .Fondest Expectations
of Comfort and Pleasuiu. Hares Include Meals and Berth.
Pendleton Normal School
Proven Necessity
(Ceplcd from Portland Oregonlan.)
MONMOUTH, Ore., June 26,The Oregon Normal
school opened tins week . . . students enrolled 7H8,
largest on record (or state Normal In Oregon ....
how to care for large student body a problem ....
8U0 bfliuK crowded Into auditorium with seating ca
pacity of 660. tiallories filled with extra chairs In
aisles. More than 160 students seated on platform.
New frottrdliig houiic completed, additions to room
ing houses built and tents used. One hundred girls
sleep on unpttr rioor of school.
The official school report tires 150 grade pupils
In Monmouth, fori teacher practice.
Read what those you have elected to handle the
affairs of your state and who are thoroughly informed
regarding school conditions in Oregon have tr say
concerning measure 308 on th ballot at the coming
By Jm Wlthyembe, Governor of Oregon:
"Ormon It uniullonably In need of morn normal
schiwl wink and intltn ! th loilcal ulttct fur
chimt at VM i-iuu i Kimtorit ron.'T
By J. An Churthlrl, Stat 0f orlnUndcnt of Plfbll
"I Iruit. that thi voUra of ffra State will nlit In
Stlsliic lh aundird of our schools by nitubllHhlnf
tutt NwhuiI School rtndUlon.'
By P. L. Campbell, ProalSsnl of the University of
"At Um mm MWtloiml Normol UrkmH Is uitly
x4 a tro"
y W. j. Kerr, PrssMant of the Oregon Ageioulttira
"Sine th ptaplt tif PondlrtoiV are inlWatlns ( meuiur"
for th Mlabllohaitnt f a Nornrvl tiihuol at that Dl.
It will flvt mt pttanur to iupport (hi nmuNiin."
By J. H. AatctM-min, President resort Normal tenter',
at Monmeuth:
"A raraful aV)li of ho iltuatlon will vonvlnc inf
oaa tha Orojron nveoa Nnrmal School In Kanlarit Or'
ana mi ranriutti flits all the (vrnmnr rtqulramanto."
By ha County School' Superintendent of Ot-goiv:
"Snaalva thM It la tha aaiMa of tho Count-v Si-hot
BuH'ladnta of the Staa o OrtfoMt In fuBantlH'
aeaamhlaS, that thi hunt Inlareat-a of tha aohunla uf tha'
tat Samrne IntrtaaaS facllltlM for tha wvtHMnc af
taarhara, and that we, frikrernra, endoraa the ItilttutlvO
itMaauro IV. oatabllah a Noimal Bi-hool at aadlatbn."
f m Chart H. CaWner, ProslotiiM tff fh Or
Fodarattoi ef Worne CktbW
"I moat heartily endVMi ttio lot:an' of aaltf ItwirMf1
Btkool at- Vaaeiatoa."
Peaf. RetMii C. Froawrr; Pefrnoe' PrtSWent f the
Normal School Looatoa at Woston:
"Aaj.lmt(tlawr alahllatiment of etieh' a aehnul at antna
rantral point auch aa Hendlatun would urova a ureut aaa
to tha Staiaa of Orato"
B. P. M4lkay, Ex Proaldarlt Southern- Oregon- Normal
"I ahall anpoort the hirutltm at an Kaatarn Or(on
Normal frhnul af Prndleton."
State Board erf Regents of Oregon Normitt School
declares that "the nec-rssity Tor whlititHutt Normal
school facilities iw tMon is iippurcnl."
Portland Clianthcr of Commerce endorses measure
308 and say Pcndletoi most lofliou locution for Nor
mul school in Eastern Oregon.
303 X YES IS A VOTE FDR your children
(PaM AiD
Eastern Oregoa Stat Nnrmal Kchiwil Commltta
By J. H. Owlnn. Hm: , iuUlrlnn, Ora
Orrin Farlow was at Mulvany
Bro's. yards Monday for lumber
to build apple boxes,
Albert Hill and family and Mrs
Large were Sunday guests at the
home of T. E. Farlow.
Neighbors and school children
gathered at the home of B. W.
Morgan Friday evening as a fare-,
well visit. They go to Montana
immediately after their sale Wed
nesday the 18th.
Chus, Cline has rented the Mor
gan ranch.
0:R. Fleck wis called to The
Dulles Sunday evening on account
of the illness of his father, ;
8. H. Mulvany, son Wilbur,
Callie Duncan and Walter Led.
f rd were transacting business at
The Dalles Monday.
The picking and boxing apples
iH the present occupation. They
have a flno crop here this year.
Miss Mite Miliar formerly of
tins plaoe but now of Dufur, who
is teaching on the Flat, visited
Sunday with Ida Duncan.
Chas. Yockey is engaged in
building boxes for his apples.
Lewis Yockey was home one day
from the mountains where he has
a gover nuieiit position, when he
was citlle'l to help, construct a
govern imm telephone line to
Friend. Win. Lucas bits contract'
ed to fin ninli the poals at $1 each
on the ground.
Prof, I'ut.erson Iihs installed
a mail box at the school houte.
', T. C. Jones purchased a late
rondel Ford in The Dalles last
week. Smock now has four cars
now owned by farmers.
Chas. Cline, B. W. Morgiin, I '
T. Coortright and H- W, May
Iteht worked rn the road lending
through tb Carter property. A
road Iihs been opunwd there for
some time but in order that travel
umy be better thy blasted several
rocks and grubs out.
A larg crop of potatoes is re
ported here this fall, Fanners
huve been feeding them to their
stock and still have some to sell.
Bring your potatoes la Lake or
ShaUUck -tiros., tfley rife1 both buy
ing potatues.
John ifowell has gon to Port
land thinking the change would
bene fit his health. J W' Farlow
started to take bitn and nis two
daughters iu his Ford to the train
but disabled the era r' by funning
on a snag. 8. H. Mulyany was
called to (heir assistance and lit
punctured u tire, and they did not
reach the stat km in tfrne tffCateh
the train,
The Rev. Ijarsctf of Gateway
filled the pwlpit hre Saturday
evening., Sand at y fritoming and
the Lucore home.
Mrs. C, Y. Wilson and children
and Mrs. KayTunisonandchildrt
spent Monday on Juniper at tin
Wilson homo,
Mr, Martin and Fred went t(
The Dulles last week bringing
home a load of fruit. Hay Ttini
ion made the same kind of a trip
I. O. O. F.
Lodge No. 209, Maupin, Orego
meets every Saturday night in
Donaldson's hall. Visiting mem
bers always welcome.
V. B. Dotv, N.'g."
F. D. Stuart, Secretary.
Dr. Lawrence S. Stovall
and Dentistry
Charges Keasonable
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Call Drug store or residence
Maupin, Oregon
0 wooooooooooo 0 oooooooooooooco
Makers of Abstracts That
03OO000000O0000 000000000000 it 0
Hooks Posted to Date Daily
Plant Second to None
In The State. ,
Condon Building
Phone Black 3691
0 The Dalles, Oregon
Tygh Valley
Blacksmith Shop
Al Work Guaranteed
Prices Right
Call and see
JOHN HORN, Proprietor
White River
Y. Wilson returned
week after spending
with inr parents tit
ffciker held
White River
Mrs, C.
home last
some time
Rev. Wilh-
services at
Mr. J. U. Tunisoiv spent 8111.
day and MoikIji v with hrr dniig'ier
Mrs, Quince Morrow,
Mrs. V, U. Wiison bo returnid
frmn Tiicouik and Olyuipito whnie
slw was suddenly caliud to- Hie
bedside of Mr. Wilsort' who' w
underweut an operation at Olym
pian We are glad to' say he is
Mr. and Mr. Lemp and Mr.,
and Mrs. Cue were entertained ut
the Cobertb home ditring the
week en i. They went to Maupin
for the leot nr given by Mrs.
'i'lf tuptiHi on S.i!aui;i t iimg.
Kuby Wilson spent the week trd
at her home. She rvturnrd to
The Dalies iur sciiool.
Mr. and Mrs. George Foster and
babe are spending a few days at
Wapinitia Auto Stage
Leaves Maupin, 8 a. m.
I eaves Wapinitia, 1.30 p. m.
Northern Grain & Warehouse Co.
Highest prices for all kinds of
Phone us for a priee before
S. H, WILSON, Bayer
Phone your orders to Claud
Wilson. Meat will be delivered
at Maupin on Fridays every week
' I will sell some cattle at auction
Saturday, October 28th, In the
mean time I might trade dairy
ituff for other cattle or hogs.
also have field peas at four cents
per pound. A, A. Bonncy.
Church Notict.
Oct. 15 .
Services as follows; Sunday,
Sunday-school 10 a. m preaching
ti a. ni. Song service 7, preach
ing 7:30 p. m.
Midweek, Tuesday evening, song
practice 7:30; Thursday evening,
prayer meeting 7:30.
All are cordially invited to at.
tend. '
O. R. Ellis, Pastor,
Local Items
New line of candies at the Drug
Go to Talcott s for confectionery
and ice cream. '
Wanted 10 to 30 sacks of win
ter onions. Shattuck Bros.
Formaldehyde at the Maupin
Drug Store,
Choice lot of box candies at the
Drug Store.
Notice, The Dalles Daily Morn-
ing Sun and the Maupin Times
three mouths for $1.50.
Nice lot of perfumes Bt the
Maupin Drug Store.
The L. D. Kelly and Beck with
families attended the Moro fair
Saturday." ,
Ths farmers don't seem to be
satisfied unless they are skinned.
Give Dad Coale a chance. He
buys all kinds of pelts, hides,
skins and wool. , p
All those indebted to me will
please pay 4hn same at tbe Maupin
State Bank by the 15th of Nov.
W. A. Dane.
When in Tygh Valley stop at
tbe Sugar Bowl for meals, confec-
tlons cigars and tobacco,
C. V. Woodruff, Prop.
if you ar In f4"vor" ef a afftfars deft (of tft countf?
Fast of the (?SscVte TOM will rots for arid work for"
SuravAL, school Jtf peieto?,. Oregon.
Oregon has but one NofWtil gciMffr, tW School i
Vtol a Monraontfr ftid Is not able tS suppl
(aao TEN' Phft cMf of tfte teachers r&
(i:-i4 to pWfle schoof of regon. Of the
SnWre tfrf m tnoWsand teacheft In olr public
Seaofls, UL't 3 PER CENT are graduates of Nor
ftftl Scli'otiW. ft 1 a tfffctter ol staiipte jugWce (a tM
(ffiuntrV East 5f f (&dfi (6 egtablish' a Normaf
School East of tha mountains to furnish thoroughly
trained1 teacher for the slfroftis of Eastern Oregon.
tmf resident 6 taittfrtf Oreg5ti ia' a itaT fn
terest in the passage of this measure for Eastern
Oregon pays HIGH SALARIES to her teachers and is
entitled to the servicer o! TRAINED iNSTRUCTOttt!.
ONLY COSTS 4 tthfS PER $1,006
r - - jmu " 1,
Trfe annual cost of m'ainte'hirncs of the propojed
State Normal School amounts to BUT ONE 25TH
I.AFtS of taxable property. Isn't. It worth this to
.o to have your children trained to becom'e USH-
nL jiftt) PftODUCTIVE citizens!
.1. A Churchill, the State Superintendent of Public
!i!sr'u'ction, voices the sentiment of the educators ot
the state when he says:
'b; gon's greatest need for" lfi rural schools If iffe
toa'cher who has had full preparation to' do hr work.
Such prcparattoh can beat Come througa Normaf
School training.
"1 trust that the voters' 6f the state will' a's'iilst In'
raising the standard of (Jur schooa Vf establishing
a State Normal Schoof a Pendleton, the Jocatlon
Is central, the Interest o( ik peqpla of Pendleton ln
education most excellent', aVid ths hirgii nuilbar n
pupils in' the public SCfiooV will' girt ample oppor- .
tunity to all student U gel m Ahount' of tiVMtrlf
practice' required in i standard fffrb'ial scfoo).n
The educators of the Star tiifirf titX miMdAftf
Normal Schools' bf located lt( towas of iwv ityuft
tton or more and Having ENOCQH Gftif) r&rst&
Show your loyalty td the best Interaits of Eastern '
Oregon and of the whole state by working for tails
measure and by voting TES FOR NO. 301. By vot
Ing YES for No. SOS you will help to GIVE TO THE
Easter Oragoa Seat Komal Sotan4 tSat-hiie
f i. H. Owlnn, Sacy Paalatan, Ora.
(Paid aivaKltaairat)
Wantedat tha Times office
a two-pag Washington Hand
Prass, seven column, or paits
except platen and bed.
Llllie Kessinger returned to
Maupin Saturday afternoon and
is employed at the Jory home.
Don't blame your clock It
needi cleaning. Emmons will
do it for you and guarantee it.
W. B. Kurtz will be in Mnupin
to receive hogs on the ?4th and
will ship out on Wednesday
tbe 25th.
The big dunce at Shattuck's hall
Saturday night was well attended
Monday the Times force enjoyed
a treat of peaches from Mr. John
son and W. D, Roberts brought
in some fine musk melons.
Mrs, A. H. Staats, and Mr.
and Mrs. R. S.' Slusher motored
to Dufur for a weeks visit where
Roy will help his brothers in de
livering their grain to the Dufur
R, W. McSllune and family anil
Miss McShane who bus been visit
ing here for two weeks, wrtit by
auto Tuesday to Moxee City Vn.,
to viMi relatives. -
F. V, Galloway and.Jndpe
Bennett were Calling on friends
in Maupin Tuesday on their road
to Antelope. Mr. Galloway if
candidate for district attorney for
this county.
The 0. T. depot was broken into
Saturday nih; and robbed of liqui r
consignments for nye different
Mr and Mm. Gen. Oil), Hfenton
Slusher and wite, Mi." N'liie
iguian and Mr, and Miv, Growr
Slucber were OVer Suiiduv f ruin
Dufur, guests of Mr. and Mrs.
W. H, Staate.
U. S. Endersby and two boys
attended the Moro fair last week.
School commenced Tuesday at
Criterion with 1 2 prJplls enrolled.
Mr, Andersou is teacher,
R. C, Jory has received a fresh
stock of Bed Blankets and feobes
from the Pendleton Mills and will
be glad to quote you prices,
R. 0, Jory can sate ytm money
On Bed Blankets and Robes. See
him before you buy P. 0. Bldg.
Monday evening the Tygh Val
ley Odd Fellow Ltfdge had a big
session and banquet. Plates were
set for 4oo. Several went from
here and other neighbor organize'
Were well represented ,
Tbe sound of the hammer and
saw hs reso'tibded all over Maupin
this week from the construction
work on Job Crabtree's new resi
dence on bis lot in the west end of
B. D. F'fafey lia purchased the
lot Slid building being used by A.
F. Martin for a blacksmith shop
and Will erect tt hffg shop an the
grorrftd in at month o two'
Mrs. Stemson and itfiss Stuart,
Sisters of F; D. JHttaft,. left Wed
fresdity to Vfeft iu Colo. Miss,
Stua'ft Has tfeerr visiting- fti-fe for
aboYi't a rJfotit).-
Mrs. P. & jo"f$ has been very
low the past week with typhoid
fever, Wednesday the fever being
103; I.a wuti a complication of
file irisy
An article from Senator Gill
on the road bonding prnpopiiii.i)
will appear nejet Wi.ek and is well
worth candid consideration.-
If the othsi' fellttib tffuld M fit
your watch bring it to Emmovt
the jewtltr'
publication of (his notice, ns s'm'vn
below, vour answer, under nath,
specificullv um.nriltig to hi"r. (il
legationsoi c-mti'M, tugit. er with
due proof that you hsve nerved a
copy of yntir answer on tbe said
contestant either in person or by
registered mail.
You shonld state In vour intwer
the name of the post oIBo ' which
you desire future notices to be
sent to you.
np Register,
Date of first publication, Sept
ember 29, 1916.
Date of second publication, Oct
ober 6, 1916.
Date of third publication., Oct
ober 13, 1916.
Date of fourth publication, Oct
ober 20, 1916. 1
U S. Land Office at Tile, W'aHes,
Oregon, September 28th, 1016. -
NOTICE is hereby given that
John W. Wilson '
of Shatiiko, Oregon, who on Feb
ruary 24th, 191,1, made Homestead.
Entrv No 01 1158. for w1.5mjt1.4
NEl-4flwl-4, JNWI-4SB1-4, Section
?2, Township 7 sotVth, Range 15
East Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make Final
'hree year Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before
P. V, Stuart. U. S. Commissioner,
at Maupin, Oregon, on the 6th day1
of November, 1916,
Claimant names as witnesses;
J. A, Glasse , of shaniko, Oregon,
Bert b. Davis, of Maupin. oregron.
C. D. Wilson, of Shaniko, Oregon,
w. 1. Wilson, of bHantkOj Oregon,
Hi FHank Woodcock, .
p Register,
Depaftment of tbe Interior,
V. S. Land Office at The D i.'lts,
Oregon, Sejitiiibnr 1, 1916,
NU riCH is hereby given that,
of Maupin Oregon, who on Sept-
iiiDer 7th, 1015, made Homestead
Entry No. 015369, for KI-2NEI-4,
EI-2SBI-4, see1. 12, Township 6
south, Kange 14 sast, Lot 7, ei-2
swt-4, Sec. 6, Lot 1, section 7,
Township 6 south, range 15 east
Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make Final
three year Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before
F. D. Stuart, U. S. Commissioner
at Madpiri, Oregon, on the 23rd
day 01 uctober, 1910,
Claimant names as witnesses:
W. B. Hunt, C E. Matthews,
Clark Richardson, Ray Auberv.
all of Maupin, Oregon.
p Register.
(For Publication)'
Department of the Interior,
U. S, Land Office at fht Dalles,
Oregon, September f,
To' Roy H". TaVfbt of 98, E. 23rd
St.y. Portland,- OrWeii,. C6bfestee:
You are niS'r'eoy Abtilfied that
Joseph T. M'cClellkff wftb es
Kaskela, Oregon, as his pbst'-orHce
aUtfress,-dVd on August 31', 19 16
fH'e in this office lhif dttry corrobor
ated application to teiitest ahd se-
Ccfe the cancellatrhri' of vour home-
stAid EuWy No. Serial N6; 0(22
miSt Jilne 13, 191 f- for SE1-41 Sec
tkHVab, TownsHip'. i.t R;nge 15
JC.f Willamette Merrinan.' and a?
grounds for his contest Se alleges
that' said Roy H. TaVlbr has never
established residence or lived ou
this laud.
You are. therefore'.' further1 noti
fied that the said allegations will be
t'sVen a? confepst.l, and your .said
entry will be ciitciitd vutlioi.t
further right to be heard, either
before this office or on appeal, if
vmi ffi! to file in this office within
, tii'ty days after the FOURTH!
Public Land Sale.
Department of the Interior
U. 9. tand Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, Angtist 24, 1916.
Notice is Hereby given that, as
directed by the Commissioner of
the Gefietal Land office, un
der provisions of Sec 2455, R. S.,
pursuant t to the application of
Thomas Faherty, Serial No. 014571
we will offer at public sale to the
highest bidder, but at not less
than' $i.o per acre, at 9:45 o'clock
a. m., on the 21st day of Novem
ber, next, at this office, the follow
ing tract of landf NI-2NWI-4, SK
r-4NWi-4. and NEI-4SWI.4, Section
10, Township 5 South, Range 14
East, Willamette Meridian (Con
taining 160 Acres). "This tract is'
ordered into the market on a show
ing that trfe greater portion thereof
is mountainous or too rough for
The sale will riot be kerjt ooen .
but wili be declared closed when'
those present at the hour named
have cea'sea4 bidding. The person1
making the highest bid will be re
quired to' ifrrltfediately pay to the'
Receiver r.rfe amount thereof.
Any perSe-nSr Clainlitfg' adversely'
tire abtfv-e described laud are advis."
ef to file f hvif claim's, or objections'
r or beiote trfe time designated1
for salt
np U A. Btbitt; Receiver.
, Depart'nient of the Interior,
U. S. Land1 Oflfce rft The Dalles .
OWoh,- Septtttybfer rfth, 1916.
NOTICE fir fiWAy given that'
WrtBuitf O.' Hastings,
of Slia'niko, Oregon,- Who on octo-"
her fth. lQit made Homestead'
PEnty No. 0954V and ph June 7th,
1914 ftajM additional Homestead
Eutry Po. 01 viol', for si 2SEI-4
kiii-j&tft-J, Section fo, WI-2SW1-4,
sec. n, Nwr-fNWi-4, section 14,,
ini-i.m-, occiian i5, townsnip
f Sout'h, Rjatie 1$ East, Willam
ette Meridian', has filed notice
6f nitentiori to make Final three'
Vear Proof, to establish claim1
to,' the iknd abovt describedbefore
H. C. Rooper, U. S. Commissioner'
at Antelope, Oregon, on the loth'
day . of November, 1916;
Claimant names as witnesses:1
Clarance C.,DaViS,- William H.
WooKey, lister H. Wilson.'
Mat M. Schmidt all of Sharuko,'
H. Fkans: WooncocK.'
up rtetfr'''