The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, September 08, 1916, Image 7

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There b a food poilllon-n)x)rtunlty-lii.
creased pay when you are ready. Let ui litlp
you now. Check what you want to be anil mail
May. Catalog has.
nmn iiomtut umi pinion
Portland, Ore,
Royal D-Lite
No tO CA No
MoreY..rill Less
AU Stylet AU Size
Royal Shoe Co.
14S Fourth St.
Near Morrison
A Good Yielia b Made St:
It Does Not Grow So.
There Is only one way to get a
good Violin Without Great Ex
pense, whlah is: Bend in your
Old Bad One and have it made
Into an Old Good One, Esti
mates given free. All work
guaranteed. Send to
227H WutaiM St, Pmiui, On.
Bought, sold and repaired. Sup
plies of all kinds. Out of town
trade a specialty. Write us.
276 Taylor Street Portland, Oregon
Do you wiint t sell your farm, home or buiineu
for cash? Wrise to CARTER REALTY CO..
604 Buchanan Building, Portland, Oregon
Bought, Sold, Rented and Repaired
Burnside, cor. 10th. Portland, Ore.
To and from all points on household (roods, pianos,
and automobiles. Information cheerfully given.
Pacific Coast Forwarding Co., "SXESlSS
We want all you have. Write lor prices and shipping tags
THE H. F. NORTON CO. Portland, Ore, Seattle, Wn
Lost In London.
Patriotic Scots Lady (patrolling Vic
toria line station to assist any of her
stranded countrymen arriving from
the front) Can I help you in any
Perplexed Scot Thank you, mam.
Is the toon far frae the station?
London Punch.
Poor Picking.
"What's the matter?" asked the
first flea. "You looked starved."
"They are making these toy dogs
so natural," explained the other flea,
"that I arranged to summer on one of
them by mistake." Louisville Courier
Journal. Good, No Matter What.
The Officer (after a complaint)
This tea's all right What's the com
plaint? Tommy It ain't tea, sir; it's stoo!
The Officer And very nice stoo!
London Sketch. .
Optical Astonishments.
"Seeing is believing," said the ready
made philosopher.
"Not always, when you are looking
at the movies." Washington Star.
Falling In Line.
"I am going to a preparedness meet
ing, my dear, of our club."
"All right, William. You had better
leave me all the loose change you have
about you." Baltimore American.
The only Automobile School on the Pa
cific Coast maintaining a Gas Tractor
Dept., Using Holt Caterpillar, C. L. Best
Tracklayer and Wheel Tractors, both in the
school and operating field.
446 Hawthorne Arc Portland, Ore.
Veal, Pork, Beef,
Poultry, Butter, Eggs
and Farm Produce
to the Old Reliable Everding house with a
record of 46 years of Square Dealings, and
be assured of TOP MARKET PRICES.
45-47 Front Street Pcrtlandf Oregon
Keeps off flies or money back. $1
a gallon from your dealer, or order
Third and Madison, Portland, Or.
Portland Y.M. U, A. Auto scnooi
Day and night classes. Expert training .
In repairing, driving and machine work.
Including forge, lathe, shaper, drill press,
tractors, etc. Time unlimited. COMPE
P. N. U.
No. 36, 1918
WHEN writing te
" tioa this aaer.
adTertlsers, flees I
Portland I I!a2i
If the Boy in Blue Is Disabled
(Copyright, 1916.)
Than they ahull know their friends though
Will have been lout the help In strife,
The thousand sweet, still joys of such
As, hand In hand, face earthly life.
Among the many letters which come"
to me is one which hus touched my
heart deeply. It
Is from one of
our boys in blue,
a soldier, and Is
In part as fol
lows: "I am In
sore distress of
mind and am
writing to you for
not only consoln
tino, but .advice.
While connected
with the army at
I met and
loved a beautiful
girl, our com
munder's daugh
ter. She returned
my affection, and
it wus settled
thut we should
wed. I was called upon for active
duty across the border and thut event
has changed the course of my life, I
believe. In several skirmishes I fured
worse than my companions, being
wounded twice. When I bade good
by to my sweetheart I wus a stalwart
fellow, as good to look upon us the
general run of young men, ambitious
to a fuult, anxious to rise to the very
height of what on army man may ob
tain as to position.
"One of the wounds is in the ankle
which will leave me crippled for life.
The other an explosion hus so
seamed and scarred my face that I
am repulsive to look upon. The ques
tion is, should I hold the girl I love
better than my life to marry me If I
am destined to return or write her
dissolving the bonds? I cannot bear
the thought that she might look upon
me with repugnance that would be a
living death to me. You are a wom
an and understand the hearts of wom
en better than almost any one else.
Actress produced by the movies, who
never has spoken before an audience,
but Is a familiar figure to millions.
. Fashion's Decrees
Gaberdine grows in favor and use,
wearing as well as serge.
Some of the new veils are edged
with jet spangles, irregularly worked.
Fancy metal bands are coming in
for millinery purposes.
The nose veil Is very smart and may
be seen all winter.
Colored linens are much used for
children's wash dresses.
The cartridge plait is retained in the
new French costumes.
Black net robes for evening are bor
dered with colored silk.
Broad bands of fur will be seen on
the tunics of fall dresses.
Gold brocaded silk makes the pretti
est of evening slippers.
Castor and gray are the best colors
after black for shoes.
Broad-brimmed high-crowned hats
are in straw of two colors.
The vogue for gray shoes has in
creased the demnnd for gray gloves.
Cyclamen-colored satin velvet with
royal blue net is a new combination.
Coatees of white serge are made to
be worn with navy taffeta dresses.
The modified circular skirt with belt
Is in high favor for tailored suits.
Clever Salt Shaker.
Recently a cleverly devised salt
shaker was made, the makers of which
claim that It will loosen clogged salt
It is of clear glass with a noncorrosive
white metal top. A spiral loop of wire
whictf ociopres the center of the shak
er is turned by, a twist of the knob
above the lid. The coil of wire when
turned reaches every part of the In
terior of the shaker, thus breaking up
the salt
IT-' J
r- ,--'--v.'-
v ' ;
Will you tell me what I should do for
her happiness and mine?"
There are few sadder cases of the
blustlng of love's young dream, but
from one end of the world to the oth
er there exists at the present moment
many thousands of such cuses which
disabled soldiers are trying to fight
out ou their cuts of pain. Unfortun
ately they do not understand the
hearts or nobility of women under such
circumstances. With but few excep
tions, when a young girl gives tidr
heurt to her lover it Is not becuuse of
his manly beuuty in face or form, his
ambition to forge ahead. It Is bis
winning personality, that wondrous,
lnexplulnuhle attraction and influence
which drnws heurts Intended for each
other together. Sorrow and misfortune
make the object of a true womau's af
fection doubly dear to her. A love
thut veers when so tested is not the
grand, true kind upon which man can
build the hopes and trust of a life
time. Before harboring the thought of
parting, a man should throw himself
upon the mercy and wishes of his
sweetheart, leuvlng it with her to de
cide. Of the thousands of maimed soldiers
abroad who have put this question up
to their waiting sweethearts whom
they left behind, I am glud, nay,
proud, to say It has been vouched
for that not one of the wounded heroes
hud cause to repent giving the strong,
enduring love of his heurt to the tender-hearted
girl who In euch instance
quickly wrote him that he need have
no feur her heurt could ever change,
and that she would stuud by her hero
unto death.
Such letters are life elixirs to the
boys In blue facing the enemy's shot
and shell to guard their country's
honor. The dear loves at home nerve
the soldier to do his best. What joy
to know that whatever woe betides
him there are wide-stretched arms
wultlng to clasp him, a heart that Is
true as the stars of heaven. The love
1 of a true woman cannot alter.
For the Poultry Raiser
Don't overcrowd your chicks.
Don't fall to remember that fresh
air and plenty of it is vitally neces
sary to all animal and bird life, chick
ens included.
Don't fail to supply your fowls with
dry quarters.
Don't' fall to keep the chicks and
layers active, clean and happy.
Don't use inferior, musty or waste-
product foods for your poultry.
Don't expect record egg yields from
old hens.
Don't fall to keep your poultry and
all equipment in a sanitary condition,
Don't get lax when things are going
Don't expect profitable winter egg
yields unless you enforce exercise and
supply animal and green food in pro
per form and quantities.
Don't expect to continue In the poul
try business without being able to
hatch and rear your chicks.
Don't expect livable chicks without
vigorous breeding stock.
Don't forget to cull. Kill every
weakling in sight.' Take no chances In
this matter.
Don't use or rely on poor tools with
which to work.
Don't fail to follow instructions in
running your own incubator.
Don't put eggs into the incubator
when it Is first started.
Don't expect strong chicks from poor
Don't handle the eggs or the incuba
tor roughly.
Don't fall to have the brooder
Don't pamper the chicks.
Don't feed too much. Little at a
time and often is a better rule.
Don't fail to provide suu and shade,
Ivy Benefits Walls.
German experts, after tests, hnve
decided that ivy benefits rather than
Injures stone or brick walls on which
it grows, by drawing superfluous mois
ture from them.
A Touch of Handwork.
The business woman can em
bellish a simple white blouse
with her own clever fingers and
impart to It the distinction of
handwork. Collar and cuffs on a
white georgette blouse can be
finished at the edge with an em
broidery running stitch In black
floss, with tiny jet beads set at
regular Intervals, A black bow,
drawn through button-holed
slashes above the waistline, In
tensifies the black-and-white
note. Buttonhole motifs are
especially smart. Draw oblongs
on the wrong side with a pencil
and pad them with white darn
ing cotton, then put the running
stitch with black floss around
the edge of the padded oblong.
go o c fl'B'o t a otoo a o gg g g g g gir
Lord Strathcona a Gentleman Who
Hardly Fitted Into the Present
Busy Age.
It wits churiiererlstlc of Lord Strath-
jnnii that he adhered all his life to
nld-fushloned politeness In letter writ
ing. He long shrunk from the use
nf an uniaiiuciiNls or a typewriter, as
being it Drench of courtesy, He put
rerned the openings and subscriptions
if his letters on the old Hudson's Buy
model. Even the longest or most of-
llclul letter ho persisted In writing by
hand ut an almost incredible cost In
me and patience, On ono occasion,
which Sir. Heckles Wlllson notes In his
Life of Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal," nt least considerable physical
suffering wus involved. He had hud
he misfortune while in Scotland to
frarture one of the bones of his right
wrist. Ills arm was put In splints,
'ind while chafing under the restraint
ho seized the occasion to make a voy-
ngo to Canada by the way of New
York. In transit his arm became worse,
the inflammation spread, and he be
came unable to leave his berth. On ar
riving at Nrw York he was met by Sir
William Van Home, who found hlin In
a very feverish and distressed state.
Nevertheless, he Insisted on accom
panying his friend immediately to Mont
real, where he was Induced to put
himself In the care of a surgeon. What
preyed upon his mind most was that
he had n number of letters to answer.
"But," urged his friend, "you can
employ an amanuensis.''
I've never dune such a thing," Lord
Strathcona declared emphatically. "It
would give great offense, I assure you.
I have always written my letters my
self, and I must do so now."
But after considerable argument he
consented to try the experiment.
"At least I must sign the letters,"
was his stipulation: "Put the pen be
tween my fingers, nnd, nlthongh it
will perhaps be a little difficult nnd
painful, I must certainly sign the let
ters myself."
So the letters were dictated, and
when the sheets were brought to hi in
the invalid begged to be left alone to
consider them- and affix his slgnnture.
A pen was fastened between two of
his disengaged fingers and a bottle of
Ink placed on the table.
When, a couple of hours later, the
secretary entered to dispatch the cor
respondence, he found that to every
letter Lord Strathcona had added a
postscript, scrawled slowly and pain
fully, explaining how and why the
writer had been forced to depart from
his lifelong practice of writing his
own letters and apologizing for doing
"And in every case," concludes the
narrator of the anecdote, "the post
script wns longer than the body of the
letter !" Youth's Companion.
From Stevenson Letters.
To a young person nfllieted with dis
content, R. L. Stevenson wrote:
"I gather that your home is de
pressing. Everyone's home is depress
ing, I believe. It is your difficult duty
to make it less so."
A lady who had been a close friend
for many years told him that she had
decided what her future work would
be. He replied:
"So, at last you are going into mis
sion work, where I think your heart
always was. You will like it in a
way, but rtnember it is dreary long.
Do you know the story of the Ameri
can tramp who was offered a meal and
a day's wage to chop with the back of
nn nx on a fallen trunk? 'Damned if
I can go on chopping when I can't see
the chips fly!' You will never see
the chips fly in mission work, never;
and be sure you know it beforehnnd
The work is one long, dull disappoint
ment, varied by acute revulsions."
Tack Philosophy.
A thing Is tragic or humorous ac
cording to the point of view. The
mun who sits on a tack does not share
the onlookers' amusement. In fact he
is not only pained at his own mis
fortune, but he is pained because he
occasioned someone else to find a de
gree of pleasure In his unseemly plight.
Now It is perfectly safe to make this
positive statement in this connection :
The person who witnessed the other's
unfortunate encounter with the tack
never deliberately sits on the same
tack himself; In fact, he is particu
larly cautious about sitting down nny
where soon thereafter without look
ing for a tack.
Nor is this an Indictment of tacks.
Tacks serve a very real and useful
purpose In this world, but they have
their place, which is not in localities
where they may be sat upon Wil
liam C. Lengel in the Hoggson Maga
zine. In the Good Old Days.
How thankful we should be to every
discoverer for every "discovery," for,
were it not for discoveries, we might
be doing the same kind of day's work
as I describe in this record from the
diary of one Abigail Foot of a certain
Connecticut town. I lately had access
to the diary and this describes one
day's work in 1775 : "Fixed gown for
mother; mended Mary's riding hood;
spun short thread; fixed two gowns
for William's girls; carded tow; spun
linen; worked on cheese basket;
hetched flax with Hannah, together
we did fifty-one pounds; plaited and
Ironed father's stock; read a sermon
of Dodderldge's ; milked three cows;
spun linen, did fifty knots; made a
broom of guinea wheat straw;
bleached thread and set a red dye;
carded two pounds of wool; dipped
candles, and scoured the pewter I"
Good Housekeeping.
"Leader" and "Repeater"
Shot Shells
For the high flyers, or the low flyers, "Leader" and
"Repeater' shells have the reach, spread and penetra
tion. Their great sale is due to these qualities, which
insure a full bag. Made in many gauges and loads.
New Classes Will Be Started Then.
Many Students Already Enrolled.
Ask For Catalogue. Enroll Now.
A. T. LINK, Principal.
Phone Main 5083 - - - Tllford Building
Tenth and Morrison Sts., Portland, Ore.
Dr. Bates Bingham of Boston, on
his return home from doing ambulance
work in France, was asked by a re
porter his opinion of a German note.
"There is no more real satisfaction,"
the distinguished physician replied,
"or comfort in it than there was in
the blacksnake's ruse.
"A Pike county mother once left
her little one seated outside the. shack
and pulling on a full milk bottle when
a blacksnake came gliding up.
"The snake nestled close to the
child, drew the rubber nipple from its
mouth and proceeded to drink the
milk; but at the same time the snake
did not forget to slip the end of its
tail gently between the infant's , lips
by way of a comforter."
. Rub It In Thoroughly.
A sprain or strain should have im
mediate attention to check the swell
ing. Rub on, and rub in thoroughly
Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh and you
should have quick relief. Always have
a bottle on hand for accidents. Adv.
He Asked For It.
More stories are told about Sir Her
bert Tree than about almost any other
public man in England. Here is a
good one, exemplifying the ready an
Bwer for which he is so justly famed.
One day when hef was coming out
of the Garrick club a man, whom he
did not know from Adam, approached,
and, with a sweeping bow, Bald in a
Yankee twang:
"Ex-cuse me, sir, hut they tell me
some pretty well-known folk belong to
this club. Are you anyone of import
ance?" Sir Herbert Tree looked the ques
tioner coldly up and down. "I don't
really think I can be, or I wouldn't
be seen talking to you," he said icily.
Pearson's Weekly.
Plain Enough.
"How do you like America, count?"
"Quite much, but your figureB of
speech are somewhat hard to under
stand. Now, when it dawns upon you
"You begin to see daylight!" ex
plained the other man. Louisville
During a lesson on elementary com
position a little girl read the following
as her effort:
"Once a Penny and a Shilling met
in a man's pocket. The Shilling turn
ed up its nose at the Penny, and said,
" 'Why, I am worth a dozen of you.'
" 'Yes,' said the Penny, 'but even at
that I am a good bit better than you
are. I go every Sunday to church, and
you never do.' "London Tit-Bits.
Use Hanford's Balsam when all else
falls. Adv.
Same Line.
"When I was a boy," said the gray
haired physician, who happened to be
in a reminiscent mood, "I wanted to
be a soldier; but my parents persuad
ed me to study medicine.",
"Oh, well," rejoined the sympathetic
druggist, "such is life. Many a man
with wholesale aspirations has to con
tent himself with a retail business."
London Tit-Bits.
To keep clean an healthy take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regu
late liver, bowels and stomach.
Now's Their Chance.
"And so you are convinced, my
friend," asked the curate, "that there
is a place of eternal punishment?"
"I am," replied the uncharitable
parishioner. "There's nothing in this
world bad enough for some people,"
Browning's Magazine.
For calks use Hanford's Balsam.
"Wombat says he tries to put as
good a face on things as possible."
"He's the man to paint your por
trait, old top." Kansas City Journal.
Easy and Sure.
"What would you do if you had 1,-
"Oh, I don't know. Just sit down
and watch my wife spend It, I sup
pose." London Answers.
Grftniilafnrl Fvfi!id3.
s Eyss inflamed by expo
' C,,- n.,.i.juinj
quickly relieved by Murine
V CIS Eye liemedy. No Smarting.
j w just ye Comforti At
Your Druggist 50c per Bottle. Murine tyaj
C.ilv;nTl1.'7Ci PWRnnknllhftFveFrfteiifilr
Druggists or Murine Eye Beroetly C., Chicago
or make your old ones laRt through
the winter. Write us about thia.
660 Washington St.. Portland, Ore.
Power of Petrol.
Thump, thump, went the motor cat
as it stood outside a railway station.
A crowd of rustics stood round, gaping
at the chauffeur and passing remarks
that made him smile.
"Say, mister," said one, at last,
"what power drives the car along at
such a speed?"
"Petrol, my man," he replied, wltl
a condescending smile.
'"Ear that, Tom?" said the Inquirer
to his friend, who had just appeared)
on the scene. "Petrol shoves 'er
along." .
"Ah!" was the reply, "that alnt
nothin' noo. Petrol Bhoved our Mary
Ann through the back door an' sent
'er flying slap bang agin the barn.
'Er 'ad bin tryin' to light the fire with
it." London Tit-Bits.
Ask your dealer for the free hook
let, "Useful Hints for Horse Owners,
issued by G. C. Hanford Mfg. Co., Syra
cuse, N. Y., manufacturers of Hanv
ford's Balsam of Myrrh. Adv.
No Alibi.
"The war is doing me a good tunx,
"In what way?"
"I don't have to think up excuBea
for not taking my family to Europ
this Bummer." Detroit Free Press.
The Fan's Favorite.
She What Is your favorite stoneT
He The baseball diamond. Boston
you should try Anti-Uric, the famous
remedy made from Roots and Berries,
It is guaranteed to cure this cruel dis
eaae in every stage.
We want every reader of this paper
who is suffering from Rheumatism in
any form to try this, discovery. Every
package guaranteed or money refund
ed. Price $1.50 prepaid, or we will
send by Parcel Post C. 0. D. Circu
lars and convincing testimony free.
Address ANTI-URIC CO., 102 Sher
wood Building, San Francisco.
Our firraduateH are occupying unviable posi
tions. The teach in a: process in diflerentfroiw
ordinary buaineBB srhools, . Thorough, Practt
cal, Individual. SCHOOL FOR MKN ONLY.
Add reus The Resutrar, Y. M. C. A, Portland.
Orefon, and get detailed Information.
Oregon Hernia Institute
Rupture treated mechanically. Private
fitting rooms. Highest testimoniala, Ke
iulu guaranteed. Call or write.
411-412 Alisky Building, Portland, Oregesi
The Mathews Welding
& Cutting Co.,
191 Ererett St., Near Ninth, ForUand, Ora
Portable Electric and Oxy-Acetylene Plant
Ready at all Times.
Oiy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting. Welding,
by Thermit, Electricity, Oxy-Aeerylen.
Welding of Sheet Steel. Cast Iron, Alunilueas)
Brass, Etc. Boiler and Marine Work
a Specialty.
ALSO AGENTS: The Henderson-Willis WeldhM
and Cutting Co., St. Louis, U. 8. A. Federal
Braaa Works, Slit St. Kedzie Are., Chlcaara.