The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, July 07, 1916, Supplement, Image 9

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B-rt McCready went to Maupin
Sunday and returned Monday with
a lady from Centralis, -Washington
Fred Hornquist is convalescing
from his recent indisposition. Ask
Fred for further particulars,
J. E. Miller made a trip tn the
county seat last week, supposedly
on official business, hut his report
was rather vague. We are tanking
for further developments in his case
; Mr. and Mrs. Kidder made a trip
to Maupin Saturday,
Peter Kirsch waits for ''pleasant
weather" when he wants to haul
lumber. P. J. hauled a load li
Maupin Saturday.
Rev. Ellis was out Sunday and
preached morning and evening.
Regardless of weather conditions
Mr,. Ellis never fails 1: is appoint
ments.' D. L. Rutherford and Henry
.Kramer were business visitors at
Maupin Monday.
Laco DeCamp enjos being (,n
the move. He has just liuUhtd
moving his buildings the second
Supplement to The Maupin Times, Vol. 2, &
Maupin, Southern Wasco Co.,
A' fine hoise belonging to Dale
Bonne)' was badly cut in the wire
Saturday night.
Mr. and N r. Painter and niece
Miss Agnes Eaotnn of Dufur and
Mrs. Henderson and duughtT
Mi-s ,-nna Henderson of Portland,
sisters of Duke ini Dolph Moud,
motored mit M..m'lny to spend I lie
Fourth uiih lhfir brothers.
The Til in-A Li I ill Pn. received 11
ear load of brick here this neck
and suge-i ih l .lid- is a. g.n.d
time tu I'Miird uguiust Volir house
j Imniins.' by building a flue.
I..e Unban . Mrs. ),.H Wright,
ai.d .Mr, K it Amen motored
down f'niii, M.ipii, tia Wed'iei-d
evening . j
Tie- Me d i ! 'in n, T iiH i.ti'ii, H .
en- :iiH... f.-miili. s had aj
piei-ie dinner and lishin.;
tion a1 id" 11 1 i , 1 1 1 of llikeov. II ilie j
Fourth. Ti ey report one lish liU !
inches .ii-g :ii!-l enougli iiiniK tn!
make three good meals. ,
Through tin error in dee.ipherii g
our null',- ln-i ue.ikwe neglected
Ore., Friday, July 9, 1916
to mention that Mr. and Mrs. V.
W. Davis of Estawida,; are- here
visiting Mrs. Davis' children, Mrs.
Job Crabtee and the H i m iner' hnys
on the Flat.
White River
Mrs. Joles and son Cains attend
ed the campmeetiug Sunday. It
is being held in the church during
the stormy weather
Miss KHa Kirby . is visiting Pa-
pliene Ooulev.
Mr. and Mrs Ilaiupsoii left Sat
tirdav ro complete their journey to
Mrs. J. G. Tunis n is camped at
Tygh during the eampnicei ing.
Mrs. Jo.;. Kisiner wasji caller at
the Ivinyou home Sunday.
Mrs. Ed Hansen mid childien
have been spending the week at
the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. James Brown.
hlder Burns of the campmeeting
spent a day or two in the neigh,
Cecil Tiinisou came home after
an absence.of six weeks.
las. Brown moved his race horse
camp to Wapinitia last Saturday.
Mrs Wilson, Ruby and Don
were visitors at the Ray Tunison
home i his week.
Mr. Powell and children have
been at the Jin, Brown home, Mr.
Powell riding tor Mr. Brown. '
The recent heavy rains claved
havoc with quite a few of the
ranches m this vicinity and Mor-
row's thought they were doomed
as the water rushed down from the
Frmk Chastaiu place, doing quite
a lot of damage.
A motor parly went from here to
Wapinitia the Fourth including
Mr. aim Mis. Cobeith, Mr. and
Mrs. Ferguson and son 'Wilbur,
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Webb, Mr.
and M s. York Wilson and Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Wright.
Owing to three slides near Slier,
ar station several trains were tied
up for hours wailing t, r the dit.'h
er to come from I'asco.
Mr. and Mrs. Muller had a stand
on ill:-camp, ground at Wapinitia
the !...,,;...