The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 23, 1916, Image 7

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Nut Cake
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Yankee Fodder.
Senator Hoar used to tell with glee
of a Southerner just home from New
England who said to his friend: "You
know those little white round beans?"
"Yes," replied the friend; "the kind
we feed to our horses?"
"The very same. Well, do you know
sir, that in Boston the enlightened
citizens take those little white round
beans, boil them for three or foui
hours, mix them with molasses and
know not what other ingredients, bake
them, and then what do you suppose
they do with the beans?"
"They eat 'em, sir," interrupted th(
first Southerner, impressively; "bless
me, sir, they eat 'em!" Christian Reg
Liquid Evidence.
A publican was prosecuted for sell
ing a bottle of whisky during prohibi
tion hours. A bottle of whisky was
produced as evidence.
The jury heard the evidence and re
tired to the jury room. They present
ly returned.
"My lord," said the foreman, "tho
jury is quite satisfied as to the sale
of the bottle, but they are not sure of
its contents. May they have the bottle
to satisfy themselves?"
"Certainly," declared the judge.
"Well, gentlemen, have you reached
a decision?" asked the judge.
"No case, my lord," said the fore
man. "There was not enough evidence
to go round." London Answers.
Ever Notice?
"They've got one thing absolutely
"What is that?"
"The speaking voice of the sou
brette. They all talk alike." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
Mora Water Lew Horsepower. Less Cast,
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Impossible to Make a Mistake. Delivers More
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8th Floor Title Trust Blag., Portland, Ore.
P. N, U.
No. 25, 1916
YHEN writlBS to WrortiMn, Uw mh
S1 V
2? '-.I
mrn r nrl.roxixi .rrTTinrnin.Timi itll
, n r m .imnm .rrrnTn -n-mn i TH
DRt55to toh
THj3 Fiji ieutudurB me rHlai li
able for many reasons, among
others the fact that while they
were cannibals 50 years ago
and made it a practice to kill their
captives and eat their flesh, now they
are devout churchgoers. Having been
Christianized, nominally at least,
doubtless they are entitled to be called
civilized also, but the fact remains that
many of their old habits and customs
are as strong as ever, although their
general way of living has been com
pletely changed and cannibal forks are
no longer in use, writes Edward Far
rlngton to Grit. These peculiar forks
are still to be found, however, and it is
whispered that modern reproductions
are being made to sell to shuddering
and unsuspicious tourists. They are
made of wood, with round handles and
long prongs. In the old days ordinary
moat was eaten with tho fingers, but
there was a superstition that it was
bad luck to touch human ilesh with the
hands after it had been roasted.
The men of the Fiji Islands take ex
ceeding pride in their hair, which is
allowed to grow very long and is usu
ally very thick. Although the enor
mous mops of hair worn by the war
riors of cannibalistic days are no long
er to be seen, being considered as a
relic of heathenism, long hair is dis
tinctly popular and it is regularly dip
ped in coral lime, which makes it as
ft 7f ' 4f
CRovr. or traveler'tsus
white as though powdered for several
days, after which it takes on a shade
varying from warm red to tawny yel
low. There are two reasons for this
custom; it is the fashion and it keeps
the hair free from tiny creatures not
to be mentioned in polite society. Oil
Is also rubbed into the hair and when
the barbering haa been completed the
heavy locks stick out from the head
in all directions, looking like a great
red or yellow aureole.
How the Natives Dress.
On ordinary occasions the Fijians of
both sexes dress lightly. On certain
ceremonial occasions, however, rolls of
cloth many yards long are wrapped
around the body until walking 1b made
difficult. Cloth obtained from the
white people is made use of somewhat,
but the natives make a durable cloth
from the inner bark of trees, which is
hammered thin and often dyed. Some
times the only clothing consists of a
fringe of leaves and the children wear
nothing at all.
The chief business of Fiji is sugar
growing and there are thousands of
acres in sugar plantations, but the
work is under the supervision of white
men and the actual labor is performed
by coolies It is difficult to get the
Fijians to work hard or for more than
a few daj-s at a time. They live in a
very simple fashion and have few
wants. The houses are made of
thatch, are rather high posted for the
sake of coolness arid contain a single
room. There are no beds nor chairs,
but great piles of mats on which the
Fijians sit and sleep.
national dance,
More than one Bailor whoBe ship haa
touched at Suva, the principal seaport
of Fiji, has had a very peculiar expert
ence. On going ashore be has quite
naturally indulged in the beverage ol
the islands, a drink called yangona
and sometimes kava. When he has
endeavored to return to his ship a lit
tle later, he has found to his immeasur
able surprise that ho has no command
of his legs. His brain is as clear as
it ever was. He is in a mental con
ditlon to talk rationally on any sub
ject, but he cannot walk. That is the
way yangona acts. It is said that one
Englishman was found after nightfall
with his head buried in a thick shrub
by the side of the road and lustily call'
ing for help. He was perfectly con-
scious of his unpleasant predicament
but was unable to move. Immense
quantities of yangona are consumed by
the natives. Few white people like
the taste at first, but it is considered
refreshing on a hot day and it is so
pleasantly stimulating that many Euro
peans in Fiji drink it habitually.
Making Yangona.
Yangona is brewed on all festal oc
casions as a matter of course. A great
wooden bowl with four legs is used for
the purpose. Usually it is beautifully
polished from long usage and has a
purple bloom like that of the grape,
tho yangona root, whicH come8 from a
plant growing freely all over the is-
lands, is brought in when all is ready
and publicly scraped and cleaned,
Then it is cut into small pieces and
grated into the great bowl. In olden
times it was customary to have the
root prepared by chewing rather than
by grating. Several young men or
pretty girls were given pieces of tha
root and bidden chew them until larga
lumps of white fiber had been obtained.
The operation required some time and
the chewers frequently washed out
their mouths with fresh water. It is
contended even yet by many people In
Fiji that yangona prepared by the
chewing process is much preferable
to that obtained by grating, so far as
the flavor is concerned.
The second process is adding tha
water, which is poured over the roota
in the bowl, after which it Is wrung
out through a piece of hybiscus fiber,
which is like fine netting. The yellow
ish fluid which is thus produced tastes
like rhubarb and magnesia.
In spite of the fact that they follow
the practices of the Christian church,
some being Methodists, some Advent
ists and some Catholics, many of the
old-time rites are still persisted in.
Perhaps the most interesting as well
as the most remarkable is that found
on the Island of Beqa, one of the Fiji
group, where the natives walk bare
footed on stones so hot that they glow.
Although the statement was long ques
tioned, the fact has been established
that there is no Jugglery about this
rite, although nobody can explain why
the feet of the firewalkers, as they are
called, are no, terribly burned.
tvfthMr tm rot AvrvuKW
"I must tell you a story tonight,"
commenced daddy, "of the sick kan
garoo in the zoo.
"To tell the truth the kangaroo
wasn't sick at all. He simply thought
he was but he succeeded in making
the keeper think so to. This pleased
the kangaroo as all he really wanted
was to have a fuss made over him.
' "The strange thing about . his ill
ness was that the keeper couldn't
imagine what was tho matter with the
kangaroo. He had a perfectly good
appetite for he couldn't give up eat
ing Just to pretend he was sick, for
really and truly he knew he was Just
"Now, this puzzled the keeper, but
he thought there must be some kan
garoo sickness where the animal
could still eat, and yet be far from
"The keeper became so worried over
the kangaroo's strange sickness that
at night he would get up to see if the
kangaroo was asleep. Every time he
went to look, the kangaroo was sound,
sound asleep, breathing very quietly.
The keeper thought to himself that
this must be a good sign, for if he
happened to be suffering from Indi
gestion he would certainly be moan
ing and having bad dreams. Finally
the keeper decided the kangaroo must
have heart failure.
"The next day the keeper sent for
the doctor and the doctor examined
the kangaroo's heart. He said that it
was one of the strongest hearts that
he had ever examined, And the keep
er was still more puzzled.
"The kangaroo used to sit for hours
and hours Just playing with his tail.
Sometimes he would think it was time
to show how badly he felt by crying.
So he would first look as if he was
just being able to keep back the tears,
and then he would act as if he could
keep it up no longer and would shake
with sobs.
"Now this kangaroo had always
been spoilt by his mother. When he
was very, very young he could always
have everything he wanted, so noth
ing was ever really a big treat.
"He always got sick at parties be
cause be ate too much, and his moth
er would never stop htm, and on holi
days he always was allowed to turn
things topsy-turvy.
"But during this pretended sickness
of the kangaroo his family were the
only ones not worried about him. The
keeper couldn't imagine whether it
Then the Kangaroo Set Up a Howling.
was because they had grown tired of
his meanings, or whether the kanga
roo was only pretending to be sick.
For such queer actions he had never
seen before, as most animals he had
s?en were so brave when they were
sick, and never made a fuss when
they were not sick at all.
"The kangaroo was just spoilt
though there were no two ways
about it but one day when the ani
mals were all to be given a special
treat, little Fairy Silver Wings, who
had heard cf the kangaroo's sickness,
whispered to the other animals to
leave him behind to twist his tail and
inoanj while they had their game of
ball. .
"Then the kangaroo set up a howl
ing such as never had been heard in
animal land, for he didn't want to
miss a party Just as Fairy Silver
Wings had said, so when they all
thought he had learned a good lesson
they went back for him. How
ashamed he was when the animals at
first snubbed him, but he never made
a fuss again, for he had had a great
fright that he was going to miss a
party through his foolishness."
Formula Given for Making Mixture
That la Inexpensive and Will
Keep Indefinitely.
What child does not like to cut out
pictures and paste them? Here is an
inexpensive paste that will keep In
definitely. If it gets too thick add
some cold water and cook and stir
until it is smooth. One cupful flour,
one teaspoonful powdered alum, one
half cupful cold water, two cupfuls
boiling water, two tablespoonfuls lime
water. A few drops of oil of cloves or
wintergreen. Mix the alum, flour and
cold water, and beat until perfectly
smooth; add the boiling water slowly,
stirring all the time. Place on the
stove and stir until It boils, then put
in double cooker and cook about thirty
minutes, stirring often. Keep In cov
ered Jars or cans. Rural New Yorker,
3 w:
is simply delicious
G Baking
Pure Healthful Economical
The highest grade of baking powder pos
sible to buy and your money refunded
if it fails to satisfy. Ask your dealer.
Jaques Mfg. Co., Chicago
A Well Painted
Will Save the Cost of a New One.
See Your
Give The Hog a Chance.
No apple grower ever goes out into
the orchard and knocks apples off the
tree with a club when he 1b marketing
his crop. He knows the public won't
buy bruised fruit.
But there are still some hog ship
pers who try to market their crops
with a club and the result hits them
in just the same place that it would
the apple raiser the pocketbook.
It is the club users, the kickers, and
the men in too big a hurry that send
bruised and crippled hogs to the mar
ket, and those bruised and crippled
hogs are the cause of lower prices for
the men who put their time and their
money into them.
Hogs are slower in summer than in
winter because of the heat. Patience
is needed in their handling if the best
prices are to be secured for them, be
cause the buyers insist that the ani
mals must be in first-class condition
when received.
There are a number of "don'ts" that
can be observed with- profit at the
present time. Just a few of them fol
low :
Don't drive hogs too rapidly.
Don't be in too big a hurry to load.
Start In time.
Don't lose patience.
Don't forget that a bruised or crip
pled hog hits the shipper s pocketbook.
Don't beat or shove the hogs because
they do not happen to move quite fast
enough to please you.
Don t throw water on the back or
an overheated hog. Sprinkle the floor
of the car or pen instead.
Cruelty to hogs is clearly shown in
the meat of the animals after they are
prepared for market. Bruised backs
and hams do not sell so readily as the
clear meat, and future shipments from
the source of the injured animals will
suffer in consequence.
Notices have been sent out and are
posted in the various stock yards and
about the loading pens and chutes of
the railroads, urging humanity in the
treatment of live stock.
"Give the pig a chance to become a
gentleman." Exchange.
Et Cure Whil Vn,, WaIL
Allen's Font-Ease Is ft certain cure for hot,
went Ing, crIImn, and swollen, urliing ut. Sold
by all Uruggisls, Price m. Don't accent any
substitute. Trial package HIKE. Address
Successful Business.
"lie's one of our most successful
"That so? What's his secret?"
"Well, in the first place, he insists
upon his clerks selling his customers
what they want, not what the clerks
themselves wear." Detroit Free Press.
Wise Tagore.
Of Mr. Tagore, the celebrated Indian
prize poet, the Independent says:
"Tagore himself lives all alone In a
house." We applaud Mr. Tagore's
habit of lodging. If all poets lived all
alone in their homes there would be
more happy poet homes. Life.
"Anuric" cures Backache, Lumbago,
Rheumatism. Send 10c. Dr. V. M.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for large trial
Gets Value.
"I really believe," said the married
man, "that the average bachelor
spends more on himself than a mar
ried man spends on his whole family."
"Well, it's worth it," replied the
bachelor. London Saturday Journal.
Time Somebody Spoke.
He (after receiving a leap-year pro
posal) This is so sudden!
She Nonsense! You must have
known for four years that it was com
ing. Boston Transcript.
"And is your wife a good house
keeper?" "Oh, wonderful, mother! She can
heat coffee perfectly with an electric
curling iron." Kansas City Journal.
For Sufferers From Backache, Rheumatism and Kidney Trouble.
Before an Insurance Company will
take a risk on your life the examining
physician will test the urlne and re
port whether you are a good riBk.
When your kidneys get sluggish and
clog, you suffer from backache, sick
headache, dizzy spells, or the twinges
and pains ot lumbago, rheumatism and
gout. Tho urine is often cloudy, full
ot sediment; channels often get sore
and sleep Is disturbed two or three
times a night. This is the time you
should consult some physician of wide
experience such as Dr. Pierce of the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N, Y. Send 10c. for large
trial package of "Anuric." Write your
symptoms and send a samplo of urine
for test. Kxperience has taught Dr.
Pierce that "Anuric" is a most power
ful agent In dissolving uric acid, and
when made with
Paint Dealer Now
Knows What
To Use
To Give
Balsam of Myrrh
For Cuts. Burns.
Bruises, Sprains,
Strains, Stiff Neck,
Chilblains, Lame Back,
Old Sores, Open Wounds,
and all External Injuries.
Made Since 1846. Mb
Price 25c, 50c and $1.00
All RPPi fifS 6- C Hanford Mfg. C
fill UOUltl O BYRACUbK, N. Y.
Granulsled Eyelids,
Eyes inflamed by expo
lure to Sun. Dust and Winl
EE? w w a - quickly relieved by MurlM
r.VFtyi EyeBemeiiy. No Smarting,
m4 just Eye Comfort. At
Vour Drugglit'i 50c per Bottle. Murine EyS
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by Cutter's Blaakltg PHIi. Low-
p flood, fresh, rulluble; ij referred b$
Western Htockmcn because thtjf or-
W where other vaoolnei Till.
I M Writ for booklet and tnntlmonlilfc.
I 1 H w 10-dole pi: no. Bla:kle Pilfl $1-00
J-JXJ 60-doio pkfifl. Blackleg Ptlll 4.00
VJfto any injwtor, but ('iitler'a beat.,
The Bupurlorlty of Cutter productfi la due to over JV
years of aiieclultzltix In vaoolnei and aerumi only.
I milt en Cutter's. If unniinaMA, order direct.
T'jE CUTTER LABORATORY, Berkeley, Call lorn It-
DAISY FLY KILLER I,,1S?t."".:,3bkTa.
ulIllla.Nei.l, clean,,
I ornamental, cgnven
kilt, cheap, LaiU Hit
smnon. Marteol
oier; will nut Roil fit
ln)tire anytlilnf.
Guaranteed eilectlv.
Snld y d-alm, ot
6 unit ly dyms pie
paid tor Jl.
HAKULD SUM3. 100 DoKalb At.. Brooklyn, H. T.
Two men met In the street.
"I Bay, old chap," said one present
ly, "what's that piece of thread tied
round your finger for?"
"My wife put it there to remind me
to post a letter she gave me this morn
ing," was the reply.
"Did you post it?"
"Then why don't you remove the
"Oh, I'm keeping it there to remind
me to tell her when I go home that I
forgot to put a stamp on the letter!"
London Answers.
Poor Exchange.
Dubbleigh At a reception this af
ternoon 1 exchanged ideas with the
famous Prof. Saduka.
Miss Keen That explains why I
found the professor so tiresome. Bos
ton Transcript.
Naturally Inferred.
Suitor What makes you think, sir,
that I will not be able to support your
Her Father The difficulty I've had
in doing it myself. Boston Transcript
"Would you call Uncle Peter a
stingy man?"
"Well, no; I'd merely say that he
had all his generous Impulses under
perfect control." Boston Transcript.
is endowed with other properties, for
it preserves the kidneys In a healthy
condition by thoroughly cleansing
them. Being so many times more ac
tive than llthia, "Anuric" clears the
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as swollen hands or feet and the bag
like appearance under the eyes. "An
uric" is a regular insurance and life
saver for all big meat eaters and those
who deposit lime-salts in their joints.
Ask tke druggist for "Anuric" put up
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ment by mail.
Dr. Plerce'B Pleasant Pellets for the
liver and bowels have been favorably
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1 J&LS