The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 16, 1916, Image 7

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Veal, Pork,
Beef, Poultry,
Butter, Eggs &
Farm Produce
To the Old Rp1I1)1 F.vrdln hmiw with
record of 45 yiumof Biuur Doillim anil ba
MitureU of
Top Market Prices.
45-47 Front Si,
Mr. Dairyman
Don't Mitt Our Offer for June 7 or 8
Purlnir 111 Row Fnallvnl wo hull hnvo ox.
ei'ptluiml ili'tnitnilit fur Hu7.i)wohI Huttcrund
lvn C'rctirn, and your h-lt In wanted ti Huprly
tho drmand. We will prrwnt you with One
Hugvrs A I Silver I'hileJ Salad Pork if you (fi-t
a ndirlibor who 1h imt HhippiiiK im now to hctuI
UBOfiKiof KfMicI crvitin U) hitIvi1 in Portlnnd
Jutiu 7 nr H. The ti'w pntrm, will iiIko rvcvlvm
thin wmvenlr. AVm u alt fhtt unnt cream
New Houston Hotel
Four niiwko from Union Strulon. Under nrw
maniuri-mcmt. All roums newly decorated.
Kates 50c. 75c, $1, $1.50 Per Day.
Superstition That Is Still Believer
In by Many.
8yrlan Especially Hold That thl
Glance Can Carry Menace and
Death Amuleti Confided In
to Avert Bad Effectt.
The belief In the wizardry of the ey
li closely connected with the Idea
once universal, and still held by th
Ignorant, tliut sight 1b the result ol
radiation proceeding from the eye tc
the object seen, Instead of beln(
caused by light reflected from the ob
Ject to the eye. The eye being regard
ed as "the window of the soul,'
malevolence, If It resides In the soul
naturally proceeds thonce along th
"rays of sight" and produces Its effecti
la the objects or persons upon whon
Until you have road our free Instruction! on tho
caro of your piano. Tho result of 20 yean' ex
perience absolutely free for the asking.
21 Glenwood Are. PORTLAND, ORE
Pcrtland Y.M. C. A. Auto School
Day And nitrht clauses. Expert traln.nir
In repairing, driving and machine work,
ind tiding forge, lathe, shaper, drill piwm,
tractor, etc.. Time unlimited. COMPE
3rd Stark Sts., Portland, Ore.
A Full Line of Big Values at Low
If you cannot come to
Portland to Ret your
eyes htted. 1 will send
you my method of fat
ing eyes hy mail. Not
as desirable as person
al service but much
better than goinft with
out glasses needed or
trying to lit yourseir.
Outfit sent on application. STAPLES, the Jeweler-Optician,
266 Mormon St., Portland, Oregon
We want all you have. Write for prices and shipping tags
THE H. F. NORTON CO. Portland, Ore, Seattle, Wo
Bought, Sold, Rented and Repaired
Burnaide, cor. 10th. Portland, Ore.
Double Tread Punciura Proof Tires
Made from your old ones. Last long
as Brand New TIRES Write us.
660 Washington St.. Portland. Ore.
8yrlan Charm Against the Evil Eye
the evil glance Is bent. Whoever be
lieves thus 1b, of course, frightened
by a gaze that he considers to be evil
and the maladies due to suggestibility
may follow. Fortunately they can be
also cured by suggestion, hence the fa
vorable results of "white magic" ol
all kinds, including especially amulets.
These really do ward off the effect ol
the evil eye, since, as these effects arc
due to suggestion, anything that will
cause a counteracting suggestion will
prevent the injurious action. Those
who do not believe in the evil eye.
however, do not need the amulet, and
hence its use has fallen off.
A Kansao Editorial
It vanned our heurts the other day
to boc a top buggy, new and glisten-
lug, claim a place among the motor
ars ami farm wagons in the rank
around C'enlorvllle's court house
square. When we found out who own
ed that buggy we couldn't help but
chuckle. Hodge's boy has the right
idea; gasoline can burn up the roads,
but a trusty old nag with a buggy will
find the shortest way to Sarah's heart.
Bide your time, Jim! The good old
country buggy is still the king of sloge
gunB In Contervllles aflalrs of aflec
tion. Two or three nights a week
young Shaw takes Sarah for a spin in
his flivver. Well, let him and as of
ten as he wants! Mere speed can't
win a girl like Sarah. Give Shaw his
choice moonlight nights and be you
content with the dark ones. His eyes
are always on the road. His hands
are busy with the steering wheel. His
voice is drowned In chugs and whirs
and sputters. Here lies your incom
parable .advantage, Jim; you can lay
down the reins! A long road and a
shadowy one. Something to say and
an eternity to say it. Colliers.
When Whipping Cream.
To prevent splashing and waste
when beating eggs or whipping cream
with an egg beater, cut a piece of
clean white cloth or brown paper
across at right angles in the middle
so there will be four small flaps. Pull
the paper down over the handle of the
egg beater and let the outer part of
the paper cover the edge of the bowl.
For crushed finger thoroughly apply
Hanford's Balsam. Adv.
Temporary Condition.
"I saw you out in your new car yes
terday." . "Did I look like a motorist?"
"Well, no. You had an air of re
sponsibility that gave you away, but
that will disappear in time." Birm
ingham Age-Herald.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets are best for liver,
bowels and stomach. One little Pellet
for a laxative three for a cathartic.
The Substitute.
"Does heap big Indian ever smoke
the pipe of peace any more?"
"Not these days," said the Carlisle
graduate. "Have a cigaret?" Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
Keep Kids Kleen
The mod practical, healthful, playtime
garment ever invented for chiidrea 1 to
6 yean of tge. Made id one piece with
drop back. Easily flipped on or off.
tatily washed. lo Lam etawcDanas
to tl op circulation. Ivlade in blue
denim, and blue and white hickory
triM (sir fru VMf round. AltO
lighter weight, fast-color material in
A.,l kl., -,-Ut kW tn oi dark red
foe turamer wear, all appropriately
mnmrtt WTth t&tt - COJof BSlatea.
jVladem Uutcn Deck wun eioow
leevei and high neck, and k8
75c the suit
If wmir Aa)ri cannot mcolr TOV.
We will tend them, chartret prepaid
en receipt of poce, c each.
Beware of Imitations. Look for
the Two Hons on the Lahei,
Levi Straus & Co., San FrancUco
Awt-rded GRAND PRIZE at th P.rM.t.
How to Test Water.
Every one knows and admits the ne
cesslty for pure water. When you are
away from home, and are not sure of
the character of the water supply,
would not be a bad Idea to make a few
simple tests. The results may prove
that It was decidedly worth while tc
take the trouble. Here are two tests
that you can make very easily:
Fill a tumbler with water, drop in 8
lump of white sugar, cover it with
saucer, and let it stand overnight on
the bricks at the side of the range, on
the kitchen mantelpiece, or, in fact.
anywhere where the temperature will
not sink below 60 degrees. If next
morning the contents are clear, the
water is pure. If, on the other hand
the liquid 1b cloudy, some source ol
contamination 1b indisputably proved.
The second test is to drop a few
grains of permanganate of potash into
a tumbler of water, cover, and let
stand for an hour. If the water is still
of the bright rosy color to which the
chemical turned It, It is perfectly safe
for drinking; if it is of a brownish
color, it is impure, although the im
purity may be of the kind that boil
ing will rob of its power to harm.
New York Sun.
When You Grit Your Teeth.
"Probably you don't know that there
is a pressure of 250 pounds to the
square inch on the teeth when the
average citizen grits his molars to
gether at a ball game or because rent
day comes so often," said a dentist
"The pressure may be less or it may
be greater, but 250 pounds is the aver
"And think of the damage that may
be done. One of my customers
cracked off a porcelain tooth in his
sleep one night when he crunched hie
teeth together, probably dreaming
about a business deal. What did he
do? He came around the next day and
told me I was a punk dentist and that
the tooth which I had put In a short
time before was a fake.
"I told him all about the 250 pounds
pressure and that probably no art!
flcial tooth would stand such a Btrain
But I don't think he believed a word
of it, because he went away angry and
I have not seen him since. I had fig
ured out that that particular tooth was
a rather artistic piece of work too."
P. N. U.
No. 24, 1916
1 WHS wrttlne to arcrtbn, lut M I
" Hoe this eeiwr.
Working of Electric Lamps.
Electric lamps in the form of letters
of the alphabet already in use for In
door signs are made in heights up to
three or four inches. Each lamp Is a
tube with a back of white enamel, and
contains a number of tiny carbon fila
ments, the number varying with the
different letters, though all lamps are
adjusted to use the same amount of
current. The letter lamp Is mounted
on its individual socket. In use, the
socket is slid into a trough-shaped
frame, the word or words desired be
ing formed, and the 110-volt street cir
cuit does the rest
Battle of the Aiane.
There is nothing in history with
irhicb, to compare the battle of the
Mane. For duration, the number of
nen engaged and the losses involved,
:he stupendous struggle in northern
FYance throws every other battle of
rhlch we have any knowledge far Into
AO shade.
Mom Water Iu Ilowpowrr, Ia Toil,
Moat Hllirlerit for Irrigation,
Mining, Fire Piotrrllun uitd
Uumtmtlr Urn, Hnmil, Light,
Powerful. No VulvrB, No
1'lunirrra. No ( yun
di'ra. Duatrurflvtt Htirh
Hpecd KiimimiM-d.
I'umu Run on Iw
Spent. Will I'unm
Water and Air Hlmul
tatifouitly, Will Hump
Ixiilintr water, Haxrvu
onl for vertical nut-dun
Mft of M.6 ft i't. Can t InHlulM by Anyiniu.
Imt'o.tnihlf to Make a Mi Mink 0. I Mi vera Mrtt
Wat' r, with fur l.aait Hmwdowit, iht.n Any
1'imip Known. No l'riniinif Ui-tjuimJ at Any
Jiiuminniili Suction,
Writ for ChuIuk, Prlciti and TuaHnuinlait
before you buy.
8th Floor Title Truil Bid.. I'orllunJ, Ore,
Onion. Seed Poor.
The average germination percentage
of onions in Oregon is low this year,
only 51.90 germinating, as compared
with 75.13 for last year. The ger
mination of over 34 of the onion
samples was below 25.
Onions make up over ten per cent
of all germination tests made in the
Oregon Branch Seed Testing Labora
tory this year.
" The
m Joy m
Practloo That I Largely Prevalent,
Though It la Illegal How It ll
Done In the Trenchea.
A recent case . before the courts
threw considerable light upon the
penchant some peoplo have for specu
lating in other poople's lives, One
woman held life Insurances on her
parents, her chlldron, hor mother-in-
law, her brothers and soveral friends.
Of course that sort of thing Is illegal,
but it seems to be a flourishing busi
ness nevertheless.
But hope delayed makoth the heart
sick and after the Insurers have kept
the premiums paid up to protty woll
the amount they would gain from the
insurance company, they see their
profit melting away and call the law
to free them from their investment,
claiming their premiums back on all
sorts of Ingenious defenses.
Ilather a rotton buslnnBg, but wo are
assured that it is much more preva
lent than we have an Idea of. There
must be a tremendous temptation to
assist fate at times, and in any case,
when relatives form the chief Invest
ment on these lines, it must be rather
exasperating to have them politely In
form us that thoy are "quite well
thank you."
One recalls that scandalous "comic"
song that had such a vogue a while
back wherein an irritated hubby Bang
that he was stony broke with a wad
of dough staring him in the face!
Some of the stories of the "sweep
stakes" in the trenches are equally
disturbing. The name of each man in
the regiment going into action is put
into a hat and every man puts up a
franc. The money is divided between
all those who drew the name of a
man who Is still alive or unwounded
at the end of the day! A soldier can
spite a chap holding his name by de
liberately courting the attentions of a
bullet. On the other hand, it tends
to make them tenderly considerate of
each others' lives and urgent admoni
tions to "take care!" are not neces
sarily disinterested.
of being able to eat without
any annoying distress must
have its beginning in a
strong, active stomach.
If you suffer from poor
appetite, heartburn, cramps,
biliousness, constipation or
malaria, JUST TRY
Stomach Bitters
63 Years a Family Medicine
What's a Boy Made For?
How different a Batwa dwarf boy
from the American boy mentioned in
the following paragraph from a Detroit
exchange: "There was a big icicle
hanging in the corner Just over a store
door on Michigan avenue, and as the
weather softened up, and people be
came afraid to enter the building, the
proprietor came out to a crowd on the
sidewalk to see what could be done.
'Somebody might hit it from the roof,'
suggested one. 'Or you might get one
of the long lire ladders,' observed a
second. T think a charge of buckshot
would bring it down,' said a third
man, as he closed his left eye and took
a long squint. A boy about twelve
years old came along just then, and
when he understood the situation, he
Inquired of the grocer: "Will you give
a feller a nickel to get her down?'
'Yes, five of 'em.' 'Gimme a taterl'
A good-sized potato was handed him,
and he stepped back into the street,
peeled off his coat, and sent the tuber
whizzing. It struck the icicle at the
butt, and brought it down with a great
crash, and as the crowd cheered, the
boy pocketed his quarter, and huinbly
observed: 'Wonder what they thought
a boy was made fur, anyhow?' "
Practical Prohibition.
"I understand you are now one of
the officials of Crimson Gulch."
"Yep," replied Bronco Bob. "I come
in on the prohibition ticket."
"And how is prohibition working
"Fine. We've got it fixed now so
that nobody but the particular friends
of us authorities can buy or sell a
drop." Wichita Eagle.
Some Have to Keep on Until
They Almost Drop. How
Mrs. Conley Got Help.
Here is a letter from a woman who
had to work, but was too weak and suf
fered too much to continue. How the
regained health :
Frankfort, Ky.-"I suffered so much
with female weakness that I could not
do my own work,
had to hire it done.
I heard so much
about LydiaE. Pink
hams Vegetable
Compound that I
tried it. I tool; three
bottles and I found
it to be all you
claim. Now I feel as
w?i!aseverldid and
am able to do all my
own work again. I
recommsnd t to any woman suffering
from female weakness. You may pub
lish my letter if you wish. " Mrs. Jame3
CoNLi:Y,rjl6 St CIdr St,Frankfort,Ky.
Io woman suffering from any form of
female tioubles should lose hope until
she has given Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound a fair trial.
This famous remedy, the medieinat
Ingredients of which are derived front
native roots and herbs, has for forty
years proved to be a most valuable tonie
and invigoratorof the Temale organism.
All women are Invited to write
to the Lydia E. Pinkham Medi
cine Co., Lynn, Mass., for special
adricejU will be couHde&UaL
I ill? Will
lllljv I l
I vrV; k
For Another Euripides.
If some poet or dramatist as great
as Euripides were to rise from the
wreck of this war and write of what
he had seen he could not better the
denunciation in "The Trojan Women"
which runs, in part, "How are ye
blind, ye treaders down of cities, . , .
yourselves so soon to die.' Those
lines were spoken when this play was
presented in the new stadium of the
City college. They brought horns to
all who heard them the sickening real
ization that Europe has sloughed oft
its veneer of civilization and is back
where it was six centuries-before the
birth of Christ, when ancient Greece,
too, believed that she had emerged
from barbarism and did not see the
ruin then Impending. In France, in
Belgium, In northern Italy and on the
windy plains of ancient Troy itself the
shade of Euripides might again de
nounce those "that cast temples to
desolation and lay waste tombs, the
untrodden sanctuaries where lie the
ancient dead." In morals and lust for
blood Europe has reverted to the days
of the cave man.
Honey 8hortage in Britain. '
Even the bee feels the war. Ger
many has always been the largeBt buy
er of American honey, but this year
has taken only $10,000 worth. There
is a honey shortage in England, how
ever, and our bees may be happy yet
Taken altogether, according to official
reports coming to the department of
commerce, American bees have be
haved handsomely this year. They
have made an unusually large crop,
the average yield being 36.2 pounds
for every colony, as compared with
32.2 pounds last year.
Our ordinary crop is 50,000,000
pounds, and it will be greater than
that this year. Prices are down, how
ever, because of the shifting market
and heavy yield, and also because of
a very much heavier crop In the West
Indies, which is handled here. This
country has never sent much honey to
England. Only $4,000 worth went
there last year.
Gets Along Without It.
Hudson Maxim, the inventor, has an
artificial left arm. He lost his real
arm experimenting with explosives,
but be can manage the steering wheel
of his automobile better than half the
people who own cars. He had to give
a demonstration of this before the au
thoritles would grant him a license.
Save Money on Your
Stump Blasting
The explosives that pet stumps out cleanest and cheapest
are those that have a heaving and lifting effect, shattering the
stumps just enough to break them up. Then you can handle
them easily.
"The farmer," says an Experiment Station, "should use
an explosive that stands all ordinary shocks of handling and
does not easily freeze. He does not need the expensive nitro
glycerine explosives, ihousanus use
TanbFarm powders
and save money because they go further
than others. They are made especially
to suit Western farm conditions.
Giant Farm Powders the product
of the oldest manufacturer of high ex.
plosives in the United States are the
only genuine "gjant powders" for agri
cultural use. 1'hey are made in two
brands Giant Stumping Powder, ideal
for blasting in wet ground; and Eureka
Stumping Powder, the money-saving, low
freezing explosive for blasting stumps in
dry soil.
Ask your dealer for Giant Powders and blast
ing iiippliii. If he does nut have them we (hall
: supplied.
Everything for BlaBting"
Scirtlf, Spnkn. Portlaod, Sale LaU
Cay Denver
1 Tl 1 THE
1 B....O:..
We issue five valuable books.
They tell how to remove stumps
and boulders, blast ditches,
break up the subsoil, and have
earlier-bearing, thriftier or
chards by blasting holes for
trees. Write jot the book that
you frejer.
A Well Painted Barn
Will Save the Cost of a New One.
See Your Paint Dealer Now
"Say," said the landlord to the ten
ant, who was two months shy with
his rent, "when am I going to see the
color of your money?"
"Can't say," replied the party of the
second part. "The color just now is
an invisible green." Indianapolis
The Lesser Evil.
Old Grump Why doesn't Ethel mar
ry that young idiot? I'm getting blame
tired of his coming here so much.
His Wife I believe I'd prefer to
have him come here if she marries
him he'll stay here. Boston Tran
script. He Knew.
"The man is best governed who is
least governed."
"That's a man's theory," Bpoke up a
henpecked husband. "The women
have never subscribed to that as yet."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
His Idea of It.
Teacher Who can tell me
meaning of a "round-robin"?
Bright boy Please, miss, it's what
that burglar was doin' last night when
they nabbed him. Boston Transcript.
For Domestic Animals.
Horses, cattle and sheep are liable
to sores, sprains, galls, calkB, kicks,
bruises and cuts, and Hanford's Bal
sam of Myrrh is the standard remedy
for such cases. When you consider
how valuable your stock is, having the
Balsam always on hand for them is a
cheap form of insurance. Adv.
Up to Them.
"Why did Mendelssohn compose his
'Songs Without Words'"?
"Possibly to give the audience an
unhampered chance to talk." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
Somewhat Euphonious.
"You must have cut a dash in Italy."
"Why do you say that?"
"I hear you rented a palace."
"Well, the real estate agent called
it a palace. Real estate agents, the
world over, are much alike." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
T Granulated Eyelids,
SOrtj Eyes inflamed by epo
w mre to Sun, Dusl and Win!
H n J-, quickly relieved by Mario
CVC9 tyeBemedy. No Smarting,
7 lust Eve Comfort. Al
Your Druggist's 50c per Bottle. Murine E)
SalveinTubes25c. rorDOonoiinecyerreeasK
Druggists or Murine Eye Uemedy Co., Chicago-
Kill All Flies! Th2.!.p.r
Placed anywhere, Dalay P'y Kllltrattru.ti nrl klllaatl
fliea. Noat, ckan, ornamental, convenient, and cheap.
ul. can't ipiMer
W '"Jur "rilling. GnaraA
Daisy Fly Killer
HAR1LD SOMCRS, lie D.K.Itl .., Bro.kl,n,H.T.
"Do you think we shall ever estate
lish communication with Mars?"
"See no reason for trying to do so,
replied Mr. Growcher. "Enough op
porunlty for diplomatic interchange
down here." Washington Star.
Hanford's Balsam has cured many
cases of running sores of many years'
standing . Adv.
It Stirred His Bile, Though.
"I've just left Walker. He's laid up
in bed."
"Bilious attack?"
"Automobilious. He was knocked
down and very badly bruised." Bos
ton Transcript.
The Better the Day.
He Work Is scarce, but I got a Job
last Sunday that brought me $3.
She What! You broke the Sab
bath? He Well, one of us had to be broke.
Philadelphia Record.
Hanford's Balsam should relieve
even the worst burns. Adv.
Sleep Impossible.
"Porter, this berth has been slept
"No, sah; I ansuah you, sah. Mere
ly occupied. It's the one over the
wheelB, sah." Puck.
"Anuric" Will Not Fail to Stop Your Backache.
People are realizing more and more
every day that the kidneys, Just as do
tho bowels, need to be flushed occa
sionally. The kidneys are an elimina
tlve organ and are constantly working,
separating the poisons from the blood.
Under this continual and perpetual
action they are apt to congest, and
then trouble starts. Uric acid backs
up into the system, causing rheuma
tism, neuralgia, dropsy and many other
serious disturbances. Doctor Pierce
of Buffalo, New York, advocates that
every one should drink plenty of pure
water between meals. Every day
should exercise in the outdoor air suf
ficiently to sweat profusely, and from
time to time stimulate the kidney ac
tion by means of "Anuric." This prep
aration has been thoroughly tried out
at bis Sanitarium, in the same way as
his "Favorite Prescription" for weak
women and "Golden Medical Discov
ery," the standard herbal system ton
ic (both of which now come in tablet
form for convenience of carrying and
taking). "Anuric" is now being intro
duced here, and many local people are
daily testifying to its pcrfectness.
When you have backache, dizzy
spells or rheumatism, heed nature's
warning. It means that you are a
victim to uric acid poisoning. Then
ask your druggist for "Anuric" and
you will very soon become one of hun
dreds who daily give their thankful
indorsement to this powerful enemy to
uric acid.
If you have that tired, worn-out feel
ing, backache, rheumatism, neuralgia,
or if your sleep Is disturbed by too
frequent urination, get Dr. Pierce's
Anurio Tablets at drug store, full
treatment $1.00, or Bend 10c. for trial
package to Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. Y.