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    Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL. 2, NO. 34
THE YEAR $1.50
EnroWe to Dalles
Edgar, Sylvester Pratt of Wam
ic,. aged 62, died , in- an, outomo:
bile on the road south of Dufur
last evening while being brought
to this oitv by Dr. H. P. Shannon
Of Tygh Valley.
Mr, Pratt was suffering with
acute intestinal obstruction and
it was decided . to bring him to
The Dalles hospital for an opera
tion. J. C, Pratt, a relative,
was sitting in the rear seat sup
porting. Mr, Pratt, who suddenly
became rigid in death, ,
Dr. Shannon continued the
trip to this city and took the re
mains to the Crandall undertak
ing parlors, t The, -body, was sent
back to Wamic " today , for burial.
Chronicle, May 30., .
Mr. Pratt was an 'party settler
in the Wamic;etio,ot)jiy here, he
has lived .sipce,, comuig to Jthat
section with his;parents when a
child. For the past several years
ihe and his, . brother .'fy ., Pratt
have resided a small farrn in the
edge of Wamic. A, brother, Eu
gene Pratt and family also live
in Wamic Mrs. Katie Carson, a
daughter, and Ruben Pratt sur
vive him.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Harphan,
Miss Nellie Qtid little. Lawrence
left Wednesday evening far The
Dalles and Hood River. Mr.
Kaiser will "have charge of the
pool room and confectionery par
lors during their absence this sum
mer, and his family occupy their
Let the other fellow experiment. You
want to know what your prospective
car will do. The record of Ford cars
in the service of more than amillion
owners is the best evidence of Ford reli
ability, economy in operation and sim
plicity in handling. Average two cents
a mile for opea;tion and maintenance.
Touring Car $440; Runabout $390;
Coupelet $590; Town Car $640;
Sedan $740, f. o. b. Detroit. On sale at
Tr? Tl
' Hones, Matthew's
' Ewen McLennan, a prominent
stock man of Shaniko, was found
guilty on a charge of larceny of
two geldings by a jury in the
circuit court at noon today.
Malcolm McDonald. .McLennan 's
employe, was found not guilty
on the same indictment. The
jury went out at 4 o'clock yes
terday afternoon, deliberating
until 11:30 this morning.
The case involves the stealing
and killing of two horses belong
ing to C, E. Matthews of Criter
ion. The evidence introduced by
the state showed that the horses
were st;en near McLen nan's
ranch in August with his brand
on them. In November the
horses were seen in McLennan's
pasture with ..other horses be
longing to the defendant, ac
cording to four or five witnesses.
Word was left at the home of
jMcLennan on the forenoon of
November ?4, demanding the re
turn of the horses to Matthews,
The note left for McLennan was
lelivered to him two days later
Service because we are the handiest Bank for you
to deal with, we know your wants and are prepared
to take care of them. Safety because you know our
Stock holders and their circumstances.
Don't overlook us when you are lookingf or the
best price for your wheat.
By County' Agriculturalist Chase
Two elevators have been plan
ned in Wasco county. One at
Rice station and one at Boyd and
the companies are on a co-operative
basis. Another elevator is
being built at Maupin and there
is talk of providing loading fa
cilities at Wrentham, Friend, and
other points. As a consequence
of adopting the bulk system,
farmers will build facilities at
home for handling bulk grain.
Harry Richards has a granary
system all worked out and will
start in a few days getting ready
for a 5000 bushel capacity gal
vanized tank, which will be lo
cated about the center of his
grain area, He will place jt on
the side hill and construct a
driveway below so that he can
load from the granary by the
gravity system. The granary
will be placed on a concrete base
The receiving pit is to built of
concrete and will hold 120 bush
els. It will be so arranged that
he can back his wagon and un
it Two Springs. The morning: bad in a few moments. He will
00 00$0$0000$06096$00OH$
"Firestone" & "Goodyear"
Casing's and Tubes
the Heat Proof Auto Oil
Buy you Gasoline from
us at Portland prices
, Plus the Freight
Watch this space next week for the announcement of
ne redeived the note, McLennan
vent through his pasture to
round up his horses and take
them to the barn. Matthews
.vent to the McLennan ranch No
vember 27 to look for his horses.
Not finding the two he claimed,
he went through MrLenn&n's
pasture and found the carcasses
of the horses with their heads
cut off and the brands peeled.
Matthews and five other men,
including Gus Reader, deputy
sheriff of Shaniko, searched the
whole canyon in which the car
casses were, unable to find either
the heads of the horses or the
The theory of McLennan's de
fence was that the branding and
killing of the horses on his ranch
was a "plant" by his enemies,
Matthews and McLennan, ac
cording to the evidence brought
out in the case, have had an ill
feeling for each other for the
past 10 or 11 years,
The state's evidence showed
that McLennan and McDonald
were seen driving a band of
horses into the canyon on the af
ternoon that the horses were
suppose to have been killed.
This evidence was given by Dave
Wilson, who stated on the stand,
the two defendants remained in
the canyon for about fifty min
utes. It was largely on the tes
timony of Wilson that McLennan
was found guilty.
F. V. Galloway was attorney
for McLennan and McDonald,
and R. R. Butler was especially
employed to assist District at
torney W. A. Bell in the prose
cution. The argumenta of both
aides lasted from 10 o'clock yes
terday morning until 3:30 in the
afternoon. -Chronicle, May 27-
a bin will cost $373 lajd down at
The Dalles: "
' The cabbage "maggot seems to
be 'doing' sonre" 'damage. This is
an insect that attacks the cab
bagel faddish," turnip, cauliflower
celery' anfj kale'.' Thi3 maggot
comes from the egg of a small
fly.1 Preventative measures are
as follows; .
1.. Crop rotation with one of
the above plants following each
2. Screening over the young
plants to be transplanted-
3. Using hard disks around
the base of the plant so that the
eggs cannot be lajd close to the
plant in the field.
A complete discussion of this
insect and treatments for the
same will be found in College
Bulletin No. 91, O. A- C,
Attention is again called to the
treatment for cut worms, the
larva of which are very trouble
some in many gardenB. The
proportion for the mixture is as
follows: Bran, 50 lbs; Paris
green and white arsenic, 1 lb.
salt, 1 lb; lemon extract, 2 ozs;
water to mak a coarse crumbly
Mr. and Mrs. Bates Shattuck
and Clyde Williams motored to
The Dal Ins Wednesday night.
Mrs. Shattuck and son will go
of 260 bushel per hour. The
granary will contain for bins and
will be octangle in Bhape. Such
Most P. 0. Orders
Postmaster W. H. Talcott and
Assistant Miss Emerson have
completed a. thorough house
cleaning of the office and lobbies
of which they are justly proud.
Mr. Talcott, during his experi
ence as postmaster here, has
turned in some of the most satis
factory reports the Government
postornce department ever re
ceive, thus demonstrating hi
acurate bookkeeping ability.
This past month has been
the banner period for money or
have an elevator with a capacity flom there to California for an
Band Benefit, 17th
Wednesday, afternoon was so'
cial and election day with the
Priscilla club. Nearly all mem
bers were present. Mrs. D.. M,
Shattuck and Mrs. Temple were
the committee on eats for the,
day and served an elegant lunch...
eon of nut bread, sandwiches,
salad, strawberry shortcake and,
tea. The officers of the proceed
ing term were unanimously re
elected for the next six months.
The club voted to give' an ice.
cream social and program June
17th, for vyhich. Mrs. Staats has
offered the use of her lawn, the
social to be gjven in the evening
with musio furnished by the
band, and followed by a danco
in the hall for the benefit of the
Mrs. J. S. Fraley was a guest
of the ladies for the afternoon.
The next session will be at the
home of Mrs. Q. M. Shattuck.
extended visit Una summer with
relatives in different parts of that
Airhart's work train has been
busy this week with the steam
.shovel filling in the old ferry land
ing by the O. T. depot, cutting
down the bank for that purpose.
It will now be a covenient place
for leaniH to turn around,
You Can Afford to Build Now
We Save You 25 to 30 Per cent of the Cost
It Costs Less to Build Now Than Ten Years Ago
The Tum-A-Lum Method makes lumber lower todiiy than it was ten years
ago better in quality and you can by it as cheaply right here in your own
town as yon can buy anywhere in the world. Your farni lands have DOUBLED
and TREBLED in value you get TWICE as much for your grain but it costs
you LESS to build NOW than it did TEN YEARS AGO. You can now put
up the buildings you have needed, but Which you could not afford because lum
ber was so high.
Build Better Buildings for Less Money
You pay the lowest possible price for honest building material when you
build by the Tum-A-Luni Method and in addition you get the services of our
building experts who show you how to make every cent do the most work.
These men have made building their life work they KNOW their business and
will help you save 25 per cent to 30 per cent on the cost of your building just
as they have done for thousands of other people.
Our Building Experts Show You How
Our building experts have prepared a book of plans of buildings erected
here in the Northwest. These designs embody many exclusive features that go
to make the best possible building for the least cost. No matter what kind of a
building you couletnplate building, you want to see this book. Our local sales
manager will show it to you and will gladly quote you the complete price No
extras guaranteed for any design shown.
No Extras-Your Money Refunded for unused Material
There are no extras to pay for when you build by the Tum-A-Lum Method
We furnish all the building material necessary to complete the building. We'
tell you EXACTLY how much your building will cost you before you spend
one ceut. We furuish blue prints and material lists showing where every piece
of Material belongs. THERE IS NO WASTE every piece is figured so that
it cuts exactly no grtss vuik hi out 1 he eel) jilt te cost. Should
any material be left when the building is up, you can bring it back and we
will refund your money.
The One Right Price to Everybody
Everybody pays the SAME price at our yards. You do not have to pay
for the man who doesn't pay his bills or make up the difference for the man
who get a special price -you pay the actual cost of the lumber delivered aud
ONE fair profit you pay the RIGHT PRICE nobody can buy for any less,
"See Peter Kilburg about it"
The home of 'Tum-A-Lumber'
ders for this postoffice, about 220
00000 000000000000000400000
having been issued.