The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 28, 1916, Image 7

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Always safe and reliable. If it
isn 't all we claim your grocer
will refund your money.
U. S. Government Homesteads
In the Famous Columbia River Basin and Okanogan Valley. Fruit,
Dairy, Farm and Timber Land Map showing Roads, Lakes, Rivers,
Creeks, Mountains, Indian Allotments and Mineral Land. Book of
Description, shows How to Locate any Homestead of 160 Acres on
504-5 McKay Building,
Gean Up Means Paint Up
See Your Dealer.
Business necessity every Mer
chant buys on sight. Big profits.
Exclusive territory. Free samples.
Sells from f5 to $100. Write quick
for territory. Sayers. 637 Railway
Exchange, Portland, Ore.
Phone Broadway 6588.
Prompt Service
Specialty Machine Works
Gear Cutting, Weldinc Machine Shop Work,
Gas Engine Experts. Magnetos Repaired.
Parts of all Kinds Made for Automobiles.
Your Patronage Solicited.
14 N. Front St Portland. Oregon
The only Automobile School on the Pa
cific Const maintaining a Gas Tractor
Dept. U sin Holt Catterpillar, C. L. Best
Tracklayer and Wheel Tractor, both in the
school and operating field.
445 Hawthorne Ave., Portland, Ore.
Cash for Butterfat
Ship us your Cream, Eggs. Poultry, Dressed
Meats and Hides.
Hazelwood Co., Portland, Or.
The home of the satisfied shipper.
The better the Cream, the better the Price.
Double Tread, Puncture Proof Tires
Made from your old ones. Last Inn
)as Bran New Tires. WE ALSO BUY
OLD TIRES. We pay as hitch as 10c
per lb. for such as we can use in Double
Tread work, and the highest market
for junk. Ship your Tires at once or write us.
OREGON VULCANIZING CO., 550 Wiskhtw St., PertUnd. On.
We want all you have. Write for prices and
hipping tags. THE H. f. NORTON CO.
53 North front St., Portland, Ore.
TOiaIto FVm Treatment and Prevention
UUUIV3 1 1 CC 0f ConlogiouB Abortion.
Treatment and Prevention of Calf Scours. Hog
Sanitation. Poultry Diseases. Clip this ad and
mark an X In front of books wanted.
THEDA BROS., Dekum Uldg.. Portland, Oregon.
"Is your husband a heavy smoker?"
"Dear me, no! You've no idea how
long It takes me to save up enough
coupons frpm his cigars to buy a cut
glass pickle dish." Detroit Free Press.
And Enough For a Square Meal.
Butcher Will you have the round
steak, ma'am?
Mrs. Youngbride I don't care what
shape it is, so it's tender Boston
Metal Grain Bins
Agents Wanted
Cosst Culvert & Flume Co.
C Gee Wo
Suecwjful Horn
Flit ioreessful herb
jtt remedies cure ill
kinHs of ailments of
men and women with
out operation. usi
from the wonderful
Chinese herbs, roots.
buds and vegetables, which are unknown to
the medical science of this country.
Write for blank and circulars. Seni stamp.
The C. Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
First St, Portland, Ore.
Mention Paper.
P. N. U.
No. 17, 1918
Iwrnrv ririf t
For light,
wholesome cakes,
and pastry, use
Do it NOW!
Everyone Should
Drink Hot Water
in the Morning
Wath away all the stomach, liver,
and bowel poisons before
To feel your best day In and day out,
to feel clean Inside; no sour bile to
coat your tongue and sicken your
breath or dull your head; no constipa
tion, bilious attacks, sick headache,
colds, rheumatism or gassy, acid stom
ach, you must bathe on the inside like
you bathe outside. This is vastly more
important, because the skin pores do
not absorb impurities into the blood,
while the bowel pores do, says a well
known physician.
i To keep these poisons and toxins
well flushed from the stomach, liver,
kidneys and bowels, drink before
breakfast each day, a glass of hot
water with a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate in it. This will cleanse,
purify and freshen the entire alimen
tary tract, before putting more food
iuto the stomach.
Oct a quarter pound of limestone
phosphate from your pharmacist. It
is inexpensive and almost tasteless,
except a sourish twinge which is not
unpleasant. Drink phosphated hot
water every morning to rid your sys
tem of these vile poisons and toxins;
also to prevent their formation.
To feel like young folks feel; like
you felt before your blood, nerves and
muscles became saturated with an ac
cumulation of body poisons, begin this
treatment and above all, keep it up!
As soap and hot water act on the skin,
cleansing, sweetening and purifying,
so limestone phosphate and hot water
before breakfast, act on the stomach,
liver, kidneys and bowels.
Didn't Take A Chance.
"How Is the cooking in that restau
rant?'.' Gentleman with toothpick "Fine."
"And what did you have, may I
Gentleman with toothpick "A doz
en raw oysters, some ice cream and
a glass of milk."
A Hint.
He I see where the government
wants women to save their rags.
She Well, If the government only
takes a look at the clothes I have to
wear, it can see one woman's doing It.
Baltimore American.
Cherchez L'Homme.
"Why don't she marry you? Is there
another man in the case?"
"I'm afraid so."
"Do you know who It is?"
"Yes, her father." Boston Trans
cript. Time to Beware. '
"A man dat shows off too much
smartness," said Uncle Eben, "gets so
he enjoys about as much confidence
as a sleight o' hand man in a poker
game." Washington Star.
Spring Colds
Are the Worst
They lead to catarrh and pneu
monia. They weaken the entire
system and leave it unable to resist
the sudden changes. They inter
fere with your digestion ana lessen
your activity. Neglected they soon
become that dread disease known
as systemic catarrh. Don't neglect
them. It's costly as well as danger
ous. PERU N A
Will Safeguard You
Have a box of Peruna Tablets with
you for the sudden cold or expos
ure. Tone your system up with a
regular course of the liquid Peruna.
fortify it against colds, get your di
gestion up to normal, take care of
yourself, and avoid danger. If you
aro suffering now begin the treat
ment at once. Give Nature the
hWp she needs to throw off the ca
tarrhal inflammation, and again be
come well.
Peruna has been helping peo
ple for 44 years. Thousands of
homes rely on it for coughs, colds
and indigestion. It's a good tonic
for the weak, as well.
The Peruna Company,
Columbus, Obie
Periscope Described as Really
Simple Instrument.
Gives Clear Images, but Has Some De
fects Which Scientists Are En
deavoring to Rectify Tires
the Observer Quickly.
The periscope, the "eye" of the
submarine, is described as a simple in
strument whose construction has
proved a complicated problem for op
ticians. "In its simple form," an op
tician says, "it is a vertical steel tube
about 20 feet long, with a reflecting
prism at the top and the lenses of
a telescope at the bottom. It is, in
fact, a simple telescope whose line
of light 'turns a corner' from hori
zontal to vertical as it passes through
the prism. This Instrument takes in
45 degrees of the horizon, or one
eighth of the total field, at one view.
By turning the tube on its axis, the
reBt comes Into sight successively.
"This periscope gives very clear
images, but as It can be used with
only one eye at a time it does not
allow of distinguishing the different'
planes of vision very well, and tires
the, observer's eye rather quickly.
Binocular periscopes have been at
tempted, but luminosity Is lost by
gaining the advantage of stereo
scopic vision.
"The so-called combination perl
scope allows of vision with both eyes,
though it is not stereoscopic. A real
image is thrown on a ground-glass
screen, much like that of a photo
graph camera; it may be looked at
with the two eyes, but no impres
sion of depth and space is given. The
screen avoids excessive fatigue, and
It can be used only in bright light.
The size of the image is often insuf
ficient to bring out detail. To obtain
greater enlargement without dimin
ishing clearness too .much, magnify
Ing lenses are sometimes added.
"The preceding periscopes do not
enable a commander to take a rapid
survey of the horizon; it takes five to
ten seconds to make a complete circle.
Again, the observer must himself
move around with the eye-piece. If
the image is to remain upright with
out moving the eyepiece it is neces
sary to use a compensatory prism
whose movement makes up for that of
the eyepiece.
"This is the principle of the pano
ramic periscope whose tube Is fixed
An Eye Placed at the Observing End
of a Submarine's Periscope Sees a
Rlng-Shaped Image of the Horizon
With Direct Image of One Part In
the Center.
and bears at its summit a glass bulb
containing a reflecting prism mount
ed on a base that may be turned with
a handle. There Is a compensating
prism that turns at half the speed
and keeps the image straight
"To observe successively all points
of the horizon it suffices to turn the
crank, without Its being necessary
for either observer or eyepiece to
change place.
"Nevertheless, however rapid the
operation, it does not enable the ob
server to see the whole horizon at
once. This is realized in the perl
scope with ring-shaped eyepiece. At
the top of the tube is a ring-shaped
lens which refracts toward the base
of the tube rays that reach it from
all sides. A panoramic image is thus
obtained that includes all surround
ing objects, although they appear
smaller and more distant than with
the naked eye. The observer also
sees, in the center of the panoramic
Image, .a portion of the field on a
larger scale."
General Merritt's Career,
General Wesley Merrltt was born in
New YOrk city In 1836 and died in
1910. He was graduated from West
Point in 1860 and in 1861 assigned to a
cavalry regiment. In 1862 he acted as
aid to General Cooke. In 1863 he par
ticipated in Stoneman's famous raid
toward Richmond. In the battle of
Gettysburg and in the Richmond cam
paign of April-August, 1864, he com
manded a reserve cavalry brigade, and
in the Shenandoah valley campaign
and the final Richmond campaign he
commanded a cavalry division. By
the end of the war he had been made
major general of volunteers and
brevet major general In the regular
army. In 1876 he served In the Indian
campaigns In Wyoming and Dakota.
From 1882 to 1887 he was superintend
ent of the United States Military acad
emy, in 1887 be was made brigadier
general, in 1895 major general. In
1897-98 be commanded the department
of the East of the United States army,
and he was in command of the United
States forces In the Philippines In
1898. He was one of the United States
peace commissioners to Paris, and
j after that was again commander of
the department of the East until he
j retired from the service June 16, 19U0.
I He waB the son of John W. and Julia
i Anne Merrltt.
His Training,
"Why don't you dress tnat north
window?" asked the department store
"1 have dressed it with women's
wear," replied the window dresser.
"But there's hardly a thing in It?"
"Well, you see, I used to be an usher
at the opera and I'm used to that kind
of dressing "
riot Lunches In Country School.
University of Oregon, Eugene. Hot
lunches at noon In remote country
schools Is an educational innovation
that has been introduced into western
Lane county. In western Lane much
of the Bchool year is rainy, and young
sters, traveling long distances in all
sorts of weather, often wear wet
clothes a large part of the day.
School boards were accordingly ask
ed to provide cooking utensils, which
in many cases consist of only a large
kettle, a big spoon, a knife and a few
other bare 'necessities. The children
bring the articles to be cooked. Some
bring potatoes, some bring vegetables,
some bring meat, milk and other ar
ticles at different times. Each child
has his own bowl and the lunch con
sists usually of hot soup.
Each day two pupils are appointed
hosts for the following day. After
school at a meeting the kind of soup
desired for the following day is de
termined, and on the following day the
two hosts are allowed time from their
school work to prepare and cook the
soup on the big stove . in the corner
of the school room.
Formerly the children consumed
their cold lunch in perhaps ten min
utes; now lunch occupies about a
half hour and each pupil eats at his
own desk. Miss Jennie Bossen is
school supervisor in the district in
which this innovation has been made.
Best Proof That
Resinol Heals Eczema
In our file of reports, covering a
period of twenty years, literally thou
sands of physicians tell how success
ful the Resinol treatment is for ecze
ma and similar skin troubles. The
first use of Resinol Ointment and Res
inol Soap usually stops the itching and
burning, and they soon clear away all
trace of the eruption. No other treat
ment for the skin now before the pub
lic can show such a record of profes
slonal approval.
Resinol Ointment and Resinol Soap
work so gently, and are so absolutely
free from anything that could injure
even the tenderest skin, that they are
ideal for healing the skin troubles of
Infants and children. Sold by all drug
gisLs. (Advt.)
The Truth.
"You told me when I bought this
lot that the town couldn't possibly
grow in any direction but this."
"Well, it hasn't has it? As a mat
ter of fact, the population has de
creased 60 per, cent since that time."
Trying To Be Complimentary.
"What did your children say when
you played Santa Claus laBt year?"
"Nothing," replied Mr. Growcher,
"except they believed the make-up
was an improvement on my regular
face." Washington Star.
"Now we must speed the parting
"Leave her to me. It I ever get her
and her traps into the car, I'll hit it
up to 60 miles an hour." Louisville
Heard On the Elevated.
First Young Thing I started read
Ing "Les Miserables" last night. It
Is very Interesting.
Second Young Thing Isn't it! 1
think it is Victor Herbert's master
piece. Boston Transcript.
No Chance.
"Yes, sir, one hour's uninterrupted
reading each evening would make
"Uninterrupted! Where do you
think my wife spends her evenings?
London Opinion.
For Every Kind
of Lameness
Rub It ea utt
Rub II in.
Balsam of Myrrh
For Cuts. Burne.
Bruises, Sprains,
Strains. Stiff Neck.
Chilblains, Lame Back.
Old Sores, Open Wounds,
and all External Injuries,
Made Since 1846. "ffi
Price 25c, 50c and $1.00
a ii n i or white
All Dealers
A Flat Dweller's Strategem.
MrB. X Bothered with time-wasting
callers, are you? Why don't you try
my plan?
Mrs. Y What is your plan?
Mrs. X Why, when the bell rings
I put on my hat and gloves before I
press tbe button. If it proves to be
someone I don't want to see, I simply
say: "So sorry, but I'm just going
Mrs. Y But suppose It's someone
you do want to see?
Mrs. X Oh, then I say: "So fortu
nate I've Just come In." Boston
Strive for and maintain the
highest possible standard at
all times; when you need help
Stomach Bitters
Is a remedy you can always
rely on for Stomach and BoW'
el disorders. Get the genuine
How German Incendiary Bombs
Are Constructed.
Intended to Generate Sudden and In
tense Heat at the Point Where
They Are Dropped Noxious
Gas Also Liberated.
The Incendiary bombs which have
been dropped from Zeppelins upon
parts of France and England are
among the most Ingenious and perfect
ly devised destructive contrivances
that the war has brought out.
In the scores that have been dropped
from Germany's gigantic airships only
one so far has failed to explode and
this has been seized upon eagerly by
the English war officials for examina
tion. It differs from an ordinary explo
sive bomb inasmuch as it is Intended
not to scatter fragments over a wide
area, but to produce sudden and In
tense heat at a given point, thus start
ing a fierce conflagration.
The bomb, as a rule, 1b c. .'.cal, of
ten-Inch diameter at the base, corded
round, and has a metal handle at the
apex. The base is a flat cup, on to
which a pierced metal funnel is fitted,
having the Ignition device and handle
fitted at the top. The funnel is gener
ally filled with thermit, which upon
ignition generates Intense heat, and by
the time of the concussion has taken
the form of molten metal of the ex
traordinarily high temperature of over
6,000 degrees Fahrenheit'
The molten metal is spread by the
concussion. Outside the funnel is a
padding of a highly-inflammable or re
sinous material bound on with an in'
flammable form of rope. The resinous
material creates a pungent smoke,
There is generally some melted
white phosphorus in the bottom of the
cup, which develops nauseous fumes.
In some cases celluloid chipplngs are
added, and occasionally a small quan
tity of petrol.
Savings Banked in Teapots.
A considerable amount of gold Is be
ing hoarded by people who bank their
incomes and business takings and who
are anxious to be ready to meet emer
gency demands; but it is probable that
a much larger quantity is stored up in
rural parishes throughout the country.
The money, which is added to from
time to time, lies unproductive in the
house, concealed In wooden boxes un
der the bed, teapots, vases, or in tin
boxes. It was stated recently in a lo
cal paper in Devonshire that persons
who went about the country districts
knew instances of from $500 to $4,000
being kept in bedrooms In lonely farm
houses, the owners of these dead re
serves being In no way tempted by 6
per cent -bonds. It has, in fact, been
the custom in many families for the
family fortune, such as It Is, to be
handed to the heirs in cash.
In certain rustic minds there seems
to be not only a distrust of the bank
and post office, but an Ineradicable ob
jection to outside persons knowing
the state of their finances. It is not
yet realized that a practice which
may be comparatively innocuous in
time of peace is positively harmful in
time of war. London Times.
Dance to Drive Fog Away.
Tbe canyons and mountains back of
Incevllle, near Santa Monica, Cal., re
sounded at night with the beat of
tom-toms and the hillsides were light
ed by the bonfires of 100 Indians, who
spent the night praying In primitive
fashion to drive away the fog and
The chief of the tribe had been In
formed that if the fogs lasted much
longer, preventing the making of pic
tures for the movies, the Indians
would have to be sent back to their
reservation in South Dakota.
A council was called and it was de
cided to hold a "sunshine" or "weath
er" dance. W. E. Brooks, in charge of
the Indians, was so, notified and Mr.
Ince contributed an ox to be roasted
as part of the ceremony.
Two medicine men, Lone Bear, reput
ed to be more than one hundred years
old, and Good Voice Crow were In
charge of the ceremonies, in which all
the Indians took part. Bonfires were
lighted and the tomtoms were pound
ed on the top of a mountain back of
the motion picture camp. As the ox
roasted the dance continued. New
York Sun.
Mistakes 8oldler for "Daddy."
The following slC illht on war was
seen on a London stroot. A British
officer, carrying his arm in a sling,
was preparing t(. stop off a street car
when a young woman, dressed In deep
mourning, a baby In her arms, stepped
on the platform. The child cried "Dad
dy" with embarrassing enthusiasm on
scilng the officer. The passengers gig
gled, the oftlcor blushed, but tears
rushnd into the eyes nf the young
wMow. In an instant the tragedy of
war was revealed to everybody. The
wounded officer drew hlniHelf up stiffly
anl saluted tho baby. This tribute
to tho dead father frozo any further
merriment and tlio Incident was
Frame of Mind.
"Now, why dollboratoly Irritate the
cook, my dear?"
"It Is necessary, John. She hat to
whip some cream."
"What of that?"
"Sho will mnkA a much better Job
if It If sho la mnd."
' cevici.
is w .m m i m xa . jr..
m v
Six feet through at base, 4 feet
6 inches through at top, five feet above
ground. Giant Stumping
Powder did a clean job, taking out
roots and all without tearing a big hole
in the ground.
them know that
always save them money, time and work. They save money
because they lift and heave as well as shatter, and go further than
high explosives that merely split the stumps. They save time
and work because they get out the stumps big or little, green or
dead in a condition easy to handle, "I get better results from
Giant Powders than from any other powder I have used," says
A. E. Adkins, Woodburn, Ore.
There ire two Giant Farm Powders, both made especially for Pacific
Coast farmers. Eureka Stumping Ponder ii moit economical for dry
work and Giant Stumping Powder saves money in stump blasting in wet
toil. Try these two. Compare them with the ponder you have been
using, and you will always use Giant In future. Write us and we mill
have our nearest distributor supply a trial case at the lowest market price,
Five Blasting Books FREE
Better ways of removing stumps and boulders, making
, ditches, planting trees, and breaking up the subsoil are
described in our five illustrated books. They were written
for western farmers, to meet the conditions tint you have.
Write us for the book on the subject you are interested in.
THE GIANT POWDER CO., Con., SPXZk San Francisco
" Everything far Blotting "
Branch Of fleas l Sssttls, Spokane, Portland. Soil Lake Cltr. Dearer
br CHtttr'i BliikUl Pill. Low
DrtMd. fresh. raUtbla: nraftrTMt b
rlred, fresh, ralltble; pref tired bf
WMtwn itocknwn because tkey fr"t
ttt where ether vaeelnes tell
Write for booklet end testimonials.
tO-doie pkie. Blieklei Pllla $1.00
IO-oom ekee. BUflklee PHI 4.00
Ha sm InlaWnfv hilt. fhltttrM twit
The npertorltr of Cutter products la due to o? K
lain of apectamlnf In vaeelnei end serums only.
Insist en Cutter's. If iinnhulntble. order direct
T'lE CUTTER LABORATORY, Berkeley, California,
A guaranteed remedy for Colds and
La Grippe. Price 25c of your druggist.
It's good. Take nothing else. Adv.
Novelty Needed.
"You don't say 'Down with the
trusts!' in your speeches any more."
"No, replied Senator Sorghum;
"mine are like other audiences. You've
got to give them something new."
Washington Star.
Another Good One.
'I see the Campfire Girls have an
honor entitled the 'firemaker degree.' "
'That ought to qualify them as good
wives for lucky men. Have they a
dish-washer degree?" Louisville Courier-Journal.
Mame Honest, Maude, didn't you
accept Jack's proposal last night?
Maude Y-Y-Yes. But how did you
Mame Oh, the poor dear looked so
worried this morning. Penn State
These Thfee Women Tell How Thej
Escaped the Dreadful Ordeal of
Surgical Operations.
Hospitals are great and necessary institutions, but they
should be the last resort for women who suffer with ills
peculiar to their sex. Many letters on file in the Pinkham
Laboratory at Lynn, Mass., prove that a great number of
women after they have been recommended to submit to an
operation have been made well by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. Here are three such letters. All
sick women should read them.
with female troubles that I could not do anything, and our doctor
said I would have to undergo an operation. I could hardly walk
without help so when I read about tne vegetable ujmpouuu. ami vmuu
it had done for others I thought I would try it. I got a bottle ot
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and a package of Lydia h.
I'inkham's Sanative Wash and used them according to directions.
They helped me Riid today I am ablo to do all my work and I am well.
Mrs. Tu'js. Dyvyer, 139 Milwaukee; Ave., East, Detroit, Mich.
ellevuc, Ta. " I suffered more than tongue can tell with terrible
bearing down rains and inflammation. I tried several doctors and
they all told nie tho same story, that I never could get well without
an operation and I just dreaded the thought of that I also tried a
good mauy other medicines that were recommended to mo and none
of them helped mo until a friend advised mo to give Lydia E. Pink
hani's Vcgetablo Compound a trial. The first bottlo helped, I kept
taking it and now I don't know what it is to be sick anv more and I
am picking up in weiyht. I am 20 years old and weigh 145 pounds.)
It will bo tho greatest pleasure to me if I can havo the oppor
tunity to recommend it to any other suffering woman." Miss Irin
Fhoklicuer, 19'J3 Manhattan St., North Side, Bellovue, Pa.
If yoa would lileo special advice write to I.ydla E. Plnkhara
Med.Co.(coiiiideutlal),Lyna,Mass. Your letter will bo opened,
lead nd aimwered by a woman and held la BtrlcAconfldenoet
.sssssssflr: . I I I 1 m m m k.
Farmers who have used
Stumping agricultural
Keep Kids Kleen
The moet practical, healthful, playtime
rnnenliever invented for childrea I to
yean of age. Made in one piece with
drop back. Eaiilv slipped on or off .
Lauly washed. INauihtdaibcbatids
to stop circulation, Made in blue
denim, and blue and white hickory
stripes for all the year round. Also
lighter weight, hut-color materia in
dark blue, cadet blue, tin or daikred
for summer wear, all apptrjprmteiy
binuneJ with fait-color nlatea.
Made in Dutch neck with dbow
sleeves and high neck and long
75c the suit
If your dealer cannot supply you.
we wui ten a tnan, charges prepai
On teceipt of price, 75c each.
Suit a lEi Rip
Dewire of Imiliboiu. Look for
I fie Two Hoimi on the Label.
Made by
Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco
Aardd GRAND PRIZE at th, P. P. I.E.
Calling Uncle Down.
"When I waB a youngster," remark
ed Uncle Braggles, "I was about the
best baseball player in this county."
"What did you play?"
"Pitcher, catcher, shortstop an' all
the rest of 'em."
"Yes, uncle," spoke up little Willie,
the champion bright child. "But we're
talking about baseball, not amateur
theatricals." Washington Star.
I tsssfjaVHMaPaaajal
I Ran. u.8. Pat. off.
9 J
Marinette, Wis. "I went to the doctor and
he told me I must have an operation for a femala
trouble, and I hated to have it done as I had been
married only a short time. I would have terrible
pains and my hands and feet were cold all tha
time. I took Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Com
pound and was cured, and I feel better in every
way. I give you permission to publish my name
because I am so thankful that I feel well again,"
Mrs. Feed Bjchnkb, Marinette, Wis.
Detroit, Mich. "When I first took Lydia
PinVham'a VecrptaMn Cnmnound I Was SO run down