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I IL A. . I It
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 2. NO, 25
THE YEAR $1.50
Wapinitia Items
George Rice has been doing
gome freighting: for J. P. Abbott
this week.
W. A. Dane's saw mill which
3 located about 7 miles west of
this place, began operationg
Monday- Mrs. Carrie Kirkham
'is employed as cook.
' l',Mrs. OUie Weberg is ouiteill
ith felgrlpp at present.
LuJKelly was a Wapinitia visit
or Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Brown made
a trip to Maupin lest week.
'.Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tunison
ca'tfie p from White. River last
Saturday, visiting with Mrs.
Tunisotfe parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. 0. Wilson, returning Mon
day. A. N. Dodge made a trip to
Maupin last Friday.
Mr.and Mrs.N-W.Flinn return
ed last Friday from The Dalles,
where they had been since Mon
day. Clyde met them at Maupin.
A few of the farmers have
been plowing, .but in most places
the ground is too wet yet.
Mr. and Irs. V. B. Tapp made
a trip to Maupin last Thursday-
Al Daniels is employed drilling
a well for Ora Maynard. They
are down 65 feet and have struck
Frank Gabel has been pulling
a drag over the road from his
place four and one-half miles
from here, to the main road.
A regular monthly business
meeting of the Christian Endeav
or society, was held at the home
; -'.of Rev. Staines last Friday night
Business over, the remainder of
the evening was spent in playing
games, and enjoying a sumptuous
1 lunch served by the social committee.
Dee Woodside. met with what
might have been a serious accl
, flent last Saturday, when a horse
""struck him on the . mouth with
his front foot, losening several of
his teeth.
Last week was 'moving week'
in Wapinitia. Herbert Hammer
and family moved on to the Jim I
Hartman place, known as the
Doc Logan place. Mr. Hammer
is employed by E. A. Hartman
for the spring. Jim Mandron
moved his family to the J. P.
Abbott place known as the Knopf
place. Gottliep ' Teschner and
family moved to the Arch Rains
property here in Wapinitia, and
Arch Rains and wife have moved
to the Teschner ranch about
3 miles south of here.
Ceua and Clyde J linn were
visitors at the Phil Mott home
last Saturday night and Sunday.
A number of the stockmen of
this vicinity .met at th home of
J. I--. West ' last Tuesday and
' branded 'and t de-horned .. cattle,
preparatory to turning put' on -the
Grange. " . ' V ' ...
" ' Mrs. ' J, I.." West left here last
week for Portland. Mrs. . Anna
Smith is taking her place.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Jim Mandron has been very
sick lately. , .
"'Jackson Rice is employed at
the Dane Mill.
Xambing commenced last week
at the J. P- Abbott sheep ranch
Little Gladys Smith is on the
sick list this week.
'About 25 people gathered at
Mrs. A. A. Amen's home last
Friday night. A dance and a
real jrood social time was enjoyed
by all.
Sidney Wilson came up from
White River last Sunday return
ing Tuesday.
A large crowd greeted Supt.
Bonney, L. P. Harrington and A.
Work Progressing
Excavation is practically finish
ed on Shattuck Bros, new build,
ing, and concreting will begin in
a day or two. This work will be
rushed with all possible speed as
they expect to be able to vacate
their present location by May
R, Chase Monday evening at the
Bchool .bouse, when they gave
the gtereopticon lecture. The
Wapinitia band furnished music
and the entire program was very
much enjoyed.
: Mr, and Mrs,. Ben Gabel from
Nantural pasture were callers
here Sunday.
Edward Chapel was down and
took several school pictures last
Mrs. Evick has a new supply of
spring hats on exhibition at the
store here.
Herbert Hammer and Jim
Hartman were hauling freight
last week with two four-horse
The class that has been study
ing Expert Endeavor under the
supervision of Rev. M. H. Staines
has completed the book and will
take an examination on it soon.
Frank Gabel wag a Dalles vis
itor last week.
Gottlieb Teschner is employed
by Dee Woodside this spring.
Grace Shafer started to school
here last Monday.
Miss Lena Hackler is employed
at the J. P. Abbott home.
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Foreman
made a trip to Lu Kelly's Mon
day. Johnie Boen and Matt Busic
are helping J. P. Abbott during
The BQy.Scouts hejd a meeting
Monday and decided to take a
'trip Friday over on the Nena and
camp over night. M- H. Staines
will be in charge of them.
Joe Graham arrived Monday
morning from Portland, having
made , the trip over , the snow in
the mountains on snowshoes.
Dr. Koch's Extracts, Liniments,
Salve, Toilet Articles
From 25 TO 60 percent Reduction
Call at Residence L. B. HAINES, Maupin,. Ore.
Auto Passenger Service Auto Delivery Truck
Prepared for Long Trips or Outing Parties
A Complete Line of Automobile Accessories
Make Money in I9I6
' Sacks are out of date. Handling grain in Bulk saves
1 cents to 3 cents per bushel, And this saving is made
above, the cost, of installing the bin. Bulk Handling
insures getting ALL the profit and reduces labor very
materially. , .
Drop into our office and see the new plans for these
bins designed by our Architects and Engineers.
Design X101 looo bushel $46
Design X 102 looo bushel $38
Design X 103 5000 bushel $282
Design ,X 104 5000 bushel $272
Prices for all Lumber, Shingles and Cement where
called for on plans.
FREE Complete plans showing every detail necessary
for erection. List of hardware and other equipment
included with plans. We'll be glad to show you plans
and talk over your needs for the coming senson.
"See PETER KILBURG about it"
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
Base Ball Season Has Opened
Schedule for Future Games
Tygh at Maupin, April 2.
. Dalles Independents at Maupin
April 9.
Gateway at Maupin, April 16.
Grass Valley at Maupin, April
The opening base ball game of
the season was played at Tygh
Valley last Sunday March 26.
The score was Tygh 1, Maupin
10- The game was well attend
ed, ground was in good shape.
The weather being, cool and the
Tygh team not having played to
gether before this season partly
accounts for them not making
Criterion Chronicles
D. B. Appling went to Maupin
on Monday.
C. E- Tunison jr. went to Mau
pin Monday after wire and posts
to finish fencing his farm. Earl
is making a number of substan
tial improvements this spring.
Bert McCready recently pur
chased a section of land of P., J.
Kirgch. ;
Geo. Miller was over
Flanagan Sunday. He expects
to have his family with him in a
short time.
W. M. Snels,qn bought a team
of horses last ;week.
R. H. DeCamp visited Maupin
Friday last
Bert Knight and wife, went to
their ranch at Kingsley last week
to do spring's work.
Mrs. Kidder seems to be stead
ily improving in health.
Sheep men are having a good
lamb crop. Grass is excellent
and ewes are strong and furnish
ing an abundance of milk.
The roads are much improved
the past few days, partly owing
to the drying winds and partly
to the good work being done by
the road crew. We suppose
btatone score, ,which was made
hy Willis Norval in the sixth inn
l-Exceptingafew errors Maupin
boyg played good ball, scoring
one in the third, two in the fifth,
two in the suth, and five in the
seventh inning, Raymond Crab
tree making the first tally.
Next Sunday,. April 2, Tygh
will play a return game at Maupin
Game will be called at 2 p. m.
Maupin Brass Band is expected
to furnish some music on the
ball grounds. Read the Times
each week for information about
Dr. Elwood is temporarilly lo-
eating: his drug stock in the room ! ing:, which when entirely corn
east of Shattuck's store, which pleted promises to be one of the
nas Deen cleared tor that pur-
pose. He has taken over the
Tygh Valley drug store stock
recently purchased by Dr. Sto
vall from G. -R. Burtner and is
moyiog it to this place. Dr.
J3toill wjll be here and have
charge of the prescription coun-
ter. As soon as the remainder
of the building is vacated it is
intended to put in a large stock
and conduct an up to-date store
in every line.
however that some are finding
plenty of fault, it being an in
curable mania with some to do
so. roe majority are well
pleased as this is the first time
in the history of our community
that work has been done on the
roads at the proper time. '
The correspondent from Cri
terion accepts with pleasure the
encouraging remarks of the
editor in last weeks issue of the
Times. ' We hear very often,
both from home and a distance,
very flattering remarks regard
ing the newainess and the
business like character of the
paper" We are sure that there
is none better in county and are
sure that there are a number of
local sheets in the state very in
ferior to the Times. It is indeed
gratifying to correspondents
to know that their efforts are
appreciated and that they are
really, helping to make the Times
a popular medium of news.
Two new Oliver Chilled No.
19, two Bottom Gang Plows,
complete, for sale by A. E.
Lake, Wamic, Ore., at a big
bargain. It will pay to write or
phone at once if you want the
best Gang Plow at the lowest
Wamic News
Mrs. Albert Jackson of Port
land and Mrs. Arthur Creighton
of The Dalles were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Crabtree a week
ago Friday, remaining until Mon
day. Mrs. Ruff McCorkle and son
were visiting relatives here the
fore part of last week.
Mrs. P. Isenberg is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. G. Harvey,
having arrived Tuesday.
J..E. Kennedy made a trip to
his Deschutes . cattle ranch last
Mr. and Mrs. J. Holt of Mid
dle Brook . Jeft Thursday for an
indefinite stay at Tacoma. - Her
man Gesh took their household
furniture to the railroad station.
Herman-Gesh and Willis Norvel
hauled several loads of freight
from, Sherar last week for the
ball games, etc,
Lineup Maupin team: Arthur
Morris, captain, L. D. Kelly,
manager, Ernest Confer, Ray
mon Crabtree, Leonard Chastain,
Earl Crabtree, Clarence Wood
ruff, Geo. Morris. Glen Morris,
Van Moad,' Ernest Troutman,1
Louis Mayhew, moscott; Tygh
Valley team: Judd Doering, cap
tain, W. T. Reel, manager, Joe
Chastain, John Chastain, Don
Miller, Cecil Chastain, Willis
Nerval, Roy Morris, Roy Mor
row, Omar Britain.
Wapinitia Hotel!
While a guest of Mrs. May
Barzee at the Wapinitia hotel the
first of the week, we had the
Pleasue to see most of the build-
most modern hotels in this end-of
the county. A number of the
rooms will be fitted with lavatory
a bath room( is fitted up in con
nection and the entire building
will be lighted with gas. These
coveniences. together with the
eiegant dining service will
tainly attract tourists that way.
A. E. Lake Store.
Henry Miller left Thursday for
Bend where he has employment
in a big sawmill.
Samie Douglas and Andrew
Ken worthy left Monday for Pen
dleton. Jimmie McCowan went to
Tygh Valley Monday, having se:
cured employment at the Hauser
Miss Gertrude Crabtree left
Thursday for The Dalles. She
has engaged a school six miles
from town.
J. Web of Tygh was here Wed
nesday. Mrs. Lois McCowan ac
m w m m m m mm
County Depository
Bring Your Tax Statement
400040044040000004044 40040
o . v O
summer is
And Straw Hats will soon
be with us.
See our line of men's
and women's, kids and.
kiddies Straw and Cloth
Get fixed for the Maupin
-Tyg'h ball game next
Sunday at Maupin.
Hotel Improvement
The arrangement of the Moad
hotel has been undergoing some
alteration the past few days. A
stairway has been built leading
from the dining room to the front
hallway upstairs. The first room
at the top of the stairs will be
furnished off for a parlor and six
more rooms and a bath room will
be complied on the south side
Lucas Withdraw
Bdltor Times;
' Recently I announced my candi
dacy for the office of state senator
on the republican ticket, believing
that Hood River county should
have representation in the legisla
ture. I believe that no doubt existed
as to my success, had not other
candidates from this county euter
ed the field.
As I desire most of all, harmony,
I respectfully withdraw my candi
dacy. Respectfully,
J. P. Lucas,
New Parlors
W. H. Talcott is having the
building, recently erected for a
drug store, fitted . up for an ice
cream and confectionery parlor
which will have a formal opening
Sunday-with Miss Estel Emer
son in charge.
companied him home and will
stay with Mrs. Web for a while.
Miss May Douglas arrived Sat
urday from Pendleton and is a
guest of her aunt, Mrs. Martha
Heavy rains, frost, and freez
ing at night has been the order
of weather of late.
A leap year dance was given
in the hall Saturday night.
Smock Items 2
Mrs. Nora Mulvaney and MrB.
Leone Hull were callers at Mrs.'
Landor's Wednesday.'
Fifty neighbors and friends
upon us
To Eliminate Sacks .
Installation of a grain elevator
at the Hunts Ferry warehouse,
making it possible to store grain
in bulk without the use of sacks,
is being considered by the direc
tors of that company, who hava
written to different construction
companies for plans and informa
tion. This subject wilLbe up for
consideration at the an nnal meet
ing of stockholders which con
venes the first Monday in May.
It is estimated that the amount
of money spent for sacks during
the coming season would practic
ally cover the cost of the proposed
installation. In view of this fact
it should be an easy . matter to
promote thisventure, which will
represent a great saving to the
farmers of this community year
after year.
met Sunday at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. B. Morgan to celebrate
Mrs. Morgan's birthday. The
occasion was to have been agsu'r
prise, but Mrs. f "Morgan" was
'wised up' and had some dainty
refreshments. All report a good
time. .
MrB. John Howell visited Mrs.
T. J. Whitcomb Saturday, i
Edward Disbrow was a Sunday
caller at N. E. Whitcomb's
I. T. Courtright is repairing
fence on his ranch, known as
Shannon ranch.
T. E. Farlow and family were
Thursday visitors with his moth
er. " '
Blaine Disbrow began plowing
Tuesday for John Ayres.
J- W. Farlow attended business
at the county seat last week;
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gesh of
Wamic were guests of Mrs.
Gesh's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mulvaney, Sunday and left little
Alice for a few days' visit. '
Sid Mulvaney was looking over
the Mud Creek ranch a few days
last week.
WilburMulvaney was a Tygh
Valley business visitor Friday.
Mrs. Cora Smith made a trip
to Wapinitia Thursday. :- ;
Mrs. Lola Thornton built a dog
kennel last week as the mad dog
scare has siezed this section, and
she wanted to know her dog was
in safety.
R. C Stakely visited relatives
at Tygh last week and is now
engaged in carpenter work on a
barn for Frank Tiliotson of that
Mrs. M. P.. Tnornton visited
Mrs. Hall at the home of P. E.
Spoor Thursday, while Mr.
Thornton made a business call at
J. W. Farlow's.
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mayfield
spent Wednesday with Mrs. N.J. ,
G. W. Bargainholt is fencing
the Moorehouse place which he
recently purchased. '
F. E. Spoor has rented, the..
John Flannery place for a term .
of threey years and is busy re
pairing fence.
, C A. Syron, T. J- Whitcomb.
and Chas. Cline were transacting
business in Maupin Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bates Shattuck
and Mrs. A. C. Moad motored to
Wapinitia yesterday afternoon.
Chas Wing made several trips
from Tygh the last few days
with freight.
Miss Estel Emerson ran a rusty
nail i" her foot Tuesday morning
and poison set in to the extent
that it was necessary to have It
Mr. and Mrs. Botes Shattuck
and son Clyde motored to Tyfch
Sunday and witnessed the boll