The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 24, 1916, Image 7

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Questions the auto buyer should understand.
How long has a model been on the market?
A nsw model requires three to Ave yean of telling to eliminate the experiment!.
Where Is the transmission located?
When It is on the rear axle the owner finds It expensive even tho It reduce! the flrst
coit of the cor,
What li the size and stability of the manufacturer?
When concert are run by director! dividends mint be forthcoming, otherwise the
man In charge of the production losei hit job. R. . Oldi la reeoneible to no man
for the permanent success of the Reo,
How about aervice? .
The car you buy must bo dlatributed by a concern that ! morally and financially able
to carry and replace parts without delay.
These are a few of the main reasons why we were selected and why we accepted the
obligation to represent thru our agents the makers of
REO The Incomparable Car.
F. W. VOGLER, President C. M. MENZIES, Salesmanager.
A $50,000 Corpora
tion desires to secure
within next ten days
i the services of. High
Grado Representative in each town. No
canvassing, soliciting or selling; refer
ences; experience unnecessary. Guaran
teed income to right party. Dept. 8, 628
Pittock Block, Portland, Oregon.
The only Automobile School on th Pa
cific Coast maintaining a Gaa Tractor
Dept. Uaini Holt Caterpillar, C. L. Beit
Tracklayer and Wheel Tractor, both In the
school and opera ting field.
445 Hawthorne Ave., Portland, Ore.
Portland Y. M. C. A. Auto School
Day and night classes. Expert training
In repairing, driving and machine work,
Including forge, lathe, Bhapcr, drill press,
tractors, etc. Time unlimited. COMPE
UiAIITCn Everyone to know about DAD'S
real, great big light, safe, handy and cheaper than
oil; wind md storm-proof. Fully illustrated cir
cular. Routledge Seed 4 Floral Co., 169 2d Si., Portland.
Anti-rust Preparation.
An ounce of camphor dissolved In a
pound of lard Is a good anti-rust prep
aration that farmers may use to cover
the bright parts of their machines.
The scum that forms in making this
mixture should be taken off. If it is
desired to have the preparation the
same color of tho machine, lead may
be added. Tho mixture should be ap
plied to the well cleaned parts and al
lowed to remain about twenty hours.
Any excess may be rubbed off. The
mixture forms a coating that will take
a good polish when rubbed with a soft
cloth. Axle grease is also excellent
for keeping plow bottoms from rust
ing and may be used for the bright
parts. Paint is a good rust preventa
tive but Is hard to get off. O. A. C.
Bulletin on Care of Farm Machines.
Story of the Lazy Servant.
Once there was a lazy servant who
wished she was rich.
So a fairy appeared and gave her a
"Rub that lamp," explained the
fairy, "and you can have what you
But the lazy servant was not im
pressed. "It's just a scheme to" get the brass
work polished," she yawned.
And so her fortunes remained as
they were.
Keep Hanford's Balsam in the Bta
ble. Adv.
Bad Case.
"So you are going to defend that
defaulter who got away with $100,
000?" "Yep."
"Bad case, isn't it?"
"Awful! He didn't save enough
out of it to pay a respectable fee."
Kansas City Journal.
Borrowing Unnecessary.
"There's no use in borrowing trou-
e, said the philosophic citizen.
"You don't have to borrow it," re
plied Mr. Growcher. "Somebody is
always willing to come along and hand
It to you gratis." Washington Star.
Cassia Academy Hale, left field;
Meacham, right field; Haight, center;
Koch, right goal; Romney, left goal.
Rupert Disney, left field; Eman,
Tight field; Marshall, center; O. Nel
on, right goal; Spidell, left goal.
Referee Clark.
Catching On To Dad.
Eddie Let's sneak 'round behind
the barn an' smoke a clgaret.
Sammy Too likely to -get caught.
Ever since dad swore off on New Year
day he's been sneaking around there
to smoke his own. Judge.
Skipped The Worst
BIx Have a good time at the ban
ouet last night?
Dix Splendid! I drank myself Into
Insensibility before the speaking be
gan. Boston Transcript
A guaranteed remedy for Colds and
La Grippe. Fnce Zbc 01 year druggist.
It's good. Take nothing else. Adv.
WANTED Amenta, live on. In every locality in
the state. Only Daylight fcfrg Tester in the coutv
trv. No eomnetition. Money-back proposition,
Send $1.50 for tester and explanatory matter and
get busy in your neighborhood. Address X-Ray
Egg Tester, 506 Railway Lxchange, Portland, Or.
Brings quick results. Success guaran
teed. Costs less than half of oral instruc
tion. Pisno. Organ. Violin, Banjo,
Mandolin, Guitar and Cornet
Writs today for Catalog- and 4 free lessons.
American School of Music,
500 CW Rldg, rORTLMD. 0IEG0K
P. N. U.
No. 12. 1918
WHEN writiac to xtrtrUMrs, slsas. sua-
' .1-1-
Butter Fat Higher
No. 1 rat 33 Cents. No. 2 Fat 30 Cents
Sweet Churning Cream 35 Cents,
r. O. B. Portland. Send for Shipping Tags
To Be Installed One Mile Apart on
the Lincoln Highway.
The Lincoln highway tourist across
Nevada is to have another conven
ience at his service. It is plannned to
run a double copper telephone wire
along the Lincoln highway from Salt
Lake to Ely, and thence to Reno.
Cut-in stations will be established one
mile apart along the way, and by
means of these stations no traveler
could ever become stranded at a great
er distance than a half mile from a
telephone station, from which he could
call for relief, A traveler will be able
to procure an instrument at either end
of the route by paying a small deposit
on it, just sufficient to Insure its re
turn in proper condition when he
reaches the station at the other end
of his Journey. Certainly the so-called
terrors of desert travel are rapidly
becoming shorn of their terrors.
Cain's Favorite,
To understand the force of this)
story one insist first know that Cain's
storehouse is the place in Now York
where the scenery and properties of
most of the theatrical productions
that meet an untimely fate are sent
for storage.
A group of members sat in the snug
gery of the Lamb's Club on an after
noon not long a'&o. A sombre gentle
man, wearing his hair long and wide
rubber rims on his eyeglasses, passed
. "Who is that?" asked one of the par
ty, addressing Hap Ward, the comed
ian. Ward looked up and recognized In
the passer a playwright who whote no
less than three pronounced failures
last season.
"Oh, that," said Ward "that's
Cain's favorite author." Saturday
Evening Post.
nan Healthy, Strong;, Bsantlfnl Eyftft ,
Oculists aud Physician, used Murine Eye
Remedy many year, before it was offered as a
Domestic Kye Medicine. Murine la Still Com
pounded by Our Physicians and guaranteed
by them as a Reliable Relief for Eyes that Need
Care. Try it in your Eyes and in Baby's Eye.
No Smarting Just Eye Comfort. Buy Murine
of your Druggist accept no Substitute, and if
interested write for Boole of the Eye Free.
The admiration which Bob felt for
his aunt Margaret included all her at
tributes. "I don't care much for plain teeth
like mine, Aunt Margaret," said Bob
one day, after a long silence, during
which he had watched her in laugh
ing conversation with his mother.
"I wish I had some copper-toed ones
like yours." Youth's Companion.
Three times had King Canute order
ed the waves to recede.
And three times had the waves paid
no attention whatever to his com
mands. "The only thing to do in a case like
this," said the king, "is to break off
diplomatic relations with Father Nep
tune." And it was so ordered.
HOWARD E. BURTON Assayer and Chemist
Leadville, Colorado. Specimen prices: Cold,
Silver, Lead, II: Gold. Silver, 75c; Gold, 60c: Zinc
or Copper, SI. Mailing envelopes and full priee list
Bent on application. Control and Umpire work so
licited. Reference: Carbonate National bank.
Straight Stuff.
"I can't see but that women are
just as rational a men," declared the
proprietor of the Pluperfect picture
"How now?"
"Haven't had any demand from the
women that I run the last reel of a
love story first" Louisville Courier
More Important.
Hub I'm trying to invent
a new
Wife For mercy's sake make It a
cook-finder. We have a range and
can't find a cook to run it Boston
Like Old Frlendi.
"My books are to me like old
"Yes, I notice you make a practice
not to cut them." Baltimore Ameri
can. Rapid Transit.
"How is it you have no reference
from your last place?"
"Well, you see, mum, I was there
only 20 minutes." Louisville Courier.
Journal. ,
Lots of Fun.
"Society in Plunkville is so hollow."
"Still, a lot of folks seem to enjoy
themselves rattling around." Louis-ville-Courier-Journal.
Tra Worm Turns.
"How much are your $4 shoes?"
asked the smart one.
"Two dollars a foot," replied the
salesman, wearily." Judge.
Sound Versus Sense.
"Nero, My God to Thee," a little
girl was beard singing in Sunday
school. Boston Transcript
La . mm
r nr;i
Vic.ture.5ouc corner or meran
A MONO the many famous health
and pleasure resorts smoth
ered by the European war,
one of the most attractive Is
Meran. A favored garden
spot of earth, an ancient Roman out
post where legionaries stood guard
against northern barbarians and
where Caesars sought to regain their
dissipated health, Meran has main
tained through all its checkered history
a high reputation as a pleasure and
health garden, and as a resort for rank
and fashion, says the bulletin of the
National Geographic society. This pic
turesque Tyrolese city, banked around
by lesser Alps, has been a favorite
wintering place for wealthy Ameri
cans, a number of whom have pur
chased villas here and some of whom
have become permanent residents.
Considerably more than 10,000 guests
sought Meran each year, many, nomi
nally, for their health, but most for
the beauties of climate and surround
ings and for the light gayetles of the
fall and winter season.
The counts of Tyrol, the noble fam
ily from which the region took Its
name, long made Meran their resi
dence. The much decayed caBtle of
Tyrol, the original seat of the family,
overlooks the town, and the mountain
shelves and cliffs through the neigh
borhood are crowned with many other
ancient castles and fine chateaux.
Meran is the first town of the upper
Adlge valley. It Is 42 miles south
southwest of Innsbruck and 20 miles
northwest of Bozen on the Brenner
line. The rugged Kuechelberg lies
behind it and all the hills beside are
covered with miles of arcaded vine
yards. Delicious grapes and wine are
the town's most famed products. A
grape cure is one of the attractions of
the place, while the climate draws
many suffering from lung troubles.
Normally, Meran's season begins in
early fall and lasts through to the end
of spring.
Italians Love Aqullela.
Aquileia, one of the first towns cap
tured by the Italians in their storm
across the Austrian borders at the
head of the Adriatic, stands foremost
among the Austrian Italian-speaking
possessions in the sentimental attach
ment of the patriotic sons of Italy.
Situated six miles back from the Adri
atic sea, at the edge of the lagoons,
In the Austrian province of Goerz and
Gradlsca, it was once a great and
flourishing seaport, at one time rank
ing as the second city of Italy. It
was, in those days, one of the mighti
est bulwarks of the Roman empire
against the pressing hordes of outside
barbarians, a city of "proud walls and
wide bespoken splendor." As late as
the end of the fourth century Auaonlus
placed it ninth on the list of the great
cities of the earth.
Today Aqullela is a mean, poverty
marked, dwindling fishing village,
with a few thousand inhabitants. The
Waterloo Bridge Haunted?
Waterloo bridge is a part of the
Thames which is said to be haunted.
It is not so very long since a more
than usually clear-sighted man went to
tho police with the information that
he had seen a woman jump from the
parapet of Waterloo bridge. He had
been crossing the bridge late one
night, when he bad noticed a woman
In black walking In front of him. Sud
denly be saw her making an appealing
gesture, but before he could reach the
woman she had disappeared. That
was ell. There was no splash follow
ing hor disappoaiance, and no result
came from t'ne search which was
made. Thcso who were familiar with
the history of the river said that the
man had soon tho gho3t of Waterloo
bridge the tragic woman In black, of
whom nothir.T in known, save that she
haunts the London "Bridge of Sighs."
Britain Needs Timber.
The demand for timber in Great
Britain Is so great, owing to the war,
that the export of this material from
Newfoundland, which has been prac
tically abandoned of late years, ta
wonderful structures of its heyday
have Berved for centuries as stone
quarries, and nothing now remains of
their fabulous splendor. Aquileia, re
gal city of the empire, and later great
seaport and industrial city, has van-
ished, In all likelihood for good. There
remains from its golden days merely
a heterogeneous mass of relics, statues,
mosaics, columns, friezes from its
parks and buildings; lamps from its
once famous factories, besides many
homely survivals and nicknacks.
Grave of Past Achievement.
Trieste, the great seaport of today,
is about twenty-five miles distant to
the southwest. All the marks of the
prosperity and importance of Aquileia
have fled to Trieste, in the east, and to
Venice, in the west. The once busy
harbor Is choked with silt and drifting
dunes, while rafts and fiBhing boats
are almost the only craft that now
thread the varying channels. The mod'
ern village, counting 2,300 people, is
unhealthy on account of Its rice fields
and is neglected and forgotten.
Aquileia is a grave of past achieve
ment and a much-weathered monument
of the world of the Roman age. Its
museum is rich in trophies of Roman
times and Its ancient cathedral and
the remains of the patriarch's palace
are its most eloquent concrete memo
ries. Aquileia, as is much of the north
ern and western coast of the Adriatic,
is a rich field for archeologists and
The city is said to have been colo
nized by the Romans as ar frontier
fortress against the Celts in 183 B. C.
In 168 A. D. Marcus Aurellus made it
one of the strongest fortified positions
in the empire. During Hadrian's reign
its population reached the 600,000
mark. Attila destroyed the city In
452 A. D., aud it never recovered its
greatness. Aquileia was great and
strong only throughout its Roman
history, when, during its prime, it
ranked immediately after the Eternal
city itself. Its fortunes were those of
the Roman world, and modern Italy,
looking back Over the gulf of centu
ries, feels Itself not only the descend-
ant, but also the heir of Latin Rome.
No Use for Small Chanae
"The United States government
could almost do away with coins
smaller than a dime so far as the
towns of the Northwest are con
cerned, remarked Col. George W
Drewry of Kentucky at thn Pniirh
according? to the WaRhlnii-trm Pn.t
Colonel Drewry spent several months
In Montana and Idaho and has just
come Ea3t. The price is 'two bits'
for most anything a man wants." eon-
tinued Colonel Drewry. "If you want
a shave It's 'two bits,' or if you want
a refreshing drink of some kind It
the same. The bootblacks will rnn.
sent to shine your shoes a little cheap
er, but they want 15 cents for polish
lng your 'kicks, and they appear
think that Is too cheap."
now being revived. Until about ten
years ago there was a substantial an
nual export of deal and sawn lumber,
but about that time the possibilities
of the Island for pulp and paper-mak
ing were emphasized to such an ex
tent thai large enterprises along these
lines were established in Newfound
land, with the result that a large
quantity of logs that had previously
been exported In the form of lumber
are now utilized and manufactured
Into pulp and paper on the spot. Now
however, the war has brought about
new conditions, and the increased
price for lumber has stimulated a re
vival of the exporting trade, the vari
ous concerns throughout the Island
which hitherto have been operating
entirely lor me local trade, having de
cided this summer to go Into the ex
port business on an extended scale,
as the compensation, if the cargoes
are got securely across the water, Is
very large.
Inspiring Manliness.
First find the man In yourself If you
win inspire manliness in others. A.
uronson Alcott
may bring sickness, doctors bills and
loss of work; you know that serious
sickness usually starts with a cold, and
a cold only exists where weakness
exists. Rmembtr that.
.Overcome the weakness and nature
cures the cold that is the law of
reason. Carefully avoid drugged pills,
syrups or stimulants; they are only
props and braces and whips.
It is the pure medicinal nourishment
in Scott's Emulsion that quickly en
riches the blood, strengthens the lungs
and helps heal the air passages.
And mark this well Scott's Emul
sion generates body heat as protection
against winter sickness! Get Scott's
at your drug store to-day. It always
strengthens and builds up.
1 Scott & Bowne. Bloonifield, N. I.
We want all you nave. Write for prices and
shipping tags. THE H. f. NORTON CO.
S3 Norm front St., Portland, urc.
We will mvoe to our new Quarters on or about
MARCH 15th to 20th. from First street, where ws
have been located many years. All old customers
and new ones are invited to inspect our new store
at 266 Morrison St., Portland, Ore. 8TAPLKS,
the Automobile They
With Was Wrecked.
An auto driven by J. L. Long and
a span of mules met In a head-on col
lision at night on the state highway
at Live Oak, California.
The mules wer knocked down, but
before they could he released from the
entanglement Long was kicked in the
left side and sent into the ditch.
The auto's steering apparatus was
smashed, the windshield shattered,
hole punched in the tonneau, and a
slice cut out of a tire.
The mules escaped without a
Care of Hatching Eggs.
Eggs to be used for hatching should
be gathered at least once a day. Twice
daily or oftener is better if there is
danger- of freezing or severe chilling,
or if they are liable to become muddy
from feet of hens or set on by broody
hens during the day. The egg is laid
for one purpose only: the hatching of
a chick. Help this purpose along by
taking proper care of the egg before
setting. The fresher the eggs are at
time of setting the better. However,
eggs can be kept ten to twelve days
before setting. When this is done
they should be kept in a cool, reason
ably dry place away from the sun's
rays and turned once dally. A temper
ature of 60 degrees to 60 degrees F. is
right for keeping the eggs. Avoid
keeping them many days, as the vi
tality of the living germ is lowered by
holding. Do not keep the eggs in a
temperature above 80 degrees P. Se
lect for hatching the kind of eggs you
wish to produce, The size, shape and
color of the eggs are Inherited char-
lcteristics. Select well proportioned
eggs. You cannot tell the sex of the
chicken an egg will produce by its
We know of no liniment that equals
Hanford's Balsam In its healing prop
erties. Adv.
Had Use For It.
At a dinner the other night a speak
er referred to the witty remarks occa
sionally made by the feeble-minded,
and told this Btory as an example:
Recently a man happened Into a
town where there was a county asy
lum, and in walking past the place he
got into a conversation with one of
the harmless Inmates who had the
privilege of the grounds.
"I suppose," remarked the stranger,
"that you are familiar with the coun
try around here."
"Oh, yes," was the prompt rejoinder
of the feeble-minded one, "I know all
about it."
"Good," commented the stranger.
"Then you can tell me where this rail
road goes."
"it doesn't go anywhere," seriously
replied.the other. "We keep it here to
run trains on." Philadelphia Tele
graph. Insured Against Loss.
No one ever doubts the curative
powers of Hanford's Balsam after
once using it for external ailments on
man or beast. Countless unsolicited
testimonials from users of this valu
able remedy show what it has done
for them, and the manufacturers' guar
antee insures your satisfaction or the
return of your money. Adv.
Almost At That.
"Pa," Bald little Jlmmle, "I was very
near getting to the bead of my class
"How was that, Jlmmle?"
"Why, a big word came all the way
down to me, and if I only could have
spelt it I should have gone clear up."-
Philadelphia Record.
Over The Line.
"Oh, dear! Oh, dear!"
"What's the mater?"
"John lost his voice on the wireless
telephone and we don't know where
to look for it." Penn State Froth.
Few Stops.
Soulful youth (at the piano) Do
you sing Forever and Forever?
Matter-of-fact maiden No, I stop
for meals. Philadelphia Record.
To cool burns use Hanford's Balsam,
A Gaping Wound, So to Say.
Atkins No. 1 Hi say, w'en did 'Ar
nold get the lower 'art of 'is face shot
Atkins No. 2 Hit ain't shot hoff, ye
bloody fule. Es a-yawnln. Dart
mouth Jack o' Lantern.
"Some of your arguments aren't
sound," remarked the precise logician.
"Yes," replied Senator Sorghum;
and some of them aren't anything
else. Washington Star.
Two Peace Cities.
"Speaking of the Hague, it's a pity
that we haven't some special place for
promoting peace in this country.
"Guess you've forgotten Reno,
bavn t you?" Boston Transcript.
Monamobile 00s and Greases
Fre. Tlrs Servics.
S3 Bioadway No. Portland, Or
Send Big Birds Against Aeroplanei
Which They Fiercely Attack and
Turn Upside Down Must
Seek Protection.
An Interesting experiment, In view
of the fact that the world's armies
are now facing tho problem of how to
cope with the new force in warfare
the aeroplane, is being conducted by,
a number of French officers at Nice.
The idea, It seems, was suggested
by the fate of the famous aviator,
Rogers, who met death because a sea
gull flew against him and disturbed
his control of his machine. The offi
cers argued amongst themselves that
if a modest-sized bird such as the sea
gull could wreck an aviator, the pow
erful eagle could surely become a
terrific fighting and wrecking force in
the air. So, as Nice 1b but a few miles
from the Alpine home of the Swiss
eagle, six birds were Immediately put
into training.
Machines resembling aeroplanes In
shape, but supported by balloons, to
which were attached pieces of meat,
were sent up, and the eagles let loose.
With fierce cries and flapping of their
wings they attacked the aeroplanes
and tore the meat from them. In their
eagerness they fight one another, and
the aeroplane Is sometimes turned up
side down in their struggles. It is
inconceivable that any men in an aero
plane, even If there were three or four
of them, could retain control of their
machine In face of such an attack.
One after another the eagles attack
all the aeroplane balloons until they
are wrecked, and their trainers feel
certain that they will now attack
real aeroplanes with men in them with
the same ferocity.
How will the birdmen parry these
attacks? Suppose they carry revolv
ers or short repeating rifles; to shoot
a bird In the air is notoriously diffi
cult, but to shoot half-adoaen swoop
ing down and clawing at you all at
once, seated in a trembling aeroplane,
would be well-nigh an Impossibility.
The suggestion is made that fight
ing machines shall have round them
electric wires that will give the eagles
a powerful shock as they touch them.
To do this It will be necessary to car
ry a dry battery, and this will add to
the weight of the machine. The wires,
moreover, will increase the danger
and difficulty of guiding the aeroplane.
The aviator 1b likely to touch one of
the wires and lose control of his car,
with fatal result. But the bird-men.
will certainly have to find ways of
protecting themselves against the war
eagles. We may well ask: "What
Noise Killing Mankind.
Man's nerves and hearing apparatus
Were evolved in comparatively quiet
surroundings, to detect faint sounds
warning him of danger or of the pres
ence of game. Sudden loud sounds
shock the system greatly In child
hood they may cause convulsions.
In time we might evolve a race im
mune to noise, but it can only be done
by killing off those who are most In
jured by it, and these nervous people
are often the very ones who are do
ing the most to advance civilization.
So the only thing to do Is to make the
environment fit for them and not kill
them as unfit for the environment.
The first step is to abolish unneces
sary bells, whistles and street cries.
construct less noisy pavements and give
children playgrounds where they can
blow off steam to their dear hearts'
content and not annoy anyone, not
even long-Buffering, head-achy mamma.
A genius who can still the noise of
our dreadful streets and tube railways
will be dubbed "bleaBed" by the world.
Why Clocks Get Out of Order.
The reason why mantelpiece clocks
so often get out of order Is so obvi
ous that it is strange that attention to
it has not been drawn before. A
London clockmaker said:
"It is because mantelpieces are rare
ly level. If a clock meant for a man
telpiece is not placed In an exactly
horizontal position it Is sure to go
wrong. When the clock gains cr loses
because of Its slanting position, peo
ple regularly move the hands iorward
or backward, as the case may be, In
order to adjust it. Eventually the
clock's hands are moved about so
much that the mechanism gets out of
order and the clock refuses even to
"Watches and traveling clocks are
constructed differently from the sta
tionary clock, and they will go in any
position. That is why they are relied
upon more than the ornamental man
telpiece clock."
Cleaning An Ocean Liner.
Not many people are aware that
during the few hours a great ocean
liner remains in dock she is cleaned
thoroughly Inside and out. The hull
is repainted, the funnels scraped and
oleaned, and every piece ot exposed
metal polished.
Meanwhile, all carpets are taken
up and beaten, the floors scrubbed
and repainted, and tables repollsbed,
chairs regilded and stained, in overy
part of the ship. On the great boats
there are more than 80,000 pieces of
linen to be counted, sorted, prepared,
and laundered. Then there are 15,000
pieces of silverware, 25,000 pieces of
glassware, some 60,000 dishes, plates,
cups, saucers, etc. As soon as a piece
shows signs of wear It is discarded
and replaced, and all this work hau
to be done in a few hours.
Nothing In Prophecy.
George Harvey, who so accurately
prophesied the election of President
Wilson, said at a luncheon in New
"But it doesn't pay to be a prophet.
If you prophesy right nobody ever re
members It. If you prophesy wrong
nobody ever forgets it,"
How He Settles.
"I understand your husband Ib a
man of great abilities."
"He certainly Is. He beat up four
bill collectors yesterday so thoy can't
come back for six months." Fliegcnde
1916 Catalog
Plants, Bulbs,
Garden, Orchard
and Poultry
Fertilizers, Etc.
A reliable Wratovn Ratalntf
I for Waatara Buvara. OI iff
1 "Hlcha.t Quality" Stacks
direct t. buyer enly ne
aa-enta. Yim iu.a tima and
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New Catalog No. 4 Free
169-171 2nd St PORTLAND, OREGON
will fit any ambitious younar Hu or Woa
an for high-clans position in
Bookkeeping, Stenography. Salesmanship
To men this includes valuable athletic,
aquatic and membership ffrivilegeB, al
though tuition cost is less than elsewhere.
Valuable courses can also be had In
Grammar grade and College Preparatory
Dr. Elof T. Hedlund
Dental Offices and
Estimates cheerfully riven
for told and porcelain bridges:
rubber, east aluminum and
rold plates. Mr laboratory la
equipped to make these appli
ances in one or two days' tima.
This Work Is Absolutely Guaranteed.
4SM59 Monsn Building-. 4th Floor, Wsshlncton
Nesr Brosdwsr, Psoas Mir. 9C, Portland. Orecoa.
You Can Learn
To be an
The De Keystr institute cf Optometry,
Columbia Bids;., Portland, Or.
sTDay and evening classes, also instructions
by correspondence. Write for Information.
Automobile Distribution, ,'
Very few people realize how pains'
takingly the service end of automobile
distribution is cared for by the factory -as
well as by the dealer considered)
worthy of representing a high grade
car with a well earned reputation to
As an example of this personal de
sire to serve the users of Reos no less
a person than H. T. Thomas, chief
engineer for the Reo Motor Car Com
pany has the Service Department of
that great plant under his personal di
rection. When he was asked by Char
lie Menzles, sales manager of the
Northwest Auto Co., why he devoted
his own time in part to this work be
"It has always been my Idea to map
out a course where I could be In daily
touch with the performance of Reo
cars. To do this 1 know ot no Detter
way than being In immediate touch
with the detail work of tills depart
ment, so I am touching elbows with
the Reo owners through the co-operation
of each department head and I
am at all times open to the suggest
ions of Reo owners. We aim in par
ticular to show our assent In this re
spect through prompt handling of all
correspondence which relates to the
service end of the business. I figure
I cannot be in too close a personal
touch with each owner and dealer and
regardless of how much of my own
time it takes the results more than
justify the efforts made In this di
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"V v
Every day thousands of skin-sufferers
find that the moment that Resinol
Ointment touches their tortured skin
the Itching stops and healing begins.
That is why doctors have prescribed
It so successfully for over 20 years In
even the severest cases of eczema,
ringworm, rashes, and many other tor-
menting, disfiguring skin diseases.
Aided by warm baths with Resinol
Soap, Resinol Ointment usually makes
a sick skin or scalp healthy, quickly, .
easily and at little -cost.
Resinol Ointment and Resinol Soap
also greatly help to clear away pim
ples and dandruff. Sold by all drug
gists. Adv.
"Pretty handkerchief you have
there, May."
Yes, I value it very highly. It was
made 40 years ago."
"You don't say! Make it yourself?"
Michigan Gargoyle.
Not Suitable.
Payton How have you escaped be
ing operated upon?
Parker Well, the doctors haven't
fancied me poor enough for experi
mentation or rich enough for a desir
able subject. Life.
Willing To Oblige.
"Have you a stove lifter I could bor
rom?" asked the woman who had just
moved In.
"I'm sorry to say I haven't, but my
husband is a piano mover," suggested
the woman next door. Judge.
A Watchful
The Stomach, Liver and Bow
els are real factors In health
matters, and it i3 a wise
plan to watch them care
fully. As soon as the
appetite wanes, or the
digestion becomes
impaired, recourse
should be had to
Stomach Bitters