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    JnlL MAUJr
Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL 2, NO. 18
THE YEAR $1.50
The welcome chinook struck
here Sunday night, and the four
feet of snow which covered the
ground is fast diminishing, there
being now about 18 inches which
is full of water. The creeks are
rapidly rising.
Clyde Flinn experienced a cold
bath Tuesday while going from
his home to W. R. Maynards,
crossing the creek with a team
arid hack. The horses became
entangled in rhe ice and he had
to climb out into the water, which
was about three feet deep, and
Unhitch the horses and leave the
the hack standing in the creek.
Our stage man is experiencing
considerable difficulty in getting
in with the stage on account of
the bad condition of the roads,
it being after dark when he
reached here Monday.
Rev. M..H., Staines was given
a surprise at his home here Tues
day by his wife preparing a
sumptuous dinner for him and
his 11th grade pupils, the occa
sion being his birthday. Those
present were Messers Harold
Gabel, Robert and Vincent Tapp
and Clyde Flinn and Misses Rova
Huston, Ruby Wilson, Winnie
Tapp and Ivy Flinn. All join in
wishing Mr. Staines many more
Buch happv birthdays.
David W. Sharpe who is attend
ing the Holt Caterpillar school at
Spokane Wn., is very enthusias
tic over his. course of instruction.
He writes "the instruction is
very broad in scope considering
Me limited time allotted, and yet
the various experts and profess
ors are surprisingly thorough,
making every detail of their par
ticular clear and plain. This is
especially so in Caterpillar field
repair, and operation department,
In the motor adjustment division,
and in the magneto or ignition
tlasst There are also lectures by
Various oil experts."
Mrs. thil Mott is very sick at
present, pneumonia, and has been
the greater part of last week.
Dr. Dodds of Duftir was called
Slide on 0. T. Road
Monday evening a mistaken or
der was received, ordering the local
Oregon Trunk section men down
to Sherar to clear the track of a
landslide. Ou their return from
there they encountered a small
slide on the track, having fallen
since they had passed, which nearly
wrecked their hand car. They
cleared it away and coming home
found that they were wanted six
miles above Maupin to assist the
Frieda crew to remove a landslide
from the track, which kept the two
crews bard at work for ten hours
before it was sufficiently clear to
allow the trains to pass.
Bridges Spanning It Wrecked Deschutes
Flooding Island Above Steel Bridge
to see her last week.
Calvin McCorkle has purchas
ed the Geo. Magill farm east of
here, consisting of 240 acres.
Even the deep snow and the
storms cannot stop the social
gatherings here for most of
Wapinitia was out Friday night
to a dance given at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. E, L. Nelson.
Miss Maude Paquett was able
to resume her studies again Tues
day morning, after an absence
from school of three weeks on
account of lagrippe.
A social time was enjoyed at
the home of Mr, and Mrs. Staines
last Friday night. The evening
was spent in playing parlor
games, mating tjanay ana pop
ing corn, i
Mrs. Osel Brunner is on the
sick list this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peterson
have been real sick with tha la
grippe, but are reported better
at present. Mr. Peterson ;rwas
able to be out Tuesday for the
first time in three Weeks.
Jim Hartman went up to his
homestead pn Tick Ridge the first
part of last week, and while there
the big snow came ancJie. was
unable to get home until last
Miss Lois Batty went over to
Phil Mott's last Friday to assist
in caring for Mrs. Mott who is
still quite sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Volley Endersby
who have been living the past win
ter with Volley's father, U. S.
Endersby, had the misfortune on
coming home to do his chores the
first of the week, of. finding that
one of his straw stacks had blown
Yesterday afternoon the railroad bridge at tlie
mouth of Baktoven creek was the scene of con
siderable watchful interest. This stream lias
swolen to a mighty torrent, carrying logs and
underbrush and moving rocks with its muddy cur
rent. The water is over the wagon bridge which
may yet go out, and if it does will probably carry
the piers from heneath the railroad bridge, as the
earth has already washed from under them leaving
them suspended from the stringers and rails. The
current has washed the fill nearly all away from
the southwest approach .of the bridge. Fear is
entertained that the freight cars on the sidetrack
below the. warehouse may be carried, away or
damaged One of them is loaded with hay for T.
A. Connolly.
Nine or ten cords of wood belonging to the Turn-
AI,um Company were washed away and something
like five hundred posts were floating against the
store houses of that company.
The Deschutes is the highest it has been for a
number of years. Chouinard's island is bidding
fair to become covered as it was one time six years
ago, After considerable downpour of rain last
ulght , conditions are not expected to improve
very soon,
Traffic on the O. W. R. & N. will necessarily be
suspended for a number of days. Some washouts
are holding a train between Maupin and Mc
Lenuon's. A slide some place between here and Bend is
holding an O. T. train on that end of the Hue.
while another makes the trip between the slide
and Fallbridge and transfers passengers, mail and
over on 10 head of his cattle,
smothering them
Dee Wright and E. A. Hart-
man have sent to The Dalles af
ter a carload of hay to be shipped
to Maupin. '
W. R. Maynard made a trip to
Maupin Tuesday taking a load of
dressed hogs and shipped them
to Portland. . '
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(to late for last week)
David Sharp left here last
Saturday for Spokane, Wash.,
where he will attend the Cater
pillar school. -
Miss Nellie Harphan came up
from Maupin last Sunday to
visit with her sister, Mrs. May
Barzee of this place, returning
to her home Tuesday.
Mr. W- J- ratt wno na8 been
visiting with his daughter, Mrs.
G. E. Wood of thi3 place, left
here last week for his home in
P. J. Olsen made a trip to
MaUpin last Sunday to meet and
consult with the County Commis
sioner who arrived at that place
N. W. Flinn made a trip to
The Dalles last Saturdayi return
ing Sunday. He went to receive
medical treatment for his limb.
Miss Ruby Wilson is visiting
at the home of Miss Lois Batty
this week
Chas Delore and family why
have been staying at the home
of John Ward and also "been vis-
itinlr with Mrs. Delore's sister,
Mrs. Francis Walters returned
to their home Sunday.
Will and Ora Maynard butch
ered 12 tine hogs Monday.
A. F. Evick has been engaged
the past week taking an invoice
bf the stock of 'gtods at his store
here. '
Mrs. Ollie Wei erg who has
been receiving treatment at The
Dallas hosp! tal' for the feast few
Weeks, is expected home soon.
Al Daniels who has been vis
iting friends and relatives at
Ranier and The Dalles, returned
to this place last week fend is
stopping at the home of W. R
Maynard until the storm is over
Repbrt comes to us that Will
Shields formerly of this place
was married at Silverton last
Misa Winnie Tapp and Sidney
Wilson were guests at the Ben
Oabel home this week.
Sidney Wilson who has been
employed at the power plant at
White River, returned to his
home here Saturday.
A dance and a social time was
had at the home of L D Woodside
last Friday night- About 51
were present. Everyone who at
tended report a fine time.
Grover C. Wilson, formerly of
this place, and Miss Anna May
Appling were united in marriage
at Portland, the latter part of
last week.
Mrs. A. Batty and Miss Lois
who have been visiting at tha
home ranch the past two weeks,
returned to this place last week.
Mrs. Chas. Delore still contin
ues to be quite sick.
Mr. Jamie ' Abbott returned
home , last .week from Portland
where he has beehgoing to
school. x t
Mrs. Phil Mott is on the sick
list this week.
We know of no one who will
appreciate the storm breaking
up as Earl Barzee, as the water
pipes are all frozen and he ha3 to
carry water from a near-by
neighbors to furnish water for
his hotel,
Doubtless it must have been
a false prophet who prophised
that last Weeks Storm was the
last of the season, for. it seems
that old king winter had just
given us a foretaste of what
was to come, for we have now
the worst snow storm yet. Sun
day dawned bright and clear and
it looked as if the Chinook would
strike, but instead the snow
commenced coming down and
has continued most of the time
since then and is now about 3b
nches deep without any pros
pects of a Chinook The feed
shortage has almost become
alarming. It is reported that
horses and cattle are dying by
the hundreds on the Indian res
ervation as there wasn't much
feed put up for them in the fall,
and it is also said that a thousand
head of stock Over in the Eagle
creek country are without feed
With the snow lying S feet
deep and still coming down and
the mercury dangerously near
the eerrj mark, and your neigh
bor out of wood ftnd your own
supply so short that you feel you
dare not share any, and you
hitch up your team and spend a
day trying to get some for him
that is real courage.
The Way You See It
It is astonishing to what an ex
tent the traiued habits of a lifetime
dominate the mind and will make
their appearance at most unexpect
ed occasions.
An old printer had heard one
of his companions speak very en
thusiastically of a certain book and
author, and was anxious to borrow
the. same from its enthusiastic
owner who had been lauding it
highly. Upon its return to the
owner he was asked how he liked
thebeok. His reply was ''Well,
Bill, if that book had been set in
small pica leaded it would have
been much better."
WamicNo. 1
Criterion Chronicles
Just a few facts concerning
winter in our gection: First
snow fell on November 8th
Continuous rain or snow since
with the exception of about 20
days of nice weather. Have had
6 feet of snow in aggregate up
to the present and 8 feet on the
level at one time. Temperatu
has been to 12 below zero with
young blizzards in evidence at
different times.
Very few people are complain
ing of the rigorous winter
weather just passed and we are
now listening to the soughing of
Chinook wind which is fast
melting the snow and making us
think of spring time with its at
tendant pleasures, singing birds,
early gardening, etc.
Attendance at school has been
Very irregular for several
weeks, owing to - hard travel
and cold weather, the young
scholars generally remaining at
home. '
Maupinites who have been
short of fuel and have been
burning cedar fence posts at
15 cents pen as per report, should
realize the sympathy from thiB
quarter regarding that state of
affairs. For several weeks past
the "short' 'ones here have brav
ed snow drifts from two to six
feet deep and after several hours
hard work for matt and beast,
returning with fuel enough to
last perhaps two days.
The Winfrees left last Monday
for Maupin, returning Saturday
with a small cargo of feed.
Loco DeCamp started Thurs
day for Maupin and after
wandering in a heavy fog for
nearly three hours, found him
self at Hurst's a distance of only
2 miles on his journey which he
finished the next day.
Pv J. Kirsch wertt to The
Dalles, being a witness before
the grand jury in a stock case.
H. M. Green delivered some
pork to hungry Maupinites on
Tuesday. '
Ueve Mathews with an in
povished snow plow, opened up
the road from his farm to Mau
pin last Thursday. This, "plan
could be profitably fopd
otners aiong me line- r
Mail Carrier Millcrienjoying
the ''strenuous fifeTthese davs.
On the return trip last Tuesday
darkness overtook him in a
blinding Bhow storm and being
unable to see the road he wander
ed around for two hours entirely
lost until coming to a fence for
the second time, which he recog
nized. He arrived that night at
12:30 having been 9 hours on the
return trip.
Don't pick up worries and
troubles, you can get then! any
where along the roadway of life.
(too late for last week)
A very peculiar dust storm
swept this place last Thursday.
A heavy snow fall preceded the
dust storm which made its ap
pearence about half past four
in the afternoon. The east and
southeastern Bky and horizon
during the storm, presented a
peculiar- glow, casting a brassy
color over the fallen snow; This
state of the storm continued till
nightfall. The snow was cover
ed thickly with a fine dust.
This place has experienced
another cold wave, the tempera
ture falling to as low as 6 degrees
below zero on the night of the
About 20 inches snow has fall
en during the past week, about
8 inches having fallen Sunday
and last night: ,
Sleighs are dashing in every
direction, their occupants sure
enjoying the good sleighing. ,
In the contest for the watch
offered by Jim 'Lake last week)
Percy Driver held the winning
number. V.
' Miss CrysUrPrte,VwhoHs
teaching at the Oak Grove dis
trict on Juniper Flat, phoned to
her mother here Saturday, that
she had some very rough travel
ing through the snow on her way
to school, the snow drifting by
A iFew Reports
Grover Sluslier's valuable horse
that has been very sick is reported
as being much improved at this
writing. 4
Dolph Moad's valuable milch
cow Brownie has been very ill this
week, and is supposed to have
beeu either poisoned or iujure'd
in some way.
Tom Muir brought his saddle
poiiy in from pasture Monday,
having found that he had been
left to his own resources of rustling'
grass under the snow. 1
G, L. Harpahu's handsome jack, -Early
Riser, is getting' his voice .
in a serious condition from over strain
of his vocal organs',
A favorite dog of Al Philamlee's'
is suffering from an almost ainputa
tion ol a front foot, having caught
it in a No. 4 coyote trap. , ,
Rover, the handsome shephard ; "
dog, who if convenience would
permit, grace the Times office fire-'
side with becoming dignity, is
suffering from the effects of having'
his foot caught In a tiap set for '
coyotes. Mrs. McMilliau, who .is
caring for him, says he will recover' '
with due attention. .'.'' ;
the sweeping winds that are pre
valent on Juniper Flat, and she;
having about half a mile to go
to her boarding place, encounters
some very deep snow. S .
A card from Claud Ferguson
of Toppinish to relatives here,
announced the rapid recovery of
Mrs. Ferguson who has an at
tack of scarlet fever.
H. F. Woodcock returned to
The Dalles.after spending a week
at the home of his son, J- H.
Ralph Buzauatue in Monday
for medicine, for Roy Crabtree who
is quite sick,
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